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Obama (Expletive)s Everyone who Obeys Him the Hardest, And You Know how Hard he (Expletive)s Me.

Title: Obama (Expletive)s Everyone who Obeys Him the Hardest, And You Know how Hard he (Expletive)s Me.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. What was the original title to this post? Iowa is not Full of Metaphorical Chickens, Unless "Chickens" Means "Diabolical, Soulless, Irrefutably-Evil, Pathologically-Lying, Unrelentingly-Criminal Entire Population Hellbent on Destroying Humanity!"

Liberia. Lies make everything worse.

Iraq. He was an American hero of freedom of the press. Dare I say, he was a martyr for human rights. The human importance of delivering the truth to the masses drove James Foley into the thick of some of the most God-forsaken crises on the planet time and time again. We should celebrate our journalists who risk everything for the truth.

I published my last blog post at 10:25am on 19Aug2014. And it looks like it immediately had an effect. We had to wait all of the way until 11:44am for a police alarm. I asked my loved ones to check on all of us but my brave rescuers first.

At noon there were mixed signals all over the place, so I asked my beautiful world to thoroughly check on all of us again. We need to make sure there is NEVER AGAIN a threat to EVER send me back to Iowa for further rape slavery and guaranteed electroshock, NEVER AGAIN a threat to lock me in ANY torture facility, NEVER AGAIN ANY MORE collusion against me, NEVER AGAIN a threat from Obama to murder innocent Americans exercising our rights, and NEVER AGAIN an intentional perversion of reality used to collude against me nor to manipulate the masses.

Of course, Obama tried every heinous crime in his established arsenal of modi operandi at noon, including his terrorist puppets trying to excuse the FACT they collude against me, rape me, human traffic me, etc. with their pathological lie that they "love" me.

That is one of Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy's most abused lies, and they use that calumny so often it counts as a modus operandi now.

I was also pretty sure that at noon a crosstown lift or many lifts were stopped by Obama's terrorists again.

At about 1pm, we had an escalation warning. And at about 1:30pm I heard a mixed signal that might have been a torture facility threat warning. I sent my beautiful world to check on it.

We always ere on the side of caution. Obama has proven he is too depraved for us to let our guard down until he and all his terrorist conspiracy are completely contained.

At 2:32pm I had caught up with all my friends online, so at 2:49pm I took a break from the internet for the world to catch up with my blog and for my loved ones to catch up on their follow through.

There was a 2:42pm heart attack alarm before I could get out the door. My loved ones immediately took care of it. I was back at my apartment by 3:30pm, and I had eaten dinner and was done with my siesta by 6:15pm.

Dinner was all no-nutritional-value foods that War Criminal Stephanie provided for the apartment weeks ago: turkey bacon, breakfast sausage, eggs, and toast. I made the conscious choice to make the groceries I have to buy for myself last one day longer.

I was down Locust Ave. and sitting at my wifi benefactor by 7pm. I have no illusions about my loved ones and support system. I know they keep putting out metaphorical fires even while I sleep.

Apparently, they extinguished a massive collusion attempt by Obama against me during my nap. Please show my entire support system my love for me.

I started catching up with my friends again once I reached my wifi hotspot. Apparently, most of the brainwashed public was having problems distinguishing between real images of me and collusion images of me. That is so easy.

My beautiful world, only trust images, videos, commentary, etc. that come from sources on the independent presses' complete and frequently updated list of all trustworthy and verified sources online and off. You can contact your local news station for this complete list.

Please note, Obama's libel and human trafficking "network" was never on the list nor has Obama ever been nor even his earspeakers.

I also learned that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad was begging for my forgiveness. If anyone ever read my blog during my years of unrelenting abuse and the most heinous crimes known to mankind from Iowa, you would know Gov. Branstad actually tried to declare Iowa bubble-noncompliant, but he never took real action beyond symbolism (like speaking to my face or asking the national guard to just put me in a helicopter and fly me out).

