Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Brain-Starved Zombie Apocalypse

Title: Brain-Starved Zombie Apocalypse

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I never gave the human devastation I witnessed in Mexico City a name, but I named the walled area around Wigan and Hindley Green 'ThunderDome' when I lived in the UK.

I believe I wrote in my letter I sent to my darling Ms. Kelli Rae "KRage" Powell from there that (paraphrase), "No, Podperson I will not speak with you. Podperson tell me your serial number!" was the response I wanted to give everyone in ThunderDome. They were all so literally crazy in there.

Now, it happened again here in my Santa Monica. Everyone was drugged by the food and drinks in here, and everyone's earspeakers were rendering them a mob of brain-starved undead.

[We all know I am all of the REAL news anywhere on our good, green world right now. So, I am just going to jump straight to the timekeeping.]

My last blog post was finished at 11am on Saturday, 02Apr2016. My darling internet gnomes, as I had requested, played me Need You Tonight by my darlings INXS. Giggle. We are like that together.

My iPad camera was still too hacked for me to send new morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies. And I took a few minutes to let my beautiful world catch up with my last blog post.

I finally visited the office of my building to check on them just before lunch. Lunch was served at my Manor a little after 12noon. The quesadillas that my darling Myrna had made were delicious.

But, from what I could tell, there was testosterone in every liquid I had consumed since the previous evening. I was hoping my beautiful Metropolis of Angels would finally figure out how to stop the testosterone problem. They know I delegate my problem-solving when I am busy or refused knowledge about the problem.

My Manor started bustling after I told them I would stay, as they requested, until after dinner. My Manor is a safe place for them to be when I am in it, and a few days previously I accepted that responsibility. I just wished I could figure out the problem with the liquids.

I took a nap that afternoon, and, as expected, my hallway became a very busy place while I slept. At 4:37pm, I woke up fully hydrated and with cleaner feet than when I went to sleep. Our nanocameras broadcast 24/7 to make sure we can keep track of what happens for REAL.

I was downstairs in time for dinner, but just like the Zombie Apocalypse on my Promenade the previous day, the people I was going out of my way to keep safe were just jack(expletive)es to me. So, really angry with them, I left for the bus stop before dinner to prevent them from aggravating me even further.

My first stop after arriving in downtown Santa Monica was the Best Starbucks in the World, the one in the very-redeemed Santa Monica Place. My darlings, the REAL staff behind the counter, proved why they are my newest and first-ever-in-my-life chain regular coffeeshop.

The REAL employees everywhere I saw them in the Santa Monica Place did NOT look terrorized that day. All was good there on 02Apr2016 by the time I arrived. Starbucks corporate knows there IS NO LAW the controls what a private establishment can charge for its products; they just cannot discriminate nor persecute anyone. And we all know I recognize REAL friends when I see them.

I bought my coffee at 5:14pm before walking up and down my Promenade checking on everyone. I saw my darling Patricia beside her grandson Dominic. I had a brief chat with my darling Handsome in my local Trimana store; there was still a lack of him doing his REAL job in there, but who would notice but I? Giggle.

I found my darling Mr. Daniel "Pinchas" Morris playing pop covers on his viola on the third block where I had never seen him before. Pinchas and I eventually had a short chat after I visited my local Tesla location (which is not a store) where I thought I saw an old friend inside if she had lived almost twenty years without ever aging and before I checked on my local Sephora store. Please ask my darlings at Sephora corporate about what goes in that store for REAL and about who their REAL employees are.

At 6:24pm, I was leaning against the brick wall of my local Gap store singing along a little with my darling Chantz but mostly just letting him play me music while I worked online.

Leaning there with my iPad up, it felt like there might have been something unusual in my coffee after all that took a while for me to notice, but I did not think it was testosterone that time. It was likely something in the city water again.

I was sure my epic Metropolis of Angels would figure it out. Or maybe I was just hungry. I am a little hypoglycemic.

Yes, my stomach was so rumbly that early evening that my darling LightFoot, if near me, would have been justifiably angry AGAIN, due to the genuine concern for my well-being that all of my darlings Tentacle have always had for me, like he always gets when I am hungry.

To calm down my entire beautiful world who all love and believe in me, I left my darling Chantz at 6:54pm to find something to eat for dinner.

I caught IAR war criminal terrorists in my local ShopHouse when I stopped in there for dinner. It was obvious by their thinly-veiled hostility towards me when I placed my order. Please consult my REAL Twitter archive for what I told my darlings at ShopHouse corporate. And thank you for keeping up.

