Saturday, April 6, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post. Progress.

The torture was horrible. Not only are the heavy chemicals the only reason I cannot lose weight, but they cause bruises, lumps, and scars on my arms. They also mess with my head and screw up my reality. I was tortured at 3pm on 04April, and by 9pm I was miserable and convinced for absolutely no reason that my husband had left me. He spent the next day reassuring me we are still together. The torture really messes me up more than just physically.

My brave rescuers, I received news yesterday that we won in court and that the bubble must come down. I spent all the wee hours of the morning screaming for help for all of you. Clearly, Obama cannot be trusted. He still blocked. He still fired.

The courts ruled, and Obama refused to obey. He is abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me and is refusing to stop. I am very close to rescinding my offer to negotiate with him. Are you all okay, my brave rescuers?

Obama, reread term #2 for getting me to the negotiating table. Tell the Feds to deliver my husband and the bodyguards of my husband's choosing to me ASAP. I cannot negotiate with you unless you meet my terms for getting to the negotiating table in the first place. Do it, Obama. Save yourself. Click here to read my blog post with my terms.

My beautiful world, I need reality inside the bubble before I fall apart. Please remind Iowa how lucky they are. People are dying every day and every night for a chance to be as close to me as they are. The world would love to be close enough to me to ask me questions about major world issues, to be good to me, or to kiss my face. Ask them why they work so hard to destroy me instead of preserving me. I need reality inside this bubble before I fall apart. Iowa is the belligerent obstacle.

Does Iowa really want the reputation of being the people who destroyed the benevolent me? That is a stink that will never come off them. Ask Iowa why they are squandering the blessing of being near me by obeying Obama's rules. They work so hard to destroy me here. Remind Iowa...
1.) Never ask me my name.
2.) Treat me with the respect due the future Queen of Spain.
3.) Acknowledge I am arguably the most famous person in the world.
... And then maybe the world will like them instead of hating them for going out of their way to damage me so much.

Do you remember this? My beautiful world, you need to convince Des Moines to preserve what is good about me until I can be rescued. Critical in this is getting the truth about who I am, what I do, and how much I suffer to the masses. I need my reality acknowledged in this world, or their persecution of me by obeying the rules will destroy me. My beautiful world, you need to beat Iowa over the head with reality until they care about me enough to save me. Please try. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

SynSyn, thanks for taking care of Aaron for me. We need more people disobeying the bubble and fewer people damaging me. We now have the evidence to prove what we have known all along: It has been the federal government the entire time who has been drugging my food, drink, and water. Press all charges possible against the federal government. You have seen what is in my hair.

SynSyn, I also learned yesterday that I owe you a huge thank you and congratulations. I learned you won in court, and that the bubble MUST come down now. Sweetness tried to come pick me up last night, but was told, "You have no evidence. You can't come in." Please make sure Sweetness has all the evidence of your progress he needs, so he can reach me tonight. Thank you, my BFF, for everything. I would be nothing without you.

Sweetness, I love you even more than life itself. I will always be here, metaphorically right beside you, fighting the battles you fight right along with you. As long as you are in my life taking care of me, I will be in your life taking care of you.

Darling, you do some strange things sometimes (Squid clears her throat.), but you know I cannot even get angry at you. And I can trust you to never take advantage of this. There is nothing I want more than to kiss you tonight and for the rest of my life. Please come get me, Sweetness. There is nothing I want more in this world than you.

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