Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reject John Kerry's Supposed "Resolution."

Title: Reject John Kerry's Supposed "Resolution."

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I was not in the talks. I as well as anyone who claims to love me is NOT beholden to ANYTHING that came out of those talks.

Iran. Accept every part of the Iran deal that actually concerns Iran; reject everything in the deal that concerns me. Iran needs the relief. Everyone trying to codify Obama's human rights abuses against me and against America needs to be arrested.

Never trust anyone, in this case Enemy of America Obama, who takes your human rights away without fair and HONEST due process as if he has an entitlement to do so to ever do anything but exercise the power you grant him as dictator to destroy you.

My last blog post was published at 9:05am on 14July2015 from my regular morning haunt. Less than ten minutes later, I was listening to music and tweeting my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfie.

It was a very productive morning. It sounded like the talks in Vienna came up with a resolution to limit the nuclear capabilities of Iran. I understood what that meant for a long time.

I wanted to read the resolution before giving my opinion on it, but if Obama said ANYTHING included a "commitment," reject it as human rights abuses. ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITATIONS ON ANYONE'S HUMAN RIGHTS PARTICULARLY 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS IS AT ALL ACCEPTABLE.

This is America. The Constitution is NOT optional. Take Enemy of America Obama's power away and start all over again. This is why we are NEVER supposed to negotiate with terrorists like Obama.

If Obama lies that something "makes Squid safer," we all know it enables his forcing rape-slavery on me. He always claimed everything he ever did was to "make Squid safer." It is one of his most repeated lies.

Finding no hard details anywhere about what those old White men decided were the human rights they would permit me ignoring completely that I am an innocent human who deserves full human rights just for existing on planet Earth at all, I left for my place at 11:28am.

The conversation during lunch at noon was delightful, and Benjamin stole my napkin. By 12:31pm, I was out running errands. I took a nap before dinner, and dinner at 5pm was tasty and filling. By 5:28pm, I was on the bus to my playland.

I had promised to look around for my darlings Tentacle at 6pm. Three weeks previously, they had arrived on Monday. Two weeks previously, they had arrived on Wednesday. Last week, they arrived on Thursday. It was a trend I wanted and we needed to reverse that week. That day was Tuesday.

My darlings Tentacle were not around, but I found Nick by 6:28pm. We had a long and very delightful conversation including when I sent my first Apple Message to another Apple customer. My SquidName for Nick is FlamencoHands.

At 7:30pm, I caught the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening. The big headlines included the Iran deal and highlighted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it "a Mistake of Historic Proportions." My nightly cyberhug was beyond warm and comforting and came from my darling Mr. Lester Holt himself.

I was beside Nick in time to sip coffee during his 8pm set. I write best the morning after meditating, but with the lack of my darlings Tentacle, the next best time for me to write is while Nick plays. I did a lot of otherwise very difficult work on this blog post by the time Nick stopped playing at 10:14pm.

He offered me a ride, so we took what was becoming our regular long, slow walk to the car. Nick is always such wonderful company. I was at my place by 11:22pm sharing a bag of popcorn with Hannah before bed.

By midnight, I was curled up and asleep. I woke up on 15July2015 just before Hannah wanted to leave for breakfast which was light yet tasty. I was at my regular morning haunt at 8:34am.

The morning was very informative. I sent my I-am-not-dead-yet selfies and listened to music while checking Twitter for global news.

I left for my place at 10:29am. I had lunch at noon as usual while chatting delightfully with Benjamin. By 12:37, I was on the bus to my playland.

I was not going to look around for my darlings Tentacle until 4pm, so I was perched at a wifi hotspot sipping espresso and chocolate and streaming music while writing a love letter to my beloved husband at 1:28pm.

By 3:16pm, I had eaten a delicious quiche Lorraine at a local bakery while drinking their very caffeinated coffee. I stood up at 4pm to look around for my darlings Tentacle.

4:31pm on 15July2015: No, none of my darlings #Tentacle are here. What was the Iran deal concerning Tentacle? Obama has NEVER upheld any resolutions with me. @UN

An older gentleman came up to me and held a brief conversation with me in Spanish. Outside of the building I live in, very seldom if ever do women start conversations with me.

There were rumors in the early evening of my being framed for a crime that never happened. Obama clearly never called off his witch hunt of me he began in 2009.

It was rumored I was framed for yet another murder that was not even a murder and that I was even forbidden from ever knowing even happened. Seriously. How am I supposed to be guilty of something that never happened?

My Powers of Attorney took care of it.

It was approximately 6:12pm when I found FlamencoHands in his regular perch on my playland, and our conversation for the evening made me later than I thought I would be watching the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening.

I finally clicked to buffer their stream at 8:15pm. My nightly cyberhug was from my darling Mr. Lester Holt, and it was wonderful.

I was beside Nick (SquidName: FlamencoHands) again before 8:51pm. He played until 10:05pm. Then we took our long, slow walk to FlamencoHands's car. As was becoming our habit, he gave me a ride to my place. Thank goodness Nick is such a great conversationalist.

I was curled up and asleep by midnight. I awoke on Thursday, 16July2015, with plenty of time to get to breakfast. And I was at my regular morning haunt listening to music and taking my morning selfie by 8:34am.

