Monday, September 22, 2014

Just More Obama-Mandated Pathological Lies From Everyone From ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to The War Criminal Gables to War Criminal Tovarek to Obama's Crap-Factory "Network" to the Obama-Controlled Earspeakers and Everyone in Between so They Can Manipulate the World into NEVER Having to Stop Their Heinous Crimes Against America EVER!

Title: Just More Obama-Mandated Pathological Lies From Everyone From ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to The War Criminal Gables to War Criminal Tovarek to Obama's Crap-Factory "Network" to the Obama-Controlled Earspeakers and Everyone in Between so They Can Manipulate the World into NEVER Having to Stop Their Heinous Crimes Against America EVER!

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I am (expletive)ing furious. Stop blaming me and my effectiveness kicking Obama's unholy (expletive) for the fact Obama will NEVER give me human rights EVER no matter what! How much evidence of reality does it take?

That intentionally false causation is a compulsively repeated, worn-out, old lie Obama has ALWAYS propagated to manipulate the world into irrationally blaming my liberation of America for Obama's totalitarian oppression of America when, in all reality, I would never have to kick Obama's unholy (expletive) ever if he never committed crimes against America in the first place. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM!

Iraq and Syria. This is just one example of what happens to the world when we do not have a free America as an example to all of humanity of what stability, morality, and prosperity total and unfettered human rights and the actual democracy that results from an accountable government create for a free people.

Why else do you think the entire world started falling apart after Obama took office? Because the world lost America.

Yes, I am a ragingly liberal, bisexual, biracial, feminist, environmentalist, civil rights activist who gets along just fine with the religious right, conservatives, and Republicans. What is Obama? The true source of Congressional gridlock. Yes, I have ALWAYS been Obama's criticism from the left but with, I admit, fiscal resposibility.

I published my last blog post at 4:45pm on 20Sep2014 from my wifi benefactor in Long Beach. I waited for acknowledgement my friends received it in its polished form and then left for my "office." I had work to do fighting Obama's terrorism.

At the bus stop at 4:58pm, I caught up with a local Long Beach friend while a 5pm torture facility alarm blared, and I was on the train by 5:27pm. In less than an hour, I was at Obama's former hotbed of terrorism, seated in a comfy chair, and watching the tourists come and go.

It was clearly not normal for that hub at that hour on a Saturday night. There was nowhere near enough activity. We have verified podcasts to prove Obama and his criminal terrorists are NOT obeying their own rules.

This is just like their blocking my blog, mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, and both email accounts to consciously deny me any normal human interaction. Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy have NEVER obeyed their own rules, but look what they do if anyone else disobeys their rules.

Clearly, Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy refuse to obey either actual laws nor even their extragovernmental regulations. And they do all of this to persecute me as much as possible just to be able to keep themselves in totalitarian and dictatorial power at the cost of "God-given" and Constitutional human rights, the cost of irrefutable public health, the cost of REAL law and order, the cost of precious taxpayer resources, and the cost of priceless human life everywhere in America as directly ordered by Barack Obama.

I left my office at 7:51pm while an Obama-mandated collusion for quackery alarm (though not a torture facility threat) was going off. I promised the former hotbed for Obama's terrorism that I would return the following day for another inspection and that Obama better make it look normal.

After a little wait, I was on the bus from the train station to my wifi benefactor at 9:02pm. All transit was delightful but short on reality in the heads of everyone around me.

Everyone who faithfully reads my blog knows I took Sampo offline in 2012. All that chatter has ever been since is a number of people all over the world with microphones.

And what I hear is NEVER what Obama pumps into the masses' heads to manipulate them all. Obama has always forbidden me from knowing any and every lie he tells about me, especially his collusion.

There was a 9:13pm fire alarm while I was in transit, so I sent my beautiful world to make everyone safe. The moment I got off the bus, I heard a heart attack warning. I had no idea what Obama's collusion against me was for that hour, but my loved ones took care of it.

Before 9:30pm I was online at my wifi benefactor catching up with my online friends. My blog post I published previously in the day seemed to be a big hit. Then, at 10pm, I left for my apartment.

