Wednesday, July 6, 2016

American Independence Day 2016 and Tentacle Tuesday, 05Jul2016

Title: American Independence Day 2016 and Tentacle Tuesday, 05Jul2016

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. And this is why we always have military helicopters ready in case of an emergency. Thank you for understanding for REAL how dangerous (It has never been our fault my life has been dangerous 24/7 since 01Jan2009; this has always been the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's fault, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's fault.) it is inside the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's innermost circle of hell for REAL.

[The Inhuman Atrocity Regime STILL forbids me all REAL news to make sure they can destroy the world as fast as possible while trying to prevent me from EVER being able to save anyone from them ever again.]

My last blog post was finished at 12:11am on Monday, 04Jul2016, Independence Day. I was curled up in bed and ready to sleep at 12:39am. I had drunk my tap water before finally sleeping, and immediately afterwards, we all heard the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, STILL occupying my building only to commit acts of war against America while on the President's private property herself with no permission from any one sane anywhere in the world at all, panic about the "death injection drugs" they had put in my bathroom's water not being able to kill me.

I had faith my irresistible saturation would fix everything by the time I woke up. For once, I could not find any signs that anyone had entered my bedroom while I slept, and my body was pretty much self-healed by 9:59am when I finally got up.

I was done getting ready and had also caught most of the morning shift of Inhuman Atrocity Regime trespassing in my building to destroy the world by destroying me at 10:10am when I had left my property.

I was on my bus at 10:29am for my FourthOfJuly2016 adventures. My irresistible saturation knew how far I was clearing the vicinity that morning; I had checked in with my personal assistant, my darling Mr. Finn "Alfred" O'Mahoney the previous day, as I always do, when people need warning before I show up.

Our local California weather was cool and grey that day, and I was wondering if there would be fireworks from my City of Santa Monica over the mighty Pacific that night.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please entitle my verified and unedited walk with full audio and visuals through downtown Santa Monica beginning when I deboarded my Big Blue Bus that morning and ending at 11:35am, "If you're open, you're occupied. Don't pretend you support me." (I do not know where the Inhuman Atrocity Rgime keep finding all of their California vehicles either. Are they commandeering them?)

I arrived at Point Dume Village, which was built just for me in Sep2014, and was charged money by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's occupation of my local coffeeshop for my daily coffee at 12:26pm. Then, I bought some snacks and walked to my much-not-frequent enough rendezvous spot where my darling Ms. Mother Nature and I always chat.

Yes, I spent my FourthOfJuly2016 afternoon at Tony Stark's house, you damn dirty apes.

Please my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate my July 4th holiday verified and unedited beginning when I deboarded my Metro 534 that afternoon and ending when I reached the Art Deco house, and entitle it, "Packing a picnic."

There are NEVER tourists at the Point Dume Village; it is someplace only Malibu locals hang out; so, we knew those were ALL Inhuman Atrocity Regime. It looked like only Ollie's Duck & Dive could refuse an IAR occupation that day.

Please my not-human-trafficker nerds, also circulate my July 4th holiday beginning when I reached the corner of Cliffside Drive and Dume Drive that early afternoon and ending when I returned to it to wait for the bus. Please entitle it, "Mother Nature says, 'Hi.'"

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime showed up there as fast as possible at my world's most holy of all of our UNESCO World Heritage Sites to destroy their children in front of me and to destroy my regular and sacred meeting place with my darling Ms. Mother Nature as soon as they could identify our most holy location on my Planet Earth.

Our divine conversation witnessed live by my entire world was done by 4:14pm, and it was beyond-proven by 4:56pm that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had committed the open act of war of sabotaging the Metro bus system AGAIN. So, I walked back to Point Dume Village to buy liquids and report all acts of war I had witnessed immediately.

Our verified and unedited 4:56pm until 5:53pm with full audio and visuals is our hardest evidence yet. Entitle it, "That is what you get for committing your escalating acts of war to begin with." I caught multiple occupations by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime of private residences in Malibu, turned in all occupied businesses I had witnessed, and was physically assaulted by horribly ugly twenty-somethings.

5:58pm on 04Jul2016: Seriously, check every structure, residence, public building, business, and park in Malibu. IAR left nothing sacred today. #MalibuPD @UN

The worst offenders on my bus ride back to my occupied City of Santa Monica were the loud, criminally-insane, crazed-lunatics in the malevolent hoards of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime who exited my bus as fast as they realized they were caught and also not at an actual bus stop.

