Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Consciously Denying Me and my Legally Recognized Husband Full Control of my Finances Consciously Enforces Obama's Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Genocide, War Crimes, and Mind-Control Coverups for All of It.

Title: Consciously Denying Me and my Legally Recognized Husband Full Control of my Finances Consciously Enforces Obama's Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Genocide, War Crimes, and Mind-Control Coverups for All of It.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. No, it has NEVER been legal to pretend to be me only so Obama can destroy my name, my reputation, my life, my nation, and my mind, especially with Obama forbidding me from ever hearing or seeing any of it. Did they pathologically lie about it EVER having been "legal"? We all know they have only ever lied.

West Africa. Please, all people in West Africa, if you experience symptoms of Ebola, go to the hospital. Obama does not control your hospitals; you will actually receive actual medical care there.

My beautiful world, we also need to figure out how people are coming into contact with the bodily fluids of infected Ebola victims and prevent it. What are the mechanics behind the spread of Ebola?

Also importantly, we need to convince the American drug company who makes the serum that cured both of the American doctors of Ebola to stop believing their profits are more important than the suffering masses in the Third World, so we can make this serum reach Ebola-ravaged West Africa.

Just like we have identified that it is the Obama-controlled earspeakers and Obama's taxpayer-funded, rampant, and illegal libel porn that have caused Obama's Zombie Apocalypse of human devastation in America, we need to identify what activities or excuses are responsible for the spread of Ebola in West Africa and remove them to end the health crisis there.

I published my last blog post from a cute local, independent coffee shop in Silver Lake at 5pm on 14Sep2014 while War Criminal Boeset was still committing unrelenting crimes only enabled and permitted by ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to be able to destroy me in a final literal torture facility for Obama, her unelected terrorist dictator puppetmaster.

There was a helicopter over head and an escalation warning at 5:05pm, and my beautiful world kept trying to warn me about MORE dirty and completely corrupt Iowan judges intentionally making false rulings only so Obama's unrelenting libel of me could be used to destroy me.

And, as if I had never had an independently-factchecked blog since all of this began, War Criminal Boeset's latest irrational and denial-of-all-reality torture facility threat under direct orders from America's archvillain Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama blared at 5:18pm.

I left the coffee shop at 6:18pm to wander about and see the neighborhood while my loved ones took care of all of Obama's unrelenting threats to America committed by Obama victimizing me.

At 7:02pm, after I boarded a bus to head back to Long Beach, I received an anonymous request from some local friends to stay in the neighborhood a little while longer. So, I altered my plan in hopes of a peaceful resolution and headed to El Cid on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake.

While walking from the train stop, a random man solicited me as if I had EVER been a hooker in my life. My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please make a verified podcast or our entire interaction to make sure he is arrested for that IMMEDIATELY!

I do not tolerate abuse at all from ANYONE! Who the hell would ever believe such an obvious lie that a model citizen like me has ever been a hooker?

At 7:45pm, I arrived at El Cid, named for the epic national ballad of Spain, the land of which I am a royal princess, to wait for someone my local celebrity friends would send to platonically buy me dinner, as they had promised, or to rescue me. They did not tell me what I was waiting for.

But no one ever came; they were all blocked by Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo. Then, to make sure no local would rescue me, Obama destroyed the would-have-been-loving minds of everyone there to degrade them into behaving like Iowans always chose to act.

The absolute human devastation and mental health genocide Obama caused the public was so stomach-churning I got up and left at 10:27pm. Please, my benevolent and not-human-trafficker nerds, please make a verified podcast of the audio and visuals of the public while I wrote a letter to my loving and adoring husband and a note to El Cid themselves.

On my way to the train, some man with clearly more money than I asked me for cash. I told him, "Don't treat me like I have money." So, he screamed at me that I was racist. That was how much reality Obama permitted in his head.

Then, I was told I was libeled with having STDs by Obama AGAIN. We have been through this before. There is no way to know if Obama's unrelenting systemic rape of me has ever infected me with STDs until Obama's bubble comes down because that will be the first time I am finally no longer subjected to Obama's endless supply of blithering quackery since Obama has mandated I am FORBIDDEN any and all REAL and HONEST medical care since he took office. And even if I did have an STD, it would be ILLEGAL for anyone to make any breach of my medical records to discuss it ANYWHERE but me!

