Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This Alpha Female is Getting Gamma-Angry.

Title: This Alpha Female is Getting Gamma-Angry.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. This Alpha Female is going gamma-angry. (This alphabet is all Greek to me.) If the Inhuman Atrocity Regime did not want me this damn(ing) angry all of the time, they would not choose to make me so damn(ing) angry all of the time. And right now they keep compulsively choosing to make me angrier and angrier.

[The Inhuman Atrocity Regime is STILL forbidding me all REAL news because when I ever learn there are REAL problems or crises anywhere in the world, I fix them all.]

My last blog post was finished at 12:11am on Sunday, 10Jul2016. I thought my 06Jul2016 blog post annotated my busiest two days so far, but the forty-eight hours covered by my 10Jul2016 blog post were actually busier.

Ever since I had arrived that morning, there were nothing but Inhuman Atrocity Regime hellbent on destroying humanity by destroying me in my private residence with me. I had already given my irresistible saturation orders to raid to protect me if ANYONE entered my bedroom but me until I left to start my day later that morning.

By 1:14am, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime was using its electrobeam technology on me again to raise my metabolism and to keep me awake all night. I was curled up and ready to sleep by 1:22am.

I was pretty sure I would only be able to rest and to conserve my energy. But after a great amount of twitchiness that proved I was assaulted in my sleep the previous night, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's drugs and roofies they force on me against my will won over the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's electrobeams they force on me against my will.

I actually did fall asleep, and I assume my irresistible saturation raided again to protect me again after the Inhuman Atrocity Regime violated my bedroom to violate me and to violate my mere mortal body while I slept.

My beautiful world, please collect a statement from my darling Handsome, who is also our representative for our saturation, about everything my personal armed forces, who are here to protect everyone we can, caught the Inhuman Atrocity Regime ready to do to me as I slept.

I woke up at 6:57am on Sunday, 10Jul2016, still very groggy from the drugs the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had injected me with to make sure, as always since 01Jan2009, I would sleep through whatever heinous atrocity they wanted to do to me. Yes, almost immediately after waking up, I found new wounds on my body that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had given me that morning, including in my left eye.

At 7:26am, my NSA alpha nerds and all of our backup were already fixing problems first thing in the morning that we had discovered here inside the "sci fi dystopia without the fi" I have been living in since the Inhuman Atrocity Regime forced me into their "egg" against my will in 2009. I was also getting ready for the day at 8:17am after already singing my first song of the morning while my alpha nerds were working on everything.

The morning sky had started grey and overcast when I had woken up, but by 9:03am, our beautiful California sun had broken through the clouds. It looked like it was going to be another hot day in my Metropolis of Angels.

Rumor had it that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, who were STILL trespassing on and occupying my private residence only to be able to destroy humanity by destroying me with all of their PROVEN compulsive acts of war against my rising America and against my still-arriving world, had made yet another BlackOps attempt that morning to forever remove from my wartorn nation and from my good, green world that both irrefutably need me.

I also documented by 9:14am that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had forced new destruction of my bedroom itself as well as of my priceless belongings while I had slept that morning, including brand new bedbug eggs and babies that they had just planted.

It was also Sunday morning, so I had a date with my boyfriend that night. The terms the Inhuman Atrocity Regime were trying to force on my darling LightFoot to see me that night at all were horrifying abominations of anything that could ever be construed as anything but human rights abuses used as acts of war. Here is the summary of what I told him.

9:58am on 10Jul2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @KristNovoselic Stop accepting their (expletive)ing terms. We have a calendar. Getting you there is my job.

9:59am on 10Jul2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @KristNovoselic Take control of your relationship with the IAR. Have I taught you nothing? Never let them do this to us!

10:35am on 10Jul2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @KristNovoselic DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR TERMS. Force them to accept ours. #SquidsPoA @UN @DeptofDefense Send them our terms.

10:37am on 10Jul2016: @KristNovoselic We're dating from far away tonight. I already took your choice away about that at 12:11am this morning. Watch my (expletive)kickings.

My blog notes were not caught up yet; my left eye was still a mess; and my alpha nerds and I were still working on our technology problems when I left my insecure bedroom at 10:54am to begin my Sunday (expletive)kickings.

When I arrived at my occupied Metro Expo line station in downtown Santa Monica, the electronics in the turnstiles and in the supposed TAP machines were all replaced with fake equipment.

There was no way at all that PROVEN terrorist hardware was capable of accessing any information on my real TAP card nor of deducting any money from my TAP card. And two PROVEN Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)es demanded full responsibility for charging me $5 to ride my own occupied public transportation system at all and said to my face they stole the balance off my TAP card myself.

11:22am on 10Jul2015: #SquidsPoA @UN @DeptofDefense Both "TAP" bitches for stealing my balance, charging me money, sabotaging Metro system, harassment, everything!