Also, after I made it clear on a number of occasions I would bring the first great Iowa renaissance if the public would just acknowledge reality to my face, all they did was escalate their hate crimes against me.

Des Moines, Iowa actually set up a website for the public to register possible collusion attempts against me for a prize of approximately $40,000 if someone could successfully destroy my pristine reputation enough to unlawfully imprison me as an act of war against America.

And the public consciously chose to actively participate in Polk County's collusion contest; even though, I had simultaneously offered $250M to whoever would just pick me up and deliver me to my husband, brave rescuers, BFF, or any other safe place where Obama could not hurt me anymore.

And, after Gov. Branstad thought he could silence my righteous outrage at the disgusting state of Iowa by declaring Iowa bubble-noncompliant without telling anyone in the public, the Iowa Democrats lead by Spawn-of-Iowa Jack Hatch sued the governor over it in a corrupt Iowa court to try to impeach him and started writing and passing state legislation to make their proven war crimes, hate crimes, crimes against women, crimes against America, and acts of war they had been committing for YEARS unchecked "legal" and Iowa-mandated there.

I might forgive Gov. Terry Branstad if he goes through all three steps required to earn forgiveness from me, but just today, like they do all day every day, Polk County, Iowa attempted more of their trademark most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

If the Iowa governor wanted to convince me he ever gave a damn about me, why has he not locked up War Criminal Boeset in a padded cell for the rest of her life yet, cleaned all the corruption out of Iowa at every level, and come to me to my face to apologize?

Sorry, Iowa, I was in Iowa among you for years. You will never fool me with your calumnies and coverups, and I am the only person who can grant absolution. You must follow ALL THREE STEPS to absolution in order.

California genuinely and sincerely loves me and fights for me. This TRUTH is very well documented. Leave me alone here, Iowa. And do not pretend my beautiful world will not destroy you to save me from you, Iowa, if you continue insisting on committing more crimes against me.

By 8pm I had caught up with all my friends online. That night Obama tried AGAIN to coverup further war crimes against me by pretending I have any medical depression at all whatsoever. Luckily, truth, logic, science, and medical reality prevailed in the courtroom; otherwise, we would have had to go after ANOTHER dirty judge. I experienced so many dirty judges in Polk County, Iowa.

We had it all resolved by 9:22pm. I love and adore my loved ones and entire support system.

I was also told my brave rescuers were supposed to expect a double threat overnight into the next morning, so I asked all my beautiful world to take care of them and prevent any of them from dying.

What else did I learn? Obama was irrationally accusing Jim of espionage AGAIN! Obama has never proven to be more delusional and paranoid. Jim is an obvious local homeless man whom the British openly admit they hired to be my friend and make friendly conversation with me.

Jim is much too old to be an operative. And have you seen the pension plans MI6 agents have? Jim is far too penniless to be a retired British agent. Have you seen his cheap fake teeth?

Yes, Jim did once try to convince me he was a spy, so he could sleep with me. Keith tried that, too. The entire world knows I never fall for obvious lies. I finally received the all clear on Jim at about 9:30pm.

It felt like the calm before the storm after that. At about 10:12pm, I asked my loved ones to look at all of Obama's compulsively repeated modi operandi, prepare any and all paperwork necessary to prevent any threats from reaching any of us (so they would just have to hit a button after an alarm), and then try to get some sleep.

Ready for anything from Obama and refusing to underestimate his depravity, I left my wifi hotspot at 10:30pm and walked back to my apartment. At 11:12pm, I was curled up in bed, eating cheap chocolate that was on sale at Von's the previous day, and wondering to myself why my roommate Liana was behaving disgustingly and literally perverted enough to ask my shower schedule. That was unlike her.

(She actually asked me if I bathe instead of shower when I always shower; that is how little reality there is in EVERYONE who cares if I shower.) Calm down; I know Liana loves me. Unlike, EVERY employee of The Gables, we can trust Liana.

