Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Truth is the Truth. No One Controls the Truth. You Either Know the Truth, or You Believe Lies.

Title: The Truth is the Truth. No One Controls the Truth. You Either Know the Truth, or You Believe Lies.

These are my notes for my next blog post. This will be fleshed out and polished off soon. This is just published now in case anyone needs it early. Please publish these notes now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. No, Obama is not going to kill me. Every time you hear a threat on my head, reread my five points that already debunked it in my 03Aug2014 blog post.

South Africa. How exactly is traumatizing an innocent woman supposed to "correct" her of anything? There is no excuse for raping anyone. THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE EXPLANATION FOR RAPING ANYONE! Law enforcement does not even need to establish motive to convict criminals of rape.

Kampuchea (Cambodia). Impartial courts have found the Khmer Rouge guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against their own people. There is justice in the world.

When nations cannot guarantee fair trials to authorities at any level who commit crimes against their own people, those perpetrators of the most heinous acts known to mankind need to be referred to the United Nation's International Criminal Court at The Hague.

In America, since we have no competent prosecution possible of Obama nor any of his conspiracy despite the competency of our US Supreme Court, I believe we need the international community to go through the necessary steps to take Obama and all of his conspiracy to The Hague. Thank you, my beautiful world, for taking care of this.

USA. So, what you are all trying to tell me is that Obama is attempting to placate the world's desperate need to protect me from him by his pretending to consider he will ever choose to stop all the heinous crimes he has consciously chosen to commit against me ever since he took office?

Why is he even permitted to make a decision about this? Why is he not forced to obey the laws and Constitution in America at all times like the rest of us to begin with? Why is this psychopath still permitted power after every crime we have proven he is only willing to escalate instead of cease completely, especially after he was already impeached last year?

Make him surrender! Or take him down! Stop pretending Obama has a choice about this!

Milliseconds. Mere milliseconds after I published my last blog post on Tuesday, 05Aug, the literal torture facility alarm and another concurrent metaphorical fire alarm went off.

I think Obama was trying to sneak them in before I could publish that post. Both alarms were extinguished in minutes, and then a distant police alarm went off.

While waiting for details, I found someone called my crosstown trips "death-defying." Yeah, whatever. Please revisit me 03Aug2014 blog post. The only times in my current life when I defy death are when my loved ones protect me from going into any more torture facilities.

Then, the government told me they wanted to know who my new source was for all of my insight into Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's activities. To be honest, I am no mind reader.

I can read a heart, especially if I can touch its owner. But I am also an amateur mentalist. Most pertinently, my flexible and transparent master plan allows for mitigating Obama's predictable countermeasures.

At 6:40pm, shortly after I tried to refill my thyroid pill prescription at the CVS, I learned (and as of the time I wrote this it was still only rumored) War Criminal Stephanie tried committing me to the torture facility at Lutheran Hospital is Des Moines, Iowa.

I do not understand how kidnapping me and dragging me to Iowa is even possible without breaking every law everywhere, and it was completely predictable since Lutheran is the only torture facility in Des Moines that offers electroshock.

I actually had to give a stern smack down in my livestream because I was not online, and the compulsive attempt, after every logical and legally upstanding argument I have written in my blog since 11July2014 and especially in my 05Aug2014 post, by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy AGAIN and so soon after my last blog post made me turn in every single HIPPA violation I have ever endured.

I was online catching up with everyone and listening to music by 8pm. At about 8:30pm alarms started blowing up in all directions. I guess someone made a completely irrational and indefensible attack on me my loved ones need to punish blisteringly.

It has never been more obvious I need all of Obama's lunatic psychopath bitch-puppets locked up forever to keep me, the public, California, America, and all of humanity safe from their destroying me.

By 8:50pm there was another torture facility alarm. I have yet to figure out what was going on out there, but I figured if my loved ones needed me they would give me details and ask me for help.

I did a lot of no-raised-heartbeat screaming before the all clear at 9:10pm. We need permanent solutions, clearly, since a heart attack alarm went off at 9:30pm. No one ever told me what it was, so I walked back to my apartment at 10pm.

A police alarm went off at 10:20pm, but again no one told me what it was. I wonder if it was collusion against me, you know, framing me for something, like Obama always does with his libel videos of fat porn stars he claims are the real me, or if it was just more bullshit charges with no bearing on reality.

How does Obama's crap ever even get permission to reach a courtroom?