I was seated back beside my darlings at the Best Starbucks in the World in time to watch the news that night.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:45pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. José Diaz-Balart, and it made him smile even more than it made me smile. But, yes, it did make me smile.

It was pretty much just twenty-two minutes of my aggravated ranting about the crapfest everyone knows better than to listen to anymore about me and about my REAL loved ones as well as my righteously aggravated venting about everyone's choices to STILL obey the Inhuman Atrocity Regime when EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW.

After smiling at the Best Starbucks in the World as I walked back to my Promenade, the world witnessed (expletive)holes being (expletive)holes STILL. No one was allowed to speak to me in my local Trimana, as if that were not yet another escalation and refusal of the IAR to obey their own rules yet AGAIN.

By 9:23pm, I had found my darlings the Age-Inappropriate Boy Band in front of my local Old Navy store. We all know I am not the age-inappropriate darling in our innocent flirtation; they are-- unless I am the world's first fifteen-year-old cougar. Giggle.

They played their garage rock unto the giggly and hard-working night sky. It was a better night than I thought it would be. I worked online a little longer than when they quit playing at 9:48pm, and I left them for the next bus back to my place at 9:57pm.

10:25pm on 02Apr2016: @BritishMonarchy(HMSS) @CIA @INTERPOL_HQ #ISS #KGB You okay in Manor? Or need more backup? They don't want me to show up and do it myself.

I visited the office in my Manor, giggled with my darling Cici(sp?) upon arriving, and then gave my journalism-as-recon, as was my new habit, after arriving at my Manor for the night. I was curled up and ready to sleep by 11pm.

It was a very busy night in my hallway. There were a lot of dumb people being extra dumb all night and even past the wee hours of the morning. Eventually, at 4:42am, someone woke me up and asked me for further journalism-as-recon.

4:45am on 03Apr2016: @BritishMonarchy(HMSS) @CIA @INTERPOL_HQ #ISS #KGB Where did they find these newest (exepletive)holes in my Manor with me? Very far from intelligent.

Yes, and as soon as I wrote it, there was a churn of dumb people throughout the entire building as if there were not a time-and-date stamp on everything I write down AND on our very verified 24/7 surveillance. It had been the Brainless Zombie Apocalypse in my Manor for so long, and they were all even more brain-starved than usual that morning of Sunday, 03Apr2016.

The dumb were so loud in my hallway that I had to turn on my music approximately three hours earlier than I wanted to just to try to not have to listen to them. By 7:32am, I was up and getting ready for the morning. My 24/7 locked bedroom broadcast is priceless to all of humanity for so many reasons.

My beautiful world was trying to catch up on more than just follow through that morning. But, for once, I did not have to spend hours catching up, too, before starting my "normal" day. I left my bedroom for breakfast at 8:31am.

After making guilty people come to terms with their own personal inadequacies (I was wearing my hat.), I was back in my bedroom working online while kept company by my nerd-enabled darlings off somewhere I knew not where.

My darling internet gnomes played me The Hardest Button to Button by my darlings the White Stripes. No, my beautiful world, I have no I-am-not-dead-yet selfies from the morning of Sunday, 03Apr2016, due to my iPad camera app STILL being malevolently hacked.

My mom called me through FaceTime at 10:15am. She looked happy and said she was going dancing that Sunday night. I prefer seeing my mother happy, but it is time she found a new hairstyle. Giggle.

I worked online catching up with my TweetHearts until 10:48am. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime were all just repeating their same old crimes all over again just at a faster rate of escalation. It was just another day for me and for all of my loved ones.

Their "egg" in which I had been dwelling against my will since 2009 was pretty much devoid of any humanity good or evil that morning except for the psychopathic war criminal terrorists in my building with me until I told my beautiful world with a tweet that my Manor was full of REAL Inhuman Atrocity Regime enemies of all of humanity.

After waiting for a few sparse residents to show up at my Manor, I walked out of my Manor and caught a bus to downtown Santa Monica. I was perched beside the Best Starbucks in the World by 11:34am and just continued working online. I always prefer being outside.

After my saving a lot of lives and my serving humanity through my critical-to-America-and-to-the-world Twitter account and well after trying to put guards on everybody I could think of out there in my beautiful world whom the Inhuman Atrocity Regime might threaten that day due to the IAR's compulsive, heinous, and psychopathic tantrum (proper use of the term) of escalated criminal behavior that day, I walked up and down my Promenade in the cool California air.