Immediately after that, some zombie offered me free condoms when EVERY SANE PERSON on this planet knows I NEVER HAVE SEX; I AM OBAMA'S RAPE VICTIM! And I will NOT be sexually active again until I reach my husband. No, this is not because of some fictionally debilitating trauma; this is because our marriage is sacred.

THAT is how much reality Obama allowed in the minds of my normally loving and adoring California on Sunday night 14Sep2014. Do not pretend he will magically become less psychopathic in the way he treats America EVER. It is very well-established he ONLY escalates.

My beautiful world, when are you finally going to stop him?!? Arrest him and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy already! These people are terrorized!

In downtown LA, I caught the bus to Long Beach, and large numbers of OUR Los Angeles came out to the street in a show of love and support for me along the bus line. I wept with love for these good people. Someday, I pray we can actually speak.

I had a one-hour delay on the way when I changed buses but was in my kitchen in my apartment by 1:40am eating toast points with hummus and toast points with cream cheese while trying to put a meal together. I was so low on groceries, though, all I could make was a pan-seared and lightly salted pork shoulder.

Liana and I had a lovely conversation, and I was asleep at about 2am.

On Monday morning, 15Sep2014, I rolled out of bed at approximately 8:30am because my roommates were having a loud conversation downstairs. They were having completely INSANE conversations about whether or not I shower.

My beautiful world, we go through this all day every day! Do you know how INSANE it is to look at a perfectly healthy woman who looks drop dead gorgeous all day every day and pretend she never showers as some excuse, as if it could ever make someone a threat to herself or others anyway, for a denial-of-all-medical-reality coverup for unlawfully imprisoning her in a literal torture facility to be destroyed with proven injections-as-torture and electroshock on her perfectly healthy genius mind that the world needs to make safe from all of these threats permanently?


No one anywhere has ever even been able to justify even mere suspicions of my even having ANY mental illness with ANYTHING but collusion videos and well-documented pathological lying since Obama took office, least of all been able to come up with an actual symptom!

Obama's quacks and War Criminal Boeset who is only propped up by proven-to-be-ABSOLUTELY-EVIL Iowa need to take their dirty hands off me before they destroy America with their unrelenting denials of all reality!

In summary, I have a verified SquidStream. People would have to be ACTUALLY INSANE to watch the real me all day and ever pretend they could convince someone I have any symptoms of any mental illness at all whatsoever!

I was done getting ready and perusing the radio for any acknowledgement of any actual reality anywhere by 9:35am, so I went to the kitchen and made a minced garlic, white onion scramble with light salt, basil, oregano, and crushed red pepper. I also browned a plate of breakfast sausage. Clearly, I needed a new Von's grocery store gift card, or I was going to starve that week.

I was told Obama made a libel dump of his same, old, worn-out, redundantly disproven calumnies of me overnight. When will people finally learn to ONLY trust reliable sources? That was the whole purpose behind the national and foreign news media independently factchecking everything everyone everywhere ever says about me.

All anyone has to do is call a local news station anywhere in America to obtain a complete and frequently updated list of all verified and trustworthy sources of the actual truth online and off.

At 10:26am, I picked up my iPad and headed out. I arrived at a local, independent coffee shop at 11:01am and started catching up with my online friends.

War Criminal Boeset, in criminal obedience to Obama, intentionally caused denial-of-all-medical-reality threats to completely destroy me in a final literal torture facility parading as a psych ward again and all day and even all night.

I was all caught up with my friends at 12:04pm. So, I checked my account balance at 12:08pm, and my $50 for the week Obama mandates is the only money I am permitted to live on AT ALL was actually deposited on time.

So, at approximately 12:30pm I took the bus to the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Bixby Knolls to withdraw my meager funds for the week, but that branch consciously chose to persecute me and intentionally starve me as an act of war against America and against all of humanity who needs me.