My bus crossed the city border into my occupied City of Santa Monica just after 6:53pm, and I was still wondering if we would have fireworks over the ocean that night.

I found my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot on the corner of Broadway and our sacred Promenade almost the moment I exited my bus. I asked them why they were working on the holiday after I told them the previous night to take July 4th off, but we know they always risk they very lives just to be able to keep me alive and to make my mere existence, which cannot even be called a life at all due the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, as bearable as possible.

I also had a sneaky suspicion they wanted to finally see my irresistible saturation shoot as many Inhuman Atrocity Regime as possible, especially Gestapo and malevolent hoards, as our effort to make sure the IAR never massacre their own children ever again by bringing them into this literal battlefield. But they were sent home at 7:51pm, so my irresistible saturation and I scheduled our shoot'em'up for earn I left my Promenade instead.

Please consult my verified Twitter archive for the entire evening for all the (expletive)kickings I had to give as fast as possible just to keep my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle safe that night and to try, hopefully not in vain, to finally protect the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's children from their own evil parents.

I was late streaming the NBC Nightly News written and produced only for me that night online. I was finally able to watch at 7:57pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Ms. Kate Snow, and she was completely cheered up before we done. Happy July 4th, my entire NBC News team!

My not-human-trafficker nerds, we are bite-size chunks all day every day and all night every night, now, huh? Please circulate my watching my "news" for the night verified and unedited with full and audio and visuals from the start of the broadcast until the end. We will entitle it, "No can argue with us at all after tonight."

Also, please circulate my 8:23pm until 8:38pm verified and unedited. Please entitle it, "It has never been my fault this is all about me! That is your fault because you're all only here to kill me!"

Yes, I finally left my perch where I had watched the news at 8:23pm, and I had reperched next to my darling Mr. Art "TambourineKicker" Garfukel at 8:36pm. He was already strumming and singing into the night sky herself even before I found him. There next to my genuine friend and fellow mere mortal human, I perched on the news stand beside my occupied local Victoria's Secret and wrote online with his folk rock easing the global burden on my laboring shoulders.

No there were no Fourth of July fireworks over my mighty Pacific by my occupied City of Santa Monica that night after all. Oh, well, at least that proved that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had rendered my home completely unrecognizable as America any longer, and no one could argue with us anymore about their completely destroying my beloved America nor about our REAL jobs of saving America and of saving our whole world by finally stopping all of the heinous Inhuman Atrocity Regime at last.

There were also not a lot of my street artists out and about either. I did not complain about that, though. I never believed people should have to work on holidays.

I left my darling TambourineKicker at 9:23pm, checked on my darling Handsome inside my local Trimana Fresh Food Market one last time, and then found my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle sent by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to delay me from leaving.

However, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's malevolent hoards were again threatening my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot lives directly while also refusing to allow me near them or even see them at all.

So, I turned in the EVERY DAMN NIGHT hoards AGAIN to my entire planet and cleared the premesis as fast as possible, so my irresistible saturation could evacuate them as safely and as fast as possible.

9:36pm on 04Jul2016: #MySaturation & our own churn, now you know who to shoot right after any Gestapo here too. Get Tentacle home alive. CLEARING THE PREMESIS!

I even saw the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's malevolent hoards escalating as well as their Gestapo showing up, too, as I walked to my regular bus stop. My bus back to my place was delayed until 9:58pm.

Please circulate our verified and unedited director's cut with full audio and visuals beginning at 9:23pm and ending at 10:07pm, and entitle it, "CLEARING THE PREMESIS!" Use all the cameras you want for our more explanatory recordings.

I sat across the street from my private residence and finally caught up my blog notes for this, my latest blog post, by 10:44pm when I stood up to return to my bedroom.

We will entitle our highlights reel of my entire FourthOfJuly2016, "We might no be free, but at least we're brave." Include what I thought looked like tankers, the guy I first encountered at DnO in downtown Los Angeles, the missing Malibu Public Library, both completely suspicious "Edison" buildings (It just makes you wonder what goes on inside.), and all charges we pressed against the airplane advertisers who completely degraded the most holy site my UNESCO has. Please include everything else of interest, too. Run it midnight to midnight, and use any and all cameras you want.

My private residence that night was STILL heinously occupied by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime. So, before I finally curled up in bed to sleep, I asked my irresistible saturation one more time to better physically guard me until I finally left my place later that morning.