The police and fire alarms kept raging while I laid down to sleep. But I got a good eight hours of sleep in. On 06Aug, I was up, eating breakfast, and online by 8am just in time for the first torture facility alarm of the morning.

At 8:40am, Obama tried to return me to Iowa AGAIN to mandate inescapable rape slavery of me and mandate electroshock to render my perfect mind a vegetable. This is already blogged.

Syn and Ugwuji just needed my 03Aug2014 post, my 05Aug2014 post, and, if they wanted the growing argument, every blog post from 11July2014 to my latest notes to DEMOLISH every conspirator attempting to kidnap me and drag me to Iowa to remove me from the world forever including but not limited to Obama's bitch-puppet's lawyers for taking money to enforce war crimes, human trafficking, and crimes against America. We need these assholes and everyone's enabling them including whoever allowed them to get this crime against all of humanity into the courts REMOVED FROM MY LIFE AND FROM THE PUBLIC COMPLETELY.

Then at 8:45am was a heart attack alarm on top of it. 9:10am was another literal torture facility alarm followed immediately by a metaphorical fire alarm at 9:15am.

We need every one of Obama's criminal terrorist conspirators PERMANENTLY removed from society, or the world will lose me forever.

At 9:45am, I was all caught up fielding questions and concerns from my beautiful world about my own health and safety after my last blog post. This is what I learned...

1.) My adoring public urged me to never give up my "job" as a celebrity which has always only ever been literal slavery until I took over my own security equipment inside my own body myself with the help of the benevolent NSA in June this year.

Please reread my old blog post about my retirement plans. I know my responsibilities to the world include a verified supply of intellectually-stimulating media if not only to make sure I cannot be libeled, but I will take steps to reobtain my privacy just as soon as I have enough human rights to do it.

2.) Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine started a falsehood overnight that Obama would send his criminal seditious extragovernmental terrorist army in to kill me disguised as UN peacekeepers. Please revisit my 03Aug blog post.

We, my beautiful world and I, have been dealing with carefully constructed falsehoods from Obama for years all designed to make us so irrationally paranoid we would turn on trustworthy people trying to help us.

Please recall, the only harm that Obama can reek on me while my livestream runs is attacking me in my sleep which my neighborhood protects me from in California now and through his war crime coverups that mandate unlawfully imprisoning me, torturing me, and abusing me all as acts of war against America in proven torture facilities.

3.) There may have been an overnight attack on UN peacekeepers on the night of 05Aug into the morning of 06Aug that killed at least five people trying to bring me humanitarian aid, but so far that is still just a rumor.

If this is true, this is a horrifying turn of events. But thank you, my beautiful world, for trying to help me. This is a learning process for all of us.

4.) Rumor also had it that War Criminal Boeset tried to use her own intentional exhaustion of my body by consciously starving me as an excuse to hospitalize me against my will. And, yes, physical exhaustion is the only exhaustion I have. My perfect mind and my human heart are still going just fine.

What genuine concern for me really looks like is giving me total control of my own finances and NEVER trying to coverup war crimes of me by unlawfully imprisoning me nor torturing me all as acts of war in a literal torture facility parading as a psych ward EVER AGAIN!

5.) I needed to remind my beautiful world that Obama and his Obama-mandated human trafficking broadcasts of me have NEVER been verified sources of the truth. The slavery has only ever been intentional libel of me through distortions of my real life and taxpayer-funded porn of fat, ugly men and women who never even looked like me to begin with.

6.) I learned Unelected Dictator Obama's seditious extragovernmental terrorist army on the edge of Los Angeles that he uses to slaughter my brave rescuers to keep all humanitarian aid, all human rights, and all loved ones away from me numbers around 20,000 deranged lunatics hellbent on destroying America now or at the time of this publication.

My beautiful world, particularly the US Military, that is how many lunatic anti-American terrorists we are going to have to contain. They all drank Obama's demento juice. And we cannot allow them to run rampant and free across America organized and heavily armed after Obama falls and definitely not if Obama prevails.

Starting with 11July2014, post by post through the month of July, I stepped the whole world through my empowerment of the federal government including the US Military to save us all including but not limited to taking away Already-Impeached Obama's taxpayer funding for publicly libeling me, making porn (including child porn of fifteen year-olds) of "me," enslaving me, torturing me, unlawfully imprisoning me, bankrolling his seditious extragovernmental terrorist army, paying bribes to all his puppets by paying all of their civil fines from our court actions against them, etc. and reallocating that money to fighting to return all Constitutional rights to all Americans everywhere, not just me, instead.