Do we have a verified podcast of my ENTIRE time at Wells Fargo Bank on 15Sep2014? No one is going to believe what that obvious Obama bitch said unless they see what that obvious Obama bitch said.

I had an unauthorized charge from an antivirus company when I had no computer, so I told Wells Fargo I needed to refute the charges. But instead, the first thing Wells Fargo did was intentionally degrade and demean me by pretending they did not know my name. They are even my local bank branch.

Then, while I was reporting the charge I needed to refute, the Obama bitch denied TO MY FACE that there were any rules from Obama that they were consciously choosing to commit persecution against me by obeying. Do you remember my 21Aug2014 blog post? Obama's rules have NEVER been laws; they are only crimes against all of us, particularly me.

Then, she lied to my face, as if I did not have a verified closed-circuit security system broadcasting at the time to keep myself safe and catch crimes like these live to the whole world. I have refuted charges with Wells Fargo before and even from foreign countries. The process is instant.

But the obvious Obama bitch pretended I could not even report the false charge for two more days and then would have to wait another five days to have my stolen money returned to me! The bank has ALWAYS known I live on $7 a day and cannot afford to have $20 stolen from me by a software company!

That obvious Obama bitch committed the conscious act of war against America and against all of humanity by refusing actual service Wells Fargo offers all of their normal customers to be able to use the human rights abuse of starvation of me to beat me into submission to Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

Please, my beautiful world, and also my friends at the International Criminal Court the United Nations formed specifically for prosecuting Obama's unrelenting crimes against his own people, please reread my 29July2014, 31July2014 and 07Aug2014 blog posts.

Succinctly, in 2013, Wells Fargo Bank consciously chose to unjustifiably reject a perfectly good check issued to me by Bank of America, so Wells Fargo, in conspiracy with Obama, could by consciously breaking the law enforce Obama-mandated poverty over me to consciously enforce I could not escape Obama-mandated rape-slavery, human trafficking, systemic rape, unrelenting quackery, and the public persecution of me by the people AND government of the State of Iowa.

Then, in July2014, after I became a legal resident of California, after Obama was already impeached taking away all of his legitimate authority (See my 21Aug2014 blog post about the lack of legitimacy in enforcing and obeying any of Obama's rules.), and after my loving and adoring and legally recognized husband obtained a TEMPORARY California conservatorship over my finances as my closest family member because California legally recognizes Obama's rules as the ONLY thing capable of disabling me, Wells Fargo Bank consciously and criminally denied my legally recognized husband full access and control over my bank accounts; even though, they were obligated to do so under actual laws.

But at the same time, Wells Fargo was and even right now is still criminally granting total control including criminal monitoring over all of my Wells Fargo assets to Proven War Criminal Boeset who NEVER had any legitimate authority ever (See my 05Aug2014 blog post about this.) over me nor my finances and definitely has no authority now!

And Wells Fargo has always committed these conscious acts of war against America and against all of humanity who needs me to consciously make sure I can NEVER escape Obama's rules, Obama's bubble, Obama's human trafficking, Obama's human rights abuses, Obama's war crimes, Obama's systemic rape, Obama's persecution, Obama's quackery, Obama's slander campaign against me to excuse it all, etc.

AND Wells Fargo's conscious choice to deny my husband the ability to feed me and rescue me from Obama's extragovernmental jurisdiction as dictator over America is also Wells Fargo's conscious choice to enforce Obama's terrorism, civil war, mental health genocide, human right's abuses, and mind control of the public.

All I have ever asked Wells Fargo to do is obey the law, but they refuse.

And that is the brief summary of our YEARS of grounds for international charges against the Iowa-based institution of Wells Fargo Bank.

We need international criminal charges against the bank president who even lives and works in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, the Wells Fargo CEO unless he turns in all his evidence against the bank and against Obama (The fact he used to be a believer is the only reason I was so lenient with Wells Fargo for so long.), and the entire Wells Fargo Board of Directors.

They are all going to a Russian gulag AND going to pay reparations to the Third World just like Obama will and all their conspirators will from War Criminal Boeset to the entire EVIL State of Iowa.

I know my beautiful world will take care of all of this for me. But that will not change the fact Wells Fargo's conscious choice to starve me will force me to live on $30 this week and not a penny more.