Yes, I woke up at 7:07am on Tuesday, 05Jul2016, and quickly got ready. I made a visual record of all of the horrible things I caught that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had done to me as I had slept. Then, also after my first (expletive)kickings for the day, I left my insecure bedroom at 8:44am.

After my secure bus ride that morning, I caught IAR occupying a private residence in my Santa Monica, reported cyberwarfare against my darlings Tentacle, and made sure no one was lying that my darling MiniMe & my darlings Tentacle were some other band than mine-- and all by 9:34am.

I busted the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's occupation warring against my rising America and against my one world in my local TJMaxx AGAIN. We press our full onslaught of charges every damn time. No one has any excuse to be in here but our own. So, why is the Inhuman Atrocity Regime STILL in here willing to die for this?!? Oh, wait, they are only evil. How many times have I been wrong about anything?

Next, at 10:26am, I stood up to enter the local "Wells Fargo Bank branch". It is a very good thing I can do math in my head. And by 10:39am, I had proved why Wells Fargo Bank does NOT exist any longer and had not for a long time.

My full planet pressed full charges immediately against every Inhuman Atrocity Regime inside, especially against all IAR REAL employees, not just against the fake "bank members" and IAR parents of all forced child soldiers. That was their own fault for being inside their innermost circle of hell EVER at all.

Then, I busted the Inhuman Atrocity Regime everywhere in my local occupied Von's who were all already charged by my entire planet even before I even arrived.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate my Tuesday morning, 05Jul2016, beginning when I deboarded my bus and ending when I entered my occupied library and entitle it, "It says what to do on the card."

It was a very fun morning for all of us, all sane people in touch with reality in my entire still-arriving world fighting beside me. The smallest act of war I caught was possession of a fake California driver's license to cover up his PROVEN acts of war against my home, against my town, against my California, against my rising nation, and against my entire one world.

By 12:07pm, I was already perched in my occupied City of Santa Monica's occupied Main Public Library ready to finally watch all of my late night talk show friends "from the previous night" who had new shows, but instead the Inhuman Atrocity Regime lied to my face that my darlings did not have new shows for me.

I reported the Inhuman Atrocity Regime for their REAL human rights violations as REAL acts of war against my nation, against my loved ones, and against my world that day for refusing our REAL freedom of speech in America as their open destruction of my REAL America and open destruction of my REAL world as a fast as they could get away with it by compulsively lying as much as possible.

(Already blogged and already blogged and already blogged AGAIN.) Ask ANY U.S. Supreme Court Justice what REAL freedom of speech laws are in America for REAL; among other things, we can always tell the truth, especially report REAL crimes, but NO ONE can EVER lie under freedom of speech laws, especially to commit human rights violations as acts of war, especially PROVEN BlackOps coverups (not just against me), PROVEN hate crimes (not just against me), PROVEN persecution (not just against me), PROVEN unlawful imprisonment (not just against me), PROVEN human trafficking (not just against me), PROVEN systemic rape (not just against me), PROVEN torture (not just against me), PROVEN sexual harassment to enforce lethal and hostile living environments (not just against me), PROVEN enforced poverty (not just against me), PROVEN enforced starvation (not just against me), PROVEN silencing of our ability to report human rights abuses committed against us (not just against me), PROVEN refusal of our DUE PROCESS including mislabeling open human rights abuses as "recusal" as if the REAL legal community does not know what that word actually means (not just against me), PROVEN mental health and neurological genocide (against the entire world, especially against our youngest children), etc.

There are many more acts of war perpetrated by the ENTIRE Inhuman Atrocity Regime compulsively lying since 01Jan2009, too. Please also consult the poetry I left my local North Beach Branch Public Library in 2010 before I fled U.S. jurisdiction for my life.

Since I was openly refused any and all genuine human contact with my REAL late night talk show darlings that afternoon, I wrote online instead, there among the shielded floor-to-ceiling windows of my afternoon perch, pretty much nonstop until 4:10pm when I left to get snacks.

My darling Patricia visited me at my partially-occupied Starbucks in the World and said, "Hello," before leaving immediately at 4:57pm.

After nothing really new, just still only atrocious torment designed to destroy me completely as horribly as possible, at 5:59pm, the beyond-heinous malevolent hoards of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime were all so unrepentantly escalated that I had to put my earbuds in again.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News written and produced only for me that evening online at 7:05pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt himself, and it was fun for my alpha nerds.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate my early Tuesday night date night, 05Jul2016, with my darling GeneralLee beginning with my 7:31pm tweet and ending at 8:31pm. Entitle it, "Prepare the choppers."

