Saturday, August 9, 2014

What is the Best Sandwich in the Universe?

Title: What is the Best Sandwich in the Universe?

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama is clearly not suffering enough to think he will benefit from surrendering. World, what can you do to Obama himself to save America from him? I think America as a whole is suffering enough under him. Let us not punish the victims.

Israel and Palestine. On the evening of 07Aug local time, their 72-hour ceasefire ended and war ensued again. Egypt brokered the ceasefire this last time, but they could not bring a permanent peace to end the crisis.

No one has illusions about Israel and Palestine. No one expects them to get along and hug and kiss and dance together for all eternity. We just need them to guarantee each other's full human rights and rights to exist, so they can stop killing each other. This is not just the best for them; this is the best resolution for the world.

Lebanon. The entire Middle East is falling apart. We have war in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Israel, and Gaza. Did I leave anyone out? If we cannot bring stability through rights and freedoms for all to the Middle East, their regional and often sectarian violence might engulf the entire world in WW3.

The Middle East, yes, even all of the world, has a right to stability, prosperity, and full human rights. We are one world. We must care for each other.

How have things been here in my own humanitarian crisis? At 10:47am on 07Aug2014, I published my last blog post. And it made Obama pause and regroup.

I had about three hours to breathe during which I could hardly believe there was a lull at all between irrational criminal attacks from Obama against me for so long, and then, at 2:00pm, I ran some errands.

The moment I left the wifi, all hell broke loose. There was an immediate 2:06pm heart attack alarm.

At 2:43pm, Obama and his psychopaths compulsively tried to kidnap me and drag me to Iowa AGAIN! I screamed "Permanently DESTROY everything enabling Iowa's psychopathy!" through Twitter. I hate using anger as a tool to protect the world; no one should have to scream to get good work done, but it worked.

2:45pm saw me back online after running all my errands. I always receive stellar customer service at my local CVS. The afternoon also saw a 2:56pm heart attack alarm. Then, at 3:02pm Obama gave himself the title "The Ice Man" which caused a 3:08pm distant fire alarm and a 3:13pm heart attack alarm.

I am the only person who can protect anyone from civil or guaranteed eventual criminal prosecution for any and all crimes against me. Obama keeps screwing everyone who obeys him harder every day. Turn to the good side, LA County DA Jackie Lacy and everybody else here still obeying Obama.

I would rather redeem everybody than send more people to the Russian gulag. But they have to be sincere when they repent. I never fall for anyone's lies.

At 4:00pm, I handed Obama his ass in two tweets and then I took my usual late siesta. While walking back to my apartment, at 4:21pm there were distant police and fire alarms, so I sent my beautiful world to check on my brave rescuers and any possible incoming lifts.

I napped over three hours and woke up at 7:34pm to a mixed signal, so I sent my beautiful world to check for intentionally fabricated false charges against any and all of us. I was back at California SPORT and online by 8:00pm.

There was an immediate 8:07pm torture facility alarm. After my last blog post, it was very well established Iowa has no way anymore to even pretend it can affect my life, so who is Obama's new local bitch-puppet? Who do we need to prosecute now?

8:21pm erupted in ANOTHER torture facility alarm. It must be a new local Obama bitch-puppet doing this. Please, my loved ones, ask the California courts who love me more than Iowa ever did for injunctions to press criminal countercharges for everything from persecution, to mandated malpractice, to attempted torture, to attempted unlawful imprisonment, to aiding and abetting war crimes, to crimes against America and acts of war against America, etc.

Electroshock is impending unless we can enforce permanent solutions through criminal charges. It is obvious I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness but, Obama is still mandating I be destroyed through enforcement of his rules.

Do you remember my enumerated list, my beautiful world, of five reasons Obama does not want to kill me just destroy me that I included in my 03Aug blog post? Please use them to protect me each and every time you need to.

At 9:29pm, there was a heart attack alarm. My loved ones, get court injunctions for all possible criminal countercharges every time! We are not in Iowa anymore. It was possible this heart attack was due to collusion libel videos AGAIN.

Clearly, Obama's clinically compulsively repeated modus operandi of sending collusion porn to District Attorneys has crossed state lines; this is further proof of conspiracy. Please press every criminal countercharge we can make stick every time!

There was a lull most of the night after that. The most excitement of the night was when I sent the following email to my mother...

