Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Cannot Liberate America out from Under Obama if no one Chooses to Listen to Us.

Title: We Cannot Liberate America out from Under Obama if no one Chooses to Listen to Us.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Just after everyone caught up with my 22Sep2014 blog post, we are all blessed with my 24Sep2014 blog post. Please stop believing Obama's "twist" (that is code for "boldfaced lie used to manipulate the public") that I have ever or will ever have control over ANYTHING until Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy is arrested and falls.

Syria. And then Iran said the international community rescuing Syria by attacking ISIS violated Syria's self-sovereignty. What the (expletive), Iran?

Look, Iran, I know we have been friends since 2010 when I first starting watching television as an adult. You even started rumors that year that your only reason for building technology towards a nuclear Iran was to be able to threaten Obama into releasing me.

The world knows that was only rumors, but I appreciated the help. And faithful readers of my blog know my real stance on nuclear weapons, anyway-- if the West wants to stem nuclear proliferation, they need to get rid of their own nuclear stashes.

Iran, please understand Syria is a mess, and they cannot save themselves. We are only one world. We need to care for each other. When a nation cannot save itself from neither its own terrorists nor its own tyrant, it is up to all of us to care for those people.

Please help instead of hinder, Iran. And, as a major country in the region, you know your voice will have influence in the coalition to rescue Syria. We need more people standing up, not more people taking chairs away. And thank you for always listening to me, Iran. If only America would...

I published my last blog post at 1:45pm on 22Sep2014 before leaving my wifi benefactor at 1:52pm to run my normal Monday errands in Bixby Knolls.

I used my $50 Marshall's gift card for a new work bag and a new dress. It was even a minidress instead of a maxidress. I am clearly branching out. As soon as my mosquito bites from hiking barefoot at Point Dume finally heal, I will even wear it.

I withdrew my meager funds for the week from War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, and I went grocery shopping at Von's grocery store, a place of love.

Please, my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please make a verified podcast of my how far I can stretch my meager funds for nutrition-rich food products. I even had enough left over for some cheap Americanized Chinese food to celebrate my last blog post with.

At 3:34pm, I was completely in bliss from my first real meal since my platonic local hero Darius bought me lasagna and minestrone on the Sunset Strip on the night of the previous Monday. Food feels so good.

I was back at my apartment marking all of my groceries with my name and putting them away at 4:19pm. I devoured a doughnut (a chocolate old-fashioned) I had bought and put my new dress in the closet.

I also opened a random box of $12 Italian knock-off shoes from Payless Shoe Source and sugar snap pea crisps made by Calbee(tm). There were also a few other sundries in there like pressed-powder foundation I never wear.

While in The War Criminal Gables, I learned that they are paying to have an Obama-mandated quack and RN on the premisis in an "office" in apartment #1 during work hours on business days now. They have money for that but not for upholding our lease agreements.

Please revisit my list of ten fair and necessary demands to make The War Criminal Gables law abiding ever for the first time in their existence from my 22Aug2014 blog post. Not one of them involves bringing Obama-mandated quackery into the slums they run.

And would the "doctor" ever acknowledge reality to my face? No. That is how we know he or she is ANOTHER Obama-mandated quack he has ordered to commit crimes against me by being in my life at all.

On the way to the bus, I heard there was an escalation warning as well as an escalation all-clear. My loved ones and selfless support system are getting faster.

By 5:11pm, I was on the bus on my way to my new "office" to fight terrorism just by being there. On the train, there was a War Criminal Boeset alarm at 5:29pm. My loved ones took care of it.

I arrived at my new office at approximately 6:30pm, and I was immediately treated like my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger. All people everywhere should know by now Obama will always manipulate them through all of their earspeakers to attack the real me for him by libeling me my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger. How many blog posts documenting this does it take?

At 6:41pm when I tried to connect to the complimentary wifi in my new terrorism-fighting office, there was an NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown. Guess who won! Hint: Only my alpha nerds had permission from the hub to access the wifi.

I was all caught up with my online friends at 8:54pm, and after a successful inspection, I headed back to the train at 9:04pm and uneventfully entered my apartment before 10:32pm.

I tore open a bag of snap pea crisps and reheated some hotdogs from the previous night before leaving out some margarine for the pizza crust I planned on making the following night.

When I got upstairs to use the bathroom, I noticed two interesting things. The War Criminal Gables had finally returned my turquoise blue bath towel, so I no longer had to use my old nightgown to dry off after showering. And, there was a cockroach in the bathtub.

The War Criminal Tovarek alarm went off at 11:04pm. I had not heard that alarm in months. Please revisit my complete 11July2014 blog post about her.