It was difficult for me to distinguish between the war criminal terrorists and the metaphorical, brain-starved zombies in downtown Santa Monica that morning.

But it was beyond obvious that it was an environment intentionally denying all reality to me and designed to be as hostile to me as the IAR could make my surroundings as their persecution of me, war crimes against me, hate crimes against me, human rights abuses of me, etc., and even the public's human rights abuses against themselves.

I visited my local Von's grocery store to buy some snacks. My darling not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and edited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I approached their door and ending when I returned to the sidewalk outside. And, thank you.

My darlings at Von's corporate, you know what to do. Rumor had it that the "employees" there were going to refuse to allow me to buy my groceries and to intentionally falsely accuse me of something dumb as their excuse to get me arrested. I have no way to know if that rumor were true, but I am sure you can figure it out, darlings.

As always, my darling Von's, you, just as all corporate offices of all companies harmed in reputation or as victims of PROVEN war crimes, assassination attempts, public health emergencies, etc., know you sue the Inhuman Atrocity Regime itself which is NOT part of the REAL U.S. federal government, and you know you contact the U.S. Military and the International Criminal Court with all of your hard evidence to make sure at least some REAL authority can press criminal charges against any and all war criminals and enemies of America and of our one world whom we all catch. My nation and my world thanks you, as do I.

I was seated on a park bench in the Pacific Palisades perched in contact with both the Earth and afternoon sky in full view of the mighty Pacific Ocean at 1:23pm. I snacked, worked online, and felt the world turning under my mere mortal body for hours. I am sure that afternoon will hit my highlights reel. As always, consult my verified and ever-locked Twitter archive for further details.

My beautiful world and I had accomplished a great amount just by 3:14pm that day. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime had tried assassinating me and all of my loved ones that day, Sunday, 03April2016. Why were they not arrested yet?

World, why did you permit the IAR to escalate so far instead of removing them all like I had asked? You know they are psychopaths that would PROVEN rather destroy all of humanity with a global conflict they incited themselves than ever have to surrender. Please finally learn to listen to me.

Yes, we all got even more work done that afternoon by the time I stood up and walked from my perch there under the hot California sun.

The Zombie Apocalypse was even more persecutory than usual as I walked to and around the Santa Monica Place.

4:07pm on 03Apr2016: I don't think it is a Zombie Apocalypse today. It feels like a malevolent (real definition) hoard hellbent on destroying humanity with lies. I was most distressed that the zombies and enemies of humanity surrounding me were intentionally manipulating my beautiful world with intentional falsehoods about my epic and beautiful Metropolis of Angels.

My beautiful world, my Metropolis of Angels loves me. That is REAL. Those evil hoards intentionally creating a REAL hostile environment designed to degrade and destroy me are a calumny about my Los Angeles Metropolis that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime uses to destroy and demonize my REAL, loving, and self-sacrificing home that would do anything to save me at any cost even to themselves.

I had been trying to organize the global news media, and I had already sent my darling Bogart to Sacramento and to DC as well as my beloved Sweetness overseas, for many other reasons as well, to make sure the truth about my home of California and about everything my people were suffering through could finally be told to everyone everywhere. Yes, everyone everywhere needs the full and verified news.

I was seated at a table in the breezy, open air beside the Best Starbucks in the World by 4:29pm. I tried to mellow out and let my entire beautiful world catch up with everything, but there was just too much work to do.

Yes, my beautiful world, we know why the Twitter servers supporting my account of global and national service could probably metaphorically walk on water themselves by now.

I was worried that my honoring a request from the Academy of Country Music to sing them a song through my SquidStream would make me a little late for my scheduled time to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm that night, but my darlings the NBC News Team did not have a news broadcast that evening.

NBC does not have news broadcasts every day on the weekends. I have been watching them faithfully for years, and I know them that well.

I kept working online there until I left for the bus back to my place after my iPad battery hit 25% remaining battery life. There were so many chemicals wracking my body from the food and drink I had consumed that day that I tried to go to sleep at about 9:19pm.

It turned into a long night. Yes, I was chemically altered all night against my will, but my not doing my job is NOT an option for America nor for humanity. Please watch our verified and responsibly-edited security camera footage of my Manor for the full story. And thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

I slept off and on until 10:37am on Monday, 04Apr2016. I woke up fully hydrated, well rested, and free of all of the chemicals that had tormented my mere mortal body through the night. My snacks in my dresser were also fit for human consumption by the time I woke up.