And then, after I left the Wells Fargo Bank branch, Obama committed the act of terrorism against the City of Long Beach of forbidding the Long Beach Transit line I needed from running.

Even an hour after I began waiting for the correct bus line and even after I had to walk to my wifi benefactor, a bus from that transit line still had not driven past.

At 1:41pm, I started updating my blog, then, at 2:22pm, began catching up with my online friends again. 2:35pm was the first time I saw a bus from the transit line I was waiting for drive by.

I also noticed strange things were metaphorically afoot at the Circle K at 2:37pm. It seemed there was a terrorist infestation of the construction company remodeling my wifi benefactor.

When the construction company first arrived, they were a business of lovers and believers who supported me and fought for full Constitutional rights in America, but on 15Sep, their management was different.

I planned on collecting more evidence before reporting or concluding anything concrete, though. There was always a chance the construction workers would drum out their terrorist infestation.

I was done watching the previous day's out-of-date NBC Nightly News by 3:24pm, and during it, I was only interrupted by one escalation warning and one all-clear.

Then, at 3:29pm, the most evil people to ever walk the Earth, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, tried to abduct, enslave, and electroshock my perfectly healthy genius mind again! The all-clear came at 4:06pm. My loved ones had taken care of it.

At 4:18pm, I was surrounded by lovers and believers at my wifi benefactor. It had been sparse at first, but in California my adoring public really shows up when they get the news of where I am. And at 4:29pm, I was all caught up with all of my online friends.

But, there was a torture-facility-for-the-rest-of-Squid's-life-in-the-most-EVIL-place-in-the-world-Iowa alarm AGAIN at 4:53pm. My beautiful world, please demand reparations from COMPLETELY EVIL Iowa EVERY TIME they commit crime after crime by unrelentingly breaking every law everywhere from international to local by consciously choosing to NEVER stop intentionally victimizing me until it destroys me. Crimes against me destroy all of the world. I NEED PROTECTION FROM IOWA!!! We all need protection from completely evil Iowa!

-----Begin Message Text-----

On Sep 15, 2014, at 5:11 PM, "Squid B. Varilekova" varilekova@gmail.com wrote:

Obama WILL starve me to death if I do not receive gift cards, mom. He has escalated all his crimes against all of the planet by victimizing me. I am out of groceries. And Obama has mandated I must live on $30 this week.

The War Criminal Gables refuses to ever uphold our lease and keeps pathologically lying to be able to remain scam artists and international criminals that victimize me FOREVER.

War Criminal Boeset is still pretending she has EVER had any legal justification EVER for intentionally starving, torturing, libeling, unlawfully imprisoning, and enforcing Obama's rape-slavery of me to make sure I never escape Obama's "egg" EVER.

Wells Fargo has ALWAYS refused to EVER obey any laws anywhere from international to the State of California since Obama took office.

And no one is willing to feed me but my friends Obama commits literal acts of terrorism to keep away from me.

Mom, Obama WILL starve me to death if I do not get gift cards. Please do something REAL to help! Stop pretending I need a new purse and shoes and feed me!

Thank you, TanTan

Sent from my iPad

-----End Message Text-----

Why does ANYONE think this will ever end or even become less unlivable until Obama and ALL of his criminal terrorist conspiracy are ALL arrested?

At 6:04pm, I finally left my wifi benefactor to try a peaceful resolution with my local friends again. We try every day and every night. I consider it part if my responsibilities to the world.

In transit, at 7:40pm, the fire alarms went off telling me my friends could not reach me, so I asked my beautiful world to send a non-celebrity. Meanwhile, the torture facility warning kept going off again and again into the wee hours of the morning.

What did I tell you already, my beautiful world, about Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy committing such crimes against everyone everywhere unrelentingly? We need them all arrested and removed from society forever to protect us all. And thank you for taking care of that.

I arrived at a historic rock bar on the Sunset Strip before 8:30pm. I was told to wait for a friend again. I did not mind. The patrons and staff there were delightful, as always.