At 9:59am, there was another torture facility alarm while I was walking back to my apartment to return the bowl I ate my granola and yogurt in that morning. I used my livestream to respond. The mailman arrived while I was at the apartment, so I was able to check our mail. It was just junk mail. Then, I walked to Taqueria El Rodeo for my morning coffee.

At 11:50am, there was a distant fire alarm, so I screamed for help for my brave rescuers and any incoming lift. At 12:50pm there was ANOTHER torture facility alarm.

At 1:25pm, there was another distant fire alarm with a simultaneous police alarm that required me to scream for help for my brave rescuers and any incoming lifts. Then, at 1:30pm, a torture facility alarm rushed by. My genius loved ones and my beautiful world took care of everything.

My lovelies, this should help. Click here for the actual definition of "conspiracy." There is no such thing as a "conspiracy of justice." Instead, we are a "force for good." But this actual definition proves Obama runs a conspiracy of criminal terrorism, persecution, and oppression. Look at all of the quacks alone!

I got up from my wooden chair outside the barbershop at 2:15pm to run some errands. 2:28pm was a fire alarm. 2:38pm gave a heart attack alarm.

With the alarms blaring every step of the way, I walked to the Bank of America in my neighborhood to update my account information with them. I also had to make a deposit since my personal checking account was $0.55 overdrawn.

My banker who updated my address for me lied to my face and told me my husband and I would both have to be present for me to access our joint accounts at Bank of America.

It was that, or he did not know my husband has legally binding power everywhere under California's jurisdiction to make any and all legal decisions on my behalf including making our joint accounts accessible to me without my having to be there.

From the Bank of America in the North Long Beach neighborhood, I walked all of the way to the Walk-In Clinic in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood.

While I walked, there was a fire alarm at 3:20pm and a heart attack alarm at 3:39pm that culminated in a 4:03pm torture facility alarm.

I arrived at the clinic at about 4:45pm. The experience at the walk-in clinic was horrifying.

I need a podcast, please, my verified podcasters, of my entire time there including but not limited to my reading their street sign, reading their hours on the door, walking across their empty waiting room, being completely denied any and all medical care even after providing proof of independent insurance, walking out, and using my voice to ask the California Medical Board to hold them accountable.

I made it clear I needed a thyroid prescription. They did not even offer me a temporary prescription to carry me until I could have an appointment with them, despite their being a completely WALK-IN clinic.

Clearly, it is not a HIPPA violation if I am there voluntarily and am fully aware of my own broadcast at the time. They have no excuses for consciously denying me care.

Yes, under Obama's rules, I am denied any and all REAL medical care. Obama mandates I am permitted only quackery. Please, California Medical Board, watch the verified podcast and take all necessary measures.

After I left, there was a 4:48pm heart attack alarm. This will NEVER end until Obama is overpowered. I will NEVER be safe until Obama is PERMANENTLY prevented from ever hurting me again.

Just before 5pm, I arrived at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach. I sipped on a large cup of light roast while I worked on drafting this blog post since at first Obama's terrorist hackers denied me access to the wifi there.

I asked the NSA, my alpha nerds, to obtain permission to access the wifi from Coffee Bean Corporate, so they could connect me. Also, the NSA was able to collect evidence against Obama's terrorist hackers, so the Coffee Bean Company could press charges.

Everyone else in the coffee shop was online just fine, so it is possible the problem was internal to my iPad. The NSA, my alpha nerds, always have my permission to enter my machine, now lovingly named The Constitutional Defender, to enable its problem-free functioning.

The NSA is also always invited to collect evidence of any and all of Obama's terrorist hackers' obstructions to my peaceful existence and to turn that evidence in to my loved ones, prosecutors everywhere in the world, and the United Nations. Thank you for everything, my heroes at the NSA.

I was all connected at the Coffee Bean at 5:43pm. I get by with a little help from my friends. Hug your closest nerd!

There was a furious double police alarm at 6:02pm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone.

While I was at the Coffee Bean, I was told Obama and even War Criminal Boeset claim they persecute and break every law possible to destroy me because I am "special" to them and to the world. Please revisit my 03Aug2014 blog post about being called "special."