I was asleep in no time. And I pray all my loved ones were able to have as much rest as I did. On 20Aug, I was up and done in the bathroom by 8:20am. I ate a bowl of yogurt and granola (all groceries I have to buy for myself with my own meager pennies) and was online at my wifi hotspot by 9:20am.

While I was catching up with my friends online, there was a mixed signal at 9:35am. I was convinced already that my all my crosstown lifts were stopped, but there may have also been a torture facility alarm. I sent my loved ones and entire support system to check on everyone.

At 10:14am there were a simultaneous heart attack alarm and torture facility alarm. I asked my loved ones to check on me and give me details if they need me. My loved ones took care of it; truth, logic, and medical reality always prevail in non-corrupted courts.

Then, at 10:52am, my support system caught Obama escalating his collusion for both torture facility threats and intentionally fabricated false charges against me. My loved ones took blistering preemptive action.

But Obama just kept repeating his same compulsive pathologically-lying crime of collusion to coverup further war crimes against me in further torture facilities all morning AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

I recommended my loved ones contain not just Obama and his directly responsible terrorist puppets for all these repeated crimes but also their dirty lawyers, county court puppets, everyone taking money to coverup Obama's war crimes.

I was caught up with all my friends online by noon.

Then, Obama repeated the most despicable compulsive crime he ever attempted against me AGAIN! At 12:11pm, he tried to adult-nap me and drag me to the most evil place on the planet anywhere, Iowa, for my GUARANTEED rape slavery and destruction with electroshock there.

I am not (expletive)ing around. Iowa needs to be COMPLETELY DESTROYED by my beautiful world now, or they will NEVER stop being a direct threat to all of humanity by compulsively remaining a direct threat to me.

ALLOW ABSOLUTELY NO IOWANS TO SURVIVE! We need a PERMANENT solution to beyond-despicable Iowa obeying Obama's every psychopathic whim, AND WE NEED IT NOW!

And then at 1:21pm Obama tried AGAIN to return me to THE MOST EVIL PLACE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED ON EARTH, contemporary Iowa. Iowa needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth forever!

I am a very well-established pacifist who has consistently forgiven the British, Mexico, Cuddlebunny, a lot of humans who committed some the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me for Obama, and I forgave them all because they chose to take all three of my necessary and well-established process to earn my forgiveness.

If a constantly-zen, peace-loving, well-established-to-be-forgiving woman like me has to scream, "DESTROY!" to get any protection at all, it should be clear to the entire world how heinous Iowa truly is. I never even say that about Obama nor his criminal terrorist Gestapo.

Clearly, Iowa will NEVER do anything but break every law in existence and pathologically lie about it just to be able to coverup their unrelenting dedication to destroying me completely and thereby destroying all of humanity. (America would be the first place destroyed after me if I were ever returned to Iowa.)

If Iowa must be completely destroyed to save all of humanity from them, that is what we must do. Take all necessary action, my beautiful world. The world and America are too important for Iowa to continue to be permitted to pretend it they can even have an opinion of me, least of all faux-authority over anything in my life.

Early in the afternoon, we also had to defend the 1st Amendment rights of all Americans everywhere AGAIN against Obama's rampant human rights abuses and totalitarian oppression of this entire once-great nation.

It clearly states in the 1st Amendment itself that "Congress shall pass no laws" that ever infringe on any rights spelled out in the Amendment, and presidential power to write executive orders has NEVER included authority to write his own extralegislative rules and definitely NEVER to enforce them with an extragovernmental "task force" of criminal terrorists.

Obama NEVER had the authority to build his unconstitutional bubble around me with his extensive totalitarian human rights abuses against me and against all of America he calls rules.

No actual government entity is willing to enforce Obama's extralegislative rules except for already-proven-to-be-Obama's-terrorist-conspirator Eric H. Holder, Jr. who has no legal authority to do so because the rules are not laws.

And EVERY federal court and the Supreme Court in particular has ALWAYS stood up and defended our REAL Constitutional rights against Obama's rules every time anyway, so I do not know why Obama keeps sending his extragovernmental criminal terrorist "task force" (colloquially called Obama's Gestapo) to "arrest" innocent Americans exercising our Constitutional rights all the time.

