Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Will America Ever Rise Up?

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Here is my latest blog post.

North Korea. Dearest Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, you do not want to be the one who strikes first. I understand you are strong and powerful, but history always favors the victim and never the one who starts the conflict. If you strike the US or South Korea before they strike you, not even China will help you in your international conflict. You will be alone. How strong will you be if the entire world turns against you. Please, Supreme Leader, do not strike first.

Washington, DC. One of the reasons gun control legislation is having such a hard time getting passed is because Congress had been mixing its apples and oranges. There are two problems they are trying to solve: 1.) ending massacres and 2.) reducing gun violence as a whole.

The assault rifles used in the massacres in Newtown and Aurora were legally procured guns background check and all. The only thing that could have prevented the guns from falling into their hands would have been an assault weapons ban. Gun violence as a whole in most urban areas is a result of handguns. There, background checks would help keep guns off the streets. But a background check would not help prevent massacres.

The arguments for and against gun control have been confusing the two problems with regularity. Congress needs to figure out which problem it wants to solve if not both and be honest about what is necessary to solve that particular problem. They have been mixing their apples and oranges. That is why nothing has been getting done.

As for my life, I am miserable. The persecution is wearing on me almost irreparably. I need people to start disobeying the rules en masse before this bubble destroys me. I have had problems getting out of bed. There is nowhere to dance. Obama will destroy me.

My beautiful world, my rescuers and husband are working very hard to reach me. The problem is that Obama is in the way literally killing them as they fight to rescue me. There is only one thing that can keep me from being destroyed before they reach me, and that is Des Moines rising up and refusing to persecute me until they can save me. But what are the odds of Des Moines ever giving a damn about me? I have never met a more evil people in my life.

My beautiful world, you need to convince Des Moines to preserve what is good about me until I can be rescued. Critical in this is getting the truth about who I am, what I do, and how much I suffer to the masses. I need my reality acknowledged in this world, or their persecution of me by obeying the rules will destroy me. My beautiful world, you need to beat Iowa over the head with reality until they care about me enough to save me. Please try.

Most pressingly, I need friends in here. I need people I can talk to honestly about my life who will not pretend I am crazy because I tell them the truth. Is there any way, my beautiful world, to send me friends? Please! It will keep me sane and centered. Please try, my beautiful world. Send me people who will acknowledge me.

My vigilant podcasters, can you please create a compare and contrast podcast/broadcast that highlights what people are and are not supposed to do around me. For example, Keith last night was delightful, but the guy outside with the bandana on his head was a douche. Yes, it is okay to acknowledge I am famous and that my job is helping the world, but never treat me like I am a stripper. Can you create instructions for how to behave around me?
1.) Never ask me my name.
2.) Always treat me with the respect the Queen of Spain deserves.
3.) Never pretend I am not the most famous person in the world.
Please compare and contrast the obnoxious locals with the respectful ones.

Yes, I am finally acknowledging that Spain made me their future queen in 2009. Most people knew this already, but I am finally owning up to it. I have a few reasons for finally coming out with it.

I was recently asked if I would like to become an ambassador. The problem with this is that I am not sure I want to stay a US citizen anymore. The people around me are all Americans, and they are horrible to me. Americans pretend I have a mental illness, so they can plan on torturing men again this coming Thursday 04April. (SynSyn, prepare the legal action.) The rest of the world treats me so well. Look at how the people around me treat me.

Spain made me their queen. The US needs to pick up its game if it wants to keep me. I will make you this promise, America-- if the public rises up and disobeys every rule to be able to save me from Obama, I will stay an American. There are entire nations out there offering me safe haven from this persecution the locals make a point of harming me with. Why would I stay here if this is all I see?

I understand that there are a number of Americans fighting very hard to save me right now, but I never get to see it. All I know about America is persecution and misery. I do not need the people who love me to go further to save me; I need more loved ones willing to go just as far. I need the masses to rise up out of love for me. The only way this is possible is if the truth reaches the masses. Please, my beautiful America, will you save me?

Sweetness, I am tired of this bull(expletive). I am not "the type of woman whose husband cheats on her." We were common law married in February 2010 and have not so much as exchanged glances since. We are persecuted. We are victimized. We are oppressed. We are hated by the president of the United States of America who has sworn to ruin my life. You were seduced to take away the only reason I have to wake up every morning and do good in the world.

No, I am not happy you fell for it, but I understand. Darling, you just got out of a fourteen year relationship. If I were you, I would be sleeping my way across Los Angeles not tied to a woman I am forbidden from being with. Tell those (expletive)ers to keep their shallow judgements to themselves. They have no idea how much we suffer. They have never had the most powerful man in the world swear to destroy them.

I am not "the type of woman whose husband cheats on her." We are victims of a cruel, tyrannical bastard. The world needs to get this through their heads.

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