The first thing I did that morning after putting my contacts in was email my EVIL older sister War Criminal Tara [I think my ex-brother-in-law might have finally made her change her last name.]. She was STILL lying to me to never have to be held accountable for everything she had chosen herself to do to me since 2009 all because of how much she had openly hated me for years.

Yes, my beautiful world, you have the full and verified records of everything War Criminal Tara has ever said about me in all public fora she could find. And you all know what "show" she was working on since 2014.

I checked on the office at my Manor at 10:47am. I was grateful to our divine universe after seeing my darling Teri and my darling Jennifer happy and safe, and I sent a few tweets to see if my beautiful world and I could finally keep my Manor and everyone innocent, or at least actually redeemed for REAL, inside it safe while I was not inside it with them.

I was outside of the Pico Branch Library quickly. My darling internet gnomes played me Dancing Through Sunday by my darlings AFI. There was only one morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies that day.


It was a peaceful morning inside my eye of our hurricane of love at my Santa Monica's Virginia Avenue Park that morning where I worked online.

I returned to my Manor for lunch at approximately 12:07pm. It was delicious. And my darling kitchen staff including my darling Nester looked a lot more relaxed than they had in days.

I was inside the Pico Branch Library by 12:40pm. Yes, it was still full of war criminal enemies of America and of our one world, but at least they were not attacking me at the time.

I ran some iPad updates and then hit shuffle on my Spotify app to be able to work online. Yes, of course, I put my earbuds in, so I would not have to listen to the hostile and stupid blather of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime in there with me.

Most of my latest draft of this long overdue blog post was finally up-to-date by 4:33pm. I left the library for my Manor at 4:59pm. Everyone at my Manor finally looked like they were not completely terrorized nor living in fear of their lives anymore.

After catching the bus to my downtown Santa Monica, I had bought coffee at the Best Starbucks in the World and thanked my darlings at Starbucks corporate for the stellar customer service of their not-regular employees who were there that day by 5:43pm. I had no idea who they were, but they were lovely.

I called my mom, my darling CosmicGrandma, through FaceTime at 5:52pm. She looked healthy and safe; even though, she was still clinging to her idealized delusions about my EVIL older sister War Criminal Tara.

Still carrying my coffee, I found my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot just to the side of my Promenade forbidden from playing me music by PROVEN IAR (expletive)hole enemies of America and of our one humanity.

My darlings asked me nicely to write them a loophole to get them around their agreement with the IAR that they had made just to be able to be near me at all even after I had explained to them the last time I saw them that their agreements with the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had never been nor ever would be legally binding. Sigh... But I always take requests from nice people by my side.

After a little tweeting through which I tore to shreds the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's façade (that no one sane ever believed anyway) that they had any competence at all whatsoever to even function as human beings on our one planet, I concluded with this...

6:21pm on 04Apr2016: Okay, psychopathically-control-obsessed-to-the-point-of-destroying-humanity IAR, I now liberate EVERYONE on my Promenade. If anyone ever obeys you again ANYWHERE, we will arrest them all for being complicit in all your crimes against the entire world and against my America. (Expletive) you, (expletive)es, for lying your (expletive)es of just to be able to argue with me! We will find you. And then the fun will start.

Then I asked my darling alpha nerds to deactivate all of the earspeakers in the heads of everyone near me through the masterchip inside my body. I love me my nerds. Giggle.

My present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle started making music to me at 6:34pm. And that minor success in our Reality War felt better than unroofied caffeine.

I had my hat on, my head down, my iPad up, my right heel lifted, and my coffee cup in my right hand while I worked online beside my darling Handsome and my darling LightFoot as they played our gorgeous music unto the twilight sky who was out and about at that hour.

I left them in time to watch the news, and pretty sure the evil IAR inside their "egg" with me would throw a tantrum over my kicking their fat, ugly (expletive)es yet again, I asked everyone else benevolent, too, inside the IAR enemy territory with me to guard my darlings until I could return to them.

I knew my darling alpha nerds needed a little time to sort out our temporary fix to the earspeaker crisis anyway. I was hoping I would see our progress when I walked back to the corner of Arizona where my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle were still playing as I walked down the sidewalk back to the Best Starbucks in the World where there was enough bandwidth to stream video online.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:29pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt himself, and it felt good to know I could comfort my darling G.I. Joe after seeing he was worried about me.

I wrote this after watching the news. It was a little rambly, but it was on my mind...