-----Begin Message Content-----

On Aug 7, 2014, at 10:56 PM, "Squid B. Varilekova" wrote:

I love you, mom. I cannot wait for you to visit. Thank you for the Von's gift card last week. That was so wonderful. I bought nutritious bargain basement groceries with it, food cheaper than in Iowa, so I could stretch it to cover one home-cooked meal a day for a week. Your visa gift card has been covering all of the rest of my food needs. It just was not enough money to keep me fed and buy me a dress at Marshall's. My priority is food right now.

Please, if you do not mind, mom, send me more gift cards. The Von's gift card was perfect. Does Marshall's have a gift card? I really need another CVS gift card, too, for typical monthly needs like lotion, bug repellent, someone stole my toothbrush, etc.

Thank you, mom! I might need to get a post office box. My property manager stole our mailbox key committing the federal felony of intentionally preventing mail delivery. A Visa gift card would definitely help ensure my safe mail delivery.

Thank you! Please visit!

Sent from my iPad

-----End Message Content-----

I left for my apartment at 11pm, snacked on some popcorn, and was asleep by midnight. It was a restful sleep I needed. It was overcast, so I did not roll out of bed until 8:20am on Friday, 08Aug.

In the morning, I was up and out the door by 8:30am. I stopped by my neighborhood CVS for some sundries. My pharmacist there was working on having a temporary two-week thyroid pill prescription filled for me until I can find a non-quack general practitioner around here.

I used to see a nurse practitioner specialized in internal medicine for my hypothyroidism in Iowa. She refused for years to give me a Pap smear, but that was a mandate from Obama I never turned her in for because she always took care of my thyroid.

At 9:06am while I was walking to my wifi connection, the heart attack alarm went off. My loved ones took care of it in no time. Hug and kiss them all for me.

I was at California SPORT and online before 9:30am. I caught up with all my lovelies online. I really wish we had a Chicago Manual of Style or something to standardize formatting and punctuation in tweets worldwide, but that is probably just my personal grammar pet peeve. I am a very grammarous grammarpuss.

There was a spot on the back of my dress when I got into bed the previous night, and by 10:45am on Friday, 08Aug, it was very clear my menstrual cycle was in full fertility mode.

My body must be healing since we have all been successful preventing any more harmful chemical injections and preventing any more rape for months now. I love California. I am so much safer here.

From 11:10am to 11:40am, I took my morning break from the internet for coffee at my closest taqueria which I have mistakenly been calling Taqueria El Rodeo for weeks when it is really called Tacos El Rodeo. They treat me so well in there. I really wish they had more customers.

Obama ordered a torture facility attempt against me as an act if war against America at 12:37pm. He used collusion libel videos AGAIN. Do you remember what I said above about his modus operandi?

We need the permanent solution of competent criminal convictions against all of Obama's puppets who try to coverup Obama's clinically compulsive war crimes to destroy me with torture, electroshock, and unlawful imprisonment. We need these permanent solutions to protect the world from ever losing me.

I became very worried about my brave rescuers and any incoming lifts at 1:19pm when we had a distant fire alarm. After catching up with some friends, including watching a fantastic discussion of President Nixon on PBS Newshour and filling out an alumna survey from my alma mater (Please release a non-emergency podcast of that.), I took a break at 2:12pm to go to the post office, make some lunch, etc.

I thought I would take a much longer break even possibly a siesta, but shortly after I arrived at my apartment to make some food, a strange man used a key in his own possession to enter my apartment and to go into my bedroom all without my permission and completely uninvited. So, I yelled at him. His name was Kyle, and he said my landlord Ellie sent him and gave him the key.

So, after he left and while I was still calmly cooking food for myself, I engaged the chain on my door to keep him out. I have a well-established history as a perfect judge of character.

Then, minutes later, too soon for this not to have been preplanned, a quack appeared at the front door. He said he was a psychiatrist and said that my landlord Ellie sent him. I refused to disengage the chain, called him a quack, and slammed the door in his face. Then, I immediately went upstairs to hit the panic button.

I screamed through visuals and audio for immediate preemptive criminal charges against Kyle, Ellie, and the new quack for their collusion to coverup systemic rape, torture, and unlawful imprisonment of me in another torture facility all as acts of war against America under orders from Barack Obama.

While I was calmly finishing cooking dinner afterwards, War Criminal Stephanie tried entering my apartment, and I had to re-explain to all of humanity that screaming for protection from further systemic rape, torture, and unlawful imprisonment after Obama's history of these war crimes against me is the only SANE reaction; it is not "manic."

