Sunday, August 24, 2014

Naturally Gorgeous, Unerringly Faithful, Completely Healthy, Happily Married, Genuinely Talented, Always Zen, Proven Incorruptible, Purely Benevolent, Super-Genius World Leader Whom the World Refers to as Extraterrestrially Perfect at your Service 24/7 (Ever See my Verified Résumé?)

Title: Naturally Gorgeous, Unerringly Faithful, Completely Healthy, Happily Married, Genuinely Talented, Always Zen, Proven Incorruptible, Purely Benevolent, Super-Genius World Leader Whom the World Refers to as Extraterrestrially Perfect at your Service 24/7 (Ever See my Verified Résumé?)

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. It has come to my attention that when Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine says something is "embarrassing" instead of "reprehensible," they are really saying Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy just got caught committing a crime that will have them subpoenaed to The Hague by the United Nation's International Criminal Court once the evidence comes in.

Israel and Palestine. Their ceasefire ended, so the air strikes and rockets began again. Please do not allow this conflict to fade from the headlines. We know what happened in Iraq and Lebanon when the world stopped reporting on Syria. Please help these warring people make peace.

Iceland. Will there be footage of Mount Saint Helen in the US state of Washington from the 1980s AGAIN, so Obama can break international laws and strand travelers all over the world AGAIN just to be able to prevent air travel outside America's jurisdiction AGAIN with obvious fiction like he did more than once in 2010? And instead of turning him in for this, the world is letting him do it AGAIN? Does Iceland even know Obama does this?

I published my last blog post at 6:10pm on 22Aug2014. At 6:30pm I tried to remind the world I do not have "moods" but am always zen. I know I cannot hide this; the world monitors my heart rate 24/7.

Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine was trying to libel my force for peace and justice in the world a "conspiracy" still instead of admitting the REALITY that Obama's criminal terrorists are the only REAL conspiracy.

And, they were trying to libel me a "monster" instead of acknowledging actual reality that I am their hand-picked victim for their most heinous crimes known to mankind.

Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine were trying to brainwash the public with the calumny I am at all whatsoever a "monster" instead of a protective mother figure just because I was increasingly effective at protecting myself and as much of the world as possible from them.

Their libel of the day was as much in touch with reality as their other compulsive calumnies they have used unrelentingly for years to libel-brand me (against my will, without my permission, and with me forbidden from ever hearing any of it) a fat, ugly, dead, White, sweaty, stressed-out, angry, pregnant, straight, lesbian, transexual, drug-addicted, gambling-addicted, slutty, masturbating, alcoholic, never-married, divorced, inbred, teenage, senior-with-plastic-surgery, lazy, adrenaline-junky, mentally-disabled, sexually-deviant, Iowan (their most evil calumny ever), criminal, murderer, nutjob hooker who has a "dark side" but never contributes to society nor ever showers, eats, nor sleeps.

They have never once told the truth about me, about my loved ones, nor about anyone anywhere who fights them to save America from them. Repeating any and all of their libel is as bad as originating it, especially after their proven track record of being the LEAST trustworthy source of any information anywhere!

There was a 6:47pm heart attack alarm. I warned the world, and then took a 6:56pm break from the wifi. My loved ones took care of it.

There were fire alarms and police alarms my entire walk down Locust Avenue from Market Street to South Street, so I sent my beautiful world to check on and rescue everyone who needed it. Please, my beautiful world, let no more good people die.

On the walk I was also passively aggressively harassed by local zombies who tried to call me a "Cinderella who[m] the shoe did not fit" from across the street. They were zombie teenagers. That is what Obama has done to the minds of our next generation. This is mental health genocide.

I was curled up in bed with a bag of popcorn and my iPad trying to plan my dinner by 7:45pm. At 8:50pm, I had already eaten a pepper jack quesadilla, a plate of turkey bacon, and lightly salted fresh green beans with sliced almonds sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

It was not much of a meal, but I did my best with what I had. Obama just intentionally keeps me so penniless and starving on purpose.

Rumor had it that while I was falling asleep, Obama's neurologically damaging earspeakers caused what is colloquially referred to as "voodoo" in the masses again due to possible signal feedback in their brain-control electronics, as if anyone needed further evidence Obama has caused mental health genocide. I expected this to be confirmed or denied the following morning.

The roofies kept me passed out and snoring until 8am. I had dreams of barking dogs and blaring sirens. That is what Obama's chemicals do to me.