Obama's unconstitutional, extralegislative, and (since Obama was impeached last year) extragovernmental rules have NEVER been enforceable nor defensible. This entire once-great nation needs to save itself by uniformly refusing to suffer under them any longer. Save us all, America. Save us all from Obama.

At 1:24pm, I heard Obama was trying to libel me and my husband divorced. Talk about irrational calumnies without even a facade of reality!

How many times have I told the entire world to ONLY listen to people on the independent presses' complete list of all verified and accurate sources online and off? The only people permitted to publicly comment on our sacred marriage are me and my husband ourselves.

Repeating Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine's unrelenting calumnies about anything and everything in my life is as bad as starting their lies, especially if the calumnies and obvious coverups come from established pathological liars like War Criminal Boeset, Obama's human trafficking "network," any and every employee at The Gables, the mind-control earspeakers in all of America's heads, or Obama himself.

The alarm went off again at roughly 1:45pm. Obama's direct threats to me, America, and all of humanity will NEVER END until Obama and all his conspiracy are removed from society forever. I do not know why anyone pretends there can be any other peaceful solution.

We need to arrest them all, including Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army and all his criminal terrorist puppets everywhere in the world, before people start volunteering to take matters into their own hands. If I were them, I would be fearing a "malfunctioning" of the Rods from God right about now.

Just before 2:00pm, simultaneous police and torture facility alarms went off. I know my loved ones were overwhelmed from Obama's unrelenting and heinous compulsive crimes all day long.

So, I suggested they ask the courts to make these latest crimes by Obama wait until after all of his previous crimes from the day were completely prosecuted. Yes, I asked the courts to create a queue for processing all of Obama's crimes against me to guarantee justice be served.

At 2:05pm, the heart attack alarm went off again. At 2:27, we received yet another warning Obama was about to escalate more crimes against all of humanity by escalating victimizing me.

Then, at 2:32pm, praying my loved ones could handle it all without me sitting at the wifi connection, I had to take a break to get some food. I was too penniless to eat at my wifi benefactor. I used what was left of my Von's gift card to buy some cheap, Americanized Chinese food, a jar of peanut butter (Giggle.), and all the fresh green beans possible.

I was back at my apartment waiting for the cool breezes of evening by 4:45pm. By 6:15pm I was curled up in bed trying to take a short nap. But the fire alarms went off at 5:23pm, 6:23pm, 6:35pm, and 6:38pm, so I was about to go out to take care of it when we received the all clear at 6:42pm.

At 7pm, I set out as usual for my wifi benefactor. There must have been a spring in my step the entire walk because I was seated and connected to the internet by 7:36pm. I was caught up with all my friends online by 9pm.

Jim was not around. I, in fact, had not seen him since Monday morning, 18Aug, and this was Wednesday night, 20Aug. A reliable source told me, "The bear went over the mountain."

So, I was pretty sure Jim went back to a more secure home than hanging around Long Beach living in his van and being constantly libeled by Obama to make everyone irrationally hate and attack him.

At approximately 10:15pm, I walked back to my apartment, chatted with Liana, ate some cheap chocolate, and went to sleep. It was a very uneventful night. I know that was likely due to the vigilance and thoroughness of my loved ones.

On 21Aug2014, I was awake at about 6:30am, and I would like to say it was my husband who woke me up. I have explained this before. Johnny Angel and I have a bit of a psychic connection.

I had a typical morning. Everyone knows I choose to keep my morning rituals as private as possible. I have pronounced physical modesty. By 8am, I was at my wifi hotspot chatting with my neighbor Joe Montano about how he prefers tall, leggy blondes.

Yes, I was online on Thursday, 21Aug, just in time for the 8:09am heart attack alarm. It turned out to be another completely irrational denial of all real science and medicine by Obama to coverup his further war crimes against me in ANOTHER literal torture facility.