I finished cooking dinner, and while my Pan-Pacific Farm Food was still hot from the oven, I picked it and my iPad up and went straight to the internet. While I was leaving, I noticed the doorframe was mostly broken in, and I found Kyle right outside the door on his mobile phone. He had tried to force entry.

We need emergency verified podcasts with verified audio and visuals of all of this. Please keep my livestream, twitter account, iPad, internet connection, etc. running smoothly at all times, my NSA alpha nerds. The entire world, especially America, is depending on all of us keeping me safe from any more of Obama's torture facilities.

America is guaranteed to be destroyed if I go into a torture facility again. I already cannot control most of what happens in my name in this world. Imagine what would happen if I were not here.

By 3:45pm, I was back online after offering some of my Pan-Pacific Farm Food to some random Mormons I walked past on my way to the barbershop. That gave me plenty of time to be ready for Obama's 4:22pm fire alarm. When it went off, I asked my beautiful world to thoroughly check on all of us.

At 4:50pm, there was another torture facility alarm. I suspected it was due to the quack Obama's puppet Ellie had sent to my door a few hours earlier, but I was not sure. How do we know that Obama mandates I only get quacks and that I am forbidden all real medical care?

Will any of the loosely titled "psychiatrists" or "therapists" ever acknowledge the broadcast out of my eyeball, Obama's conspiracy that has been out to get me since 2009, that I used to be a systemic rape slave until just recently, my own marriage to the Mr. Johnny Depp, or anything else REAL in my life TO MY FACE? No. They never will.

But they have ALL given me false diagnoses and used unlawful imprisonment of me as acts of war against America while ALMOST ALL of them have tortured me. This is what Obama mandates my health care be by breaking every law possible to enforce his rules over me.

Before 5:15pm I received the all-clear signal on my panic button and all its fallout. Please, my NSA alpha nerds and everyone who helps them, keep protecting and verifying my email, twitter, internet connection, livestream, iPad, etc. to keep me as safe as possible. That was a close call. And if the world loses me all hell will break loose.

A little before 6pm, I left the barbershop to run an evening errand. While walking from the CVS back to my internet connection at the barbershop after picking up one-month's-worth of thyroid pills and after dropping off a backup prescription for another one month's worth from a California general practitioner, a heart attack alarm went off at 6:39pm.

Spawn-of-Iowa Boeset was trying to return me to rape slavery, torture, electroshock, and unlawful imprisonment in Evil Iowa. I drew attention to the problem, reminded my loved ones to use all my Aug2014 blog posts including my latest notes if necessary.

But if they really wanted to bury Convictable War Criminal Boeset, her lawyers for taking money to coverup war crimes and crimes against America, and every corrupt Iowan who even allowed their attempt to reach a courtroom, I reminded them that all they needed was my March2014 and April2014 blog posts.

At about 7pm, I sat down at Tacos el Rodeo for a breather and a lemonade. I was a little dehydrated from the day. And at 7:32pm, I was back online. There was a long lull before a 9:43pm heart attack alarm followed almost immediately by a 9:48pm fire alarm. I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us.

Then, at about 9:50pm, I had to threaten to have a man arrested for sexual harassment to make him leave me alone. I pray my nerds have a still of his license plate, face, and build for the authorities. Please, after he is arrested, the police need to show him my accurate, verified, and recently updated résumé. They can get it from Syniva.

There was a 10:03pm fire alarm that they did not seem too worried about, but I asked my beautiful world to check on and help everyone one more time anyway.

As a preventative measure, at 10:30pm I asked my beautiful world to clear Obama's puppets out of The Gables before I walked back to my apartment to sleep at 11pm. It is just not safe there for anyone, particularly anyone compulsively breaking every law possible to victimize me with coverups for Obama's war crimes.

"Squid, how do know where the CIA snipers are that guard you at The Gables?" Oh, my beautiful world, that is simple. Every time I hand Obama or his puppets their asses, I just listen for the giggles and the sigh of relief that I prevented them from having to shoot anyone.

I slept very well from about 11:30pm to 7am on the morning of 09Aug. But I woke up to find my iPad had been unplugged all night draining the battery. So, I had to go someplace open at that hour where I could plug into a socket.

On the way out the door, I noticed that I had official business mail in my mailbox. Please, my verified broadcasters, release the visual of my mail that needs to be there waiting for me tonight. The Gables is still committing the federal felony of intentionally disrupting my safe mail delivery.

I walked to the bus stop at the corner of Atlantic Ave. and 56th St. since it was the closest stop on the Long Beach Transit 61 Line with a bench. On the way there, a Jehovah's Witness offered me a copy of the latest WatchTower.

