Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Sun, the Moon, and the Starlit Sky have All Told Obama to Surrender. No Terrorist Dictator Does This to Our America! Not on Our Watch! And Never Again!

Title: The Sun, the Moon, and the Starlit Sky have All Told Obama to Surrender. No Terrorist Dictator Does This to Our America! Not on Our Watch! And Never Again!

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. If your earspeakers brainwash you into believing I am some sort of drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger for myself, you do not have to obey any rules around me. You only have to obey Obama's rules when you believe I am the real me. Though, technically, if you read my 21Aug2014 blog post, no one has to obey Obama's rules ever.

UK. Please, Prime Minister Cameron, give your people due process before stripping any citizens of their passports. We do not want the terrorists to win by suspending human rights and freedoms of the British without their having a fair trial first. If we sink to their level, we become no better than they are.

Libya. My entire beautiful world, please remember that the real US government is on our side, the side of the people. Obama was impeached last year already. That is how long it has been since Obama was actually in the government.

We have had great successes ever since liberating department after department out from under Unelected Dictator Obama. The only real federal government offices Obama's extragovernmental criminal conspiracy still control are the US Attorney General's office and various members of Congress.

Libya, our embassies and consulates are controlled by the US State Department, and its leader, Secretary of State John Kerry, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before him serve the people, not Obama. They are both friends of mine.

Please be good to our embassies and consulates. When I visit you, I might need to stay in them.

North Korea. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, please release our American citizens from your work camps. I understand we are what Americans call "strange bedfellows" in our fight against Unelected Dictator Obama, and I understand you have come to love me due to my fight to save America from Obama. Do you trust me?

I know a spy when I see one. I have become an expert in the ways of the espionage community. These two men, Mr. Bae and Mr. Fowle, have never posed a threat to you nor to your power over your nation.

And, trust me, from being in your work camps, they have learned the might of your leadership. These men have never threatened you, and they never will. Please, Supreme Leader, will you allow them to return to their families? Would you do it for me? Would you do it for those two men to be able to spread their firsthand stories of what happens when anyone ever upsets you?

Please. If you trust me, may this be the beginning of years of our working together for your people.

Iraq. ISIS just beheaded a second American journalist, Mr. Steven Sotloff. May he be in his heaven reporting the truth to his own god, whoever that may be. No one believes news reporting is easy, definitely not after Obama's reign of fire.

But Mr. Sotloff made the ultimate sacrifice to be able to tell the world the truth. Like Mr. Foley before him, he is a martyr for human rights. May we all find justice for this loss.

I published my last blog post at 8pm on 02Sep2014 in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Then, I quickly paid my bill with my waiter William and left for the public transportation back to Long Beach.

I was waiting for transit, on transit, or in transit until 10:24pm when I arrived at my apartment... and every second, I was safe. This is not Iowa. This is the mighty and brave California.

Once I walked in the door, I went straight to the refrigerator. I knew the dough I had made days before would go bad if I did not use oven magic to make it a pizza. I picked through the mail I was permitted to know about from the mailbox I am forbidden from having access to by The War Criminal Gables, and I preheated the oven.

While cooking, I had to kill two roaches, and I noticed that the bread The War Criminal Gables are willing to provide for us, despite their lease agreements to all tenants to provide all the nutritious food we can eat all day every day, were all moldy.

But I still made a gourmet artichoke, spinach, arugula, Roma tomato, white onion, minced garlic, freshly sliced hard salami, crumbled feta pizza from scratch in a basil and oregano red sauce.

At 11:33pm, while the pizza was in the oven, Liana woke up and came downstairs to make some coffee. We had a lovely chat. Agnes had been hostile and passive aggressive ever since I walked in by intentionally slamming cupboards in the bathroom and pretending to sleep. It was nice to have honest human interaction and acknowledgement I exist after that with Liana.

My period started a week early that night. I could feel it coming all day and kept checking for it. I am mid-to-late thirties. That is how heavy I expect my flow to be this week.