War Criminal Tovarek's months of silence were already proven to be due to her acting in hidden conspiracy with War Criminal Boeset and the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa. For more details on this, please revisit my 17Sep2014 appendix included in this blog.

We established years ago that any and all jealousy is a criminal motive recognized by the legal community for centuries when establishing guilt in capitol offenses.

Please remind War Criminal Tovarek to shut her ugly bitch mouth, that is, she has a right to remain silent and EVERYTHING she has EVER said about me or her self-entitlement to destroy me with calumnies is on permanent, archivable and official record.

Again, please reread my entire 11July2014 blog post. Then, remind War Criminal Tovarek that the only way she can save herself is by going through all three steps to absolution in order. Everyone gets a chance to save themselves, but so few are willing to take Step 1: Cease all crimes against Squid and America.

It has always been War Criminal Tovarek's choice. And, just like with The War Criminal Gables, ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA, War Criminal Boeset, Obama's army of quacks, Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo, all of Obama's dirty prosecutors, and even Obama himself, committing new heinous crimes never excuses their old heinous crimes; that only buries them deeper in their own excrement.

Remind War Criminal Tovarek that, just like every other bitch in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, she is going to one of probably many Russian gulags my actual friend President Putin is building for the United Nations if she cannot stop committing crimes and then follow the rest of the three steps, too.

At 11:23pm, I had already chatted with Liana, had flipped on the radio, and was curled up in bed. I was asleep by 11:45pm.

I must have been sleepy because I rolled out of bed at 9:38am on Tuesday, 23Sep. I was ready and waiting for the bus to my new counterterrorism "office" at 10:02am.

Did we all see Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy tell me they were "tired" at the bus stop? We all have the audio and visuals of those Obama-puppets' passive aggressive acts of hate against me during the bus ride due to their earspeakers as well as their acts of love once their earspeakers allowed it.

I was at the train station at 10:39am when I heard both a torture facility warning and an all-clear on a fire alarm. It must have been a busy morning for my loved ones and selfless support system.

I heard a warning of an Obama-mandated collusion escalation at 11:06am which was clarified as a torture facility threat at 11:12am. My loved ones took care of it.

While still in transit, I identified another one of Obama's criminal terrorists. My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please submit full visual and audio of her entire charade with the children who were not even her own for inclusion in the database of terrorists we have been building with the DHS, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, Interpol, etc. for prosecution by the ICC. End the recording after I call her a "Bitch!"

I was at my new counterterrorism office at 11:32am. The first place I inspected had absolutely no activity, just a facade. The second place I stopped might possibly have been cleaned up since the last time I was there and reported it was operated by terrorists. The third place I inspected had only a bare bones schedule, not normal activity for a Tuesday.

The fourth place I stopped had no normalcy either. The streets were barren most of the time. Has anyone ever noticed how vacant the parking structures are at my counterterrorism "office"? And the longer the inspection lasted, the less normalcy there was.

At 3:15pm, I downloaded my tweets and headed to the nearby burger joint for lunch where my chocolate milkshake was roofied. Then, at 5:18pm, I went back to the "office" to catch the bus to the train.

In transit to the train, an alarm went off at approximately 6:10pm warning me of ANOTHER dirty Iowa judge.

My beautiful world, we need your help forcing ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to take its increasingly more bloodstained hands off me FOREVER! I NEED PERMANENT PROTECTION FROM EVERY HEINOUS CRIME ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA REFUSES TO STOP COMMITTING! How many times do I have to scream before someone finally protects me?

At 7:36pm, I arrived at a coffee shop on Hollywood Blvd. I was only there to check on how the tourists were faring with their Obama-controlled earspeakers. But, I was immediately harassed by one of Obama's criminal terrorist puppets who told me he was going to teach me math because I so clearly look like someone who cannot do math.

Please release the image of that obvious Obama-obedient (expletive)hole for processing and inclusion in the international database of terrorists we keep.

I was all caught up with my online friends by 8:29pm, just moments before the 8:32pm War Criminal Boeset alarm.

That notification that ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA will NEVER stop committing its unrelenting crimes against America and against all of humanity by unrelenting breaking every law from local to international to use its criminally self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama was confirmed with a 6:41pm Dirty Iowa Judge alarm.

My beautiful world, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA! I am not the only person we need to protect from that entire population of (expletive)holes! If ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA does not take its increasingly more bloodstained hands off me, the world will lose me FOREVER! Please do something! IOWA REFUSES TO STOP!