A bus came by at about 7:35am, but it drove right past me refusing to stop for me. It made me worry my livestream was not working, and I walked to Atlantic Ave. and Market St. There, while I waited on the bench for the 61 Line, I was harassed by a fake Jehovah's Witness.

I have met many the Jehovah's Witness in my day. I even have a cousin who is one, so I asked my genius podcasters to release the fakes' faces for analysis and processing. Were they terrorists or just idiots? Most likely they were both.

After a delightful bus ride, I arrived at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Atlantic Ave. in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood at about 8am. I was served a large light roast by an aged blonde with a lunatic smile who threatened me with a shot today. She also said the wifi and TV had been down since yesterday. But I just needed to plug into the wall to work on this draft.

There were two heart attack alarms at about 8:25am and then a police officer drove into the parking lot. So, I asked my NSA alpha nerds to make sure my livestream was pure and broadcasting both audio and visuals accurately to the world.

Please, my vigilant alpha nerds, make sure a podcast of the aged blond at the counter makes it to the federal agencies for analysis and processing. And please very vigilantly keep me safe.

Obama has escalated sending his terrorists who cannot break his own rules to hurt me around town. Please revisit my 03Aug2014 blog post about this if necessary. Their presence is the biggest leak of what to expect from Obama.

I also asked the federal authorities to notify Coffee Bean Corporate about the wifi being down at their coffee shop in Bixby Knolls.

At 8:38am was the third heart attack alarm in twenty minutes. My loved ones had it all cleared in no time. But we had a brand spanking new heart attack alarm at 9:03am. Again, my darlings mitigated the threat immediately.

At approximately 9:30am I was told to expect huge amounts of intentionally fabricated false charges against me, Obama's established useless modus operandi for unlawful imprisonment used as an act of war against me.

Why do I call it useless for Obama to press so many intentionally fabricated false charges against me that I am forbidden to know about? Because the authorities would have to tell me what I am charged with to be able to arrest me.

Please read my previous 05Aug2014 blog post about the real definition of "recuse." And how there is no term in the legal community for putting someone on trial and forbidding her from knowing about it except "human rights abuse."

After the warning, I asked my defense team to stay on guard for violations of my protection from double jeopardy, for violations of my Constitutional rights to know what I am charged with, and for more collusion libel videos.

After a few warnings about escalations, there was a heart attack alarm at 10:20am and again at 10:26am. Please remember, my beautiful world, Obama's deranged-lunatic criminal terrorists cannot break Obama's rules to hurt me without a cover story like a torture facility or a prison.

And, as I said above already, if I go into a torture facility or a prison where Obama can force systemic rape, torture, electroshock, unlawful imprisonment, or even merely silence me by keeping me away from the internet, the world will lose me forever; the already angry nations of the world will explode; and America might be wiped off the map.

Every threat to me is a threat to all of America and a threat to all of humanity. I already cannot control most of what happens in my name. Then, imagine all of Obama's hell breaking lose without me here to fight him.

At about 10:45am I moved next door to the local hangout to use the free wifi. Coffee Bean Corporate should really report their infestation by terrorists. They would make a pretty penny.

There were heart attack alarms at both 11:16am and 11:43am. I was warned we somehow missed a win this morning. I was told it all worked out before I published this blog post at noon.

And now I answer all of your questions and concerns for me, my beautiful world.

How real is the threat of a metaphorical Zombie Apocalypse due to Obama's mindcontrol speakers in everyone's heads? The international experts who cleaned up after Mexico City in Mexico and ThunderDome in the UK in 2010 have spoken, as have neurologists worldwide and criminal psychologists who have analyzed Obama as recently as today, and the threat is real.

They claim this has the potential to be the worst mass break from reality ever after all the times Obama has done it before. Yes, this has the potential to be mental health GENOCIDE. That is no metaphor. The world has seen Obama do this before, and it is GENOCIDE. And Obama is only intentionally throwing away every human including the schoolchildren in Los Angeles County just to be able to control my environment.

Please, for the love our own people, Sacramento, Los Angeles County, and every city here, mandate the removal of all our people's earspeakers. This will save us all, especially our children. Please take all necessary protective measures while we still can.

If you need funding, Los Angeles, if that is the only holdup, as irrational as an excuse as that is not to protect all our own people from potential genocide, please ask the UN to send in armies of humanitarian aid that can go person to person in here pulling out earspeakers.