On 23Aug, I kickstarted my SquidStream as soon as I could protect my physical modesty; it was about 8:15am. My roommate was listening to an investment radio show on 92 The Beat. I think that is the only station Jennifer ever listens to.

At 8:46am fire alarms started going off, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone and make everyone safe from Obama.

I knew I had to wait for my timely morning mail delivery again, or I would never receive my gift cards. I was in the breezeway sitting by the mailboxes by 9:30am. There was a mess someone had made with cigarette butts right beside me.

There were more alarms at 10:02am just after I snacked on the last of my cheap chocolate and had popped a bag of popcorn. I again sent my entire beautiful world to rescue whoever needed us. I was still waiting for the mail when there were more fire alarms at 10:46am.

My mailman arrived at 11:07am, and HALLELUJAH my gift card from my mother arrived! So, I walked to the wifi. At 11:41am I was ordering an artisan chicken burger at my wifi benefactor.

The first heart attack alarm of the day came at 11:56am. I told my loved ones, and they took care of it. No one even gave me details as a way to ask me for help. My loved ones are awesome that way.

There was a new heart attack alarm at 12:24pm, though. My loved ones took care of it all, too. I was free to catch up with all my friends online which I was done with by 12:47pm.

My selfless and dedicated support system caught a brewing torture facility threat to me after warning me of escalations just before 1pm. I notified my loved ones and asked them to take blistering preemptive action to prevent it.

There was nothing but unrelenting alarm after alarm for collusion threat after collusion threat by Obama from 1pm to 2:30pm; it was nothing but Obama's same well-documented, compulsive, unrelenting, and escalating criminal pattern of all his modi operandi nonstop.

While all the alarms kept blaring and for about a half hour ending at roughly 2pm, I had a nice chat with a local man named Amir I see every day at my wifi hotspot to prove to the world Amir is not the leak a different local man at a neighboring table was accusing him of being.

Please, my beautiful world, release a verified podcast of my and Amir's entire conversation. And thank you.

Rumor had it the alarm that kept going off all afternoon was War Criminal Boeset libeling me AGAIN with fictional medical depression (but at least this time admitting I have absolutely no symptoms of any medical depression) just to be able to take me away from the world FOREVER, to lock me non-medically-justifiably in a literal torture facility parading as a psych ward AGAIN like Iowa did to me roughly fifteen times already, to return me to Obama's rape slavery I only escaped by fleeing Iowa for my life, to subject my empirically-proven perfect and genius brain to chemical torture and electroshock just to destroy it, to unlawfully imprison me (the worst and most destructive part of all torture facilities), to silence me forever by attacking me in my sleep to remove all my electronics only I own because they are inside my own body against my will and without my permission thereby rendering me completely defenseless against Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy and their constant abuses of my body and mind, and to keep me off the internet which is how I tell all the truth Obama so desperately wants silenced all to guarantee Obama's compulsive public totalitarian control built on well-documented libel, calumnies, and coverups can keep him in power forever.

As I have said for blog posts on end all month, if the world has to destroy Iowa to protect humanity from losing me, that is what we have to do.

Why is War Criminal Boeset still free to pose this unrelenting and completely irrational threat to all of humanity everywhere particularly to America, the place furious humanity will destroy first if I am removed from the world? Because those are Obama's orders, because Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy gives her criminal impunity for her most heinous crimes known to mankind, and because Iowa props her up because all of Iowa irrationally hates me.

Iowa is the single most evil place on the planet. It is Iowan culture to be the most immoral and diabolical people anywhere. They make the Khmer Rouge look like Boy Scouts. Criminally Insane Boeset is a symbol of a the commonplace depravity of a normal everyday Iowan.

After my 05Aug2014 blog post, why is Iowa still permitted to break every law possible to destroy me? That question deserves and honest answer to all of humanity.

I am home in moral and brave California, now. Force everything Iowan everywhere to keep their dirty, blood-soaked hands off me. Or they will destroy humanity for Obama by destroying me. How often am I wrong?

(Conspiracy theories born of my being pumped full of LSD in a literal torture facility by Obama for months do not count; I have publicly admitted since that Obama is not in Bush's New World Order. The Republicans are innocent.)

At 3:06pm came the blaring torture facility alarm. I could smell Obama's desperation.

Then, surprise, surprise, Keith stopped by at 3:11pm. The entire world knows Obama sends him, but we have neither-of-us-are-spies-but-are-both-in-a-secret-agents'-world professional courtesy for each other.