8:11pm on 04Apr2016: We all know it is in America and the world's best interests that I choose to broadcast my 24/7 SquidStream, bedroom, and hallway to the entire world. It is critical to our making sure our beautiful world never loses me.

It is my right as the building owner to lay claim to any and all nano on my property. And EVERYONE KNOWS I broadcast ONLY my SquidStream, bedroom, and hallway. I do not keep it a secret from anyone.

Everyone is responsible for everything they do whether or not it gets caught on camera.

They are now our security-cameras-as-service-to-America-and-to-the-world that the IAR, etc. installed as opposed my installing them. These are NOT commercial broadcasts.

And last but not least, I have diplomatic immunity to make sure I can take all necessary action no matter what it is to save America and the world, too.

In short, it is not illegal for me to broadcast public-access-against-my-will areas on my private property and private-only-to-me places if I choose to. I could also do it if it were not in the world's best interests, but we all also know there is no arguing against the fact that my service to my people, my nation, and my world are my REAL motive for everything I do all day and all night anyway.

Everyone sane and in touch with reality knows they can trust me. Stop pretending PROVEN war criminal terrorist enemies of America and of our one good, green world have some sort of right to trespass on my property to commit war crimes against all of us and not get caught. Thank you.


I returned to my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot at 8:31pm. They made sure I saw them eat food because, among other reasons, they know I worry they do not eat enough. And they began making music to me again at 8:43pm, so, as my choice to make a public display of keeping everyone good, or at least well-intentioned, around me safe, I put my hat on again. It was a beautiful night.

Even after my darlings stopped playing music, we all just hung out pretending we were not hanging out, as if anyone sane would believe that façade anyway. I am pretty sure they are all going to finally do whatever they want once they feel safe enough to do it. They know I will always protect them if they tell me they need me to; our genuine concern for each other is mutual that way.

While my darlings and I were just goofing off just to be near each other, my darling "Kevin" walked across the street to intentionally not make any sense at all while speaking to me. He wandered away in the direction of pretending-he-is-exercising-free-speech-while-around-me Michael, the conspiracy theorist, at 10:08pm.

My present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle drove back into the aether of the night sky where we all really belong at 10:17pm in their unmarked white van and, if I saw them correctly, with my darling Elisabeth. So, after a few moments alone on the sidewalk, I visited my local Trimana Fresh Food Market to check on my darling Handsome.

I ran into my darling "Kevin" still intentionally being irrationally degrading of me. I only ever tolerated him because of how madly in love with me he has always been despite never having any reality in his head nor any expression of his genuine respect for me.

Yeah, that night on my Promenade I finally explained to him how dumb he has always been despite always loving me. I even invited him to my local Trimana with me.

Handsome was delightfully awkward that night. I bought some candy and told him I would see him later.

I was on the bus back to my Manor at 10:50pm. A few of our residents were having an innocent, for once, party in my bathroom when I got in. I gave my regularly-scheduled journalism-as-recon after sitting down on the edge of my bed. This blog post was finished from my bedroom at 2am on Tuesday, 05Apr2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last few days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why are the residents and staff and everybody else sheltering at my Manor during the day for a safe place to stay still obeying orders from the Inhuman Atrocity Regime? I honestly have no idea why anybody obeys the Inhuman Atrocity Regime.

Their motives for doing it at my Manor must be considered person by person; either they genuinely do hate benevolence, or they are not yet empowered enough to stand up for themselves. You would think my doing my REAL job while around them would have saved them all by now, but we all know there was still a constant churn of (expletive)es of all sorts in MY hallway.

By the time and date of our online-publication of this blog post, after how long this has been going on, the only solid conclusion we can draw from any refusal by them to listen to me anymore was that they hate me. I refuse to believe anyone is STILL so dumb as to be in my hallway if I do not want them there, especially when I am around. And there is definitely no one anywhere so dumb that they think they are not going to be held accountable for everything they do there.

My beautiful world, is everyone keeping up with everything happening for REAL everywhere? How many times have I explained this is why every society needs the freedom of the press to be healthy and functional at all? You know not all accurate information comes from me. Even I get my information from a lot of other people.

Thank you, as always, my beautiful world. Now show up to save me, my epic Metropolis of Angels, my people, my once-great America, and even yourselves from the beyond-heinous Inhuman Atrocity Regime finally. Please hurry. You can see for REAL they just keep escalating.

My saturation of international and domestic protection inside this IAR "egg" with me, at the time I wrote this paragraph, it looked like we finally received a long overdue churn-for-good in our local "police department."