Whenever Obama's denial-of-all-reality-and-humanity escalations start harshing my mellow, all I have to do is go out among my public who loves me to smile again.

On the Sunset Strip, the lovefest began. Two local men delighted me with heart-felt conversation, and the second one even bought me dinner and my solitary drink of the whole night, one bourbon neat.

There were shameless displays of love for me by California all night including but not limited to that genuinely-concerned local giving me the charity of good, honest conversation and a nutritious, high-calorie meal at the rock bar and grill.

And then, I relocated to a famous dance floor on the Sunset Strip. And OUR Los Angeles started showing off. I meditated to the local rock music which gave me clarity and vision of the present and future. And I even brought the "aurora borealis" for them. Did everyone see it live, my SquidSwimmers?

My benevolent and not-human-trafficker nerds, I trust you will make music videos through my eyecamera for all of our brave local talent. That night was an absolute delight of ACTUAL love for me.

At 11:43pm, I was on the bus leaving the Strip behind. And after many delightful conversations in transit, I was in my apartment at 2:48am. I was asleep in no time. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please make verified and barely-edited podcasts of all of my delightful conversations all night not just of my musicians.

I drank a roofied bottle of water at the bus stop where I caught a connecting line in Downtown LA, so I slept longer than I would have liked.

And after fighting the roofies all morning, the first chance I had to check the clock was 12:43pm at the bus stop after fleeing for my life from Obama-mandated quackery The War Criminal Gables were trying to force on me in my own apartment to be able to destroy me for Obama.

Some new war criminal "employee" at The War Criminal Gables woke me up by putting me in immediate fear of a new literal torture facility by violating our tenants' rights by entering our apartment with a key and without our permission and even entering my bedroom ALSO without my permission.

I pretended to be asleep to buy myself some physical safety until I could kickstart my SquidStream. But, the moment I was awake and changed, the new war criminal intentionally chose to instigate a confrontation with me by re-entering our apartment with her key War Criminal Stephanie had given her and choosing to get in my face.

She said her name was Liz. My loved ones, release her image and press every charge possible to be able to protect me from her and from The War Criminal Gables permanently!

She told me The War Criminal Gables was sending in an Obama-mandated quack to lie to my face. Yes, they claimed to have enough money to pay for obvious quackery to force me into another literal torture facility on denial-of-all-medical-reality grounds just like EVERY TIME Obama mandated a literal torture facility to destroy me before (beginning when Obama took office) while still claiming they did not have enough money to uphold their leases by providing us ANY edible nor nutritious food to eat EVER.

And, no, it was not just our well-documented history of Obama ALWAYS mandating I be subjected to quackery ONLY since he took office and NEVER receive real medical care that informed me it would ONLY be quackery AGAIN.

It was also the fact Liz refused to acknowledge reality to my face nor to tell the truth to me that made it obvious all The War Criminal Gables will EVER do is pathologically lie to be able to commit every heinous war crime possible against me until the international community finally arrests them all to protect America and the world from their ever destroying me for Obama.

My beautiful world, how much evidence does it take? I will NEVER be permitted REAL medical care EVER until Obama's bubble is forced to end or until I can reach someplace outside of the reign of fire of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama!

So, I fled for my life knowing I could not return until The War Criminal Gables were metaphorically swept clean of everyone from War Criminal Liz to War Criminal Stephanie to every terrorist they choose to obey.

Have The War Criminal Gables met my ten fair and just demands to make them law abiding yet? No. Have they ceased any and all crimes against all tenants not just me yet? No. Are they still pathologically lying to never have to obey ACTUAL laws nor ever have to face justice for their unrelenting international crimes against me? Yes.

And the moment I arrived at the bus stop after fleeing for my life, the internationally-criminal-Iowa-self-appointed-itself-the-entitlement-to-abduct-and-destroy-Squid-for-Obama-immediately alarm went off.

Iowa was refusing to acknowledge California was stepping up to care for and protect me, or ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was acknowledging they actively forbid me any actual care, love, affection, food, and safety through their unrelenting evil crimes against me all day every day.

