Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Headache... I think I am in water withdrawal.

I saw my old friend Rita yesterday morning for the first time in YEARS.  She looked amazing.  It was wonderful to learn that she is still out traveling the world and living well.  We sat outside the Trieste and caught up in much overdue fashion.

My mom's visit came to an end Sunday morning.  Oddly, I just received a call from her minutes ago.
MOM: Is there something you want to tell me?
SQUID: Mom, I really think it's the other way around.  I'll talk to you later.
And with that I got off the phone. 

I did successfully accomplish organizing, notarizing, and mailing a great deal of paperwork yesterday.  It felt great to have all of my details finally in order.  Now, I feel like a responsible adult in writing.  Yey!

My list of writing projects has neither increased nor decreased as of late.  I am still frittering away at this keyboard in an effort to finish a.) my first full-length novel, b.) a project that I think might end up short story length, c.) my first Science Fiction TV pilot, d.) a screenplay set in Chicago, e.) a transcontinental children's fairy tale, f.) my third and fourth volumes of memoirs, and g.) my lowest priority--a young adult fiction project.  Oddly, never actually finishing anything and just cycling through and around each of the projects continually makes trying to convince people to pay me for writing them rather difficult.  If I could just finish one of them!

I was thinking about venturing into sustainability and helping build homes out of compressed earth bricks in Chiapas.  It sounds like that project is quickly coming to an end, though.  Where might I speed off to in order to help the world (through the means I am allowed)?  Sigh... if only... if only...

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