Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have Never Once in my Life been a Stripper.

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Here is my latest blog post. I have never once in my life been a stripper. It is true the government has put secret cameras I was forbidden from knowing about in my living spaces and own eyeball since 2009. They have been sexually exploiting me and enslaving me by doing this. But I have never once been a stripper. I have only been an unwilling slave.

Boston, MA, USA. Do you know what terrorized me after the marathon in Boston? It was not the bombing. It was America's reaction to the bombing. It was seeing the police state descend upon Boston. Seeing Boston on lockdown terrorized me.

My beautiful America, we need a way to keep America safe that does not take away our human rights. Look at all of the ruin that has happened to our once great nation ever since 9/11. We are living under the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and the bubble now. The government is taking away our rights for whatever excuse it wants and brainwashing us into thinking it keeps us safe. What is the point of being safe if we cannot be free?

America, I beg you to be more vigilant with being free citizens who keep ourselves safe without needing the government to level a police state upon us. If you see something, say something. Please, America, make us a free nation again.

Washington, DC, USA. Do you remember this? Obama could save over a billion dollars of his shrinking budget if he would just stop enforcing his unrelenting persecution of me. Instead, he is cutting essential functioning of the federal government. He is abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me. Click here to read the entire previous post.

Obama has made the conscious choice to sacrifice everything good and beautiful about America from basic rights and freedoms to public spending to be able to destroy me. I was officially cleared on all charges by the US Supreme Court the other day, and, no, Sweetness is still not allowed near me. Obama wants me destroyed.

When this bubble started it was not even about me. Obama wanted totalitarian control of the media and speakers in everyone's heads. If anyone had honestly thought I killed anyone, they would have arrested me and put me on trial. Instead, they wanted a pawn. They enslaved me, sexually exploited me, used me, raped me, drugged me, took away all my rights but my freedom of speech, and tried to make me kill myself. They wanted a woman they could use and throw away.

I refused to die. I took control of my forum I was given against my will. I called out Obama on his crimes. The world fell in love with me. Obama got jealous, and now he has a personal vendetta against me. If Obama had not been lying the entire time about why I am in a bubble, being cleared officially on all charges by the US Supreme Court would be enough to take the bubble down.

Congress, I pray you understand the importance of a political solution to this humanitarian crisis. We all know your solution will be bundled into the Immigration Reform Bill. Please all understand that if you do not move quickly, the world will lose me forever.

That is why Senator Marco Rubio has been gung-ho promoting the bipartisan bill as of late. It is also why Senator Grassley of Iowa has been trying to slow it down. Iowa is invested in destroying me for Obama.

Iowa has been particularly vile lately. The locals insist on treating me hostilely. It is sexual harassment when an innocent woman is treated like a stripper or a hooker in a way that creates a hostile environment for her. I have never in my life been a stripper. I have never in my life been a hooker. But the locals insist I am both and treat me hostilely as they propagate the libel. Iowa has been particularly vile lately.

On Monday night, I met Kelso, the stereotypical Iowan jack(expletive) at a bar called Zimm's. He takes pride in being someone who rapes, tortures, enslaves, and persecutes me and said it makes him better than everyone else in America. Kelso is a despicable example of humanity because of this, but sadly, it also makes him a stereotypical Iowan jack(expletive). He is actually proud to be an Iowan, and that is an example of how horrible he is.

And to top it all off, when I got up to leave, Kelso tried to tell me it is my fault Iowa commits so many proven crimes against me. That is right. He blamed the victim.

Iowa is a hell hole designed to destroy me. Why else would Obama unlawfully imprison me in this state? Obama wants me destroyed, and he knows Iowa will enjoy every second of their mental and physical torture of me. Iowa is destroying me to make Obama happy. Something has to happen to stop this, or the world will lose me forever.

My brave rescuers, I am doing everything I can think of to help you. I am sending you all the help I can. I am stuck in the tormenting hell hole that is Iowa, though, and can do very little. Please consider speaking with the United Nations. Please see if we can get a resolution or help with developing a political solution to this crisis. I am desperate to get my human rights back. I could really use some privacy and a family life. I could really use my right to physical safety and freedom from torture. Please speak with the UN.

My beautiful world, please continue beating Iowa over the head with reality. They are only getting meaner lately. The sexual harassment is horrendous, and they are enjoying every second of it. Iowa needs to be convinced to preserve me until I can be rescued. Instead, all they have done is increase their rate of destroying me. The have speakers in their heads. They are instructed to destroy me that way. Please help.

SynSyn, you are such a hero. I understand how busy I keep you. Please press every charge possible against Iowa, Polk County, Mark R. Gray, Lynn Boeset, Judge Klotz (investigate her for corruption and conspiracy), Broadlawns Medical Center, Dr. Landy, Dr. Singh, etc. Get an injunction if you need to, so you can press criminal charges. Something has to happen to stop all of their crimes against me. I am so helpless in here. I am just persecuted, tortured, unlawfully imprisoned, etc. by these people, and I have no way to protect myself from them.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I am literally dying because I cannot be with you. You are the only thing that can heal me, so you have to keep yourself safe. Please, darling, do not get yourself killed. I know you will rescue me. I have faith. But it only counts if you make it here alive.

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