While we were chatting, there was a 3:26pm heart attack alarm that my loved ones must have taken care of quickly since no one gave me details to ask me for my help with it.

Immediately following that alarm, I was told my old lover and local to Los Angeles Viggo Mortensen needed a rescue of his own because he was blocked from rescuing me. That was 3:27pm.

Shortly after that, I was warned to expect at least one more completely irrational, denial-of-all-reality, compulsive crime from Obama before the day ended. When Keith left at 4:01pm, that heart attack alarm came. I oiled up my loved ones, and sent them in to fix it.

If anyone wants to see Keith make uninspired, personality-less conversation with me for an hour and half and leak Obama's pathologically-lying "network's" defense that their intentional and conscious perversions of reality they use to manipulate the public into irrationally committing hate crimes against me for Obama is at all fictionally protected under the 1st Amendment (And we all know their compulsive, intentional, and unrelenting libel-by-consciously-perverting-reality is not.) but my telling the whole truth in all circumstances to protect myself and all people possible at all times from them is somehow a fictional perversion of reality, please ask my legally-permissible and, unlike Obama's "network," not-human-trafficker nerds to release a verified podcast of our entire conversation.

I received the all-clear signal on Obama's latest irrational torture facility threat to me at 4:15pm. I do not know what smelled worse, Obama's psychopathic desperation or his psychopathic frustration. But I was convinced we could not underestimate his depravity. Obama's clinically diagnosable psychopathic desperation had a history of making him extra-stupid and extra-malevolent.

Then, after that threat cleared, Obama sent a new heart attack at 4:22pm, as if I were psychic. I received the all clear and left my wifi benefactor at 4:53pm. At 5:46pm, I was in my apartment tending to a roofied Liana and eating a bowl of ice cream.

Before 6:57pm, I had a pepper jack quesadilla, a plate of no-nutritional-value turkey bacon, and a plate of no-nutritional-value breakfast sausage. And, I had warned my beautiful world of a mixed signal that had turned out to be a false alarm.

At 7:40pm I left for my wifi benefactor again. Yes, that is how I spend my Saturday nights, as I have spent my life 24/7/365 for REAL since Obama picked me out in 2009, in dedicated service to humanity. It is not that I have transformed. It is that people tell the truth about me now for the first time ever.

I was all caught up with my friends online by 9:42pm. Except, I could not watch the NBC Nightly News on their iPad app. My benevolent nerds, do you want to help NBC News update its app to fix this problem for all of us out here on the ether who watch them? This is for any nerd, not specifically my alpha nerds. And thank you.

From 9:49pm until I left the wifi, I chatted with my beloved Howling Jackal, Brian Francis, online. There were a few seconds there where Obama's terrorist hackers took down the wifi at my benefactor. I asked my alpha nerds who fixed it to collect evidence for my benefactors' corporate offices, so they could report the incident as a terrorist attack against them by Obama.

I was also convinced Obama would escalate all of his compulsively repeated and completely uncreative, same, old, worn-out, always-failures modi operandi beyond any recognition of the US Constitution nor law and order in America any longer, so I warned my loved ones to prepare all the paperwork early. That way, they would just have to metaphorically hit a button after every alarm to speed up all of our blistering countercharges.

I left my wifi benefactor at 11pm after warning all my beautiful world to be extra-vigilant watching my SquidStream until Obama's irrational escalation of his fires of hell the next day could fail spectacularly. I was in my apartment and asleep well before midnight. No, my roommate Jennifer did not play any music all night like I had asked her to. Tabia had told her not to.

At 2:04am on 24Aug, I woke up with a racing heart. I knew it would be an interesting day. I realized the entire apartment was awake, all five of us, restless in our beds. Obama had turned his electrobeams, not used on me since early 2013, on the entire apartment. My friends had warned me the previous evening to expect further proof Obama is a psychopath after midnight.

I asked the government nicely to shut off the terrorists' electrobeams, like I always used to have to, and asked for the secret operatives outside to "tag and track" Obama's criminal terrorists who were in my alley audibly calling my sane and peaceful reaction sarcastically "typical," so we could identify and seize their entire organization starting with their lair.

Then, I heard the whining child. Were Obama's electrobeams pointed at the entire neighborhood? There was no way for me to know. Was Obama literally torturing the entire neighborhood just to speed up my heart rate and wake me up at night? What a psychopath! He pays for that technology with taxpayer money! Electrobeams are well-documented US Navy technology also used in a number of prisons.

