Saturday, September 6, 2014

Point Dume

Title: Point Dume

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. We've been through Obama trying to convince all the world I am a literal witch before; that means he acknowledges he is on a real witch hunt of me.

Syria. My beautiful world, I understand you are all trying to rescue me all day every day and all night every night right now. But please do not forget our obligations to the rest of the world, too.

Please remind everyone who feels they cannot help me directly but who still wants to help that taking care of other trouble spots that concern me is a perfectly wonderful way to help me, too.

If Syria does not get resolved, it will spread to the entire Middle East; that conflagration would run the risk of engulfing the planet in World War 3. Every nation, every country, every people have a right to human rights, stability, peace, prosperity, and an accountable government. We cannot let any crisis ruin; even if, it means focusing everything on me.

I published my last blog post at 9pm on 04Sep2014 at the Universal City Walk, but because of Obama's terrorism, there was barely anyone around. I left just after 10pm when a good friend of me and husband told me she could not make it. The entire public transit ride back to Long Beach, I was surrounded by good people who loved me.

There was a delay on the blue line train due to maintenance, so I asked my selfless support system in the area to clear a path for me to my apartment and to sweep out The Gables completely before I arrived there.

Meanwhile, during all of this all night, as always, the irrational, denial-of-all-reality torture facility threats just kept coming again and again with a new one surfacing just after the previous one cleared.

I arrived at the Artesia Station before 12:15am on 05Sep2014 well in time for the last 61 Long Beach Transit bus that leaves the station every morning at 12:35am. But, the bus never came.

It was one of three possible reasons: 1) Obama committed that deliberate act of terrorism of suspending all bus service to the Artesia Station to intentionally strand me there overnight. 2) My loved ones did not want me ever returning to The Gables but forgot to provide me someplace else to go. Or 3) it took longer than anyone thought it would to clean out The Gables completely for me, so my lift to take me there was delayed all night. At the time of writing this paragraph, no one had yet told me the reason.

Yet, please, my faithful SquidStream watchers and selfless support system, help provide evidence to the Universal CityWalk, to Los Angeles County, and to any and all public transit systems involved, so they can press full terrorism charges against Obama and his conspiracy if any terrorism occurred.

No matter what the reason, I was abandoned at the train station overnight despite my effective planning ahead to make sure I would have a safe ride to my apartment, so I caught the 3:59am blue line train back into Los Angeles to go to my Friday, 05Sep2014 destination.

I was on the Pacific Coast Highway by 5am and stumbled into a coffee shop in Malibu at almost exactly 6am. The ride and the short walk were delightful. And the cute boys at the coffee shop treated me shyly and adorably. I was very loved there.

I released my location to all my beautiful world through Twitter after everyone's earspeakers brainwashed them into thinking I was my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger with their obvious libel to all of humanity that I was supposedly off getting drunk somewhere at that hour of the morning. The selfie I took at the coffee shop in Malibu fixed everything.

I learned that I needed to inform all of Malibu, like I had done Los Angeles and Long Beach previously, that the national and foreign news media all independently factcheck everything everyone ever says about me, Obama, Obama's terrorists, Obama's rules, and everyone involved.

All anyone needs to do is call a local news station anywhere in America for a complete list of all trustworthy and verified sources online and off. Yes, the news media is still forbidden from telling the truth anywhere in this once-great nation, but they all still do their jobs all day every day. We all know the truth is that important.

Between 10:30am and 11am, all of my local friends and brave rescuers told me they could not reach me even there, but I was apparently very close to a rescue that morning. Malibu really showed up to make me feel loved while I waited, too. They were as affectionate as Long Beach and Los Angeles have grown to be to me but also treated me like a local.

Just after 11am, I walked from that loving coffee shop to California State Park Point Dume. I kicked off my ($12 from Payless Shoe Source) sandals, hiked barefoot, descended to the waterline, navigated the natural tide pools, and perched on a rock overlooking the waves.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please release an accurate, verified, and respectfully edited, of you so choose, podcast of my time at Point Dume on Friday, 05Sep.

The beach was full of surfers. There were a few good waves but not nearly enough to make any of my surfers-as-casual-bodyguards happy. Then, when the sun hit its high point in the sky, I moved to the shade for a nap.