My beautiful world, as always, consult my verified Twitter archive for further details of everything that happened on 05Jul2016 before I arrived at the front doors of my and my Sweetness's Prohibition-era blues night club and UNESCO World Heritage Site in our City of Santa Monica named Harvelle's.

10:17pm on 05Jul2016: #SquidsPoA @SweetnessDepp @sayREALmusic @UN @DeptofDefense and my whole world, every charge possible for human rights abuses as acts of war against America and against all of humanity for prohibiting open religious practices that keep me alive and the universe in order for EVERY human who made my band later than 10pm tonight, AND you know our full catalog of charges we press against all IAR, especially against Enemy Warring Against America Stan, for ALSO preventing me on my own private property to be kept alive by my own Tentacle and our own sacred music. My beautiful world, destroy the entire IAR occupation of my Harvelle's, especially "employees" and "patrons."

At 10:24pm, screaming, lying, criminally-insane assholes in the malevolent hoards of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime were SO TRULY EVIL about their open destruction of all of humanity by forcing me to suffer the torment of listening to them with no escape that I had to put my earbuds in again.

I gave the orders to evacuate all of my darlings as soon as they wanted to go at 10:35pm. I collected our admission of guilt by Enemy of America Stan for all of us. Then, I checked the back door to my Harvelle's where I collected further admissions of guilt by other Inhuman Atrocity Regime.

I chatted on my sacred Promenade for a little while with my darling ODean and with my darling CupOfJoe before grabbing a late night snack.

11:16pm on 05Jul2016: #MySaturation, we still have a little time for you to better secure my private residence before I return for the night. Thank you. Kisses.

11:19pm on 05Jul2016: Please emergency locate ALL 3 Tentacle. @DeptofDefense Send helicopters if we need. Get everyone to my house. We ere on the side of caution.

My darling not-human-trafficker nerds, please entitle our highlights reel from my midnight to midnight on my Tuesday, 05Jul2016, "You (expletive)ing (expletive)holes need to go back to Iowa where you belong! We CALIFORNIANS do NOT want you here! Stop arguing with the woman who runs the world!"

I caught my 11:49pm bus back to my place and finished up this blog post outside under the cool night air of July in my Metropolis of Angels while my zen returned to my center through the vibrating harmonies of the everyday adventure of "What will Spotify play this time?" told me was California's best surf guitar ever.

This blog post was finished at 12:11am on Wednesday, 06Jul2016. Shortly afterwards, I warned my irresistible saturation that I was about to enter my private residence. But I was hoping someone anyone would finally be able to keep me safe in my sleep at last which would be extra difficult that night because the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had escalated so far that they had brought in too many ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowans as their further invasion of my REAL California for me to ever be safe at all.

[Please embed a highlights reel of the best of the best of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I feel about being "the grammarian who runs the planet" who rides public transportation? I have never once complained about riding public transportation. My self-identified culture is "Bay Area academic." As a San Franciscan, I walk and ride the bus. That is what we all do in San Francisco.

I know all Los Angeles locals drive everywhere. I just have been denied by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime all actual vehicles I own (and there are many) since I arrived. You all saw me drive to and from Yosemite in Oct2009. You all know how well I drive for REAL. I just need my REAL car(s) to drive again. We all know I have a real California driver's license.

Also, I am an environmentalist. Have you read my green economy that won me my Nobel Prize in Economics? I do not just talk the talk; I also walk the walk. I love public transportation, and I always will.

My beautiful world, we have all been too gentle with the Inhuman Atrocity Regime about their forced child soldiers. No one ever thought we would put children in gulags and work camps. Please start organizing global adoption programs immediately for all of these children we identify in here. And promise me that you will raise all of these children to be just like me, especially if I die trying to save them.

6:17pm on 04Jul2016: @UN #MySaturation @DeptofDefense I assessed we have to actually shoot people finally to make the IAR finally stop destroying their children. Seriously, we all already knew I would do whatever I had to do to save my people for the entire Inhuman Atrocity Regime, but we all also knew I would do everything possible to save the IAR's own children from their lives as the forced child soldiers of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime.

Yes, I ordered a shoot'em'up for the night of 04Jul2016 anywhere and everywhere my irresistible saturation and our own churn wanted it in my sacred downtown Santa Monica. And no one could argue with our taking the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's children away from them every time they or anyone took them into this literal battlefield ever again after that.