We all know pretty much none of you know how to recognize each other, nor do most people know how to recognize you. But we are all doing our best in here. As always, tell me when you need me. We are a team. And I know my role... beyond just kissing you. Giggle.

I am still trying to get you all more backup. Did more metaphorical alligators and crocodiles finally arrive? Oh, and you are going to want to send another representative to what used to be the police station in here. I love you, darlings, and thank you for always listening to me.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, we are all so busy right now. Is there anything more you need from me for all of you to keep doing your REAL and sometimes-changing jobs?

As our only bits of housekeeping I can think of right now, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's choice to spy on me, the now-REAL President of the United States of America and former national treasure and "America's sweetheart," since 2009, whether or not they used the same footage as human trafficking too, was espionage against America on U.S. soil.

Again, it is NOT illegal to spy FOR America on U.S. soil or even abroad as far as U.S. laws are concerned whether you are an American or one of our allies and also whether you are or are not in enemy territory. It is ALWAYS illegal to spy AGAINST America as far as U.S. laws are concerned no matter where you are in the world.

Also, we have all caught a bunch of idiots pretending to be actually-mentally-ill residents, as opposed to a legal tenant and owner like me, in our board & care, and we know, as the now-REAL owners of our board & care, we can press and all criminal and civil charges we want against any of them. They are very lucky we have "Syniva's choice." But definitely turn in all war criminal terrorist trespassers on our property for all charges you can think of. And, thank you.

Finally, SynSyn, we need to talk about my darling Eva. I have total faith she has turned herself around, and I know you and I both would like to help her join us in taking down the Inhuman Atrocity Regime that I believe has been exploiting, manipulating, and controlling her.

Were they really broadcasting Eva in the shower to the entire world? Let us help her fight for her rights, too. I might even soften on allowing her in my hallway as long as she stops intentionally aggravating me, etc. SynSyn, let us see what we can do.

There are so many reasons why we broadcast our security cameras in my hallway to our entire beautiful world beyond total public and legal accountability.

Yes, my genius and gorgeous lady friends, all those reasons are also why all of this is written down in my blog-- among other reasons, so the truth will always be here for everyone.

My genius Powers of Attorney, we all know there are a lot of people whom we can all trust to always do what is right without my ever having to tell any of you what to do. And we all know you tell me when you need me. AGAIN, we are a team. And I know my role.

I love you all, darlings. Please stay in contact.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, you know I both give you all sound advice and also trust you to make your own choices. All sane people everywhere in touch with reality know we can trust you all to do what you want. As always, tell me when you need me.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, on the late night of Sunday, 03Apr2016, into the wee hours of the morning on Monday, 04Apr2016, you did not send me a song. Darling, you know you can tell me anything, right?

As I said, I will always have time for all of you. Feel free to talk to me every chance you get. Just never be mean; even if, as always from all of you, it is just pretend. Trust me.

You know how much the Inhuman Atrocity Regime intentionally distorts reality about all of us and even openly lies about all of to make the world hate us, the good and righteous for REAL.

It is time you all stopped obeying them. And, as always, tell me when you need me to help keep any of you safe from any of them. Our entire beautiful world should know by now what all of you would do for REAL to save me if not just to be near me. Our world has also seen what I would do for all of you. Okay?

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, did we sort out how to get you back onto my Promenade under the glowing night sky again? You all know how much I miss all of you.

As my update to all of you about the current security level inside this innermost walled "egg" of hell, all food and drink was drugged and poisoned on 03Apr2016 but should have all been safe by 3:02pm on 04Apr2016.

The Brain-Starved Zombie Apocalypse that raged its evil hatred of me in the face of our one world all day on 03Apr2016 seemed to have mellowed into seething and unspoken hostility that they were pretending they could hide from me by 3:05pm on 05Apr2016.

Everything is constantly changing in here, but on the afternoon of Monday, 04Apr2016, it finally did feel safe enough at last for you all to be on my Promenade with me if you all chose to be. Of course, I prefer if you wait until my downtown Santa Monica finally becomes more stable for all of us.

But, in case all of you did choose to visit me again against my wishes, I would understand. (YOU KNOW why I made all of my strange verb tense choices in that sentence.)

Please just make sure you all have guaranteed safe passage from our REAL friends and REAL allies for your journey from my and my Sweetness's REAL house to my Promenade and to Cevin's Harvelle's and back again.