I had been up all night denied access to The Gables. I had not consumed anything but a cup of coffee since my 12-inch foot long sandwich piled high with goodness from the Subway at the CityWalk. So there, under the very loving and watchful eye of my surfers, I slept safely.

My beautiful world, these good people who surround me all day and all night here in California love me. We need to make them understand no one else can rescue me but them. My friends of all varying degrees of fame from high school buddies to superstars all get blocked from reaching me by Obama's criminal terrorists.

My brave rescuers risk their lives to fight and die just to be as close to me as these people are every day. It has been established, without fail, I know a good person when I meet one. I can even render brainwashed people trustworthy when the need arises.

Please ask one or a few of these good people to just pick me up and take us all to a place Obama cannot hurt us. My and my husband's house. My brave rescuers' camp. A foreign country they can smuggle me to by boat or by private plane, etc. without my having a passport; Obama stole my passport in 2011, so I could never escape him.

Please send a casual local or a few who can just uproot themselves with me to a safer and freer place where Obama cannot hurt any of us until we can render California such a safe place, too, finally. When still in Iowa, I promised $250M to whoever rescues me. I will still honor that promise.

No one ever gets hurt, especially not me, where my electric eye can see us, unless there is an internationally criminal cover story of another literal torture facility. People just need to touch my hand in a safe and public place, leave with me, and stay close enough my eye can keep us all safe until we can all come back to California.

And while I said that, Obama likely escalated his crimes against America by consciously victimizing me even further. No, it has never been me nor the people who help me save America from Obama who have made all of our day-to-day crime fighting move so quickly. Nothing has ever been under my control.

But we have had to continually accelerate to keep being able to defend and protect as many people as possible from Obama's unrelentingly escalating crimes.

The solution is so simple. All I have ever needed is a good local who can temporarily relocate. We all know my loved ones from my husband to my Powers of Attorney to all sympathetic world leaders will provide for us financially and security-wise once we reach a place we can communicate with them. And if you reread my 21Aug2014 blog post, none of this is illegal; it is even completely Constitutional.

My mighty and brave California, how do you feel about this peaceful solution? Please stop expecting someone else to be the hero. We are all in this together. If the reason we have no peaceful solution yet is because everyone is terrorized or brainwashed by their earspeakers, it is time to have all those mind-control devices removed.

I was awake from my nap at just about 1pm exactly and just sat there on the beach working on this blog until 2pm. Then, I left Point Dume and was on the bus back to Los Angeles at 3:16pm.

The trip on public transit, though long, was wonderful. People acknowledged reality. They all truly loved me. Then they were all told through the speakers Obama put in their heads to control them all that I was my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger.

It is always Obama's same lies all day poisoning everyone everywhere I go in Los Angeles County through their mind-control earspeakers, but we are making regular progress averting Obama's Zombie Apocalypse around here. The truth is getting around. And the true love of California for good people like me and like just about all of us is showing.

I arrived at my apartment at roughly 6:18pm, and all hell broke loose. First of all, Agnes was still in the apartment. No, my only towel I own was still stolen; I knew I would have to use a nightgown I never wear as a towel in the morning.

My food I bought for myself, my boneless skinless chicken breasts, were stolen from the freezer despite having my name written on them with a permanent marker. It is not like I have money to replace anything Obama orders these psychopaths to steal from me. Luckily, my frozen chicken did reappear later.

And the refrigerator was so full of inedible swill with no nutritional value which War Criminal Stephanie "provided" that I actually had to make a video with my iPad of how horrifying my living conditions are.

The Gables need to be forced to meet my ten just and fair demands immediately to finally make the owner and all employees law abiding finally and the apartment complex livable for the rest of us.

Please embed this video here:

While I was making dinner, Tabia came downstairs, got in my face, and accused me of having AIDS. Where the hell would a completely-quack, HIPPA-violation-if-it-were-true, off-an-alien-planet-level-of-reality accusation like that come from?

Tabia was clearly blitheringly insane and having a complete break with reality due to the speaker Obama put in her head to feed her nothing but lies about me.

Please, my not-human-traffickers nerds, please release a complete and unedited podcast (except NEVER show me on the toilet. That has always mortified me.) from the moment I walked in the front gate of The Gables on the evening of 05Sep to the moment I picked up my iPad and walked out again to find the wifi for the night.