I had a strange conversation with a local man named Joey who seemed to be a buddy of my old friend since I arrived in Long Beach, Andy, at the bus stop. He even asked me what his "job description" would be if he became my friend. I told him, "Make intelligent and witty conversation and watch my back." Again, it was a strange conversation.

The bus picked me up at 10:47pm. And I was in my apartment checking the mail I had successfully scared Agnes into safely bringing into the apartment every day and making turkey bacon by 11pm. My recently-redeemed mother had sent me a Von's grocery store gift card. Yey!

And, since we all know Obama will mandate pathological lies about my relationship with my mother, no, one $50 grocery gift card from my mother once a month does not constitute financial support from her.

I had a delightful chat with Liana and was asleep at approximately 12midnight.

I rolled out of bed on Sunday 21Sep2014 without checking the clock, and on my way into the bathroom, I heard Jennifer say into her phone, "Yes, Tanya is in the apartment right now." Then, while I was in the shower, there was repeated hostile knocking on the door while someone screamed through it.

I was in the shower; there was nothing I could do about it, so through my live audio, I calmly asked my loved ones and selfless support system to make sure The War Criminal Gables was not trying to force more Obama-mandated quackery on me AGAIN and to keep me safe.

When I got out of the shower, Liana told me she had to sneak into the apartment through the window. I was relieved that was the only commotion. But we cannot be too careful with The War Criminal Gables. They still refuse to meet ANY of my demands to render them law abiding finally.

While I took my morning thyroid pill, Liana and I had a short conversation about the standard medical community quackery even Liana must endure, the vicious money-making cycle of prescribing more pills because they already prescribed pills like giving patients pills that depress them then treating them for depression.

And, at 10:08am, I picked up my iPad and left the apartment. There were three fire alarms on my walk to my bus stop, so I sent my beautiful world to save whoever needed us to protect them from Obama murdering them.

The bus came after about 0.5 hour of waiting, and I was on a train at 11:15am headed to my new "office." Please read my 18Sep2014 and 20Sep2014 blog posts about this new office.

I caught up with my online friends from 12:17pm to 12:58pm. And after the daily inspection was complete, at 1:35pm, I was on my way to meet a friend at Venice Beach.

On the way, I think law enforcement kept trying to tell me Obama was arresting innocent urban Black men for exercising their Constitutional rights. Please, if anyone out there needs it, use my 21Aug2014 blog post. That is what my logic-rich blog is for-- protecting us all from Obama's crimes and injustices against his own people.

At a connecting train station at 2:43pm, a second War Criminal Boeset alarm for the day went off. My beautiful world, please make ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA take its bloodstained hand off me!

Iowa and its symbol, War Criminal Boeset, whom they only empower and refuse to arrest, WILL NEVER STOP until you force them to stop! How much evidence against all of them does it take?

Shortly after 4pm, I arrived at the Hinano Cafe at 15 Washington Blvd. at Venice Beach, an establishment that clearly loves and supports me, but three people there made the conscious choice to commit hate crimes against me (You know I was in the holy act of meditation when they kept physically pushing me around.), to publicly persecute me, and to harass me all while lying to my face about not picking me out in particular for their acts of hate.

That bitch started victimizing me and going out of her way to disrespect me the moment I walked in the door. I have a SquidStream to prove all three singled me out to treat me worse than anyone else on the planet on purpose.

The three were the ugly White bitch in the black and white dress, her ugly boyfriend in the black t-shirt, and the doorman who threw me out for standing up for myself against Obama's terrorism. My loved ones, press every charge possible against all three.

Clearly, the Hinano Cafe had gone out of its way to make me welcome and give me a place to meditate for my health, and Obama intentionally sent in his criminal terrorists to provoke me into not being able to heal. My beautiful world, you need to do better to protect me from Obama's criminal terrorists.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, submit all of their images to the terrorist database being amassed by the DHS, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the local law enforcement, Interpol, etc. for prosecution by the ICC.

We need all of these obvious criminals who intentionally pick me out to commit personal crimes of hate against me thereby choosing to create unrest on US soil and all over the world removed from society FOREVER!

They even all looked like they were all imported from Iowa. That was exactly how EVERYBODY on Iowa pathologically lied and still pathologically lies to be able to victimize me with their hatred and get away with it FOREVER.