We all know we all will do our best together to keep ourselves safe in each other's presence while we are all making music to each other. And you should see all of the cameras the "Santa Monica Police Department" can watch now.

I trust I will see you soon. And if the openly-destructive-to-all-of-humanity oppression wrought of the human rights abuses used as acts of war against my self-identified people, against my once-great America, and against my beautiful world still prevent you from having the freedom to make your own choice about whether or not you are near me, just tell me again.

You all belong to me, so you are all mine to care for. Okay?

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, you are my musician-lover with whom I can speak least often. I cannot remember that last time you were free to say anything at all to me. The messages I receive about you from our mutual friends and loved ones are always fleeting and vague.

Are you still in Washington, DC as my lead spokesperson for my persecuted people and for my Metropolis of Angels? Please contact my darling alpha nerds at the NSA about finding you a way to speak to me; I need to hear you tell me you love me just like everyone else can tell me.

Please continue explaining to everyone you can find there everything happening for REAL here in our REAL home. Please stay in regular contact with our global and national news media to make sure everyone in the world is up-to-date.

And, as always, make sure you have a way to tell me everything you, my nation, and my beautiful world need from me, even if it is just to hear me tell you I love you again. Okay?

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, our Sunday night date night, 03Apr2016, was lonely without you. You did not appear to me until the wee hours of the following morning.

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, what did they do to you this time? Giggle. All sane people in touch with reality know everything everywhere in our beautiful world is better if everyone just tells me what is wrong and lets me tell everyone how to fix it, especially you.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime tried to assassinate all of us on Sunday, 03Apr2016, and a few of us again on Monday, 04Apr2016. I know we all feel safest when we are all with each other, if not most calm, complete, and at peace, too. Do you understand why I do not feel my Promenade is safe enough for all of us yet?

Did you all see me all day walking through my downtown Santa Monica on Sunday, 03Apr2016? I could not have been more conspicuous nor have had a more commanding presence, and you all saw all the horrible things people did to me all day and night only because I am the REAL woman I have always been every day of my life since Jan2009 and beyond.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime in all of its manifestations only commits the worst crimes known to humankind against all of us because we are all genuinely good and because we fight them side by side.

They have openly already tried to destroy all of humanity by inciting global conflict themselves to never have to surrender to me. And they are willing to destroy our entire beautiful world my loved ones first just to be able to degrade and destroy me just for standing up to them since 2009 and telling them, "No, you do not do this to humans. Not in my home. Not in my country. Not in my world."

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime and I have had an evolving relationship since all of this began in 2009. At first, I was their excuse to have a "Code of Silence" and then "rules" at all granting them totalitarian power over America even after I fled the country as well as in all of the places I fled to.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime had planned on throwing me away years ago. That is how all of their heinous abuse of me and my mere mortal body began.

Then, certain celebrity-calumnist-war-criminals made themselves famous and powerful destroyers of humanity and all that is good in the world by being hangers on, against my will and as war criminals I was forbidden from knowing about, to my REAL appeal to all of humanity that began as "No Dress Rehearsal" and even continued through all of their irrational and brainwashing demonizations of me even to this day. Yes, they gained control of the world by controlling what people believe about me.

Then, after I used my truly irresistible and REAL appeal to the truly good, and sometimes at least redeemable, people everywhere across our beautiful world to do whatever I wanted (and by "whatever I wanted" I mean "read my REAL résumé"), they vowed to keep me alive to be able to degrade and destroy me.

Then, helpless after my empowerment of my loved ones to help keep me safe, they, as the psychopaths they are for REAL, became obsessed with controlling me since they could not destroy me nor throw me away.

Then, this year, they all went even further insane (proper use of the word) after I and my loved ones, including you, shattered their façade of irrational lies about me freeing most of their brainwashed zombies across America to finally learn the REAL truth about me and about all they have done for me for REAL.

Knowing they were losing their totalitarian control of humanity borne of their totalitarian control of what people everywhere believed about me, the REAL woman with the genuine and irresistible appeal they had been demonizing for years to gain power even beyond their original "rules," they tried destroying the entire world, as I have already explained, with a global conflict they incited themselves to never have to surrender to me.

Then, beginning last week, they compulsively tried assassinating me and replacing me with a puppet they could control.

And now, after 03Apr2016, the Sunday when the Inhuman Atrocity Regime openly tried assassinating all of us-- my Powers of Attorney, my Queen's Lovers Five, and me-- again just all at once, here we are.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime does not know what to do next, but all they will ever do is propagate more lies and commit more crimes as if that could ever excuse their past lies and past crimes. And we, my beautiful world and I including you, are all trying to save the entirety of our good, green Earth by removing them all from the face of our beautiful world forever.