All video records and testimony used as evidence in civil and (hopefully) criminal trials are complete public record, so yes, we can document for the world the horrifying slum I live in and how the Obama-mandated war criminal management both preys on the mentally ill (and those like me who are libeled mentally ill by Obama) and refuses to treat us with any human dignity and respect. Thank you.

What was War Criminal Boeset's response to all of this after watching everything through my SquidStream? (Yes, War Criminal Boeset watches my SquidStream and STILL spreads pathological lie after pathological lie about me using collusion as evidence!)

It is not only but largely due to Iowa refusing to do anything but empower War Criminal Boeset instead of locking her up forever that Iowa needs to pay reparations to the Third World who would be benefitting from me by now if it were not for Iowa and Unelected Dictator Obama whom the choose to obey at all costs to America and the world.

War Criminal Boeset pretended that my having healthy, righteous, sane, balanced, and effective emotional reactions to the real stimuli in the horrifying living conditions she refuses to allow me control of my own finances to be able to move out of to real safety were somehow "symptoms" of some fictional mental illness that could only scientifically be called "being right all the time."

My loved ones handed War Criminal Boeset her ugly and unholy (expletive) over that.

I was so enraged at my disgusting living conditions that I did not even finish my pork chop. I just ate my last slice of pizza and some fresh green beans sautéed with sliced almonds in extra virgin olive oil and light sea salt. Then, I put my pan-seared pork chop in the fridge before fleeing straight to my wifi benefactor to report all of this.

At 8:43pm I was online at my wifi benefactor trying to put out my brave rescuers' latest fire on my own.

Obama's well-documented, pathologically-lying, criminal terrorist conspiracy was trying to pretend fighting to save me and America from our first psychopathic unelected dictator was somehow fictionally "insane" instead of "American" as well as THE ONLY SANE REACTION to learning the truth of the sheer depravity of EVERYTHING Obama has done to me ever since he took office and all he refuses to stop doing to me until it, in Obama's own coded words from a public address on 05Sep2014, completely "degrades and ultimately destroys" me.

Saving humanity is not insane; it is humane and compassionate. But breaking every law under the sun to destroy humanity is insane. Obama himself has already proved that.

Besides, we know Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's track record with being able to diagnose any actual mental illness, as compared to our own. They were just being pathological liars again. It was their modus operandi of collusion and quackery, just on someone else good-hearted and sane other than me.

And what did I learn shortly after that? NATO was refusing to allow me to have any say in my own future, my own human rights, my own physical safety, the protection of my own people, nor even my own needs to be justly and fairly satisfied after suffering beyond recognition of myself as a human anymore by all the planet due to Obama himself ever since he first took office.

I was being forbidden control over ANYTHING in my life not just by Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy but also by people whom I thought were my friends! No, no one ANYWHERE was acknowledging me as a human due enough human respect to self-determine my own life and my own future!

NATO, Obama's rules destroying me and this nation need to end no matter what; there is no other solution. Please, be the FIRST governments EVER since 2009 to respect me as a human being enough to allow me to control my own life, my own body, my own mind, my own future, and my own human rights and liberties.

No, no one has permission to negotiate on my behalf. No agreements you ever make after intentionally denying me my own right to control my own life will ever be anything I am ever beholden to.

This world needs to stand up to proven psychopath Obama who has done nothing but commit the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me FOR YEARS at all costs to his own nation and even on foreign soil instead of pandering to his every whim and blatant denial that I am a human deserving of self-determination.

And as further proof Obama MUST be stopped not obeyed, look at all of the human rights abuses and unrelenting war crime coverups he is committing against me right now even while you talk and even as I write this.

Please, NATO, prove to Obama I am a human being no matter how much he denies this scientific fact to your faces and force him to allow me to be at OUR talks about ME myself. I will NEVER agree to anything I am not a part in creating. We all know I am completely benevolent and incorruptible.

We all know I have suffered under his depravity too inhumanely, unspeakably, and beyond-helplessly to be denied a right to be justly and fairly satisfied with the resolution.