Please make an unedited podcast of my entire time in the Hinano Cafe, even when my eyes were shut, and ask the Hinano Cafe or band, whichever it was who had them, for the footage from their pinhole cameras. There were oooos and ahhhhhs when my wings came out. I know there were pinhole cameras.

The doorman threw me out at 4:51pm for standing up to two of Obama's terrorists, so I went to touch the ocean. Then, before 5:32pm, I was spending my change to sit someplace safe, to sip fresh orange juice, and to catch up with my online friends.

I left the independent, local coffee shop at 7:10pm to look around for an honest and intelligent conversation, but no one would acknowledge I ever even existed in the world.

That was how much human devastation Obama caused with his earspeakers that night. My safe coffee shop thought I was replaced with my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger even when I had not left their premisis yet, and not even the Spaniards I approached would make polite conversation when they were only sent there to feed me.

California, please see my 20Sep2014 blog post about those Obama-controlled earspeakers. Who the hell commits mental health genocide against their own people? California, mandate every single war-crime-earspeaker be removed!

So, at 9:23pm, because Obama had manipulated the public into irrationally hating me with calumny I was my own doppelgänger, I asserted my identity through my Twitter account. Then Obama's zombies were manipulated into eloi by their Obama-controlled genocide-earspeakers.

They were all told the same old lies, "The conspiracy has been destroyed!" or "Obama is in so much trouble!" or "Squid is rich now!" or "Jackie Lacey got handed her (expletive)!" or "This will end tomorrow!" or that any progress anywhere had been made to make Obama's irrefutably unlivable bubble even slightly better. And, yes, as well documented in my blog, these are all worn-out, old lies Obama has always used to make sure no one will ever help me.

But we all know that in all reality, not one of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy will EVER stop committing unrelenting crimes against all of us NO MATTER WHERE I GO nor ever face criminal justice until the international community comes here and arrests them all!

Los Angeles needs to choose to save itself by consciously choosing to stop obeying all rules and consciously choosing to remove all earspeakers, or they will NEVER be free even if I am ever rescued from Obama's bubble and taken to someplace Obama cannot touch me.

And, no, I will NEVER voluntarily go to San Francisco until ALL of their earspeakers are removed, unless Obama can guarantee their airport will never be shutdown, unless my entire beautiful world from brave rescuers to dear old friends are guaranteed they can reach me there unfettered, unless no one there has to obey ANY of Obama's extragovernmental rules, unless the water supply including all bottled water will never be drugged or roofied, etc.

California, you need to stand up for yourselves! Why are you allowing Obama to do this to you? GET YOUR EARSPEAKERS REMOVED!

Then, because there was no way for me to save Venice Beach without Venice Beach choosing to save itself from Obama, I left at 9:51pm.

There was a lot of waiting for transit involved that night, including my intentionally waiting for a bus outside of Sony Picture Studios for an hour in Culver City as an attempt to make rescuing me as easy as possible. Unlike Obama, I seek out peaceful solutions all day every day.

In transit at 10:40pm, there was another Obama-mandated, denial-of-all-reality immediate threat to destroy America by removing me from the world where I am about the only thing keeping the balance. My loved ones took care of it.

So, I was finally in the kitchen in my slum making hotdogs in the oven and browning breakfast sausage, the only meal in the apartment I could put together without the roofied and drugged city water by 2:08am. I slept very well. That is what a clean conscience will do for a good soul.

I was awake, was done getting ready, and had already kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:58am on 22Sep2014 when I picked up my iPad and headed out the door.

There was a torture facility warning at 10:31am while I was waiting for the bus. My loved ones took care of it, but, no, Obama will NEVER stop until he and all his conspiracy are arrested and removed from society FOREVER!

In transit, I heard that Obama repeated his same old lie he has used to manipulate the public for years-- that all he and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy want is absolution for system rape, human trafficking, terrorism, genocide, and causing a global war on US soil.

We have been through this so many times. I established three fair steps to earning absolution in 2009 for this very purpose. And it is step one, cease all crimes, that is why Obama and all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy refuse to earn absolution from me.

