Sunday, April 21, 2013

Superhuman Babies

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Here is my latest blog post. Please do not leave me in this bubble of persecution, torture, and rape so long that I cannot make superhuman babies with my most beloved husband. There must be something else we can try to rescue me; I am just too damaged already to do the problem solving myself.

Egypt. The political climate of Egypt right now brings up the importance of the separation of religion and government. Secular government as opposed to sectarian is so very important not just for preventing sectarian strife, but also in establishing equal human rights and representation for all people in a nation.

Can you imagine the mess the US would be if it were run by the Christian Church? We would be in constant holy wars. Racism and persecution of minorities would be law. We would be an even greater menace to independent nations worldwide. If you want a democracy, it simply cannot be run by a religion.

Please, Egypt, please consider separating the religion from your government. It is one thing to have religious guidelines. It is something entirely different to have religious laws.

New York, NY, USA. This, my beautiful world, is what I volunteered for in 2009. I volunteered to carry humanity through irrefutable global climate change. We need to be prepared for disease. We need to be prepared for climate refugees. We need to be prepared for weather. We need to know how to grow food. There is so much work we have to do.

In 2009 when I was given a forum against my will, I chose a life of service to the world. When will Obama finally be stopped, so I can carry out my job? The world needs me. I need human rights, so I can heal. So I can do my job. So I can serve the world.

United Nations, we all know I will be working with you just as soon as I get my human rights back. Is there anything more you can do to help me? I know you want to press criminal charges against every conspirator in Obama's back pocket from DC to Des Moines for working so hard since 2009 to destroy me. Have you considered civil charges, too?

Obama and his conspiracy are infringing on my ability to help you with everything from the weather to Syria. Let us be honest, how many people can actually say they have had a benevolent influence on everyone from North Korea and China to Pope Francis and President Putin? You know you need me to heal, so I can do my job. Please consider suing Obama for damages caused worldwide from Syria and the Sudan to the ozone in Australia due to problems I could have fixed by now if I only had human rights.

As for my life, I finally had my first haircut since September this last Sunday afternoon. Obama intentionally keeps me so poverty stricken, I had to wait for my mother to get so fed up with all my hair that she would buy me a haircut. Obama actually steals money out of my bank accounts to keep me this poverty stricken. I am miserable. And Iowa is killing me.

My brave rescuers, there must be something more we have not tried yet. I just must be too damaged already to think of it. I really wish I could help you more than I do. Do you need anything?

My beautiful world, please look after everyone for me. Please be very good to everyone working so hard to rescue me. Syniva. Sweetness. Everyone.

I understand you have been working hard to get the whole truth into Iowa... There is just still so much cluelessness and maliciousness everywhere. I would be dead by now if it were not for you, my beautiful world. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep faith in humanity while surrounded by so many jack(expletive)es.

SynSyn, if Polk County, Mark R. Gray, Lynn Boeset, Judge Klotz, Samantha Gronewald, etc. were not criminally intentionally keeping me poverty stricken just to keep me trapped in Iowa which is destroying me, I would have enough money to leave here, go to Seattle to see you, be with my husband, heal from all of the emotional trauma they cause me, and live a comfortable billionaire lifestyle. I need a chance to heal, Syniva. For that I need a support system, and for that I need to leave Iowa.

Please, Synny, press charges against every offending party until they are broken, begging for mercy, and finally ready to allow me to leave. I need to heal, Syn. The world needs me healed and whole. I have a job, and I cannot do it while Iowa refuses to stop destroying me. It should help that the Supreme Court found me rightfully innocent on all charges. You are such a hero, Syniva.

Sweetness, there must be something we have not tried yet. Please try pressing charges, too, against every entity keeping us apart. If you look at the paperwork, (Click here to see the blog post with the paperwork.) the locals are particularly interested in keeping me in Iowa, so I cannot be with you. It is common knowledge that you are forbidden from coming here and that I need to find a way to reach you.

Darling, I understand the last thing we need is more money, but it will help. The federal government is in the middle of a budget crisis, and the locals in particular need a punishment for persecuting me so large that they finally stop. We have yet to cross the threshold into large-enough-punishment-to-make-public-crimes-against-me-stop to finally be reached. They need larger punishments if the courts want to be an effective means of maintaining human rights and public order. Please try. Please try for me.

Furthermore, Sweetness, I will turn thirty-six years old in October. If this bubble does not come down until 2017 when Obama is finally scheduled to leave office, there is a chance we will never be able to have children. And would that not be my greatest gift to the world? Our superhuman babies?

Darling, I know you are already doing everything possible to save me. The last thing you need is more stress. Perhaps this can motivate the world to help you more, though. Please remind everyone time is running out for me to finally have children. The world wants us to make superhuman babies, darling. Please just remind the world that time is running out. I love and adore you so much. Stay safe for me. You are the only thing that can heal me.

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