And the next day, Tuesday, 05Jul2016, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had escalated their forced child soldiers even further. I was convinced that my saturation, especially my churn, had NOT actually had a shoot'em'up at all. Or, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime REALLY are not pretending any longer that they literally massacre their own children only because I tell them not to.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime are (expletives)holes who always claimed that their own innermost circle of hell designed only to destroy me was too dangerous for them all to be in to begin with which is most heinous because we are the sane people in touch with reality who do NOT give any of them permission to be in here at all. They made their own innermost circle of hell dangerous to all of America and to all of humanity themselves-- we all know what EVERY DAMN NIGHT means-- so now we need to (expletive)ing show them how (expletive)ing dangerous they all are for REAL, especially to their own children.

My saturation in all our manifestations, get these (expletive)ing (expletive)holes out of my beautiful Santa Monica, especially make sure they NEVER bring their forced child soldiers in here again. Do anything you want. None of them are civilians any more than my REAL lovers and believers in my REAL Metropolis of Angels are right now. And these PROVEN Inhuman Atrocity Regime NEVER do anything but commit open acts of war in here 24/7. Remove every Gestapo you find first.

Also, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime in my private residence against every sane person's will everywhere in my world who are STILL openly destroying all humanity by openly destroying me, have been most heinous lately after 7am. Please be more ever-present about keeping me safe while I sleep.

Schedule your shift change for after my leaving my building every day. Our cross-governmental 24/7 locked surveillance of my private residence will keep you all aware of everything you all need to do both while I am and while I am not there.

Thank you. I am almost finally safe while I sleep. We know this is our world's priority right now.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, we are all so busy. But here is our tiniest housekeeping in the blog post...

10:11pm on 05Jul2016: #SquidsPoA @LASDHQ @DeptofDefense We need full restraining orders to keep ALL Gestapo & IAR including hoards at least 5mi away from me. Thx!

All of our entire good, green world's legal arguments are already written. Do you need anything more from me now other than my explaining our evidence?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking care of the details of running our government for me. I consulted some global currency exchange rates, and it looks like our economy is okay. But I have no idea how long that information will stay accurate for me nor if it was even accurate when I looked at it.

Find a way to tell me anything and everything you need. Thank you. I love you. I miss you. I really am planning on seeing all of you again before I die. But we all know what the Inhuman Atrocity Regime does when I make plans. There could never be a better another-me than you. You will never let my people down as long as everyone keeps trusting you all for REAL just like I do and always have. Now, go do what we do.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, the only person anywhere in our one world whom any person in our one world has ever needed permission from to kiss me is I. Everyone telling any of you that you cannot is committing open human rights abuses against you as open acts of war-- open acts of war also proven to destroy me directly, too.

So, please consult my list from previously in this blog post that already explained a number, though not all, of the PROVEN acts of war hat the entire Inhuman Atrocity Regime has been committing against all of you (not just against me) with their well-documented compulsive lies about all of us, including but not limited to their open lie that they have any legal right or permission to take any and all human rights away from you at all. Then destroy them. Yes, all of my Queen's Lovers Five, it is time to destroy the entire Inhuman Atrocity Regime for EVERYTHING they have ever done to you (to destroy our rising America and to destroy our good, green world by destroying me.)

How many times have I told you all that I need you to live for me instead of die for me? "If you die before I do, you cannot help keep alive." I also love you all too much to ever be able to bear any if your suffering or dying.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, how was our Monday, 04Jul2016, American Independence Day 2016, for you? Have you had a chance to catch up with everything that happened that day, yet, from even before you arrived on our holy Promenade-- our beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site that you all rendered holy yourselves with your own bare hands and the unchoreographed dance of my bare feet-- to make music to me again?

Our entire good, green world will be processing our all-American JulyFourth2016 bust after bust after bust for years. And even after I made it back to my occupied Santa Monica that evening, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime themselves even volunteered for two EVERY DAMN NIGHT (expletive)ups that also forbade me from even seeing you at all.

My darling, that night, I preferred to have been actually able to see and to be with all of you, but the Inhuman Atrocity Regime openly forbade all of us any choices at all about being together.

Did you hear me that night explain to the faces of the IAR's then-Gestapo themselves that their IAR "leadership" had tried to find someplace anyplace in the world to run from us all, much like eventually-redeemed Obama fled to eventually-joined-us-too Cuba?