Obama compulsively commits the same crimes all day every day. How does anyone anywhere explain allowing his obvious pattern of compulsive criminal activity go as far as it does every time he commits the same threat to humanity by victimizing me OVER and OVER and OVER again?

My loved ones mitigated the completely irrational threat quickly, but at 8:31am there was ANOTHER heart attack alarm announcing ANOTHER literal torture facility threat by Obama.

I suggested to my loved ones that they ask the courts to start a queue, so we could exact full justice after EVERY compulsive and irrational crime by Obama before processing his next one.

Obama refused to relent, though, and at 8:51am was another complete-denial-of-all-reality heart attack alarm! It was also a bitch alarm.

I am still trying to figure out what the bitch alarm means, but I was pretty sure it meant some ugly White woman who is a terrorist puppet of Obama with conspiracy-proving impunity granted by US Attorney General Holder was committing Obama's compulsive crimes against America by victimizing me for him.

The official denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility alarm came at 9:09am. Rumor had it War Criminal Boeset was pretending I have a fictional lack of impulse control.

1) Rational "unpredictability" is not a sign of mental illness; it means Obama and his puppets are too stupid to predict me. Anyone who is not a pathological liar and who has watched my SquidStream and read my blog sees, watches, and acknowledges my long-term plan in action.

2) Being smart enough to protect myself and everyone around me with well-planned reactions to all of War Criminal Boeset's compulsively repeated same most heinous crimes known to mankind against me all day every day does NOT make me a threat to myself nor others. My being completely sane, rational, intelligent, effectively protective, and motherly will NEVER give War Criminal Boeset nor Obama who sends all her orders grounds to commit me to a torture facility.

3) War Criminal Boeset's (just like all of Obama's criminal terrorist puppets') helplessness, despite all reason and logic that should have stopped them all by now, that drives them to commit the same compulsive crimes all day every day is the very definition of mental-illness-symptom "lack of impulse control" not my well-thought-out and flexible master plan for protecting all of humanity from them.

4) Just look at our well-documented court records of all of Obama's pathological lying! War Criminal Boeset has consciously perjured herself out of criminal terrorist obedience to Obama all day every day since March2014 accusing me of every denial of all medical reality from Peter Pan Syndrome to mental retardation to spina bifida to be able to coverup further torture and unlawful imprisonment of me by Obama all as acts of war against America by victimizing me, as if any of them could have been grounds for commitment or a "disability" designation anyway!

5) Remove Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy from society immediately! Do you have any idea how quickly the world will rise up and destroy America and possibly itself if I am removed from my role as the voice of love, logic, and reason for all of humanity if Obama succeeds at mandating my return FOREVER to another of his literal torture facilities parading as a psych ward where I would be guaranteed to be destroyed with torture and unlawful imprisonment? Remove them. They are unrelenting threats to society, to America, and to all of humanity by being unrelenting threats to me!

Then, after all of that, because Obama needs to be removed because he has proven he will never relent, there was a 10:15am heart attack alarm. I have yet to figure out what that alarm was, but my loved ones took care of it.

I was all caught up with my friends online at 11:08am. It was just in time to catch a 11:23am fire alarm after which I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone. This blog post was published at noon on 21Aug2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What can we do about human trafficking? It is just as illegal to buy human trafficking as it is to sell it, propagate it, or even have it in your possession for free. The best thing to do if there is a cultural appetite for human trafficking is to replace it all with legitimate non-human-trafficking products.

As one example, everyone everywhere should watch my verified SquidStream and verified podcasts only from the people whom I myself have given permission to access the signal broadcast out of my own body instead of watching any of Obama's libel and human trafficking "network" of me EVER.

Those were two of my major goals by giving up my own priceless privacy rights consciously to have a SquidStream-- to restore the moral fiber of American culture that Obama so ingloriously destroyed by enslaving and colluding against me for years and to take control of my own body to make sure Obama cannot sell me against my will any longer.