Yes, all of California was stepping up except for The Well-Documented War Criminal Gables, dirty Los Angles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey who unrelentingly colludes against me with the same intentionally fabricated false charges Obama has ALWAYS used to make his unrelenting crimes against his own people palatable which started in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, and Obama's criminal terrorist infestation that will follow me EVERYWHERE I go forever no matter what until they are all arrested.

On 16Sep2014, Obama had clearly escalated his immediate threats to destroy my perfectly healthy genius mind, my starving body, my ever-loving heart, my suffering people, and my totalitarianly oppressed country beyond any recognition of this nation as America any longer.

At 2:02pm, I arrived at a safe place the NSA codenamed "Sputnik" for me. They did not have enough bandwidth for me to watch the news or anything, but I was safe and loved. And I could catch up with my Tweethearts.

Obama-is-desperate alarms blared at 4:19pm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on and fix the problem. The War Criminal Boeset alarms were also unrelenting all afternoon. At 4:44pm, I left "Sputnik" in search of food. Thank you, my national and international community of cooperation, for keeping me safe.

I made a detour through Silver Lake for some bistec tacos before taking the train back to Long Beach and traveling on a bus full of lovers and believers who showed up just to keep me safe straight to my wifi benefactor to do some overdue work my loved ones and selfless support system had been asking me for all day.

Before I started catching up with all of my online friends, there was a 7:33pm torture facility alarm. Rumor had it, and typically inside my domain of perception rumors are right, that Obama was trying to lock me in a final literal torture facility because HE committed the crime against all of the nation of putting mind-control earspeakers in everyone's heads.

Every SANE and RATIONAL person in the world knows, the ONLY solution to Obama's human devastation is removing all of the earspeakers and ending all of his totalitarian rules.

Obama and every single criminal terrorist conspirator who commits crimes against America for him, while refusing to relent, from The War Criminal Gables to Absolutely Evil Iowa to ALL the Obama-obedient dirty prosecutors at every level of government to Obama's army of quacks to War Criminal Boeset to Wells Fargo Bank to Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army to Obama's brainwashing criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory to Obama himself and everyone in between are the ONLY REAL and well-documented threats to society, threats to America, and threats to all of humanity in this entire greatest humanitarian crisis America had ever faced.

Obama needs to be forced to stop blaming all of OBAMA'S OWN CRIMES on me! THEY are the criminal terrorists who made the conscious choice to commit every single heinous crime committed since Obama took office at the cost of Constitutional rights, the cost of public mental health, the cost of the moral fiber of American culture, the cost of precious taxpayer resources, and the cost of priceless human life to all of this once-great nation.

My loved ones took care of it. But that did not mean Obama would not order it to happen again.

I was at my wifi benefactor at 7:44pm. After some friendly chitchat at with my buddy Joe Montano, I was confronted by an Obama-rationalizer who lied to my face about my ever having any control over anything or any free will do anything under Obama's tyranny. I put him in his place, and he fled. The staff of my wifi benefactor thanked me. Please, let us make a verified and barely-edited podcast of all of it.

Also, my benevolent and not-human-trafficker broadcaster nerds, please stamp every podcast with the time and date, so my beautiful world can watch the liberation of OUR California out from under Obama's brainwashing and into free will and full human rights as the days and nights go by.

I was done watching the NBC Nightly News at 8:24pm. There were no alarms to interrupt me.

This blog post was published at 9:45pm on 16Sep2014 while I ate Reese's in ice cream.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is satire? It is NOT intentionally brainwashing the entire nation with calumnies and libel porn thereby destroying the moral fiber of American culture just to be able to coverup years of proven torture, years of proven systemic rape, years of proven human trafficking, years of proven genocide, and years of proven terrorism ordered by Obama.

As further proof that Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory which I have ALWAYS been forbidden from knowing about and from ever seeing has never qualified as freedom of speech, "satire" is never used as "evidence," even if it is only specious, in a court of law.

What is an example of any ACTUAL satire that has occurred since Obama took office? While I was in Mexico City in 2010, I mailed a protractor, straight edge, 30-60-90 triangle, etc. to Obama at the White House with a post-it note that said they were real "Weapons of Math Instruction." True story. I doubt he ever learned to use them, though.