I left the coffee shop at 9:17pm to try to locate a friend who said he would be in the area. I actually located two friends at an open mic nearby. There was also a fat, ugly, White drag queen in there pretending to be me and who threw a tantrum (proper usage of the word) in the hallway after I accessed the wifi.

Obama seems to have terrorist drag queens now enforcing his iron fist over innocent Hollywood establishments! Please submit her image and voice for inclusion in our growing international database of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy for prosecution by the ICC.

I said goodbye to my friends Todd Taylor and Brian Francis after the show, and after giving directions to a homeless man and after giving street musicians free music videos, there was an 11:13pm terrorism alarm.

The alarm announced that my good crosstown friends were at the risk of losing their lives AGAIN due to Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo pointing guns at their heads to keep them away from me.

I waited at the train station where the same terrorist drag queen found me, held a leaky conversation, and requested "Kumbaya" from a guitar-carrier in the station. If I was going to listen to "God music" I would have preferred "O, Sinfuni Mungu." I was on the 11:31pm train.

Once off the train, I had to wait an hour for the bus because a random local wanted to have a conversation with me about Selena Gomez.

Then, on the bus, some dirty old lech terrorist lied to my face and told me, "If you wanted peace you would subject yourself, Squid, to Obama-mandated quackery parading as a 'check up' that is guaranteed to only lock you in a final torture facility for Obama to destroy your perfectly healthy and genius mind with electroshock and offer even more Obama quackery to coverup ALL of the war crimes Obama has committed against you since he took office."

To which I responded in my mind, "Oh, so Obama is zombifying the public now with the pathological lie that his mandating further acts of war against America could ever bring peace."

Furthermore, we all know that the act if subjecting me to ANY MORE Obama-mandated quackery (and we all know Obama will ALWAYS forbid me ANY and ALL honest and real medical care-- How much evidence does it take?) to lock me in a final torture facility at all will cause the furious globe to invade and demolish America immediately.

Protecting me from any more quackery protects America and all of humanity from Obama.

And then Obama's criminal terrorist called me, "Baby." That is the sure sign someone is one of Obama's terrorists, treating me like a child.

Please, my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, make a barely edited podcast of all of Obama's terrorists I caught on 23Sep2014-- the bitch on the train on my way to my counterterrorism "office," the terrorist who claimed he needed to teach me math (and called me, "Baby"), Obama's terrorist drag queen in the train station, and the terrorist who sat next to me on the late night bus. And, thank you.

I was in the kitchen of my apartment cooking California Cuisine tacos made from scratch by 2:33am, and I was in bed with the radio on by 3:45am.

I was sleepy. I did not roll out of bed to get ready until 10:33am. I picked up my iPad and walked out the door at 10:51am. In transit to my new counterterrorism "office" there was escalation warning after torture facility warning after all-clear ad infinitum.

My commute was mostly uneventful yet full of displays of love and very noticeable attempts by the public to get their defenseless-to-their-Obama-controlled-earspeakers minds around reality.

I arrived at my counterterrorism "office" at 12:43pm, and the NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown began again inside my iPad. Nerds always win; nerds are the only ones with legal permission.

The first place I stopped on my intentionally random daily inspections did not even become more "normal" looking the longer I sat there. I had hoped they would eventually figure it out, but it was just a bare minimum of activity in sharp contrast to their screens.

The second place I stopped was a trouble spot I identified on a previous inspection, and it was still a trouble spot with absolutely no activity. But someone did tell me the new boldfaced lie being used to manipulate the public (code for that is "twist") was, "This ends when someone has sex with Squid." If that were true, I would have my husband by now.

Do we have a verified podcast of my googling myself and all of Obama's human trafficking of me I have been able to figure out? Please make sure that reaches the world. And, thank you.

The third place I inspected was like a paradise of "normal" human activity the moment I walked in the door. And a man who chose to be beside me told me, "We are all guilty of something. We are all in the same boat."

I explained to him, "But are you doing something to solve the real problem? Or are you propagating the problem instead?" That is, after all, why I established all three steps to absolution.

This blog post was published at 5:45pm from my new counterterrorism "office" while collusion escalation warnings and torture facility threats and all-clears kept cycling ad infinitum.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I resist temptation? I do not understand the question. I must ask you: What temptation? Who can look at the horrors Obama mandates my life must be all day every day and think anything about this is tempting?

How can the Los Angeles Zombie Apocalypse be better than ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA? I am protected from Obama's systemic rape now in Los Angeles which Iowa only enforced over me. And I am not a slave anymore since I fled Iowa for my life, slavery Iowa only enforced over me.

Unlike Iowa, the people here genuinely love and almost worship me, except for Obama's terrorist infestation who have always and will always follow me everywhere I will go for the rest of my life until they are all arrested.