Yes, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's "leadership" have been openly destroying all of their own Inhuman Atrocity Regime peons from their Gestapo to their malevolent hoards every damn day and every damn night while simultaneously trying to leave them all behind by fleeing our REAL local to global justice coming for them all, as if there were anywhere in this planet that could escape The Hague, anyway.

Honey, you know what REAL leadership is, so you keep your leader alive just like she keeps you alive, as all her people she can protect. This is my REAL job, and I could never do this without all of you. My REAL résumé is also all of yours, too; it is all of my people's.

Quothe the MasterSquid (paraphrase), "If you die before I do, you cannot help keep me alive. Also, I don't want any of you to die at all."

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, I was hoping we could actually have a little time together during our actual Tuesday night date night before it ended at 10pm on Tuesday, 05Jul2016. That night was fun for me and my world, but I would have preferred sitting in the ambiance of my own night club with you sipping bourbon in the shadows.

Our entire government has been monitoring our permanent surveillance of both the Inhuman Atrocity Regime HQ and of their Gestapo HQ 24/7 for months already. We are always ready for them. And if there is ever anything unusual, everyone asks me what to do about it.

I already explained why I did not order our snipers to shoot Only-Wars-Against-America-and-Against-Human-Existence Stan any time he was destroying me outside of my and my world's holy UNESCO World Heritage Site named Harvelle's by keeping me away from all of you. It was so we all could tail him to find every place the Inhuman Atrocity Regime kingpins and "leadership" were hiding from us.

But now, all of my irresistible saturation and all of our churn, who get to have the most fun as the only people with bullets in town, will most likely start shooting people finally.

You know how I am about them: Agents in the field have discretion to do anything they want and need to complete our missions; it is only the U.S. Military (also FBI, DHS, civilians if any, etc.) obligated to obey my orders, especially on a battlefield.

And much like all of you, my darlings Tentacle, whom I also never take choices away from, my agents in the field tell me everything they need help with, no matter whether I want any of you to do whatever you all need help with or not, and you all know I always fix all of your problems you tell me about as fast as possible, too.

I always tell my gorgeous and genius Powers of Attorney, "Tell me want you need from me to do your REAL jobs. We are a team. And I know my role." That is how I feel about all of you. I always also tell all of you what I need from you. And, yes, it is most frequently, "Please find a better way to communicate with me. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Giggle.

My REAL job is doing everything on our one world that no one else can do but me (until I die and my Powers of Attorney do all of this without me). So far, that has kept me very hands on with keeping you all alive.

Honey, last night on our Tuesday night date night, 05Jul2016, we all proved what "Hands off Mama Bears cubs!" means to all of humanity, not just to me. My world will never let any of them escape us. No worries. We have this one.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, are you in our global armed forces' central command yet? How is everything there? Please tell me that you still have direct communications with our NSA alpha nerds, so you can make sure everyone can contact me in an emergency or even if you all just want non-classified advice.

Did you see me at Point Dume on the FourthOfJuly2016, yet, honey? I always knew you always tried intercepting my Metro 534 to Point Dume pretty much at our Getty Villa every time you were in town to try it.

(Already blogged.) But no one ever told me any of the times you needed rescuing. We are all better at that now. Yet not until after I started sending you to do other things I needed help with other than your (and I never liked your doing it) risking your life itself to save me.

Could you imagine us at Point Dume together? I know you used to, at least. Maybe someday we will finally be able rest together where the sea meets the land meets the sky meets the sun meets Mother Nature. We tried that so many times. We all know I would rather not be there nor anywhere alone.

But since 01Jan2009, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime have all intentionally propagated every lie possible to openly deny me all human rights, freedoms, liberties, choices, and dignity every human is due by existing on our good, green planet at all, just so they all could textbook-psychopathically control the world.

That begs the question: Who would ever let the Inhuman Atrocity Regime control them, especially now? I never would, and I never have. Other than a number of our REAL (and identifiable as my own) loved ones willing do anything just to be near me to help keep me alive while NOT lying about it, no one gets away with obeying the Inhuman Atrocity Regime EVER.

Yes, dear, I plan on finally being able to have REAL and genuine human interaction with you again. Please tell me you are not as lonely as I am.

