Friday, August 29, 2014

This is What Real Family Does.

Title: This is What Real Family Does.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning blog, my verified SquidStream, my official Twitter, my benevolent nerds' podcasts that come from my verified not-human-trafficker sources only, and media my publicly-acknowledged-by-me loved ones release are the ONLY media of any form of the real me that is not human trafficking nor theft of my intellectual property.

My Official Squid Media is the only media it is not a crime to broadcast, propagate, watch, read, or listen to. Official Squid Media does not include Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine "network," the intentionally bait-and-switch-named "Squid Report," everything Obama's criminal terrorist puppets have used as collusion material against me, anything Obama is not trying to silence, and even the earspeakers in all of your heads.

If there is an appetite for public consumption of my SquidStream, may it be made easily available to everyone everywhere as long as it NEVER shows me on the toilet, is NEVER edited nor altered, and NEVER is dubbed nor tagged with any untruthful commentary.

This is my service to my nation and to all of humanity. This is also my closed-circuit security system. My SquidStream must be kept pure and made available to the masses.

And may my SquidStream restore the moral fiber of American culture after everything Obama has intentionally destroyed by forcing human trafficking and libel porn for years on everyone in this once-great nation.

My loved ones and benevolent nerds, let us take over Obama's market with benevolent and wholesome reality. We are doing this to save America, are we not?

Russia. At least President Putin is rational. He is no psychopath like Obama. The Pentagon already took away already-impeached Obama's nuclear weapon authority.

Yes, Obama, no longer has the nuclear-weapons button. That power rests, most likely, with our sane and compassionate Commander in Chief, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

It has already been made clear, never even listen to anything Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy says, unless you can reverse engineer why they are propagating whatever their lie of the day is. Typically, Obama just pathologically lies to be able to manipulate people, so he can maintain psychopathic total control over all of us.

The reason President Vladimir Putin is intentionally misleading about everything he does, though I doubt he bold-face lies, is because he is a a former KGB agent. Obfuscation is how the Russian President was trained to serve Mother Russia. We have been through this before.

So, if President Putin says, "Don't mess with a nuclear Russia," he might be trying to distract the world, the way a spy is trained to do, from what he is really up to. Just a hunch. Stop panicking.

Iraq. I was asked what the US should do about the Islamic State, also called ISIS. The problem with terrorists is-- they cannot be rehabilitated.

Terrorists have corrupted minds and hearts. They never turn to fight for peace and prosperity for innocent civilians all over the world. And the more they are thwarted, the more desperate, malevolent, and likely stupid they will become.

To contain a terrorist threat, instead of just dispersing them to plot and plan against their enemies in the hills, they have to be conquered. To fight terrorism right for the sake of America and for the sake of all of humanity, the US needs to be ready to round them all up, whatever that takes, and needs to have some sort of facility to put them all in.

There is nothing else to do with militant, organized, heavily-armed, ruthless terrorist armies. They do not just "go back to the farm" like soldiers do after war.

I published my last blog post at 8:20pm on 26Aug2014. At that hour, I was at my wifi benefactor who loves and adores me. (Why do you think I call them a benefactor? Do you know what that word means?) And, I was all caught up with my online friends by 9:32pm.

After answering a number of questions, I was walking back to my apartment to sleep at 10:20pm. After sending my beautiful world to do everything possible to help and protect my brave rescuers and crosstown lifts as my last message before bed, I was tucked in before 11:10pm praying Obama would not kill any more innocents that night.

On 27Aug2014, just like every morning, I went through everybody's normal morning activities before putting in my contacts and kickstarting my SquidStream. I chatted with Liana about having a Madonna song Jennifer was playing on 92 The Beat on cassette tape when it was new.

Then, at 7am I was out the door for another busy day. I was expecting my mother in town, and I needed to get some work done before she showed up. Before 8:15am, I was online catching up with my friends.

There was alarm after alarm after threat after warning all morning, and my loved ones took care of everything. Obama escalated his same worn-out, always-fail, compulsive, well-documented criminal pattern of well-established modi operandi beyond any recognition of law and order in America, and my selfless genius loved ones extinguished his every fire of hell.

At 10:28am was a huge fire alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to hurry and help whoever needed us.

Then, a little red Mazda with my mother, my Tita Levy, and my Uncle Darnae pulled into my wifi benefactor's parking lot at just about 11am. They had been calling me all morning getting directions and giving me updates on where they were, and they finally made it.