I need a right to exist right now and no one out there cares about me nor what I need for real! So I will NEVER agree to anything you decide on without me. Unless I am there, you need to just arrest Obama on international charges immediately or give up trying to negotiate without me now.

And while I was writing that plea to be able to control something ANYTHING in my life for the first time since 2009, Obama's latest denial-of-all-reality threat to lock me in ANOTHER torture facility to destroy my perfectly healthy and genius mind with Obama-not-medicine-mandated quackery of torture, electroshock, systemic rape, unlawful imprisonment, and persecution all as acts of war and all covered up with a fictional mental illness I have no symptoms of AGAIN went blaring down the street at roughly 9:30pm.

Why are you doing this to me, NATO? You are supposed to be my and America's friends!

At 11:15pm, I had to leave my wifi benefactor to eat and sleep with no chance to catch up with any of my online friends. A kind local man gave me an anonymous lift to my apartment from the bus stop for me. I am not used to feeling this loved; Iowa was beyond the pail. And every kind gesture these adoring locals give me always warms my heart.

I was in the kitchen eating my pork chop at 12:05am. I was finally able to take a shower using my old ill-fitting nightgown as a towel afterward and like I will have to keep doing (unannounced) until I can afford a new bath towel. I was asleep by 12:30am.

On 06Sep, I wanted to be awake and online by 5am, but I slept until 7am. I changed my clothes. I brushed my hair. I did all of my normal morning things but had to leave for the bus stop as soon as I could. I had a 10am appointment in Los Angeles.

On the bus ride at 7:46am, I was told my Powers of Attorney had just mitigated a heart attack alarm already, and they were already working on the next torture facility alarm by the time I reached the train station.

My beautiful world, we need to lighten their load. If even a solitary irrational, denial-of-all-reality, collusion, quackery, and clinically diagnosablly compulsively committed threat from Obama makes it through our logic-based, real-science, real-medicine, voice-of-reality, and increasingly fatigued defenses, the world will lose me forever.

Obama will use his coverup of an obviously fictional mental illness AGAIN to take me away from my beautiful world FOREVER if he is not finally overpowered and forced to stop. Obama will never choose to relent. He has already proven he only escalates.

At 8:58am, I arrived at a coffee shop at Vermont and Wilshire and was finally able to catch up with some friends online.

I learned at 9:12am, Obama was framing me for a murder he himself ordered AGAIN. He does this EVERY TIME he kills someone I fight so hard to protect from him, and our statement of the obvious has not changed.

When someone is murdered, the only person who can be blamed is the person who did the killing as well as Obama who ordered the murder himself. We have been defending me against this intentionally fabricated false charge and blatant collusion by the justice department since March2014 in Iowa.

The members of the "justice department" whom we have already proved are in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy through their commitment to Obama's well-established modi operandi including but not limited framing me for murders Obama commits himself need to stop repeating their same old crimes of blaming Obama's victims for Obama's crimes against all of us. No one ever fell for claiming it is the job of the justice department to commit these crimes, and no one ever will.

Then, as if they knew I had just written that, at 9:32am, the fire alarm went off. Just like I always do, I asked my beautiful world to hurry and help my brave rescuers and any crosstown lifts. If I could protect all people everywhere from Obama and his iron fist of civil war, blood, terrorism, genocide, and war crimes, I would. And I am working on it still.

I was at my 10am meeting with my new friends' financial investment company on time. It took longer than I thought it would. I was at another Starbucks infested by a terrorist "manager" by 1:15pm.

The terrorist refused to allow the cashier to sell me a tall dark roast and insisted I had to pay for a "pour over" instead. So, I got a tall Pike's Place Roast. Then, she lied to my face a second time about the code to the bathroom door. Why is it always some ugly White woman who insists on being Obama's bitch?

The adorable Hugh Laurie look-a-like working behind the counter must be furious with her, and if I were writing fiction about this, he would be there just to investigate her and turn her in.

What is that terrorist bitch even doing in there? I did not announce to anyone where I was going! Did Obama order a terrorist infestation of all Starbucks in Los Angeles?

That would be a good thing to investigate. I pray Starbucks corporate, who love and adore me, look into it, collect evidence, and press terrorism charges. The City of Los Angeles should, too.