When the clock struck midnight, my pizza was in the refrigerator waiting for me to eat it for breakfast; I had snacked on a pepper jack quesadilla and a bag of popcorn; and I was curled up in bed.

I sent one final message to check on and help all my brave rescuers and crosstown lifts before falling asleep. I heard of a freeway crash, and I wanted to make sure no one was dying. That is no way to fall asleep, I know, but service to my country and to all of humanity does not punch a clock.

The Gables had put roofies in something, though. I slept all the way until 9am and woke up with an opiate withdrawal headache. Did The Gables put methadone in my pepper jack?

I got ready, kickstarted my SquidStream, shared a slice of pizza with Liana, learned the locals are starting to ask her if she is a witch (Dude, Liana goes to church and is just fashionably goth.), and was out the door at 9:45am.

I took the faithful 61 line to the Starbucks at the corner of San Antonio and Atlantic in Long Beach, and yes, the establishment was still hostile to me. Obama's same terrorist leader with the same tattoo on her neck was still there screaming blatant falsehoods at all of the customers.

So, I submitted her photo to the FBI, CIA, NSA, Interpol, MI6, etc. for analysis, processing, and her timely disposal. This is what we do to terrorists, especially their leaders.

I expect Starbucks corporate to press terrorism charges, too. Obama's criminal terrorist leader had commanded the other baristas to lie to my face, insult, and disrespect me by calling me, "Baby girl," as if I would ever tolerate that from anyone.

At 11:11am, after turning in that terrorist leader, which I must admit was my only real reason for going there, I was on the public transportation again headed to an independent coffee shop.

It was approximately 1pm when I walked in the doors of my old friend the Bourgeois Pig. I ordered a double mocha from the friendly barista and sat down to catch up with my online friends.

I have a long history with the Pig. The first time I ever went there was in 2002. I had raging schizophrenia at the time, and I and my non-quack psychiatrist were still sorting out what meds would work on me. Thank the atheist heavens that disease was only temporary.

Real schizophrenia is even worse than Obama's bubble. It actually turned my hair white from stress. I have witnesses that my hair grew back in black again after I healed myself.

I was wearing a sarong, a navy blue tank top, and sandals with heels. My hair was a mess. I had no makeup on my face.

I walked in and everyone started looking at me attentively. I took off my sunglasses and sat at the counter. I ordered a mocha from the nervous barista and sipped it while I read my book on the history if scientific objects (in the philosophical sense of objects).

The cute barista was very awkward. Eventually, when I got up to leave he half mumbled a question at me, "Um, what show do I know you from?" I was caught completely off guard. "Dude, I'm in grad school for pure mathematics." When a nerd gets treatment like that, she remembers the coffee shop.

The last previous time I was there was over my Christmas vacation from San Francisco to Los Angeles to stay at my older sister's rented house in 2009. The entire entertainment industry from Oprah to Andrea Bocelli remember that vacation.

My husband's exact word's on the topic were, "Alice, why did you leave Wonderland?" Los Angeles had even literally moved a street for me. But my only option was to live with my evil older sister, and there was no way she would let me. Nor would I ever invite her abuse on myself.

I have years of history with the now oddly appropriately named Bourgeois Pig in Los Feliz. The least I could do was tell them, "Hello."

Just to convince the internet connection to work while I was there, I had to ask my NSA alpha nerds, to call the Bourgeois for access to their wifi service, to enter my iPad, to take over all of my accounts, to ensure my internet presence would function like I were a normal human, and to report any and all of Obama's criminal terrorist activity in the realm of my technology to my Silicon Valley friends' corporate offices.

This way, my friends from Facebook to Twitter to Google to Apple to Skype, etc. could all file terrorism charges.

While catching up with friends, I learned Obama's well-documented-to-be-nothing-but-pathological-liars were still pretending my perfect mind still has some fictional emotional imbalance. Where the hell do they come up with this crap?

It is their same old lies all day every day all the time, and they have only ever lied; this is as accurate as their REPEATED attempts to libel me with Peter Pan Syndrome, mental retardation, autism, spina bifida, and medical depression.

