Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Until the Bubble Comes Down

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Here is my latest blog post. A lot has happened since I started drafting this. Does anyone know when I get Sweetness? Does anyone know when America gets freedom of expression and freedom of the press back? Obama has promised again to take down the bubble completely.

My beautiful world, according to the voices the government occasionally pumps into Sampo, Obama refuses to take down the bubble because he believes he has nothing to negotiate with. Sampo and I have spoken.

I would not have asked Obama to negotiate if there were not things I wanted from him; I would have just clenched my jaw and impeached him. I am bigger than myself. I want to spend my social currency solving major national and world problems.

In return for our not seeing impeachment all of the way through, Obama can fix Syria, let me talk with Iran and North Korea about nuclear weapons, make sure Afghanistan does not fall apart like Iraq, balance the budget, etc. I might even give a little on my stance on the budget. It is called negotiating.

Please, my beautiful world, everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves. Convince Obama to take down the bubble completely, so he can redeem himself by solving major problems. I can redeem Obama, but Obama has to bother to listen to me.

My terms have not changed. To get me to the negotiating table, Obama must...
1.) Take the bubble down completely. This includes everything local. I do not want to be tortured on 04April, and my Mom is going broke. Set America free, Obama.
2.) Give me my husband. My beautiful world, tell Obama to tell the Feds to bring me my husband and the bodyguards of my husband's choosing.
Obama might want to wait to negotiate until after all of the spy equipment is removed from my head.

Thank you, my beautiful world, and remind SynSyn not to negotiate. If Obama does not take down the bubble, she can negotiate with him after he is impeached.

SynSyn, we stay full speed ahead until the bubble comes completely down. Once the bubble is down, we can slow down. Impeachment cannot come off the table until we negotiate it off the table, and Obama can only negotiate with me face to face. I am tired of all of Obama's broken promises, so we keep the pressure on him until the bubble comes down.

It is impossible to negotiate through the bubble. That is why my terms are what they are. Taking down the bubble completely is the bare minimum necessary to physically get me to a negotiating table. It looks like Obama will take down the bubble, so we do not have to take down Obama. But we need to make sure.

Again, Obama has broken his promises to take down the bubble too many times. We stay full speed ahead until the bubble comes down. Then, we can slow down. Then we negotiate impeachment until it is off the table.

Let us be honest. The bubble comes down either way. It is just a question of whether or not Obama gets impeached first. Thank you, Syniva, for always understanding why I do what I do.

We must get the bubble taken down before it destroys me. Do you remember this?...

Obama does not care whom he hurts on his quest to destroy me. He does not care how much money it costs. He does not care how many good people he kills. He does not care how many rights he has to take away from all Americans everywhere. He just wants me destroyed. If this is not a personal vendetta and abuse of his office, I do not know what it is. When is enough enough? Have you seen what is in my hair? Click here to read the entire previous post.

My brave rescuers, according to Obama, you will be reaching me soon. Thank you for everything. I know it is a war zone out there-- a literal war zone. I am doing everything I can think of the get you here alive. I cannot wait to meet you.

Sweetness, how fast can the federal government get you here? Should I shave my legs?

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