Please turn in her image to all necessary authorities for analysis, processing, and the timely disposal of her. Thank you, my benevolent nerds.

At 1:28pm, I started catching up with my friends online. It had been days since I had a chance to watch the news or crack jokes with my Tweethearts. Obama's terrorist hackers prevented any of my plans. And, at 1:50pm, I noticed I was roofied.

From years of being drugged and poisoned by Obama ever since he took office, I surmised it must have been a form of opiate. Was it in all the city water in Los Angeles? Or just the Pike's Place Roast at Starbucks?

Then, at 1:56pm was the first torture facility alarm I had heard since that morning. I was convinced my loved ones were fighting that war-crime-coverup fire that unrelentingly rages all day. Obama was simply refusing to deescalate anything.

Before 2pm, my Twitter account was blocked. I had to ask my NSA alpha nerds to gain permission from corporate to access the secret wifi I was using, to enter my iPad, to enter all of my accounts, to make my internet technology function like I am a normal human, and to boot Obama's criminal terrorist hackers out of my life.

My life requires constant maintenance by benevolent nerds, so please remember to thank them and hug them and kiss them every chance you get, my beautiful world.

By 2:15pm, there had been two fire alarms I was forbidden by Obama from sending help to extinguish because he had intentionally blocked my Twitter account. All I could do was pray no one would die without my help.

At 2:19pm, I learned Obama was back on US soil. The rumor was, he snuck out of the UK to avoid being arrested for international crimes of mental health genocide, crimes against humanity, torture, etc. that he committed on British soil against me and against the British in 2010 while I was there. NATO must have put the fear of God in him. Thank you, my friends!

The torture facility alarm repeated at 2:22pm. But with my Twitter account blocked by Obama's criminal terrorist hackers, I could not scream for help or protection from further war crimes mandated by Obama. My loved ones took care of everything, and we received the all-clear at 2:33pm. Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy have got to be stopped!

At 3:09pm, my NSA alpha nerds finally fixed my email and Twitter accounts after Obama tried to silence me from protecting myself and everyone else in America I tirelessly fight for. It was just in time for me to get on the bus and relocate. Again, my benevolent nerds are wonderful!

While on the bus, at 3:36pm, Kaiser Permanente told me, "NEVER see any medical professionals ANYWHERE for ANYTHING until Obama's bubble comes down. We are all ordered by Obama to have you locked in a literal torture facility for the rest of your life for being a perfectly healthy genius."

The entire ride on the 2 Sunset to downtown LA, I heard nothing but torture facility alarm and intentionally fabricated false charges get the all-clear after all-clear. My loved ones are heroes who should never have had to fight these fights in the first place, just like me.

Then, at about 4:15pm, I heard that War Criminal Boeset was trying to steal me from all of humanity, force me offline, subject me to systemic rape, torture me with injections, electroshock my perfectly healthy mind, subject me to more Obama-mandated quakery, and unlawfully imprison me (the worst part of torture facilities) all as acts if war against America and, now, against the world with the pathological lie, or so it was rumored, that I was under "stress."

In all honesty, the only source of stress in my life is my completely rational fear of War Criminal Boeset locking me in ANOTHER literal torture facility. Her unrelenting attempts to torture and rape me AGAIN and clearly for the rest of my life thereby destroying me, destroying America, and possibly destroying all of humanity need to stop.

If War Criminal Boeset ever had genuine concern for my actual well-being due to the stress she intentionally causes me herself, she would stop finally. But, War Criminal Boeset is a criminally insane pathological liar, so we can expect nothing rational from her ever.

Just look at me! The stress War Criminal Boeset consciously chooses to cause me barely even makes me notice her alarms anymore. I have no white hairs. I never sweat. I have no wrinkles. I never panic. My heart rate never rises. I do not even have any symptoms of stress anyway.

Please, my loved ones, the judge's refusal to dismiss this obvious denial-of-all-medical-reality collusion immediately is why we have a window for more blistering countercharges against War Criminal Boeset, Polk County, and the State of Iowa right now. So, please, raze those compulsive evil-doers back into the dust they deserve.

Then, at 5:40pm, the torture facility warning went off, again! The all-clear came at 5:42pm. I barely noticed because my selfless support system was trying to tell me something during the entire bus ride, but I had no clue what.