Iowa has always and will always hate me and pathologically lie about me to get away with unrelenting crimes against me until they finally destroy me.

Has Iowa ceased any and all of its unrelenting crimes against me or even tried to lock up their dirty judges, dirty lawyers, dirty state legislators, dirty Iowa Democrats with obvious apostasy from actual party ideals, and War Criminal Boeset? No.

Will Iowa ever do anything morally upstanding or law abiding? No. But they will pathologically lie to get away with all of their crimes against America by victimizing me FOREVER. My beautiful world, you need to better protect me from ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA.

And California, you need to set your people free of Obama and his iron fist of terrorism, war crimes, genocide, extragovernmental totalitarian rules, and global war on US soil.

If my own loving and adoring friends cannot rescue me when I am in their own home town, why do I not leave for someplace safer? Please read my 22Sep2014 blog post about this.

It does not matter where I go, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy will follow me there to reek war and terrorism there to prevent me from EVER having human rights nor freedom from him. That is all Obama has done since 2009 when he took office.

But Los Angeles County is the most livable Obama's bubble has ever been. Look at how much these people love me! I am finally no longer Obama's rape-slave. And these loving and adoring people bend over backwards to keep me safe.

For someplace anyplace to be better for me than Los Angeles County, they cannot have earspeakers and must all promise to arrest all of Obama's terrorists who show up instead of obey them and suffer under them.

I do have genuine concerns about how much Los Angeles County is suffering under Obama while I am here, but even my leaving will not liberate them. California needs to choose to remove all of their earspeakers, arrest all of Obama's terrorists, and disobey every totalitarian rule thereby setting us all free of Obama.

The only option we have is to take Obama's whole criminal terrorist conspiracy down. They refuse to stop.

Would I reveal an Alzheimer's diagnosis? I admit to everything true about myself.

Why do I not work? Um, I have a SquidStream. What about my ACTUAL life does not look like 24/7 work? What about my life looks easy? Just because I endure inhumane suffering 24/7 with nothing but grace does not mean this is not work.

I solve global crises all day every day as my service to humanity particularly fighting Obama's terrorism to save America from him. What kind of deranged psychopath comes up with a boldfaced lie that I do not work? Have you seen how much I have accomplished for real since I was first enslaved by Obama in 2009?

My "symbolic logic" law career, and, no, I do not need a law license to defend myself nor to consult on my own cases, has earned me over $1T already this year all of which Obama with the help of ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA forbade me access to. I understand we gave most of it away to charity, but it was my blog and SquidStream that did all of the heavy lifting.

What do today’s high school grads need to know and how can this be measured? History. English grammar and usage including literature and creative writing. Civics, they particularly need to know their rights and how the government is supposed to work.

Math, until you reach Calculus a mathematics education is designed to teach students how to process information logically. Science, to know and appreciate the world and the universe.

Computer programming, this is the future. At least one foreign language. Art appreciation be it music or fine arts or drama, etc. And teamwork and trust.

As for how we measure it,... If our students do not receive this education, they will not function successfully in the world. We can measure education by our healthy children's ability to lead their own independent lives as adults.

Why do we still press blistering civil charges when we know only criminal prosecutions will fix anything? To establish their guilt and culpability in a court of law before the criminal trial. Ruling Obama and his criminal terrorist puppets are guilty in a civil trial is even more effective as a legal precedent for criminal trials the more crippling the civil judgments are.

Civil charges also give us a way to hear all arguments they have for their defense ahead of time, and they are all invariably perjury and pathological lying. Basically, our court records for our civil court victories are our blueprints for the competent prosecution of all of Obama's criminal terrorists everywhere once we can finally file criminal charges.

The statute of limitations never run out on hate crimes, war crimes, crimes against women, crimes against America, terrorism, systemic rape, human trafficking, genocide, etc. We have a long list.

Is America ready for war? No one is ever ready for war. But if America did not want a war, the public would remove all of their own earspeakers, refuse to humor all of the pathological lies from Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory, rely on my blog and other verified trustworthy sources only, choose to uniformly disobey every extragovernmental rule everywhere, prosecute all of Obama's terrorists to remove them from society forever, etc.

It is very well-documented that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy will NEVER stop committing unrelenting crimes against America and against the entire world by victimizing me.

It is also very well-documented how many times FOR YEARS I sent a representative to negotiate with him, after which Obama just refused to adopt any of the peaceful resolutions. Obama has chosen his only way out is his suicide at the hands of an invasion to arrest him and put him on trial. Obama made this choice, so he never has to face justice.

