Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waiting for Godot

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Here is my latest blog post. Please, David Cameron, I need you.

Western Africa. There is a Malian refugee crisis. Refugees are people with no place else to go for some place to live. If you want the refugee crisis to end, you have to make their home safe enough to return to. Please, International Red Cross and other refugee aid agencies, consider investing in Northern Mali not just the refugee camps nearby. These people need homes to return to.

And, as always, my beautiful world, any donation you can make to the Red Cross, UNHCR, or etc. is always greatly appreciated.

Syrian-Israeli border. There is a crisis right now on the border between Israel and Syria. The Syrian crisis is spreading. Please, Syrian rebels, free the UN Peacekeepers you are currently holding. The UN is not your enemy. The UN is one of the lead forces trying to end your war by removing al Assad from power. Please be good to the UN. They are your ally.

Pew Research Poll. The people are aware our rights are infringed on. This is March! The bubble and all of its universal human rights violations are supposed to be over now! Stand up, America! Stand up and demand your rights back! Do not back down until we are all free again!

As for my life, are my days as a troglodyte yet over? I feel like a hermit living in a cave most of the time. I am constantly kept in the dark, but I feel constant pressure to be a bestower of wisdom if anybody can reach me with his or her questions. Sometimes I feel so disappointing. How do you feel, my beautiful world. Do I live up to everything you expect from me? You far exceed everything I ever ask of you.

My beautiful world, I hear people say all the time that they have the best fans ever. I disagree. I have the best fans ever, but you, my beautiful world, go well beyond being fans. You are an empowered force for good in the world. I am so proud of all of you. Thank you for everything you do for me and for the world.

SynSyn, we need to make sure control of my meager finances I am allowed inside the bubble is taken away from my mother and given back to me. Please send someone to sit down and talk with her. She never listens to me. Warn her we will take heavy legal action against her if she does not do everything in her power to give me back control of my finances by 01April. Be genle with her but firm. Tom died of cancer. What more is necessary?

Also, my BFF, torture. They will torture me tomorrow if I am not rescued first. Please have all necessary legal paperwork ready.

My brave rescuers, I just need a ride to reach you. If I can arrange a lift to reach you, can you fly me to Canada in your helicopter? Please warn Canada they will have to take me in without my passport. It was stolen by my father, and he has since died of cancer.

Prime Minister David Cameron, my brave rescuers have been on the lines literally dying trying to reach me since last April. My husband is too famous and easy to locate to operate in secrecy. I am begging you. Please send MI6 already in the area to give me a lift to Canada or anywhere else, like a British embassy or someplace else nearby like the British Virgin Islands, where I can have safe haven. I can meet my Sweetness once I get there. I know you keep track of me to keep me safe. Please send orders to extract me. The UK like Canada is too close of an ally to the US for this to cause an international incident nor an international conflict.

I am begging you, Prime Minister. I spent seven months tortured in a mental health facility in Liverpool in 2010 while slandered up and down by your media for all of which the Queen herself apologized profusely. Please tell me I can ask you for this. I forgave you already. Please tell me we are close enough friends I can ask you to extract me. I just need a ride to someplace like my rescuers' camp from which I can be flown to Canada or some other safe place dedicated to giving me human rights. I need you, David. Please help me. Obama's 'transition' is so slow it will kill me.

Please, MI6 or any other mouse or ninja out there who listens to me, work together and get me to Canada. My secret agent friends, it takes one sacrificial lamb already recognizable like Thorbald to ask me to take my left contact out. Then you can swarm and rescue me. Please do this for me and for the world. Please do not leave me in this bubble to die, fester, or be destroyed by Obama. Would you like to be my hero? I would love to hug you, kiss your cheek, and thank you.

Sweetness, you are my hero and my king. I have felt your approach these last few days. Whenever you come near me, my body reacts. It was that or they have been putting aphrodisiacs in the city water. I understand the federal government has been spying on you, and you were disrupted by federal agents today. We need a better plan.

Delegate, Sweetness. Delegate getting me to Canada to people who can operate in secrecy. Meet me there. Send secret agents to carry me to Canada, and meet me there.

P.S. I'm beginning to come round to that opinion. All my life I've tried to put it from me, saying Vladimir, be reasonable, you haven't yet tried everything. And I resumed the struggle.

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