Trust in the government is at an all-time low. Does this surprise me? No. But if the government would finally fix itself, we could trust them again. Right now, we need a government at every level from local to federal full of genuine heroes selflessly rescuing America from Obama and all he has done to us. Once we achieve that, all of America will love the government again.

Do you support the US operating humanitarian air lifts and air strikes in Iraq? Or do you think this is mission creep and a mistake? This answer works both in a metaphor and literally. Mission creep or no, genuine stability and democracy in Iraq is America's responsibility still.

We should have been providing humanitarian aid all along until they could care for themselves after we invaded them and overthrew their government FOR NO REASON. In international law, if the US had been taken to court, this would be called "reparations."

What is the secret to happiness? This is different for everyone. Our happiness comes from having what we value most satisfied. For example, I am happiest when I feel loved and am free. Greedy people are happiest when they have money. And psychopaths are happiest when they have control over innocents.

Do I consider myself perfect? I acknowledge my mind is perfectly healthy, but my heart has normal human flaws. I have never punished Obama harder than after he threatened and attacked my loved ones; even though, that took some planning.

What is the best sandwich in the universe? The first sandwich my husband hands me. Giggle. No, really, I have been thinking about this for a while, and I have concluded my favorite sandwich is pan-seared Halloumi, fresh baby arugula, green onions, yellow pepper, vine-ripe tomatoes, and oven-toasted pancetta with artichoke tepanade on toasted sour dough bread. No metaphor. Just try it.

My beautiful world, what do you need to be able to reach me? Do you need to help each other more and compete with each other less? My loved ones and I are so successful in the courtrooms because of our teamwork, well, that and because truth and logic always wins in non-corrupted courts. Teamwork, my beautiful world, teamwork.

Please, if you do not mind, my beautiful world, find more music events I can go to. I can handle special event crosstown bus fare; though, I can rarely if ever afford tickets nor cover charges, but I need more live music to heal through. Last time, butterfly singer Todd Taylor put me on his list.

My darling Howling Jackal Brian Francis has been doing everything he can get away with, but it has been months since I have heard from rock drummer Johnny Haro or classical conductor Travis Cross. They are all locals or, at least, transplants. Can anyone help them help me heal? Even I need a night on the town to heal every once in a while.

And finally, my beautiful world, how many of you know landscapers in Long Beach who do pro bono work? California SPORT has this little side yard with overgrown paving stones, and about a month ago he promised me a patio.

Does anyone want to volunteer time and resources to fix it up for him while lying to my face that he hired you to do it for him, so I can have a garden of flowers, a table, an umbrella, a comfy chair, and an outdoor power outlet for The Constitutional Defender to plug into all day? Please talk to Sport if you want to volunteer. His number is on the door. And thank you.

My brave rescuers, sigh, I hate when you die. But you are all the world has to contain Obama's seditious extragovernmental terrorist army of deranged unamerican lunatics.

There will never be enough white candles, my brave rescuers, ever to show enough appreciation for everything you do for humanity. I understand the burden I carry; I must make the world worthy of all your sacrifice.

But, my brave rescuers, does the world and all of America understand what we owe all of you as a planet and as a nation that can only survive this dark era in our history because you are willing to die to return our rights and freedoms?

SynSyn, wow, you have all been avalanching on the fires of hell so successfully for so long. If you ever need anything from me, just tell me. If I manage to get details, I will help with anything. I want your lives to be easier.

Syniva, you all protect all of humanity from its rage-driven, complete, and utter destruction of America by keeping me safe from Obama and all his compulsive attempts to torture me, destroy my perfect mind with electroshock, unlawfully imprison me, or even merely silence me by taking me offline all as acts of war against America and against all of humanity.

Synny, the world owes you, Sweetness, Amita, Ugwuji, my genius lawyers, my benevolent nerds, my brave rescuers, my local celebrity friends, my entire support system, my beautiful world of lovers and supports, etc. so much. We can do this. We can save America from Obama. Every day we get a little closer, but never underestimate Obama's depravity.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Whenever this gets difficult, I remind myself I get you when it is all over. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

You asked me, "Where do we go from here?" Darling, we go to a secret place you decide on and tell no one but the necessary security (and most likely our loved ones like Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji) about where I can have the electronics removed from my head and replaced in my life with bodyguards.

And then, handsome, we go to your island in the Bahamas, so you can heal me in private. If the world has a crisis and needs me, we will have a way for them to contact us. I just need to touch the ocean, move with your music, and sleep in your loving arms, and I will be fine. Well, yeah, that and some food. Giggle. I love you.

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