So, basically, Americans everywhere would consciously choose to liberate themselves and do good things only for America instead of obeying any an call of Obama's rules if they did not want the world to invade America just to feed and protect me.

Obama refuses to surrender and refuses to talk to me. So, since the American public keep expecting someone else to do all of the rescuing, that is exactly what the American public will get.

Why do I do what I do? Obama forbade me any real job or real paycheck in 2009 when he first enslaved me, so I made the conscious choice to spend all my days and nights serving humanity. Please reread my previous 04Sep2014 blog post about Adam Thompson.

Since 2009, though, this has evolved into-- We save America and all of humanity from Obama, or I will NEVER get human rights, America will never be free again, I will NEVER get food or my husband, the entire world will have Obama-controlled earspeakers, and Obama will lock me in a final literal torture facility for the rest of my life where he is guaranteed to destroy my perfectly healthy and genius mind with electroshock.

I really have no idea why anyone would ask me why I do this. My choices are stand up for my country or never stop suffering the most heinous crimes known to mankind as ordered by Obama.

My beautiful world, look at these people! We need you in here! Hurry! Do you have ANY idea what is in these people's heads?!? I understand all of you out there want to save me, but we cannot save me FOR REAL without saving all of America!

My brave rescuers, we all hate when you die. If I could protect you all, I would; you know that. Keep telling me when you need me to scream on your behalf. But is there anything more I can do for you?

My brave rescuers, I already tried to send every ally possible to help you. At the very least, that should help keep everyone alive longer. But what else do you need? I and my beautiful world will take care of you, but, although I am a self-admitted amateur mentalist, none of us are mind readers. You are going to have to tell us.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, how goes the never-ending "same court battles every day" life you lead saving and serving humanity 24/7 by protecting me from everything Obama wants? I am a logic trove; just tell me what you need when you need it.

As always, my genius Powers of Attorney, I understand my responsibilities to humanity go far beyond just trusting all of you blindly to protect me. I will help save us all from Obama in every way I can.

You, just like all of the world, just need to tell me what you need while I systematically work through my flexible and transparent master plan. Please reread my previous 12Sep2014 blog post about this.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I think you are eight hours ahead of me in your time zone. How is the SquidStream out there?

Darling, here I am in a bathroom at my new counterterrorism "office" in a very old empire-waist maxidress with my new Prada knockoff purse. I am sure we have a verified podcast of my taking this photo, if you want one.

HoneyHoney, if you also want a verified podcast of my trying on the dress at the Marshall's, just ask my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds. How can a XL (dress size 14/16) look so hourglassed? I am proportional to my Czech-farm-woman bone structure. Do not pretend no one has seen how big my hands and feet are.

Finally, my irrefutably loving and adoring husband, please buy the house in Ankeny, Iowa and all its contents from my mother for a few million dollars, so she can retire to The Bay Area with her family.

That atrocity of a house has the same historical value to the world as Terezin, so we will need to remove all the contents, especially all my childhood belongings I left there when I moved out of state in 1995 at seventeen years old. Just sign the deed to the empty house over to my little sister Tylia. We might need to help her pay the taxes on that.

In 2009, my old art teacher Mr. George Parkinson said the house would make a great "museum to a genius," but I will not give gifts like that to ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA until they finally choose to go through all three steps to absolution, especially not Ankeny who put it on record that I and my BFF were ostracized for being "weirdoes" in high school because, unlike the rest of Iowa, we had personalities.

I always promised my Tita Levy I would buy an Albon Estate in the Bay Area for my entire mother's side of the family to live in. (We are Filipino; we all live in one house. Giggle.) So, I will take care of that myself once I get human rights again. We just need my mother able to retire and leave ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA as soon as we can save her. And, thank you.

My king, you have a right to live a family life with your own wife and your own children. Yes, you are safer out there where Obama cannot hurt you, but I am working on putting our Obama-mandated-to-be-geographically-challenged family back together.

I know Obama justifies not allowing you to kiss me with, "Obama will be deposed from his terrorist dictatorship over America the moment Squid gets any human rights," but how is he justifying forbidding you from kissing Jack and Lily Rose? I promise I am working on it.

P.S. From a book Syniva gave me while we were still in college...

"Revolutionary Dreams"
by Nikki Giovanni

i used to dream militant
dreams of taking
over america to show
these white folks how it should be
i used to dream radical dreams
of blowing everyone away with my perceptive powers
of correct analysis
i even used to think i’d be the one
to stop the riot and negotiate the peace
then i awoke and dug
that if i dreamed natural
dreams of being a natural
woman doing what a woman
does when she’s natural
i would have a revolution

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