Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Update

The Update...

... on cute boys who carry guitars: I met a new one for the collection on Thursday night. He was named for an African country.
... on the voices pumped into my head: They're still there. There are just fewer of them, and they are a bit quieter, now.
... attempts to kill me: Nothing new to report here that I know of.
... the progress of my writing: I have revisited "CALIX, Set Sail." I should really call my friend Christian to see what else it was that I was supposed to add... other than another entire hour.
... my paranoia and delusions: I still love the world and wish it would save itself from wallowing in its own excrement. Take that as metaphorically as you need.
... Grasshopper: We are friends. We are friends who do NOT have sex. Yet, we are friends who sing for the fun of it. Yey.
... the music: I am trying to help Grasshopper find a regular weekly gig on some evening for a psychedelic jam he can host.
... my physical health: I'm alive and kicking and feeling fine.
... the city water: Now it makes me "hyper." Two cups of coffee this morning with Amaretto in them were much too much energy for me.
... all that I wait for: There is still nothing to cross off that list.

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