Being rationally upset with Obama's beyond-unlivable bubble of torture, systemic rape, public persecution, starvation, and human rights abuses IS THE ONLY SANE REACTION! If I were NOT upset, then I would be crazy!

We have so many records of them saying every piece of (expletive) they can fabricate nonstop for years to be able to destroy me, particularly with quackery as a coverup for war crimes.

How many times do I have to repeat myself? No one who fights this hard to survive the most impossible situation any human has ever been victimized with can ever logically be labeled "suicidal." Did Obama's criminal terrorists use ANOTHER obvious collusion libel video or was it an intentional-perversion-of-reality-as-calumny again?

Who the hell permits them to keep doing this to me and to all of America, which will be the first place furious humanity will destroy if I am ever removed from the world thereby unleashing my beautiful world if ANY of Obama's obvious and compulsive coverups for destroying me ever get criminally upheld?

And how the hell does anyone ever justify humoring anything Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy says about me anymore, anyway? Do you remember my 24Aug2014 blog post?

I also tried to plan my day. The LACMA was too expensive. No Metro line runs to the Griffith Observatory; I just cannot climb that hill on foot. The Getty Center said it was closed for the day but not the next day.

It all changed after I left the Bourgeois Pig at 2:50pm for a wifi connection I could access for longer than 1.5 hours. Luckily, I know this town. While sitting in another coffee shop, I was approached by a man who wanted to recruit me for a "new job in the finance industry." I love the locals. We spoke in Spanish because he was more comfortable in Spanish than English.

Then, he called his boss and asked him to come by and give me the full business presentation. Yes, it was very informative, so I thanked him for it and shook his hand. I will likely see them again. Please keep and eye on them to keep them safe, too, my selfless support system. But we all know Obama forbids me any and all income and all employment but slavery.

Obama has been trying to forbid my service to humanity, too, ever since I started it in 2009 by silencing my blog, by silencing my Twitter, by slandering me to make no one ever listen to nor trust me, by taking my perfect and genius mind away from the world forever with Obama-mandated quackery, by starving me into not being able to reach an internet connection, etc., but so far, we have been able to defy him for the good of the country and the world.

Torture facility and fire alarms blared through the conversations, and my NSA alpha nerds had to access the wifi to make my Twitter account function like I am a normal person, again. Obama hates any truth about anything making it to the public.

At 7:20pm, I left my second Starbucks of the day to return to Long Beach for the night. Thank you, my loved ones and dedicated support system for another safe day.

My ride on the public transportation back to my apartment was wonderful except for my needing to report a police alarm. It looked like someone had been stopped while coming to rescue me. I asked my beautiful world to check on it and sent all the help I could.

It was clear Obama's Zombie Apocalypse was slowly but surely being averted. Thank you, my beautiful world, but we still need all these earspeakers removed. The public has begun intentionally making me feel loved and appreciated.

It was a good day. I arrived at my apartment at just about 9pm exactly, ate some leftover pizza and a bowl of ice cream, and curled up in bed well before 10pm.

What was The Gables's passive aggressive crime of the day? They stole my turquoise blue bath towel while I was out all day. I could only afford one towel. Where was I going to find the money to buy a new one? Those (expletive)s!

Has The Gables met my ten demands yet to make them law abiding finally? No. Are The Gables still pathologically lying to continue committing every crime possible against me including further acts of war against America? Yes. Can The Gables be trusted? No. Are The Gables controlled by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy that includes Agnes? Yes. Why is there no legal action to clean up The Gables yet? You are going to have to answer that question for me because it defies all logic, reason, justice, truth, and love.

I played KROQ all night since it is the radio station Liana and I agree on most, and I asked the radio to make me feel loved and appreciated while I dreamed. And they did.

On 04Sep, I was up, as ready as I could be without a towel, and with a running SquidStream before 7:19am. I ate some breakfast and headed out the door. Terrorist Agnes was passive aggressively pretending to be asleep.