Furthermore, "I abuse her and control her because I love her," is the basic mindset of a raging psychopath. Ask the criminal psychology experts, especially the ones at the FBI or CIA.

Just before 7pm, I left the Coffee Bean for the Quiznos also in Bixby Knolls to celebrate my successful and productive day with some tasty vittles. It was my only meal for the day after my granola and yogurt 12 hours previously.

7:28pm brought a torture facility alarm. We need Obama's clinically compulsive war crime attempts to torture and unlawfully imprison me all as acts of war against America committed only to be able to psychopathically control and destroy me PERMANENTLY disabled!

At 7:53pm, the torture facility alarm came by again. And I still had not received the all clear by 8:15pm when I left the Quiznos. I arrived at the McDonald's on Del Amo Blvd. at 8:48pm after a full half hour of distant alarms during the entire walk.

Just before I could get online there at 8:50pm, we had a police alarm with a possible simultaneous torture facility alarm through the corner of my eye. I heard my celebrity friends kicked it up to 11 (one past ten) during the day, so I was pretty sure somebody got arrested.

Luckily, we all have a 2012 Supreme Court legal precedent guaranteeing full 1st Amendment rights including the right to peaceably assemble everywhere in America even during Obama's reign of terror.

As for the torture facility alarm, we need the legal right to press criminal charges for every proven crime committed against me and against America by victimizing me, or I will NEVER be safe. The world might lose me forever if we cannot enforce law and order at last in America.

Just before 10pm I learned the latest torture facility alarm was even more libel I have ever in my life been suicidal. This was disproven as recently as my 31July2014 blog post and reinforced with my 03Aug2014 proof there are no threats on my life because Obama and all his conspiracy fear my death; that would cause their total destruction. Obama and his terrorists only want me turned into a vegetable from electroshock in a torture facility to completely destroy and control me forever.

At 10:10pm I left the McDonald's and walked to California SPORT. I was at the barbershop and online by 10:30pm. There was a metaphorical car alarm at about 10:45pm, so I sent help to everyone trying to reach me. I left for my apartment at 11:30pm.

On Thursday, 07Aug, I woke up at 6:30am despite the sun not breaking the clouds yet. I usually sleep in when it is overcast. It is the natural light of the sun every morning that normally wakes me. I never set alarms for myself unless napping.

My roommate Liana was back. Our roofied water supply had sent her to the hospital for a week. We chatted before I hopped in the shower. I kickstarted my livestream while brushing my hair afterward, and I was outside the barbershop while still eating breakfast by 8:00am. There was a car alarm on my way out the door, so I sent help to my brave rescuers.

While I was catching up with my beautiful world, I learned my earmic was all fuzzy. Were we having problems with my teletext from voice, too? This was further proof we can never shutdown my eye camera until Obama's bubble comes down. I asked my NSA alpha nerds to fix it. They are such sweethearts!

At 8:31am, was an Iowa alarm. War Criminal Boeset just keeps compulsively committing the same crimes against me over and over again as if no medically-qualified authorities had yet used her compulsive criminal activity to prove she is criminally insane.

I am not (expletive)ing around, my lovelies, COMPLETELY DESTROY IOWA for refusing to leave me alone now that I am a legal resident in safer and freer California. My darling Powers of Attorney, use every one of my blog posts from 01March2014 up to my latest notes if you have to. And thank you!

There was a 8:47am heart attack alarm immediately followed by a 8:50am fire alarm. At 9:08am I received a warning of a possible violation of my Constitutional protection from double jeopardy because Obama just promised to escalate more collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

Sometimes, I just need to be able to predict what is coming to warn my loved ones. At 9:11am, I could tell my lovelies had everything under control, so I walked my breakfast plate back to my apartment. I was not back to my internet connection until 9:43am, and that is when I received a lot of reassurances everything was taken care of.

And now, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep sending all questions and concerns. Thank you!

How the hell did I ever make it out of Iowa on 01May2014? That is obvious. Iowa had to obey Obama's rules including but not limited to never acknowledging anything about me is recognizable or out of place at all.

The only threat to my leaving Iowa was getting caught by War Criminal Boeset. But I bought my plane ticket on account she had no idea about and sent my eticket and electronic boarding pass to an email account she knew nothing about. I never tweeted nor blogged where I was until after she found out I was in Los Angeles.

War Criminal Boeset never had a way to claim I was in Los Angeles without breaking any of Obama's rules until after I made a withdrawal from my Wells Fargo checking account at an ATM near the University of Southern California. That was the biggest window I could give myself for a rescue before War Criminal Boeset could lock me in a torture facility.