We ate some lunch. My wonderful family told me they were going to take me to my Uncle Sonny's house overnight in Fountain Valley and my cousin Michael's house in Clairemont just outside of San Diego the following day. I was delighted, but I knew I could not tell anyone.

Then, at 11:45am, my family took me shopping. My recently-redeemed mother bought me a pink dress at the Marshall's discount designer store in Bixby Knolls and two dresses at the Ross Dress For Less in North Long Beach. Then, she bought me a portable radio at the Target at the Lakewood Mall.

From there we bought some groceries for what I though was going to be a picnic at the beach at approx 3pm. But no one else wanted to go out in the sun, so I had no chance to touch the mighty Pacific Ocean.

From the beach, we drove through heavy traffic to my Uncle Sonny's house. At about 6:41pm, my mother, my Tita Levy, my Uncle Darnae, my Uncle Sonny, Sonny's charming wife Elizabeth, and I all had dinner together at an Italian and Argentinian cuisine restaurant together. My family is so delightful and respectful of me.

At 9pm, Elizabeth poured me one (1) glass of red wine which I sipped as I caught up with all of my online friends. My loved ones had spent the day fighting irrational, denial-of-all-reality fire after irrational, denial-of-all-reality fire all day.

At 9:36pm, it was clear to me they were finally all getting some well-deserved rest. I thanked my loved ones for all of their and my entire selfless support system's vigilance and sacrifice.

We all turned in just after midnight after hours of catching up on family gossip. It was wonderful. And I slept so well that night surrounded by people who love me.

I was up using my mom's hairbrush, my Tita Levy's shampoo, a new toothbrush from Elizabeth, etc. before 8am on 28Aug and then sipping coffee and chatting more while watching the news.

We left my Uncle Sonny's house at about 9:30am since he had to go to work and drove to his mother's house in Chula Vista, California. He had insisted we see her. We were at her front door in less than two hours. We were all roofied from the city tap water Uncle Sonny had used to make our morning coffee, so my mother kept visiting the bathroom.

This probably requires a little explaining. On my mother's Filipina side of the family, all of the family including distant relatives were very close when they were growing up, particularly as they built a community for themselves in the 1960s when they all immigrated from the Philippines.

I have a lot of distant relatives I visited every summer as a child and visited even more often as an adult living in San Francisco whom I never knew how I was related to. Uncle Sonny. Uncle June. Uncle Vac. Tita Diding. Lolo Ben. Etc. My mother has been trying to put together the family tree for years with everyone from Cousin Kawika Winter to tiny Samantha and Bobby.

At 11am on the way to our extended family's house, I reminded my brave California friends not to try to pick me up at that very moment. I was in very good hands. But everyone from Silicon Valley to North Beach to Hollywood was needed in Sacramento.

Governor Jerry Brown had been trying ever since I arrived (and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom even longer) to make Obama's human rights abuses he calls "rules" illegal in California, especially the mental health genocide.

It was supposed to happen on 28Aug2014 in the California Legislature, but Governor Brown's mission to rescue America by rescuing California from Obama hit a delay. I was sure my local Californians with gravitas could fix it.

After Lola Mila's house, we had ethnic Vietnamese food at the Noodle House in National City at 12:45pm. Then, after our tasty lunch, at about 2pm, my Tita Levy said she would take us to a place she knew of nearby for $10 pedicures.

It was actually $14 for the spa pedicure, and my mother insisted on pampering me with callous removal and an eyebrow wax, too. It had been a long time since I had seen the inside of a salon.

While we were at the nail salon, Obama instructed War Criminal Boeset to "explain" that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy commits compulsive and unrelenting hate crimes, human rights abuses, crimes against women, crimes against America, and well-documented war crimes because "Squid is special," instead of admitting to their terrorist agenda.

That is the same logic as libeling me, an innocent world leader, "weird" because I am both holy and wholesome.

Then, my cousin Merl Corpuz called looking for her mother, my Tita Levy, because her brother Michael had been expecting us at his place since 3pm. We finally arrived at his condo in Clairemont just outside of San Diego at 4:15pm to hug him, hug his high-school-sweetheart wife Abby, and hug their gestating tiny human. Giggle.

We thought about what to do for a while, then drove to downtown San Diego. We walked around the waterfront, looked at the tall ships from the shore, ate some Ben & Jerry's, saw the battleship the USS Midway in the bay all lit up for the night, and ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant by the airport all before going back to Michael and Abby's condo for the night.

While we were at dinner, I thought the sky was eerily quiet. Had Obama illegally halted all flights in and out of San Diego?