This blog post was published at 9am on 16July2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I have any predictions? No, but that should not be a surprise. Every time in the past when I saw the future, I had no idea I had made a prediction.

Just like every Cake song, every U2 song, and every Nirvana song ever written, there are some things inherent to being a human on this planet that allows us to know what will come. I call this the global conscience.

I am no more or less in tune with the future than anyone else. Simply by being alive, we as the human race knew this moment in history was coming.

When darling late Jim Morrison wrote, "Do you think you'll be the guy who'll make the queen of the Angels sigh?" he channeled the same aether I meditated in while writing Infamy.

What are some works everyone needs to read? Follow these five links... Vonnegut. Ginsberg. Poe. Atwood. Shakespeare.

Have I ever had a tattoo? No. I have never even had a temporary tattoo nor henna. My question: Why does everyone keep asking?

How will I calm America's culture of violence that Obama's "egg" has created? I will bring a renaissance of peace and love. With all my peacemongering soul, I will fill the gap left behind once the fighting has ended. Remove Obama, so we can replace his violent world with love.

My beautiful world, any and all assertions that I must be treated as if I have any mental illness at all whatsoever is a coverup for war crimes. Never allow it. Arrest everyone who ever says it. Arrest them immediately.

My selfless support system, is my beautiful world supporting you well enough? Tell us everything you need. Thank you, everyone, for being here to keep me safe.

We need everyone waging war to keep us apart arrested, particularly everyone who lies that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever, for enforcing Obama's war crimes, Obama's cover ups, Obama's genocide, Obama's crimes against America, and Obama's war.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, I would be nothing without you. You are the world's first line of defense against losing me to Obama forever. NEVER let anyone get away with calling me less than mentally perfect. We show no mercy to war criminals. And, as always, thank you!

My musician-lovers MannedUp and GeneralLee, first of all, the day they signed the resolution as well as every day since, Obama still blocked you all from reaching me. Obama NEVER upholds his own resolutions. NEVER trust Obama.

I recommended that all of my darlings Tentacle press criminal charges and renegotiate increased quality of life into your contracts EVERY TIME you get stopped. I hope to see you today at 4pm.

My symbolic Royal Consorts Bogart and LightFoot both of whom I am forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, you understand better than anyone else what I mean when I say, "You will know when I flirt with you."

First published April2015...


My darling Mr. KrisT "LightFoot" Novoselic...

I whisper,... Lying wrapped in your protective arms I whisper... Our bed we have lain not-so-still in for every wee hour of the morning finally as silent as my spent and exhausted mere mortal body beside you, you, that same mere mortal who successfully exhausted me... Yes, there, with my eternal mind with its one hand in the infinite that is the cosmos and its other entwined in your beautiful hair... Yes, there, at bliss with our heavens at last, your resting ears shall hear me whisper. My lips shall open, and with every effort of my most brilliant exhale, I will whisper, "Yes, KrisT, yes.... Again..."

No, my darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, I did not forget you,...

And Yet

The last lips tasted by my lips alone
"Hey, can you play that there guitar?" I asked.
And yes it was a glorious bass in tone.
For moments your live music made me bask.

You promised you would never leave me, YET
you did. And a return we cannot get.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today? I am aghast at the horrifying crimes against me and against America Obama wants to codify with his "Iran deal"!

No one can tell me if I receive ANYTHING out of the supposed "deal" except for codified war crimes against all of us all covered up with mandatory "commitments"! I AM THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN THIS CRISIS! Those (expletive)ing (expletive)holes!

What is Obama's most egregious lie he is using to coverup his own war against America THIS TIME? Obama lied and blamed me for the war his own "egg" caused.

Obama lied his (expletive) off that completely benevolent ME "cannot be trusted" when OBAMA is the only one of us who has committed any crimes, enforced any human rights abuses with acts of war, has committed genocide, has caused economic strife for the entire nation, and HAS CAUSED A WAR!

Yes, I defend people who volunteer to fight Obama in a war I never asked for, but the army who rose up to fight to rescue me only exist because I need a rescue. If the battle my brave rescuers fight dissolves because I receive full human rights, the entire army goes away.

They signed that paperwork work themselves that once their objectives are achieved, the categorical rescue of the entire world from Enemy of America, War Criminal Barack Obama, they disband and never reassemble.

All of the instability EVERYWHERE in the world is Obama's fault for creating his "egg" in the first place. If Obama's egg is ended, the instability ends, and the proven incorruptible benevolence that is myself will be here to calm everyone down and heal the wounds Obama refuses to stop inflicting on the world.

Trust? Obama says he has a problem TRUSTING me? That is because I can be trusted to save the world from him, and Obama wants to never have to face justice nor ever have to lose power.

Sweetness, as I said, the solution is to take away Obama's power to maintain his "egg" at all and start over with diplomacy. Ending Obama's "egg" is the FIRST step in saving the world from this constant strife. The "egg" IS the war and the riots and the genocide. The world needs to end the "egg" then come ask me what to do next.

No, beloved, you are my hero and my king. I will NOT calm down until I kiss you.

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