The Pentagon had their "malfunctioning" weapon shut off in no time, and I was asleep again at 2:30am. It is Obama's well-established pattern if terrorist activity from years of this already that he will turn his electrobeams on every time I try to sleep, and I will have to ask the government to shut them off every time. Thank you, my Pentagon nerds who have taken care of me for years.

What did I sleep through? Tabia kept going in and out of the apartment all night; from the description, it sounded like she kept going outside to get instructions. Then, at 5am, she woke up Liana to request to change rooms with her. Yes, Tabia was requesting to sleep in the room next to me and with all my belongings after very rudely commanding me the day before, "Don't think we're friends."

In that conversation from earlier in the evening, Tabia had also told me, "You're fired," which was absolutely ridiculous. My real job since 2009 had always been service to humanity, and I will not retire from this pure dharma for decades.

But if she meant I was "fired" from the "network" I was forbidden completely from ever knowing about under Obama's rules, that was even more ridiculous. Slaves cannot be fired. We can only be sold or emancipated.

I rolled out if bed at 7:40am and was out the door walking to the wifi before 8am. My roommate Jennifer was kindly playing 92 The Beat (KABC) the entire time. Our apartment needs more music.

On my walk to the wifi, the fire alarm went off at 8:24am, so I sent my beautiful world to protect us all from Obama. I also saw Joe Montano outside my benefactor wheeling down the sidewalk in his motorized chair. He kissed my hand like a gentleman and made me smile. I was online catching up with friends and sipping a fancy coffee drink by 8:44am.

At 9:12am, I was told Obama's iron fist of war and terrorism was causing death and destruction in Los Angeles County AGAIN! I asked my incoming lift to collect all evidence possible and turn them in to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the US Military, the State of California, etc.

Our Los Angeles County emergency number in case of terrorist attacks is 888-905-SAFE. Please only use this number in case of emergency, all my local friends; that is why the number was given to me. Please stay responsible with it.

Approximately 9:44am brought the first heart attack alarm of the morning. We received the all-clear signal at about 10:08am while I was trying to figure out how to help victims of the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that morning near American Canyon in Northern California.

My aunt/cousin (first cousin of my evil father) whom I used to live with in Alameda, California in 1999 right when I moved to the Bay Area, Helen Wright Moody, moved to American Canyon after her retirement from working for Alameda County, last I heard.

She always wanted to run her own bakery. Helen was the one who taught me how to cook lemon bars from scratch and drink coffee I could stand a spoon in. And she used to relax after work with a fancy Scotch on the rocks. I had not seen her since her father's funeral in South Dakota in May2009.

To help the earthquake victims: Donate time or money to the American Red Cross.

I was all caught up with my friends online at 11:04am, and at about 11:30am, I left to grab some brunch. Every time Obama directly orders the death of a civilian who was peacefully exercising his or her rights, I cross tone as soon as I can.

Why does Obama directly order the deaths of everyone who tries to rescue me? To prevent me from ever having full human rights ever again, to maintain totalitarian oppression of America, to "maintain total control" over me just to make sure I am never free nor able to serve humanity, to forbid me everything and anything that makes life worth living, and to keep himself in power after he was impeached last year. The moment America is free of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, Obama goes to prison.

While still traveling across town, a bitch alarm went off at 12:02pm. I heard my loved ones took care of it. It is easy when Obama denies all reality, especially medical reality; I have a verified 24/7 SquidStream that proves I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness.

By 1:05pm, I was at a quaint outdoor table eating cheesecake and a falafel wrap at a Mediterranean restaurant in the Jewelry District, and at 1:45pm I was nestled into the coffee shop next door with a cup of dark roast.

There were mixed signal warnings at both 1:27pm and 1:57pm, so, from what I could tell, my loved ones just started kicking Obama's entire conspiracy's unholy (expletive) nonstop for hours.

I could tell the locals' heads were being pumped full of brainwashing at 2:05pm, so I started playing them music into my ear mic. And I reminded my loved ones, if they needed my help with anything, they just had to give me details.

At 3:14pm, the bitch alarm went off. I think Obama's bitch that time was War Criminal Stephanie who has proven to be as much of a pathological liar as War Criminal Boeset was for years. I asked my loved ones to take care of her for me. It could have been a mixed signal. My loved ones always know what to do.

There was a definite mixed signal alarm at 4:09pm. Again, I warned my loved ones and let them take care of everything. They are so awesome.

