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Here is my latest blog post. We all owe Syniva a huge thank you for all of her genius progress on all fronts. Please tell her I love her, and buy her art. You can find Syniva here.

Iraq. How responsible do we feel about the state of Iraq right now? We should feel very responsible. They are on the verge of a civil war.

We invaded their country over fictitious WMDs starting a war that had no endorsement from the UN. We did succeed in putting Saddam Hussein on trial, but all we have left in their nation is chaos and US control of their oil fields.

I believe someone with enough gravitas like a UN Special Envoy to Iraq could sort out most of it, but why does America not care? Have we become people who make messes of other nations to steal their oil?

Putting Saddam Hussein on trial happened under Bush 43. Clearly, Obama would have assassinated him without putting him on trial first. And the withdrawal from Iraq leaving it in chaos with no US presence anywhere but their oil fields happened under Obama. There are two presidents to blame for the state of Iraq right now.

The Middle East is just too much of a mess as a whole right now for the world to allow Iraq to fall apart further. What we need is a second Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi to go use his influence to work some magic in Iraq. Can we make the Middle East a prosperous and stable part of world now, please? Like so many conflicts, they need love and attention... And some good diplomacy and problem solving.

As for my life, I will be tortured again on 04April. SynSyn, I understand there has been progress with the local government. If they do not call off the torture in time to save me from being close to destroyed on 04April, we will have to press charges. It has always been one of our terms that every time they break the law, we will press charges. They have always understood this. One of our demands is that they never commit any crime against me ever again.

Shove the iron fist of justice down Iowa's throat for refusing to rid itself of the adult guardianship, for refusing to overturn every single mental health commitment, for refusing the call off the torture, etc. Definitely press charges if they say, 'Not now, later.' I am tired of broken promises and being jerked around. Did the government sign a written, binding agreement that they will completely meet all five of our demands? We cannot help them until they help us.

If I do not show up to be tortured, they will institutionalize me. That is the whole point of their committing me when I have absolutely no mental illness. We win in court every time because nothing has changed. I still have absolutely no mental illness, and if Iowa is still persecuting me, they will torture me again on 04April. Please prepare all necessary legal action, SynSyn.

As I said in a letter to Sweetness, SynSyn, offer to negotiate when we are done shoving the iron fist of justice down Iowa's throat. They have the power to end the cycle of crime and crippling charges, but Iowa has to decide to stop committing crimes for this to end. We can offer them rewards for choosing to stop persecuting me, victimizing me, and destroying me, but they have to decide to stop. Please do everything possible to save me, Synny, and thank you.

Yes, there has been progress with the local government. My beautiful world, do you want to see me smile?

My brave rescuers, I hear you called a ceasefire. I understand why you believe that is best. MI6 got very close this morning, and I hate when you die. You will always be there for me. I understand that. I will always be here for you, too.

Please, my brave rescuers, make sure the secret agents get a copy of the keys I entrusted to my husband. Or at least get a copy to Sir Peter Westmacott to give to MI6. It will allow them to operate under greater secrecy. Thank you for everything, my brave rescuers. I cannot wait to meet you all.

SynSyn, the world owes you the hugest congratulations for finally getting Obama indicted. If you can set me free of the bubble, the entire world will be better off. Just think of all the good I could do in the world if I just had human rights. You are a hero, Syniva. Please thank everybody who helps you, too.

However, Syniva, Obama is corrupt and has likely already sent orders to our prosecuting team to throw the case. Please make sure you sit down with them and go over everything about me, what I do, how hard I work, what is in my hair, and how much I suffer.

Expect the team chosen to prosecute Obama to be full of nothing but lies about me. Reeducate them. Start at the beginning with them, and skip absolutely no details. The whole truth about me is enough to win over anyone but a sociopath. And we need prosecutors who will fight for me, for us, and for all of America.

Also, Synny, I sent you a letter I recived from Social Security. As my active Power of Attorney, I need you to contact the Social Security administration no later than 10 business days after 19March, the day I received the letter.

Give them in writing who you are, that you represent me, my social security number, my birth date, and a written request for the payee on my account to be you. Tell them we want to file a form SSA-561-U2. Include a copy of my Power of Attorney paperwork. Etc. I am sure you and my lawyers can figure out what to say. I trust you.

Finally, Syniva, for the sake of the public, we need to get Attorney Mark R. Gray of the Wittfield and Eddy Law Firm in Ankeny disbarred for being a part of the conspiracy with an expressed personal vendetta against me. He was my father Tom Varilek's lawyer for all of the heinousness of the adult guardianship proceedings.

You have copies of all of the transcripts of all of the ridiculous crap he chose to spew in all of the hearings concerning me, especially after it was already proven that I was not under the jurisdiction of Polk County, that I have absolutely no mental illness, that you are in fact my active Power of Attorney, etc. For the sake of the public, once everything else is off your plate, get the rat disbarred. He is a criminal and an active part of the conspiracy with Obama.

Sweetness, you listen to my list of desiderata, and you take care of everything you are humanly capable of caring for. I understand that there is something in the way we raise our menfolk that makes you flock to women you need to rescue. But I will never understand what I did right to deserve the way you love me. You are my husband, and we have a basic human right to be married and to live as a married couple. I cannot wait to hold you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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