The alarms started the moment I set foot out of the door. Iowa pretended it had the privilege to adult-abduct me from a place that genuinely loves me, drag me to their evil state against my will AGAIN, return me to Obama-mandated rape slavery, give my perfectly healthy and genius mind electroshock to render me a vegetable, and subject me to their irrational and public hatred of all forces for good in the world thereby removing me from my beautiful world forever.

Yes, my beautiful world, Iowa is demanding they be given the deepest and heaviest punishments the international community can dish out. As a state, Iowa refuses to stop compulsively attempting the worst crimes known to mankind against me with their completely illegal, self-appointed power to do so going unchecked by anyone anywhere but my loved ones, my genius lawyers, and the State of California.

My beautiful world, you need to take all action possible to remove absolutely evil Iowa from my life forever as well as Unelected Dictator Obama whom they break every law possible to obey. We have been through this.

If you already demanded reparations from Iowa to benefit the parts of the world that need me free of Iowa most, it is time to do it again. Iowa is still refusing to stop committing crimes against America and against all of humanity by refusing to stop committing crimes against me.

I was online by 8:19am. But I had to ask my NSA alpha nerds to ask for permission to access my wifi account at the Long Beach Public Library where I was, so they could make my iPad function like normal because Obama's criminal terrorists were inside it refusing to allow it to function like it should. Obama's criminal terrorists have always been the biggest leak.

That was the only reason I could not convince my NBC Nightly News app nor their website to show me the previous night's out-of-date news. Why do I watch obsolete news instead of a 24-hour news source? Do not worry. I do that, too.

And after the abduction-to-rape-slavery-in-Iowa-again alarm, there was a torture facility alarm at 8:30am and another one at 10am. Obama and all his criminal terrorists are out right refusing to stop any of these acts of war they have committed for years. My loved ones took care of it, but they should never have had to.

It was nothing but alarm after alarm all day, and even after I reached the Corner Bakery right next to UCLA the alarms just kept coming. I really just needed a restroom, but I took time to drink some coffee, eat a blueberry muffin, and catch up with friends online while I was there. I was in no hurry to get where I was headed.

At 2:07pm, I learned Joan Rivers passed away. I thanked her for all the love and laughter she gave the world and prayed her Elysian Fields would laugh forever at her favorite dick joke.

And the irrational, denial-of-all-reality torture facility alarms just kept coming one after the other! My beautiful world, do you have any idea of how insane it is to look at a completely healthy and drop dead gorgeous woman, lie to the entire world that she never showers, and then threaten to lock her in a literal torture facility WHERE SHE HAS BEEN OBAMA-MANDATED RAPED BEFORE for the rest of her life if she does not start taking naked photos of herself in the shower EVERY MORNING to make you happy?

That criminally insane psychopath making that demand FOR YEARS was War Criminal Boeset. She is typical for a puppet in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy. And she is the symbol of Iowa.

I left the Corner Bakery right next to UCLA at 2:51pm to catch the bus, and before 4pm, I was in the San Fernando Valley. Before 5pm I was right here, as requested.

Yet, before 6:30pm, I was told no rescue could reach me, so I asked my SquidStream watchers to release my location through channels no one could acknowledge to my face. That way, at least the tourists and locals could both literally and metaphorically come tell me, "Hello."

There is this big open space perfect for dancing in right in front of me. We just need a love band. And, after I told my beautiful world this, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy pretended I would have to shut down my closed-circuit security system for innocent should-be-free Americans to show up at all.

First of all, when was the last time Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy ever told the truth? Never. Secondly, never trust any terrorists to ever obey their own terms. And finally, this is America. LET MY PEOPLE EXERCISE OUR FULL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

I published this blog post at 9pm on 04Sep2014 praying it would empower brave and mighty California to just do what they want under the law instead of the rules at last.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How much neighborly generosity is around me here? Trust me. Toto, we are not in Iowa anymore. Our California has finally reached reality, and I am genuinely loved for who I truly am here.

