Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rumors Were Right.

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UPDATE: Since this was first posted, I was informed that the Violence Against Women Act will be signed into law by Obama on Thursday, 07March. This is one of the many problems with keeping me in the dark on purpose. I apologize for any confusion. The following is my blog post in its original.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama has not taken his bubble around me down yet. The bubble is now forbidden, but all Obama is willing to do concerning me is brazenly break the law.

London, UK. The Queen of England was just recently hospitalized for a stomach ailment. She has since been released, but it gave me a real scare I might never meet her. She is not one to complain lightly of not feeling well. I just want to take a moment to remind her I think of her fondly and to say I hope to meet her one day soon. She is a strong woman, but at her age you can never be too careful. Thank you, Queen, for everything.

As for my life, the rumors were right. Thanks to the Violence Against Women Act, the bubble is now forbidden. Obama is breaking the law and violating the US Constitution by enforcing the bubble. You need to fight the bubble, my beautiful world.

People can argue about what Obama's motive is for persecuting me. But no one can argue that this crime is happening. I am forbidden from even speaking to my friends. I am forbidden from being with my loved ones. Obama is ordering I be tortured. Obama is ordering I be persecuted. This is a human rights violation against me and against all of America; no one in America has freedom of expression, freedom of the press, nor freedom to assemble and associate with me.

I have to sleep every night with a hacked webcam watching me to deter rapists; this is a proven deterrent but not something guaranteed to keep me safe. I live on constant guard because of constant threats on my life from people Obama protects with his rules and his bubble. I am forbidden from being with my husband. I am forbidden from having bodyguards. This bubble is designed to psychologically destroy me.

This bubble must end immediately, and Obama promised it would end this month. The Violence Against Women Act was even signed into law to forbid the bubble from continuing. However, Obama is still criminally enforcing his human rights violating bubble. At this rate, I will not have basic human rights until 2017 when Obama has to leave office. I will be psychologically destroyed by Obama if he is not stopped before then. Will you miss me, my beautiful world. Will you miss me if Obama destroys me?

Please catch a gander at this.

My beautiful world, I am just one woman; I need your help. I cannot do this without you. I need you all to start exercising your full human rights. Please read the full text of the Violence Against Women Act, and exercise your freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and right to assemble and associate. The bubble is forbidden now, but you all will only be free when you finally behave free. And I cannot be free unless all of you are free.

My brave rescuers, Obama is already forbidden from sending people to kill you. Someday soon, he will actually be forced to obey that law. You are good people. Most of you are good, hardworking Americans trying to save the nation you love. How many of you has he killed already? How many more will Obama kill before he is finally forced to obey America's laws and Constitution? Thank you for everything you do for me and for America.

My vigilant podcasters, please create two podcast/broadcasts for me. Please create one about all of the good, brave rescuers Obama is killing. Make them famous heroes. And please create a podcast/broadcast in honor of the man who Sunday night acknowledged I am famous. I know you have his phone number now. See if you can get his permission to make him famous for treating me in a civilized manner befitting of my company. He was wonderful. Please be very good to him and make him famous for his humanity.

News reporters, broadcasters, television and film professionals, musicians, writers, and all members of all media, please read the Violence Against Women Act, figure out what we have left to do to return freedom of expression and freedom of the press to America, and tell me what you need. We should all be free now. Let us take the last few steps to make America free to speak. We can set America free, but we need to do the work.

SynSyn, we have the Violence Against Women Act, now. The bubble is now forbidden. We need major legal action to force Obama to stand down from his bubble. Get a court order mandating the persecution end. Start pressing criminal charges, too. Arrest everybody who enforces or carries out the bubble. It is forbidden now. America is supposed to be free. Also, my BFF, please prepare extra charges for Polk County. They will torture me Thursday 07March if I am not rescued first... And the bubble is even forbidden now.

Sweetness, I see you decided to come yourself. I asked you to arm someone with the VAWA and my lawyers and to send that person in here to offer me support, and you chose to come here yourself. I can think of no one else I would rather have. Thank you. Please explore the length and breadth of what legal action can do to deliver you safely to me. I do not want guns fired at you again. I love and adore you.

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