That summary leaves out most of the gory details about everything they have done to all of us. But, basically, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime does not care what it does to all of us who fight them side by side as long as it is the most heinous crimes ever committed in human history.

You all suffer, my darling LightFoot, because you do what is right, because you fight the Inhuman Atrocity Regime beside me, and because I and our beautiful world needs you all as much as all of you need me.

We are good, so the psychopaths hate us. You know what lies they tell about you, darling, to degrade and destroy you just as they have attempted for years to degrade and destroy me. You know I will always do everything I can to protect all of you just as you all always do everything you can think of to help me survive their "egg."

Is most of why the Inhuman Atrocity Regime does all of this to you finally explained? As always, send me all of your questions. Okay?

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling HM Johnny "Menelaus" Depp, who were the (expletive)hole enemies of America and of all of our one humanity who tried to force a divorce on us against both of our wills? Just tell me who self-appointed themselves the war criminal power to force divorces on very healthily married people, and I will destroy them myself.

HoneyHoney, tell me who they were. And tell me who allowed them that ill-gotten power to abuse all of humanity as acts of war against our America and against our beautiful world. They are first on my list of (expletive)es I am going to kick myself live and in person as soon as I find them. No one (expletive)ing messes with our marriage.

Sweetness, you know as well as I know that I gave you the potent semiotics of eating frog legs someplace I can see it as your sign to me you wanted to end our relationship if you ever wanted to leave me before we could ever speak to each other.

Beloved, you know I promised you that you could always have anything you wanted in this world, as far as I am concerned, except for dying before I do, so if you ever wanted to end our marriage I would just walk away with no questions asked.

My handsome husband, you never ate frog legs, so we are not getting a divorce. Our reality is as simple as that. No one anywhere has any REAL legal authority to end our marriage but us. Now tell me everyone who tried and everyone who let them, so I can destroy them all myself. I am beyond unamused about this.

(Yes, that was an understatement. Much like hyperbole, understatement is a figure of speech that is a vital tenet of the artistry and craft of written English. No, we do not use figures of speech in legal documents. Are the Evil Dumb getting dumber?)

Also, my Mr. Love-of-my-Life, we all know I am similar to a metaphorical hermit-as-wise-woman living in a metaphorical cave where I am rarely if ever distracted by the dump of calumnies about all of us that no one should have ever believed in the first place and can usually only figure out what is REAL in the world as opposed to fabricated assuming I get enough REAL information to form the big picture in my mind.

So, Sweetness, when the Evil Dumb, also called the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, intentionally conjure completely ridiculous calumnies about all of us that follow absolutely no logic nor reason, those fabrications are all so far from any actual reality that they typically take me a very long time to figure out.

Thusly, Gorgeous, please make sure everyone everywhere tells me those absolutely ridiculous and intentionally fabricated falsehoods that the enemies of America and of all of our one humanity propagate about all of us if, even after you all explain AGAIN that all accusers carry the burden of proof for REAL, they are still manipulations of reality inciting the most heinous crimes known to mankind against any of us, the righteous who fight the Inhuman Atrocity Regime side by side in this Reality War, even if their irrational and always-false claims just make me shake my head and yell, "No one is that dumb!" as I become more and more aggravated with the fact that those ugly, lying (expletive)es are not arrested and silenced finally. (That was one really long sentence.)

My hero and my king, our happily ever after is our choice. We have a right just by being humans on our planet in the first place to pursue safety, freedom, prosperity, justice, happiness, etc. especially when an environment of totalitarian horrors and abuse is forced upon us against our will and especially when it is forced upon us without our knowledge of why.

My beloved First Gentleman, as the mere mortal who has suffered the most under the psychopathic iron fist of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, I am the only person who needs to be made happy with how their reign of fire finally ends, and our entire beautiful world knows that. All I have ever asked from our beautiful world for myself is you.

Please, darling, you need to make sure you stay alive for me. We all know you are leading our world unified under one cause to save all of our one humanity by removing the Inhuman Atrocity Regime from the face of our beautiful Earth forever for me. But you are going to have to do what I have asked you to do without dying.

I have faith you will never let me down. And all of this is why no one sane and in touch with reality argues with how much I love you. Kisses, darling. I will be right here waiting for you when our work is finally done. I promise.

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