Sunday, March 24, 2013

At All Costs

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Here is my latest blog post. Since Obama is hellbent on destroying me at all costs, please save me at all costs.

Washington, DC. Obama could save over a billion dollars of his shrinking budget if he would just stop enforcing his unrelenting persecution of me. Instead, he is cutting essential functioning of the federal government. He is abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me.

Obama does not care whom he hurts on his quest to destroy me. He does not care how much money it costs. He does not care how many good people he kills. He does not care how many rights he has to take away from all Americans everywhere. He just wants me destroyed. If this is not a personal vendetta and abuse of his office, I do not know what it is. When is enough enough? Have you seen what is in my hair?

This monster must be stopped before he destroys all of America just to be able to take this one singular, beautiful woman away from all the world forever. Obama will not take his bubble down until I am destroyed by his torture, broken, ugly, and committing crimes just like he does.

Do you remember this about Obama? Do you remember when he had Biden negotiate the repeal of the mandate? That was when he thought he could put me in prison for inciting violent protests. Obama wants me destroyed from being a benevolent force for good in the world and will not stop persecuting me until he accomplishes this. Please do not let Obama destroy me. I have so much work to do. Click here to read the entire previous blog post. Obama does not plan on releasing me until he has destroyed me from being a force for good in the world anymore and will destroy everything in his path on his way to removing me.

I am fighting to stay my natural self in here, and it is not easy. Have you seen what is in my hair? If he will not relent, he must be removed from office... Not just for my sake, but for the sake of America and for the sake of the world. Please fight him and fight his rules, America. This will save me, save America, and save the world.

My beautiful world, awareness is rising. You are doing wonderful work out there. But let nothing make you complacent. I still have no basic human rights but my freedom of speech. America is still oppressed. We are all still suffering as I fester in this bubble built to destroy me. Please keep fighting in all the ways you fight. Raising awareness is crucial, and your progress has been wonderful.

Can I get some experts on due process to address the public on my situation? According to the US Constitution, we should not be able to have our human rights, our life, nor our liberty take away from us unless we are put on trial and convicted first. We call this due process.

Yet, Obama put me in a bubble of no basic human rights but freedom of speech in 2009 and has spent billions enforcing I live as his enslaved and raped torture victim ever since. I just need my husband and bodyguards to get my rights to life and liberty back. But Obama is oppressing all of America just to be able to keep me in this bubble until he destroys me.

My brave rescuers, did you sort out the keys? You cannot come into my apartment as I sleep and carry me away to a land that treats me like a human if you do not have a set of my keys. I entrusted a current copy to my husband months ago. Please make sure you have a copy. And thank you.

SynSyn, you have made such amazing progress. I was told to stay calm, relax, and make the most of having no paparazzi because you will save me. I hope this blog post helps you. I know you are as genius as I am. I know you have genius help. I have faith, Synny. I know you will save me.

Sweetness, I have reached the point where no other person anywhere is attractive to me but you. CNN is running a special about Justin Timberlake's rise to fame. I saw the ad, and asked myself, "People find Justin Timberlake attractive?" No one anywhere is attractive to me but you.

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