As an hour-glassed square. As a perfectly sane, hard-working, penniless local. As a bipartisan and biracial bisexual. As a red-blooded American who loves her hippy granola. And as an incorruptible and benevolent super-genius at humanity's service 24/7.

My beautiful world, you mean there are people left who do not know the human trafficking of me without any of my consent and with me forbidden to ever gain knowledge I was a slave originated as "No Dress Rehearsal" which irrationally sexualized me though I never had sex nor ever masturbated, became "Octopus" because my reality is just too wholesome for anything but a children's show, progressed into nothing but libel of me after I fled the country on 05Feb2010, trapped me in rape slavery in Iowa which was the only place on Earth willing to carry out Obama's most despicable orders, and finally liberated myself with the SquidStream now that I finally have legal control of my own body here in the mighty and brave California for the first time since Obama took office?

Why did I flee the country for my life on 05Feb2010? Well, I had the convenient excuse of going to SFO under the cover of picking up my BFF at the airport after she flew into town. That took serious planning I could tell no one about.

But what was my motive for leaving my America I love so much and that I would sacrifice anything for? I wanted to save my country from Obama's rules, to escape Obama's jurisdiction, to gain protection from Obama's systemic rape of me that nothing seemed to be able to stop, to be with my loving and adoring now-husband, and to seek diplomatic protection as a way to regain full human rights.

We know how many of these goals I actually accomplished due to Obama extending his pattern of terrorism and war crimes onto foreign soil, something only a US president could accomplish. But I also created allies which was something I had not planned on but took the opportunity to accomplish when it presented itself.

My brave rescuers, I try to honor all requests from you if I can translate a clear signal. I always do everything I can to help everyone. Doing everything possible to make sure none of you ever die again is a responsibility I take very seriously.

My brave rescuers, I know you have no hackable technology out there in the wilderness where you fight and die all day and all night every day and every night to save all of America from Obama, but ask a trustworthy source who watches my verified SquidStream 24/7 for a list of our growing local allies. Then, you will be able to send me safe messages through them any time you like.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, do you have any idea how overwhelmingly you have empowered the women of all colors around here with your public statements after my last blog post? You should see these strong, beautiful women I am surrounded with all day now! I can only imagine what you have done for the women of the world.

I always said my feminist agenda was on the back burner. To repeat myself, in June 2009 when I realized the fight I had ahead of me, I chose to take on the White House as effeminately as possible. No one (male or female) should have to present herself to the world as a man to be taken seriously as experts on what we are experts.

Now, look at all of us. Obama is still trying to call me a man in a dress to never have to acknowledge a woman could be this much of a genius. But look at all of these women we have empowered. And look at all of the men we have taught to respect women! I could have done none of this without you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Did you ever meet my friend Adam Thompson from San Francisco? He kissed me once in 2006, but he was drunk. He also once jumped over the bar at Specs to kneel at my feet. Yes, that was the level of customer service I was used to, especially from bartenders, before Obama encased me in his reductio-ad-absurdum of a bubble.

Well, Adam, who called himself "Dancer" when I met him in 2006 and who started calling himself "Baby Owl" in 2007 (I have no idea what he calls himself now.), beyond being a typical San Franciscan when it came to nicknames, had a conversation with me in 2009.

He had heard all of the locals referring to me as "Jesus" and tried to tell me that is exactly who the people need. He told me people needed something to believe in. I was clueless on a lot of reasons why so many horrible things were happening to me from systemic rape to slavery ever since Obama took office that no one was willing to acknowledge to my face ever still back then, but that conversation did explain to me how much I mean to people.

No, my darling husband, I have never considered myself anyone's "Jesus," but I did consciously choose to give my people someone to believe in if they were going to believe in me anyway.

Beloved, I have long apologized to you because you gave your whole self to me, but you have to share me with the world. There is just no going back to who I was before Obama was elected and ever since I realized I had to save everyone from him.

Sweetness, you long vowed to support me through all of my future in unfettered service to humanity, but I do not need you behind me. I need you next to me. We all know I am an egalitarian. I have long believed you elevated yourself to my equal all those years ago for this very reason. And thank you.

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