Friday, April 19, 2013

The Chemicals are Literally Killing Me.

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Here is my latest blog post. I am literally dying. The persecution is literally killing me. Please save me.

This is the part of my blog in which I would normally address pressing world and national issues. I am just not capable right now. I am too close to being completely destroyed. I am an emotional basket case most days now. I want to save the world, and when I am healed and well, I am capable of it. Obama is killing me, though. So I cannot anymore... not until I can heal.

Every month, I am injected with heavy chemicals. I am tortured with injections of haldol that mess up my mind, scar my arms, bruise me, leave me sore and full of bumps, and take away reality. They inject me so much haldol, that it does not all process by the next time they inject me. I now have a toxicity of haldol in my system. They are literally killing me. Everything is getting worse.

I know the haldol has gone toxic and is killing me because I sleep all day now. There have been days I could not get out of bed until 4pm. This is not depression. No one who fights as hard as I do not to be destroyed lets depression keep her in bed. This is a toxicity of haldol. This is a chemical sleep.

Also, after being out of bed for 8 or 8.5 hours on average, I am an emotional basket case that has to go home and go to bed and wait for the chemical-induced insanity to wear off. Every day it is 8 to 8.5 hours like clock work. I cry. I scream. My eyes bug out of my head. The haldol has gone toxic in my system.

The only other time I have ever experienced this was in torture facilities when they were injecting me every day with chemical cocktails designed to destroy me. The haldol is literally killing me. I am losing my mind due to all of the chemicals.

They plan on injecting me again 02May at approximately 3pm. I need a rescue, and I need it now. I am literally dying.

My brave rescuers, do not forget... Obama does not care whom he hurts on his quest to destroy me. He does not care how much money it costs. He does not care how many good people he kills. He does not care how many rights he has to take away from all Americans everywhere. He just wants me destroyed... Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Obama has all the resources of the United States of America to squander keeping you away from me, my brave rescuers, and he does not care how many of you he kills in his quest to kill me. You are not going to reach me until Obama is convinced to allow you through or until I am completely destroyed. Obama does not want me free to do good in the world. If you do not want me destroyed, you are going to have to convince Obama to allow you through before he kills me.

My beautiful world, Obama is killing me. You need to turn him around, kick him into line, and force the bastard to release me before I am gone forever. It is proven my husband can heal me. We just need to get me from Iowa to my husband. My beautiful world, in order to do this, I am going to need you to flex your muscles.

We need people like Chancellor Merkel of Germany, President Xi of China, Prime Minister Cameron of the UK, President Putin of Russia, and everyone else who loves me to start flexing their muscles. Brazil, Australia, and Argentina, do you love me? We need international pressure on Obama to force him to set me free. You are all already trying sanctions. Please be creative, and please be persuasive. And hurry. I am literally dying.

If Nelson Mandela, the Queen of England, Pope Francis, or the Dalai Lama (And let us be honest, they all love me.) started calling around the Iowa Legislature, the Governor of Iowa's office, John Beohner's office, or Harry Reid's office, I am sure we could get faster progress to getting me human rights by going around Obama. I know Syniva could use some help getting the courts to give us an injunction to end the bubble policy.

If the United Nations would indict Obama for crimes against his own people and take him into custody putting Joe Biden in charge of the nation, I would see human rights before being destroyed.

If people of great influence in the world would contact my mother and set her straight on reality, convince her they could keep her and me safer if she would just give me my passport and drive me to Montreal to see my sister, and get my mother to finally behave like she loves me, I might actually survive this. My mother still thinks lying to put me in literal torture facilities saved me from being murdered instead of admitting she was manipulated into helping destroy me.

My beautiful world, there are so many things you can do that are alternatives to taking up arms to rescue me. 1.) Break down Obama and force him to allow me to be with my completely unrestricted husband. 2.) Work around Obama by getting my full human rights enforced in ways Obama cannot violate anymore. 3.) Convince my mother to rescue me. The key to this is convincing her that she and I would be safer in Canada. You might need to promise and provide bodyguards.

SynSyn, I know I keep you so busy. The Supreme Court of the United States of America found me innocent on all charges. Is there anything more the courts can do to get me human rights again? I am literally being killed by the persecution. Can the courts rescue me? Please try, Synny. Please try.

Sweetness, you are the only thing that can heal me. You need to keep yourself safe. This world needs me healed and whole, and that is your job. Please leave rescuing me to the professionals, so you will be in one piece and able to heal me once I reach you. I need you Sweetness. You simply cannot let yourself get hurt.

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