Friday, April 26, 2013

One Last Chance

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Here is my latest blog post. I am opening the door for negotiations one last time but only until midnight the morning of 28April2013.

Obama, I am not you. I am, in fact, a better person than you are. Because you are a cruel (expletive)hole hell bent on destroying me, my offer to negotiate with you was rescinded. But I believe you can taste impeachment, now. I am going to open that door one last time. You have until midnight on the morning of 28April2013 to meet my terms.

My terms have not changed. To get me to the negotiating table, Obama, you must...
1.) Take the bubble down completely. This includes everything local. Set America free, Obama.
2.) Give me my husband. Obama, tell the Feds to bring me my husband and the bodyguards of my husband's choosing.
You might want to wait to negotiate until after all of the spy equipment is removed from my head.

Again, Obama, I am bigger than myself. I will accept my involvement in solutions to Syria and Afghanistan, balancing the budget, speaking with Iran and North Korea, etc. in exchange for taking your impeachment off the table, but this is only possible if you are willing to negotiate. I would not offer to negotiate unless you had something to offer me, and these are my terms to get me me to the negotiating table. You have until midnight on the morning of 28April2013 to meet my terms.

I have no real reason to be nice to you, Obama. You have gone out of your way to harm and kill me since 2009. But everyone should get a chance to redeem him or herself. Allowing me to make you the hero of Syria, etc. by convincing you to take the entire bubble down and negotiate for your legal life is how I have chosen to redeem you. Just do your part, and meet my terms.

My brave rescuers, I heard you might be showing up any time today. The Feds are supposed to finally let you through. I hate when you die. I hate when you get hurt. I hate when you get frustrated. I hate when you get told you cannot do something. I know I am giving up the glory and justice of dishing out a death sentence to Obama for torture, systemic rape, etc. committed against me. You make it worth it. Thank you for being my heroes.

My beautiful world, please raise some nonviolent hell. Let us keep the pressure on Obama until the bubble comes down completely. Click here to read my last blog post. If Obama had not been lying all along about why he put me in a bubble, my being declared innocent on all charges by the Supreme Court of the US would have been enough to take the bubble down completely. Obama still has not met his master goal of taking away all of America's civil liberties then throwing me away. Please make some noise. Make him hear us.

SynSyn, regarding this paragraph in my last blog post...

SynSyn, you are such a hero. I understand how busy I keep you. Please press every charge possible against Iowa, Polk County, Mark R. Gray, Lynn Boeset, Judge Klotz (investigate her for corruption and conspiracy), Broadlawns Medical Center, Dr. Landy, Dr. Singh, etc. Get an injunction if you need to, so you can press criminal charges. Something has to happen to stop all of their crimes against me. I am so helpless in here. I am just persecuted, tortured, unlawfully imprisoned, etc. by these people, and I have no way to protect myself from them. Click here to read the entire blog post.

It is time for criminal charges along with the civil. Get them all for conspiracy. Get every government entity involved for corruption; they are breaking the law to make Obama happy instead of upholding the laws. Get them for unlawful imprisonment; they are intentionally and illegally keeping me in the state of Iowa which is proven to persecute me against my will. Get them for persecution. And if this goes past 02May, get them for torture and malpractice again.

Throw in everything you can think of, too. I know I have a genius legal team. Let them throw every charge at them that we can make stick. Let them go wild. It is imperative we get an injunction, so we can press criminal charges.

Thank you, Synny! You are phenomenal! Always press charges every time a crime is committed against me. Get Iowa used to it. But also do not forget our offer to Iowa if they set me free before Obama does. Never tolerate a 'not now, later' from anyone.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. For days now, I could already taste you on my lips. I can feel you getting nearer to me. I cannot wait to kiss your waiting face.

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