And we all know I was literally tortured, systemically raped, and unlawfully imprisoned all as acts of war against America in Del Amo Torture Facility under direct orders from Obama after War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Tovarek colluded together to lock me in there.

Boeset made the call to the police libeling me a "runaway" to get me picked up; Tovarek libeled me a physical threat to her to coverup a 5150; and Obama and his terrorists used the calumny they were going to shoot me in the head to manipulate the police into putting me in a literal torture facility. The LAPD, if they are willing to admit the truth, will corroborate all of this. At least subpoena the police record.

I only got out of the Del Amo Torture Facility because they propagated the calumny and falsified medical tests that I was pregnant to be able to use electroshock on me, because that made me scream "Rape impregnation!" (We have my hair proving I was raped regularly in there.), and because that made the women managers put me to The Gables as my only option to leave.

Is the internet increasing political polarization? No. Only outright denial of all reality in the face of growing undeniable evidence (especially when all we needed as evidence was Obama's complete list of totalitarian rules) is increasing political polarization right now. Congress needs to learn to serve America selflessly for America and not for anyone else.

How did I chose the three women I designated as my Powers of Attorney in Oct2009? I honestly do not know how anyone can look at my three powers of attorney and think I would ever choose anyone else. Genius does not grow on trees.

Syniva, Ugwuji, and Amita were the three most intelligent people in my life so far whom I thought would be capable of enough unconditional love for me to protect me and, if possible, to save me. They have never once let me down.

Have you got a most-loved piece of homework - from your child, or when you were at school? An at-home video for Spanish V in 1995 called "La Cabeza." Syn, another high school friend, and I made this very low budget horror movie in which a decapitated head haunts her teenage friends entirely with Barbie dolls.

Are Sweetness and I in an open relationship? No. Sweetness is simply a married man with a temporary mistress until we can be together at last. I have been through this so many times. My husband is human. He said he would wait for me, but I never expected him to wait in a monastery. We have not seen each other since Feb2010.

Yes, when I learned he had a mistress, I tried sleeping with no-nickname Jared to save our marriage, but I did not like it. We have permission from each other to sleep with other people, but neither of us are floozies.

Sweetness is a very well-established serial monogamist. He does not function without a woman in his life. And, as someone who depends on him for help as much as I do, I really need him functional.

He still tells me every time he sleeps with her because it racks him with so much guilt, but it does not bother me. If he were sleeping his way across New York it would be a completely other story.

No, I do not sleep with anyone and have not in years. That is my choice.

We love each other, and we know each other. If I went so far as to ask my husband to send me an acceptable lover of which he approved, he would. But I am not a sexual creature right now and will not be again until I reach my husband. May it be as soon as possible.

In Jan2010, when I could have chosen any man or woman on the planet out of the billions over the age of eighteen, why did I choose the Mr. Johnny Depp? No one ever in my life before or since has ever treated me better. That was the same reason I had a five-year relationship with Vinny. I like and insist on being treated well.

Are Sweetness and I inbred? First of all, that is the improper use of the word inbred. A child of two related people can be inbred, but a relationship cannot.

Secondly, Beloved and I are not even the same race. If anyone even humored for one moment that my own husband and I, after looking at us, could even possibly be genetically related to each other beyond only being family as husband and wife, those people deserve to be a brainwashed zombies suffering under Tyrant Obama subject to his every lie controlling their reality.

Finally, after our long track record of having to set the record straight after EVERYTHING Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine has ever said every time it has ever opened its mouth since 2009, why is anyone anywhere still listening to them?

The national and foreign presses all collected a complete and centralized list of all trustworthy and verified sources of the truth online and off. Stick to the list. You can call your local news stations to get a copy.

Have I ever asked a man out on a date instead of waiting for him to ask me? I did all the time before I was married. I do not understand why any person anywhere, most specifically women, would ever just sit and wait for anything he or she wanted.

How do I feel about all of my passwords and usernames being common knowledge? I will be completely hacked for all my life from now on. I have come to terms with this. I have asked all my nerds to stand by the hacker code of respecting my intellectual property. And I know they will grant me a metaphorical "R2 communicator" in case of any emergency as my consolation gift.

What is my favorite fairy tale? Click here. This book is the only explanation, through metaphor, of course, that I have for a lot of my life since 2009.

