Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Biden Would Pardon Obama.

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Here is my latest blog post. It us cut and dried Obama will be convicted, but where do we try him? And how quickly can we get him out of office, so we can finally take the bubble down? Obama has made it clear he will maintain the bubble as long as he is in office.

North Korea. Pyongyang ended the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953. Technically, this means North Korea is at war again with South Korea. Is there anything we can do to speak with the leadership of North Korea to calm the tensions? So much energy is spent alienating North Korea for understandable reasons. But the situation is degrading quickly. Can China, their closest ally, speak with them? We would hate to see war break out.

Sudan and South Sudan. They have worked out their disagreement about border security and are again pumping oil. After decades of war and unrest, these two newly separated countries are getting along. Thank you, Sudan and South Sudan. The fact you can get along means so much to us who not only care about you but who also can now use you as an example to the world for conflict resolution. Thank you.

As for my life, SynSyn and my genius legal team have come through. It is proven now black and white that Obama is guilty of corruption and conspiracy concerning his crimes against me and America. As for what to do about Obama, please, United Nations, consider trying him at the ICC for crimes against me and against the rest of his own people, too.

Biden will replace him as president, and Biden will pardon him. It is pretty cut and dried Obama will be convicted when tried. But if we only try him in America, Biden will pardon him, and there will never be justice done. Please, United Nations, find a way to arrest Obama and extradite him to The Hague. The world needs justice. I need justice. If we try him in America, we will still need to try him in The Hague, too.

Whatever happens, wherever we try Obama, we need to move quickly. Obama has made it clear his bubble will not come down as long as he is in office, and his bubble is killing me. I am so close to being destroyed. I had a meltdown talking to my mother Dina yesterday and then spent the night in tears. Please, United Nations, try Obama at The Hague, and please move fast enough to save me.

My brave rescuers, Obama has been bloody to you lately. I hate when you die. I hate when you get hurt. I hate being so helpless I can only send you help after the fact. Soon. I was promised you will reach me soon. I do not know if I will be more relieved that my suffering is ended or your loss of life is finally over.

My brave rescuers, I have surrendered any ability to know where or when you are coming to rescue me to ensure you can operate in secrecy. Please keep telling me when you need help. Please keep telling me if things are good or bad. But please keep me in the dark on rescue details, though, if it means you can and will actually reach me. Thank you for respecting this request.

I know you wanted to be here Saturday night, my brave rescuers. I know you were stopped. I know Obama has been bloody lately. But I am not going anywhere, so we just need to try again. And we need to keep trying until it works. Please stay as safe as possible out there. And thank you for everything you do for me.

My beautiful world, please keep a watchful eye over me. Obama has a tendency to throw tantrums and retaliate against me with heavy human rights violations. Please keep me safe. The electrobeams in my sleep have been heavy and horrible lately. I saw my neighbors switching out their mattress hoping it would make a difference.

Please do everything to keep me safe, my beautiful world. The best thing to do is break every single rule. Remember, it is only illegal to enforce the rules not to break them. This is thanks to the Violence Against Women Act Obama signed into law last Thursday.

I heard there are new rules that allow for more basic rights to be restored to all Americans. But nothing has changed for me in here. This bubble is still so close to destroying me. I am losing my cool in here. People need to start disobeying the rules completely around me, or I will come completely unglued. ACKNOWLEDGE MY REALITY, IOWA! ACKNOWLEDGE MY SUFFERING! YOU ARE KILLING ME!

SynSyn, I am aware of the genius progress you have made out there. I was told to be patient because you will come through. Thank you for everything. You are the absolutely best BFF ever.

Also, SynSyn, on the local level, I need you to send my lawyers to explain to Dina she must choose between me and Obama and choosing Obama puts her in prison. Please. I do not want to have to send Dina to prison, but she has decided to take control of my finances completely against my wishes. She is very worried about money. She also said to me point blank she has never kept a secret from me due to Obama. She has lied to me since 2009. What else would she do for Obama?

My BFF, give Dina until 01April to make you happy with efforts to give me complete control of my finances, and if she does not make you happy, press every charge conceivable against her. I am fed up and tired of her sorry excuse for mothering. I also told her we would make sure she has enough money for a comfortable life if she chose me over Obama. Please send my lawyers to explain to Dina she must choose between me and Obama and that choosing Obama puts her in prison while choosing me solves her financial problems. Synny, you always come through for me. Thank you.

While you are at it, Synny, please press charges against Social Security for being willing to release my money to my mother while not to me. She does not even have adult guardianship paperwork and definitely is not my Power of Attorney. If they would give the money to you, I would understand, but it should never go to Dina. Why not be thorough? Press charges against the SSA, too, for claiming I have a mental illness we have proven redundantly that I do not have. Thank you.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter late Sunday night. It should arrive at the usual address on Wednesday. I love and adore you. Are you safe? The electrobeams have been horrible the last few nights, so I have been having nightmares about horrible things happening. Please let me know you are safe and well. I understand Obama has be viciously bloody towards my rescuers lately. Please stay careful.

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