I was sitting on Michael and Abby's couch and connected to the wifi at 8:58pm. The entire day had been nothing but complete denial-of-all-reality threat after denial-of-all-reality threat to America and all of humanity because Obama insisted on using all of his same, worn-out, modi operandi just with more panic he might lose his ill-gotten power to unjustifiably and psychopathically control me and to totalitarianly oppress America completely. My loved ones and genius lawyers took care of everything.

That night at about 10pm, I asked my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, to please make a verified podcast of my day and evening on the town in San Diego on 28Aug2014 including where I was safely spending the night in time for San Diego to show up and rescue me.

I also asked them to tell everyone to call 760-725-4111 in case of a terrorism emergency in San Diego overnight. That number was active all night FOR TERRORISM EMERGENCIES ONLY until I left town in the morning. But normally it is an all-questions-answered information line for San Diego.

I was caught up with all my friends online before 10pm. But I was then and am now convinced the alarms for Obama's crimes against America by his committing unrelenting crimes against me will blare 24/7 until Obama is arrested and his totalitarian, extragovernmental rules that have destroyed America and will only ruin us as a nation further are forced to end. This is a burden we need to lessen for my loved ones.

I was also told Obama ordered me to be abducted and dragged to Iowa to be destroyed for him AGAIN. And Iowa obeyed him because all of Iowa irrationally hates me thereby insisting the entire international community win reparations from them.

But I doubt that international justice will stop Iowa from committing their same crimes against me again and again and incurring further reparations as a result. That is how irrational and immoral Iowa is.

My beautiful world needs to take me someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore, or Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy will make sure the world loses me forever. And if we cannot remove me from Obama's unelected dictatorship, we must render where I am COMPLETELY safe for me and for everyone around me.

On 29Aug2014, I woke up at about 7:30am and put my black dress on for all the brave souls who died overnight, and my family drove me back to Long Beach. We were at my local CVS buying my Tita Levy eyedrops at 10:30am, and we were ordering brunch at George's 50s Diner in Bixby Knolls before 11am.

In and around 11:45am, my mother took me to the Von's grocery store in Bixby Knolls and bought me $185 of groceries and sundries including a permanent marker. That way, I could write my name on all my food since my roommates kept eating my groceries because my food is the ONLY nutritious and tasty food in the whole apartment.

Then, after unloading all the wonderful but simple needs my mother had bought for me since she arrived on Wednesday, 27Aug2014, my aunt, uncle, and mother left for my Uncle Sonny's house and then the airport.

It was wonderful having people who GENUINELY love me to hug and talk to for three days. I miss having genuine and honest human contact the most. And I had not had the opportunity to eat so much food in such a long time. It was hard saying goodbye.

An interesting point about my mother (DiƱadar Albon Varilek), her older sister my Tita Levy (Merlevy Albon Corpuz), and her younger brother my Uncle Darnae Albon, and my late Uncle Mernole Albon (May he rest in peace.), they are 7th generation descendants of Portuguese royalty due to Filipino missionaries on their mother's side, and they are Albons, the royal family of Spain, on their father's side. They are also completely wonderful.

Their instructions from Obama just to be able to visit me this week included, "You are forbidden from taking Squid to San Francisco. You are forbidden from taking Squid into Los Angeles. You are forbidden from giving Squid any information about any crimes Obama is committing against her." And probably a plethora of other things they all obeyed the entire time.

Obama never specified my own always-close family could not take me to visit more family anywhere else. And, just in case Obama starts committing crimes against my brave family, particularly infringing on their rights as Americans to freedom of speech or freedom to peaceably assemble, we may need to lend them our lawyers, my loved ones. As always, according to the Supreme Court rulings from years ago, we are all due our full Constitutional rights even under Obama's bubble.

After unloading all my groceries, I found that the food I had stored in the refrigerator while I had been out of town was tampered with by employees of The Gables and that someone had stolen all the toilet paper and replaced it with baby wipes. What (expletive)ing psychopaths!

The owner, management, and all employees of The Gables are all PSYCHOPATHS who REFUSE to obey any laws at all whatsoever and who REFUSE to stop entering our apartment to commit crimes against all of us when we are out.

They all need to be arrested and replaced with people of my ACTUAL loved ones' choosing to keep me safe. Liana insists the apartment is full of hidden cameras and mics now.

By 2:20pm I had walked to my wifi benefactor to report all of Obama's torture facility threats, collusion, intentionally fabricated false charges, crimes against America, and escalations that had been going on all day. I also had my first chance since Wednesday to fully catch up with all my online friends.