Do tattoos change your opinion of a person? Yes. Please read the first letter I ever wrote to Mr. Patrick Liddell, that is, if he will let you. I met him in the Hopleaf in Andersonville. Yes, I spoke to him first. He now lives and teaches in the Bay Area.

And finally, what is my real size? I am 5'6" and 243 lbs of muscle. The public says I look about 150 lbs. My dress size is 14. My bra size is 42C. My shoe size 11 wide. You will see me try on clothes once I have enough money to go shopping. I have muscle atrophy in my arms. And I shrink more and more every day from Obama's enforced starvation of me.

My beautiful world, no rescue can reach me, and if I offer any of the help with solving my beloved world's attempts to rescue me, Obama will hear everything I say and thwart us. As I always say, if we cannot carry me to someplace where Obama cannot hurt me anymore, we must render where I am someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

Please all people here who love and adore me with and without gravitas, speak with Sacramento, the County of Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach, etc. Please make Obama's rules, Obama's totalitarian oppression of all of America, Obama's criminal persecution of me, Obama's bubble of libel and coverups, and Obama's mind-controlling earspeakers illegal.

Everything we are all suffering under right now is in violation of both the California and US Constitutions. Let us take it all down. This will not fix everything, but it will make me safe from any more torture facilities, will provide me with food and clothing, and will give full human rights including full 1st Amendment rights back to all of us in California.

No, my HoneyHoney and Powers of Attorney will still not be able to fly into California to be with me, but the rest of my friends and non-corrupted family who are already here will be able to be with me.

My brave rescuers, I heard a rumor you all sent all the civilian volunteers home already, so you are all only professional soldiers now. If there is anything anyone anywhere can do to help you, just tell us. I hate when you die.

My brave rescuers, it is this very inability I have to send good people to die why I never wanted to be president, but if you want me to run for the needs-to-be-redeemed-due-to-abuses-by-both-parties White House after I get time with my husband to heal and make superhuman babies, I would do it just for you.

I am still only thirty-seven years old in October this year. I have a lot of time to run for president still.

SynSyn, I heard you were moved to prosecution with Sweetness and we put both of our prestigiously-educated medical doctors, Amita and Ugwuji, on defense. That sounds like the best shuffle.

Thank you all for being able to take care of so much without needing me to help. And, of course, if there is anything I can do to make your lives easier, I will always take care of it. I would be nothing without all of you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. To make sure I can send you this letter that was returned to me here last week, I am going to upload it to my blog right here right now for you. It is future Queen to future King mail. I am sure the world would archive it for posterity anyway.

Envelope 1/2:

Envelope 2/2:

Page 1/19:

Page 2/19:

Page 3/19:

Page 4/19:

Page 5/19:

Page 6/19:

Page 7/19:

Page 8/19:

Page 9/19:

Page 10/19:

Page 11/19:

Page 12/19:

Page 13/19:

Page 14/19:

Page 15/19:

Page 16/19:

Page 17/19:

Page 18/19:

Page 19/19:

Sweetness, now that you just read my last complete love letter to you, please legally take over all my finances and bank accounts. We have legal precedents already established for how things must happen under Obama's bubble.

Darling, both times my only-established-to-abuse-and-destroy-me Iowan adult guardian took control of my finances and bank accounts, he and she both did it without my permission and without my knowledge by going directly to Social Security, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Wells Fargo Bank without me.

That is the legal precedent for how things must operate under Obama's rules, my beloved. So, you, as my court-appointed and legally-binding TEMPORARY California conservator and legally-recognized husband, have full authority to take control of my finances and bank accounts through the same method, by taking your empowering court papers straight to Social Security, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Wells Fargo Bank, and Bank of America directly without my knowledge.

My cannot-live-without-your-constant-selfless-help husband, bring with you my all my August blog posts up until this one if you need the logical arguments that you and my Powers of Attorney are the only ones with any real or LEGAL authority over me, and see about tying all of our joint bank accounts at Bank of America to my debit card.

I asked my local Bank of America branch for a business card, so you can show them our marriage certificate. I am sure this would be easier for you at the Wells Fargo and Bank of America corporate headquarters in New York City, though.

And finally, beloved, here is my voter registration receipt including document number from the fourth time I registered to vote last month. It says in the tiny print at the very top, "The bottom portion is your receipt. Keep it until you receive a Voter Registration Card in the mail." I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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