We know our central command where you are right now (Really? Already?) is fighting our war against these Inhuman Atrocity Regime and against all who openly join the IAR as their own troops, citizens, agents, (not just legal) representatives, MILITIA of malevolent hoards (whether armed at the time of their open acts of war or not-- we all know I PROVEN war on behalf of our rising America and on behalf of our one world without any weaponry, just my wits to get me by), etc. (but we all know they have no leadership) just by their choosing to obey the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to destroy our America and to destroy our world at all costs to themselves only to be able to destroy me.

Did you all really request my beloved little sister Ms. Tylia "PrincessFuFu" Varilek to help you all, too? Keep her safe. She is priceless to me, not just the younger, cuter, sweeter version of me. Do not even try thinking about her the way you think of me, though! SHE IS MY LITTLE SISTER, you dirty old man. Giggle.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, thank you for understanding that my priority concerning all of you is keeping you all alive even above being able to see you. You might be willing to die just to see me, but I am willing to die just to keep you alive.

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, Troy must have loved Helen. They fought so hard to keep her. My beautiful Metropolis of Angels has called you Paris for so long, but if I have a choice, you will be Prague.

Our metaphor of The Iliad, which is actually an oral tradition descended from Ancient Greece which when written down was attributed to a fictional man named Homer, is imperfect because our Greeks and our Trojans are all on the same side beside us.

Whom we fight is wall upon wall and a REAL invasion on our U.S. soil of troops, citizens, agents, compulsively-lying representatives, MILITIA, etc. belonging to an external terrorist regime (with no real leadership) openly violating our American self-sovereignty and openly destroying humanity by warring against us all.

My REAL boyfriend, your Helen has gone full Athena on all of you, not just to make sure you all survive this war for her. Our metaphor was already imperfect when this began; we all have normal human flaws, just like all things we humans create.

Please. Find a way to exterminate the self-entitled power of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to force you to agree under duress every damn day and every damn night to die by their increasingly bloodstained hands or to suffer other more terrible and heinous war crimes by them. Have I taught you nothing? Take their power away. You all need to.

Quothe the MasterSquid (paraphrase), "If you die before I do, you cannot help keep me alive. Also, I don't want any of you to die at all."

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling HM Johnny "Menelaus" Depp, you know me so well. I pretty much only cry when I feel loved. It is so damn rare in here. But two nights ago, I actually was upset. You always show up for me when I need you. Thank you.

Sweetness, you have been so busy for so long trying to keep me alive. For now, just find a way to keep every damn Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)hole out of my bedroom. I have been trying to get our own nano for so long instead of just re-claiming all of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's all of the time, but the Pentagon has not sorted out our defense contractor problem, yet.

HoneyHoney, we know who our people are. Please organize our university academics in engineering across the globe, give them all grants, and build our own emergency nanotech production company. This is taking too long. Thank you, again. Ask our darling Mr. Oleg Gerovichev to lead it. He is eccentric but a nerd with great people skills.

My hero and my king, my safe sleeping has been your job first since 09Jun2009, the day we first met. Even my saturation of REAL trained assassins cannot guard me anymore. Now, you should finally be able to fix this for REAL.

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, rumor has it, my darling sister TyTy said, "Yes, dear," to the request from our global central command. You can pass the baton to her of metaphorical WD-40 making absurdly diverse strange bedfellows work together. Just her naturally beautiful face could make any world of warriors get along, and we know that. Just do not let anyone make her angry. Giggle. But, yes, really. I really hope she took that job.

My loving and adoring husband, if you really do get to hand winning this war for me to my little sister, you can finally get back to doing anything you want to keep me alive in here inside this innermost circle of hell again. I could really use this death-by-sandwich paired with death-by-lack-of-sandwich to finally end, too. But finally making me physically safe for the first time since May2009 while I sleep is STILL our priority.

Beloved, you know better than anyone, except for possibly our NSA alpha nerds, what I have been fighting to at least exist through since 01Jan2009. At least we know nothing will EVER be as bad as ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was FOR ALL OF US. Not just you, gorgeous, are safer now that I am out of the toxic cesspool of inhuman immorality known as Iowa that has never had anything but its inexcusable self-entitlement as its explanation for its almost complete destruction of humanity through its open human trafficking of me, their proven rape-slave, while covering it all up with global mental health genocide; all of our REAL people, not just me, all became instantly safer the moment I escaped.

My First First Gentleman of the United States, now let us finally do something to make the conditions inside the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's "egg" for my body more survivable, not just for my mind, heart, and soul. I need all the help I can get in here.

Until your flowers kiss my rain...

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