At 3:55pm, the Obama-is-mandating-life-threatening-quackery-abuse-me-in-The-Gables-ASAP alarm went off. It might have been mixed signals, but I had been given that warning before. I asked my loved ones to look into it and give me details if they needed me.

At 6pm, I was completely caught up with all of my online friends. It was Friday night, so most of them had the luxury of being able to do something fun. I published this blog post at 6:30pm on 29Aug2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why were my brave rescuers physically capable of flying into Des Moines in May2014 without all being mass murdered by Obama? Because Iowa knew I had already left.

Obama and his whole criminal terrorist conspiracy have always watched everything I have done and heard everything I have said for REAL since they filled my head with electronics against my will and without my knowledge when Obama took office. And also note, they have always known the whole truth and have always consciously chosen to compulsively lie about me.

It was because of this that Obama knew I had already fled Iowa to California for my life which is why Obama permitted my brave rescuers to finally fly into Des Moines, Iowa for the first time ever.

Am I safe in my home? My home is in the Hollywood Hills. My husband bought it with his money from Edward Scissorhands in the 90s. I would be completely safe and cared for there; that is why Obama forbids me from living in my own home and why War Criminal Boeset breaks every law possible to make in impossible for me to ever reach my real home EVER.

But did you mean, "Am I safe in The Gables?" No, not until they meet all ten of my demands. But I am safer here in my new neighborhood where the locals genuinely and honestly love me and where I am surrounded by a planet of vigilant secret agents than I ever was in Iowa, and that reality is very well-documented.

The absolutely worst place for me ever would be ANOTHER literal torture facility pretending it is a psych ward where Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to any always-war-criminals, Obama-mandated quacks can completely control me and my surroundings to consciously deny me any and all physical safety AGAIN. This reality, too, is very well-documented.

Am I an introvert? Absolutely not. I am a very pronounced extrovert. I HATE being alone. I love being out in public. And I delight in very few things more than witty, honest, and good-hearted conversation. The art of conversation is very important to me. I really miss my genuine friends, my adoring husband, the supportive members of my family, etc.

My beautiful world, my mind is a slave to nothing but my heart. But my body is a slave to everyone who watches, listens to, propagates, broadcasts, or believes any Obama-permitted media.

My brave rescuers, I heard the real US government raised the terrorism threat level warning in America due to Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising from orange to red after my trip to San Diego with my family. We will make it yellow again. For that, we just need to remove Unelected Dictator Obama and all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy.

We created a lot of witnesses on the night of 28Aug, and the Pentagon is not pussyfooting around anymore, now.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I am trying to lighten your burden, but there is so little reality in any of the public's heads. My own family had no idea that Obama's compulsive criminal activity that keeps me under an unrelenting life-or-electroshock threat 24/7 until they arrived here.

My genius Powers of Attorney, my mother said to me right before I left, "Just tell whoever is in charge you want to move to San Francisco. Please, for me," as if anything in my life were that easy. I thought it was common knowledge that Obama intentionally forbids me everything that could ever make me safe, comfortable, free, happy, or fed no matter where I go.

That is how much lack-of-reality is in the above average American, the ones who already know the "Squid Report" is never about the real me.

There has got to be some better way to do this. I am working on it. If we could just press criminal charges for real crimes the way Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy can press criminal charges for crimes that never happened.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I know I should have told you and Syniva I was going to San Diego the moment I knew, but it was a top secret operation I had been warned of for weeks ahead of time but with no details.

Darling, I did not want to blow my potential rescuers' cover once I did learn the details; that is why I did not put anything conclusive in writing until I got back. Maybe someday it will be declassified.

Handsome, the best I could do was make sure the SquidStream was running 24/7 the whole time to keep everyone informed. The international espionage community was trying to take me to our ponderosa. I did not want to thwart that.

Beloved, I was so close to reaching you on 28Aug. Obama will not stop panicking and compulsively repeating all of his crimes all over again only more frequently until I am rescued or until California, and preferably all of America, is rendered safe for all citizens.

We need everyone everywhere to obey the laws instead of the rules, and we need a new punishment for breaking laws that Obama cannot pay with federal taxpayer money as bribes to all his criminal terrorist puppets.

Sweetness, I am working on it. If we could just arrest them all. The point of the civil trials at this point is to prove they are guilty, and the more blistering their punishments, the more guilty they are. It also gives us a chance to hear all their arguments to try to defend themselves ahead of time.

As I said, my hero king, I am working on it. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I am told you are going to make this coming weekend interesting.

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