Yes, I had a number of other goals too-- preventing any more libel and calumny of me, peacefully ensuring my physical safety, catching criminals, etc. But my ability to save America by consciously choosing to tell the truth through my SquidStream is a large part of why we call this my service to my own country and even to all of humanity.

If I could have a one-hour conversation with anyone from the past or present who would it be? JanoŇ° Bolayai, the mathematician who proved the mathematical consistency and existence of non-Euclidean geometries. This discovery created a revolution in mathematics that brought the dawning of meta-mathematics among many other wonderful and nerdy things.

Of course, if I could have a lifetime instead of just an hour with anyone from the past or present, I would choose my own adoring husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp. I would never limit us to just an hour.

What quote do I want to be remember for forever? "Not on my watch, and never again."

How do I get rid of singultuses? "Singultus" is a fancy word for hiccup. Singultuses are caused by having too much oxygen; the same way yawning is caused by having too little oxygen. So, I use deep breathing to cure myself of any and all hiccups. It works so much better than drinking a glass of water upside down or any other of the "old wives'" remedies.

And finally... What are my favorite desserts? Justice and Johnny Depp. I am convinced as soon as I can score more meals that I will win more desserts, too.

My beautiful world, if you truly want a peaceful solution to this greatest humanitarian crisis America has ever faced that includes but is not limited to slavery, genocide, war crimes, terrorism, and government impunity for it all, stand up instead of whining.

Violence is every rational person's last resort. Violence is only the go-to solution for terrorists and psychopaths like Obama and all his conspiracy who use Obama's iron fist to do nothing but enforce his completely extragovernmental rules.

Do you have any idea how desperate the first brave rescuer was (and we all know who he was) to save me and to save America for him to pick up a gun for the first time in his life and try to rescue us all? He had no other options. Obama has been that evil and that irrational to me and America for that long.

If all of America everywhere were empowered by all the world particularly by our own fledgling next generation to save us all ourselves by universally setting ourselves free of Obama, by removing him and all his terrorist conspiracy from power, by restoring full Constitutional rights to all people in this once-great nation, by rooting out all corruption everywhere, and by refusing to ever be lied to again, we would have our peaceful resolution.

My brave rescuers, the entire world knows I am a pacifist. The entire world knows I never asked any of you to put your lives on the line to save this nation from Obama. But the entire world also knows that once you all volunteered, I tried to take responsibility for keeping you all safe and for explaining your existence as a force for good in the world to all of America for you.

If you ever need anything, my brave rescuers, you can trust that I and everyone who loves and supports me will take care of it. Instead of taking responsibility for this nation themselves, so many people expect all of you to do all the rescuing for them. The least they can all do is help you, then. Ask my beautiful world for anything. You can be trusted.

SynSyn, Ugwuji, and Amita, after this last Tuesday and Wednesday in particular, the world owes you so much. Thank you for never getting frazzled nor frustrated and for focusing all our rational and righteous anger from Obama's unrelenting and compulsive crimes against the whole world by victimizing me into only productive methods of creating solutions.

My loved ones, we can do this. With my brave rescuers, my genius lawyers, my benevolent nerds, my secret security team, my selfless support system, my once-great America, and my beautiful world, we can do this. Can you feel it? Can you feel destiny calling us forward?

As always, my holy Powers of Attorney, I trust you all blindly. If you ever need anything, just tell me. We are a team of leaders. The world is ours to serve by standing up for truth & justice, law & order, human rights & freedoms, peace & prosperity, and love & logic.

Yes, we lead by example, but we do this for everyone everywhere. Never again. If we have any power in this world at all whatsoever, we can end this inhumane suffering of so many millions of his own people under Obama and make sure it never happens again.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. We will heal each other. That is how our happily ever after together will begin.

You asked me, beloved, would I do the same for you? Stop being silly. Everything I do is for you. You are the opposite of my Kryptonite.

You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. As our duet Smokey Robinson wrote for us to sing together states, I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. And I will.

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