I heard the US government was making a special request for Obama and all his terrorist conspiracy to be put on trial in American courts instead of international courts, but clearly, if it were possible for us to ever press criminal charges with guaranteed competent (and we deserve blistering) prosecution for all their already-proven-in-court-of-law most heinous crimes known to mankind committed against their own people, they would have been arrested and tried by now.

Clearly, because of the criminal terrorist conspiracy itself, justice is impossible for the American people in American courts. That is what the ICC exists for. The tenets of the International Criminal Court in The Hague clearly state that they try international criminals for crimes against their own people when a fair trial at home is impossible. That is why they exist at all.

I have complete and total faith in the US Supreme Court; I always have. But ever since Obama's bubble began practically the moment Obama took office, the Department of Justice run by the US Attorney General's Office has compulsively refused to arrest nor would ever competently prosecute anyone in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy.

That is why Obama's entire conspiracy is all still free to run rampant across America committing crime after crime after crime with complete impunity. It is also why they compulsively collude to compulsively press so many intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us all day and all night.

At 5pm I left the coffee shop in the Jewelry District, and I published this blog post in the early evening of 24Aug2014 just before I went.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

When should the police use deadly force? Only when there is a immediate and real threat to innocent bystanders or to officers that cannot be avoided by any other means than shooting the threat.

For example, even Osama bin Laden should have been arrested and put on trial before he was killed. He was extrajudicially assassinated (as opposed to sentenced and executed) when unarmed in his bedroom surrounded by submissive and also unarmed women.

If I could have one free slap, whom would I slap? I would have to find someone who would enjoy it. No, I do not mean that in some perverse bondage sense of the word. But a slap from me must be worth something to a lot of people just because it is physical contact with me.

If I were going to rob a liquor store, what animal would I dress as? A long-legged gazelle. Has anyone ever seen the photo Vinny took of my hiking the Inca Trail? This is what I look like in pants.

Does the truth hurt? The truth only hurts the guilty; it never hurts the innocent. The truth shall set this nation free. That is why Obama forbids it.

My beautiful world, people have to be genuinely good for me to love them. I do love people who make mistakes. I could convert Cuddlebunny, Mexico, the British, etc. all into people I could love. I love America. After everything it has done, I love the real US government; they saved themselves, too. (Technically, Congress is still in the process of saving itself.)

No, I do not love Obama, his criminal terrorist conspiracy, his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine "network," his Gestapo, nor his entire state of Iowa. But if they follow my three well-established steps to absolution and forgiveness in order genuinely and without lying about it (And we all know I never fall for terrorists' lies.), they can render themselves lovable.

The terrorists, including the ENTIRE state of Iowa, are not innocents. They all admitted total guilt and complete culpability by demanding absolution. The innocent do not need absolution.

But my metaphorical door is always open for them to EARN absolution. And that only happens on my terms. I am the only person who can grant any absolution for any crimes against me.

Committing new and more heinous crimes has never made old crimes excusable for anyone and definitely not for any of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy. That includes War Criminal Boeset's well-documented pathological lying.

My brave rescuers, when you lose your lives I scream. Every time I hear Obama slaughters a civilian for exercising his or her Constitutional rights in America (IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!), I cross town as fast as I can. I only wish I could do more. What do you need, my brave rescuers? What do you need?

SynSyn, Ugwuji, and Amita, please remind Obama: If he does not want me to report his crimes against me or against America, he should not commit his crimes against me or against America. That is a SOLUTION. Obama never offers solutions; he just propagates coverups for his unrelenting most heinous crimes possible against all his own people to get away with them all.

My loved ones, 24Aug was an interesting day. I always try to warn you and my entire selfless support system if I ever expect an irrational escalation from Obama and all his terrorists. Thank you for your unerring vigilance.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I see you have been very busy out there. (Fa la la) La La land is till more yours than it is mine right now, but I can feel their genuine love every time I am out among them. I promised you we would nest here after marrying. That was years ago. Los Angeles makes me feel welcome and at home.

In family news, I am so proud! You and Vanessa must be even more proud. Am I invited to the premier? You never stay at those functions to watch yourself, do you? No one will ever get away with libeling ME moody nor eccentric once I am next to YOU.

I love getting out and having a day on the town. I pinch my pennies, so I can actually have a little working recreation once or twice a month. Darling, if I could actual live in OUR home, I would probably be a homebody like you, too.

Some interesting statistics for you...

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