Obama has used this same, worn-out, old lie FOR YEARS to manipulate the world into giving him permission to commit all of his heinous crimes against his own people FOREVER. How many times are you going to allow him to repeat the same old lies, my brave and mighty California and my beautiful world?

I was online at my wifi benefactor at 11:06am and very unamused with Obama still only escalating while boldface lying to humanity he would ever even humor a thought of a peaceful resolution.

At 11:49am I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank account, and I had been "given" only $50 of my own $8B+ by Obama to live on for the entire week AGAIN just like every week.

Clearly, ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA was still refusing to take its bloodstained hands off me no matter how much the entire evil state of pathological liars kept pretending they had ever cared about me ever.

And, yes, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank was STILL refusing to obey ANY laws from local in California to international to give my own legally-recognized husband full access to my accounts just so I can have food.


And to prove I am always right, there was another torture facility warning at 1:04pm. You need to arrest them all, my beautiful world! That is the only thing that will end this!

This blog post was published at 1:45pm on 22Sep2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why is my Twitter account blocked? Obama blocked my Twitter account for the same reason he blocked my blog-- to make sure I cannot protect anyone anywhere from him, especially from him murdering innocents.

My first blocked blog post contained my honest and effective logical defense of my husband from an Obama-mandated death penalty for trying to rescue me from Obama's rape-slavery. Yes, Quentin Tatantino made Django Unchained about me and my husband.

The entire world knows how much love for me there is in this town. That is why they told me to come here instead of San Francisco or New York City when I fled Iowa for my life. It is a testament to how much terrorism and human devastation Obama enforces here with his iron fist just to maintain his rules and my unspeakable suffering.

What does Obama mean when he says "lesbians" in any broadcast anywhere? Basically, he means attractive blonde women. Jodi Foster, Martina Navratilova, Portia DiRossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch, etc. Yes, they fight for me.

As I said in an earlier blog post, do not assume ALL White women are Obama puppets that hate me. There are plenty who love and support.

My beautiful world, no, this WILL NOT end in January on Inauguration Day if all of Obama's criminal terrorist (expletive)holes are still not arrested yet! And, if you know what I am living through, why would you allow them to starve and persecute me that long anyway? Please PLEASE do something!

You have seen what I am living through, my beautiful world. Obama is destroying hearts and minds everywhere in here with his poison to render loving and adoring Los Angeles County into how evil Iowa always chose to behave.

We need to save all of these brave people in California! The first step is making them remove their earspeakers. The electronics are inside their own bodies; thus, the earspeakers are their property and therefore their right to remove.

Also, you know what I do FOR REAL when I have ACTUAL anger instead of just a facade of a temper (I know you can monitor my heart rate.) to make people stop committing unrelenting crimes against me.

My ACTUAL anger manifests as my personal calculated counter-terrorism measures. So, stop telling me to irrationally (expletive)ing cheer up!

If anyone anywhere GENUINELY wants me happy, they will give me food, will give me my husband, will give me human rights, will set my America free of Obama, and will prevent any more Obama-mandated collusion against me both to lock me in a final literal torture facility for Obama to destroy me in and to make his intentionally fabricated false charges against me for OBAMA'S OWN CRIMES make his extragovernmental rules palatable.

My brave rescuers, what do you need? WHAT DO YOU NEED? Yes, I go out every day to find a peaceful way to rescue myself from all of these horrors I live through all day every day while Obama does nothing but escalate all of his crimes everywhere.

But you, my brave rescuers, are the world's only hope to remove all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy from society FOREVER. What do you need to do this? We need them arrested, prosecuted by the ICC, and contained FOREVER in a gulag in Siberia. What do you need?

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, is it getting easier yet? As always, tell me what you need. We are a team. I know my responsibilities to humanity by making sure all of you can keep me safe.

My Power Femme Powers of Attorney, thank you for liberating women of all colors all over the world by example. You know how much that means to me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you last night. You told me, "Don't worry, darling, I will figure it out." Thank you for fleeing the country like I asked you to, so Obama cannot hurt you anymore.

If I lose you, HoneyHoney, Obama will actually have succeeded at destroying me. Thank you for keeping yourself safe finally. The only thing I have ever forbidden you from is dying before I do. Never make me live without you.

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