Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some Housekeeping

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Here is my latest blog post. Tell Obama to takes his hands off my husband.

South Africa. Nelson Mandela is in the hospital again. We need to make sure we are all praying for him. Pneumonia can be a killer, and the world is a better place with Mr. Mandela in it. Please make sure we pray for him.

As for my life, speakers went active in everyone's heads around me AGAIN by this last Thursday night. Can Obama explain this? First, Obama has to explain why everyone has a brainwashing speaker in his or her left ear. Then, Obama has to explain why it always broadcasts lies about me and on occasion my intellectual property. Mass brainwashing is a violation of people's basic right to freedom of conscious and belief.

Speaking of problems with the locals, here are some phone numbers for Broadlawns Medical Center, the facility that tortures me with injections because they claim that my saying the Mr. Johnny Depp is my husband is a sign I am a threat to others and myself.
Please, my beautiful world, call them. Explain to Broadlawns that I am not crazy but that they are just evil. Please see if you can convince them to stop torturing me. And thank you.

To answer a burning question on many people's minds right now... Why was I raped so many times? Look at my hair. The rape happened in Iowa, San Francisco, Mexico, the UK, and Iowa at least twice again since December 2010. The orders could only have come from Obama. The only explanation for rape in three countries is I have a very powerful enemy. The only enemy I have is Obama.

Obama declared himself my enemy, and did everything to throw me away. Obama ordered I be raped until I kill myself. Can Obama explain why I have raped so many times since he picked me out for this in 2009? I can. He wanted me to kill myself. The orders still stand. The hacked webcam watching over me while I sleep is the only thing that prevents me from being raped now.

Has Obama been lying about raping me? Just like he lied when he called me a hooker. Just like he always lies. I remember this last Sunday when he lied and said he would take down the bubble, so we could negotiate. He has done nothing towards this yet. All he has done since Sunday is spew more lies.

Speaking of my sleep, I stream music while I sleep, so I can always know the internet is connected. If the internet connection goes down, I know I need to wake up because the hacked webcam cannot watch me to keep me safe. If the music stops while I sleep, it means I might be raped again. If I sleep poorly, it is because the federal government keeps interrupting my music and because of the electrobeams. The electrobeams have been particularly bad lately.

Most importantly, I have a right to know what goes on concerning me particularly if it involves the government. Do you remember this quote?

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

I used this quote to open The Penumbra (Click here to read or listen to The Penumbra.) which I wrote one afternoon in July 2009 in San Francisco. I have a right to know why there are so many death threats on my head, and I have a right to hear them. I have a right to know what Obama has to say about all of these things concerning me. I have a right to hear the libel spread about me. I have a right to know.

Can Obama explain why I was not allowed to know and am still forbidden to know that I was framed for murder? Obama picked me out and exploited me. He wanted speakers in everyone's heads. He wanted totalitarian control of the media. He planned on throwing me away by making me kill myself. I was picked out by Obama in 2009 to be exploited, but he did not plan on my fighting back. Now, he has a personal vendetta against me.

My beautiful world, I heard Obama is choosing to be impeached instead of choosing to take down the bubble to save himself. It sounds like a personal vendetta against me more and more every day, does it not? At all costs, Obama wants to maintain this bubble until it destroys me, even at the cost of his being impeached.

So, now, because Obama is choosing to be impeached, there are even more death threats on my head than normal. Please, my beautiful world, keep me safe. Get the whole truth into Iowa at all costs as an effort to make the public look out for my well being, and please keep me safe. Thank you, my beautiful world, so much would be fixed if the public were just told who I am, what I do, and how much I suffer.

SynSyn, full speed ahead. Obama is insisting on being such an (expletive)er to me about everything and has picked up speed on spewing lies. I am close to just clenching my teeth, rescinding my offer to negotiate, and saying just impeach the (expletive). I have not decided to yet, but I am close. Obama is quickly taking away every reason I used to have to give him an out in the first place. What do I have to gain from being nice to him? Not much.

According to the voices pumped into Sampo by the federal government, the British are calling for Obama to step down. I wonder how many nations would rather I have human rights than have Obama as president.

Please, my beautiful world, make your voices heard. World leaders, it is okay to dislike a US president who rapes and persecutes an innocent woman, so he can exploit her. It is okay to tell Obama to step down. Is there freedom of press in your foreign countries? Are you reporting the full story there? What do your people have to say about all of this?

My brave rescuers, I know it is a literal war zone out there. The federal government keeps interrupting my music while I sleep to keep me awake at night. I have been begging the NSA for help. Is there anything you need from me? Do you still have all the supplies, weapons, food, medicine, etc. that you need? I was hoping Obama would take the bubble down, but he has chosen not to. I hate when you die. Please tell my beautiful world what you need.

Sweetness, I just learned yesterday. Look, you did not cheat on me. I might have cried all night, but we have always had an understanding. You are human just like I am human, and we have not been permitted to so much as exchange glances in three years. If you need an occasional liaison to make sure you do not run off and fall in love with someone else, I have always understood. I am down for whatever it takes to keep you mine.

Furthermore, darling, look at the timing of when it happened. I highly suspect you were seduced, so I would give up on you. Please investigate the woman who seduced you. Phone records would be more conclusive than bank records, but everything helps. It does not take $1 million to convince a woman to sleep with you.

I am hurt, my human husband, but you have been toyed with. I will get over it, but will you? They are trying to break us up. Your humanity has been exploited to take away my reason for living. They want to take away my fight to be with you. Never let them win. You love me and will never leave me. That is what matters. Never stop loving me.

My darling Sweetness, I love and adore you. There is no human on this planet more perfect to spend the rest of eternity at my side. I understand we are both human. I have my flaws. You have your flaws. We love each other knowing our flaws are just more to love. You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. Never let them take you away from me, and I will always be here to take care of you, too.

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