My beautiful world, please watch this PBS documentary: Click here. Basically, because of Nixon, the Supreme Court has already ruled that no one under American jurisdiction can be censored until AFTER we speak, even under a federal gag order.

Yes, Obama passed executive orders before he was impeached in 2013 to attempt to make the truth "illegal" in America and all of his pathological lies the only thing "legal" in any media anywhere in this nation.

But please reread my 21Aug2014 blog post. Technically, Obama's rules are not laws; they are only crimes against all of us. So, in legal reality, it is still ONLY illegal to lie in public forums, especially if it is to aid and abet war crimes, human trafficking, genocide, terrorism, or crimes against America, while also in legal reality, it is not illegal anywhere for any reason to tell the truth in a public forum to protect people from such crimes. But, Obama has brainwashed this once-great nation into believing the opposite.

My brave rescuers, how goes it out there? I can only assume the entire world is amassing its troops behind your official declaration of war as the REAL US government against Obama and all his seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army, considering how far Obama has escalated his crimes against his own people in here.

As always, my brave rescuers, if you need anything, just tell me. I will continue seeking out a peaceful resolution every day in here, so you do not have to die. OUR Los Angeles, OUR California, OUR San Francisco, and possibly OUR Sacramento are all standing up. I was told on 15Sep2014 that Los Angeles County drew a line in the sand. We can do this.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, whew! You are all very busy! If you need anything, just give me details, so I can help. This entire city had been turning itself inside out to try to warn me about dirty judges and Obama getting away with literal murder again by framing me for it, but that is all the details I have.

My loved ones, I wish I could help more with that act of collusion ordered by Obama, but since everything Obama has ever accused me of has never happened for real in my life, I have no way to know what any of it is nor defend myself from it. Why else does Obama forbid me from knowing about it?

My genius Powers of Attorney, again, it is because we are sane that we trust the people we love. I have total faith in all of you and my entire selfless support system to take care of this.

And, my verified SquidStream should be able to prevent any more Obama-ordered collusion from ever happening against me again. Why do you think dirty Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey put it on official record she wanted my SquidStream shutdown?

Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, if I could slow Obama down so you all and my entire selfless support system could keep up better, I would. I understand everyone is exhausted out there. I am working on it. I promise.

But Obama will NEVER stop and will ONLY escalate until he and all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy are finally all arrested. That is the only REAL solution Obama is permitting.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are overseas, right? Just like I asked you to go someplace Obama cannot hurt you to be able to hurt me, right? Do you remember how I asked you to publish my omnibus of finished and unfinished works in my last blog post?

Please, my devoted husband, also ask every single reputable foreign press to publish and broadcast our complete court records of all of Obama's blatant collusion, intentionally fabricated false charges, and denial-of-all-medical-reality false allegations I have any mental illness at all whatsoever that were all ordered by Obama since he took office in 2009.

Darling, the foreign presses are outside the jurisdiction of Obama's gag order which he has no authority to enforce in America anyway. This way, we can force some accountability in this country finally. And thank you.

My handsome man, I am writing you a new love letter, too. Did you just try to tell me my last Queen of Hearts to King of Hearts letter was not romantic enough? Giggle. Okay, darling, I will try harder to be more silly for you.

And finally, Sweetness, after Wells Fargo Bank is completely dismantled for aiding and abetting war crimes and committing crimes against America, warn Bank of America that if they do not allow me full access to all of our joint accounts as a married couple with even my real social security number on them, they are next.

My husband, as my legally recognized California conservator (because Obama refuses to allow anyone anywhere to acknowledge that in reality I have a absolutely no disability), Bank of America is legally obligated to give you full control of my accounts including your tying them to my Bank of America debit card.

Please, my adoring husband, give Bank of America a chance to make things right, but if they insist they have an entitlement to starve me to death for Obama to make sure I can never escape Obama's bubble of war crimes and human trafficking and to make sure America can never escape Obama's terrorism, genocide, and human rights abuses, send them to the ICC, too. My beautiful world has that power to protect us.

Kisses, my loving and adoring husband, I WILL reach you again. I promise.

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