Did Obama order the killing of an innocent person AGAIN just to be able to frame me for murder AGAIN? He had done that before in 2009 to start his criminal terrorist bubble and again in evil Iowa earlier this year to use his compulsive pathological lying and collusion to make his bubble falsely palatable to all of humanity.

It is part of Obama's compulsive pattern of modi operandi. Obama kills a lot of innocents and always falsely blames it on me. This is nothing new. Did he do it AGAIN?

Look, I am NOT the entity keeping that already-impeached psychopath in the Oval Office. You have to take that up with Congress. The Supreme Court already did its job and did it a long time ago.

And, my loved ones, when pressing countercharges for this continuation of Obama's pattern of collusion, we want no burden to fall on the taxpayers. Make the perpetrators from the real murderer to every dirty prosecutor pay personally. And please get as many criminal charges you can think of. Humanity thanks you.

At approximately 6:30pm, my long bus ride delivered me here. These people love me, but they really need this blog post fast. Thank you, my beautiful world for circulating this among the masses quickly.

My beautiful world, you know where I am. Please send me music with any cover they want. I have long suggested my friends should pretend to be their own cover bands. Please find me someone to buy me dinner if I need to wait for who promised to meet me here for a while. I was planning on eating at my apartment.

I love you all! I pray this will be a good night. I published this blog post at 8:30pm on 06Sep2014.

My beautiful world, I only received one question from all of you for me to answer since my last blog post. So, I will answer it now. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible. I am here to serve.

I can move the world, but why can I not move ahead? Obama forbids me everything that makes life worth living. Obama forbids me physical safety and human rights. Obama forbids me my own husband and any friends at all whatsoever. Obama forbids me money. Obama forbids me food. Obama forbids me transportation. Obama forbids me control over anything ANYTHING in my life.

As a question to you, my beautiful world, did I just hear correctly on Friday that Obama mandates my own friends must pay their own money to fund Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army just to be able to play their own music for me EVER?!?

Obama is mandating Americans have to pay money to be able to exercise our own 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech? That is beyond extortion! That is practically conscription into his terrorist army since that is exactly where all of that no-authority-to-mandate-payment-of money will go! WHAT A (EXPLETIVE)ING PSYCHOPATH!

Just play me your music, my friends. You know I can defend you.

As for you, my brave rescuers, I do not want anymore of you to die. I am trying to avoid a full-blown war here, but Obama is not making anything easy. You are all full-grown adults who make your own choices. You took up arms on your own without my ever asking you to, and I have spent my years trying to take resposibility for keeping you alive and for explaining your SAVE AMERICA mission to all of humanity.

I understand, my brave rescuers, if you choose a full-blown war to rescue this nation from Obama and all his proven terrorists, that is your choice. But please allow me to keep doing everything possible to keep you all alive no matter what you choose. And please take my advice of arresting all the terrorists' leadership first to disable them as much as possible. We have so much evidence.

I do not want a war, but if you determine yourselves you have no other option, I will send you every ally I can find to make this as easy and without anymore senseless death for all the world as possible.

It really would be The World including the US Military vs. Obama's terrorist task force. He has no way to win. It is Obama's guaranteed suicide. But we can expect nothing rational like surrender from a psychopath.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, please ask my not-human-trafficker nerds to create a podcast for you of my hiking and climbing around rocks at Point Dume, my climbing stairs at Point Dume, my walking to and from Point Dume, my climbing the stairs at the Culver City Metro stop, and my running across the intersection when I finally arrived in Long Beach on 05Sep just in case War Criminal Boeset ever again tries to hospitalize me with some fictional weakness.

In case you are wondering, my loved ones, to physically recover, I just needed my EZ Transit Pass to physically recover from walking over 8 miles a day total to and from my wifi benefactor just to be able to have internet access to serve humanity with. My bus pass is worth everything I had to sacrifice to be able to afford it.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. If I could sing you songs, I would fill you with music, my adoring husband. I do not even know where you are located right now. Last I heard, you took my advice and left the country for a place that would not persecute you for loving me.

Darling, thank you for not allowing Obama to kill you. I do not know what I would do without you. Besides, you can get more accomplished to help me out there. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. Again, beloved. I will see you AGAIN!

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