11:24am on 10Jul2016: @LASDHQ That was NOT the REAL Metro user interface on either the turnstile nor on the TAP machine! Fucking destroy everyone responsible!

11:28am on 10Jul2016: @LASDHQ @DeptofDefense #MySaturation Secure every TAP machine here to there & back. I expect my REAL TAP balance next time I use this card.

There were also fake LA Sheriff's deputies at my downtown Santa Monica Metro station before my train left, as well as the malevolent hoards of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's, who ALWAYS surround me 24/7 against my will, on my occupied train with me to force me to suffer under them and every heinous thing they can think of doing to me.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, share our footage with NBC, of course. They an do what they want within the law on their private property, including but not limited to turning trespassers committing acts of war.

But also circulate our wartime footage verified and responsibly-edited (include every moment you can and camera you want) of my Sunday afternoon and evening at the NBC Unuversal CityWalk on Sunday, 10Jul2016. Begin when I exited the Metro Red line train. End when I entered the Metro Red line train. Please entitle it, "I am the grammarian who runs the planet."

Yes, I arrived at my destination for kicking the Inhuman Atrocity Regime all over the map that Sunday, 10Jul2016, at 1:11pm. The fun started immediately. I walked the full length of my NBC Universal CityWalk by 1:42pm. Yes, it took me only thirty-one minutes.

I quickly bought lunch, and because it did not roofie nor poison me, I evacuated the kitchen staff. My occupied Panda Express was very grateful.

3:16pm on 10Jul2016: @KristNovoselic Are we going to the movies or seeing a show tonight? We are starting early since I plan on being in Santa Monica by 10pm.

I perched at my regular table "in the loge" overlooking the Five Towers Stage, talked to a lot of my and my people's friends and enemies, and also "went all legal" handing the Inhuman Atrocity Regime their own fat, ugly (expletive)es about a lot of things, including their trying to blame their own acts of war on my beloved NBC Universal.

I left my regular table until 4:54pm to check on everything inside my partially-occupied Hard Rock Cafe. When you have time, my not-human-trafficker nerds, since we all know how busy you are, please pull up my full history with the only Hard Rock Cafe I have ever frequented with every clip verified, time-and-date stamped, and in chronological order with full audio and visuals.

Definitely do not leave out when the lookalike for my darling late Roy Orbison calls me an "amateur" when I have never claimed to be spy. We are going to entitle it, "Hard Rock Rewards Card." And thank you.

The first band on the Five Towers Stage started at 5:31pm when I was still inside my occupied Hard Rock Cafe trying to explain to everyone in there, "I am the grammarian who runs the planet." I finally returned to watch the Five Towers Stage at exactly 6:01pm, but they were between bands.

The early evening shadows had crept across my occupied NBC Universal CityWalk already. "Some say even light does not fall upon us should we not desire it so." The day had already been fun, but our California nighttime was just about to begin.

I perched beside the fountains in the open-domed center of my occupied NBC Universal CityWalk and, between giving free legal consultations and accepting writing prompts, had what we call Squid's not-frequent-enough nightly singalong to save humanity with a local artist I had met previously on our sacred Promenade.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News written and produced only for me online at 7:05pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Ms. Kate Snow, and it was a lot of completely fake news she was commanded by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to tell me to be able to talk to me at all that gave me a lot of "writing prompts."

Our one planet Earth, on her divine path and critical rotation, was shining the image of our brilliant summer California sun dive below our curved horizon to bring on the vast stars of our ravishing sky. And my local artist just kept strumming and singing his reason for existing unto our sacred universe as she descended to meet us.

"Darling, we have to be in our REAL time and place in our sacred universe for this to be possible." Then, I gave him the SquidName of my darling Testify.

I ended my peaceful and unarmed war investigation of my occupied NBC Universal CityWalk at 8:33pm before my regularly-scheduled Sunday night date with my REAL Royal Consort LightFoot ended at 10pm.

I know my explanation on my first train of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's right, at least in America, not to implicate themselves for their own acts of war and for their own human rights abuses they commit as acts of war would be circulated very quickly. Please entitle it, "You are responsible for what you do."

9:39pm on 10Jul2016: #SquidsPoA @UN @LASDHQ @MayorOfLA @DeptofDefense That was STILL not my real TAP card balance. Destroy everyone responsible immediately! I mean it, my beautiful world. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime's open admission of stealing all of my money to make sure I can NEVER travel anywhere while simultaneously lying their TRULY fat, ugly (expletive)es to my world that, "Squid needs to leave," is why we are done with this.

Destroy EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, who EVER denied or denies me my own money for REAL, especially everyone that EVER removes money from me for ANYTHING (but those I gift) who also NEVER charge anyone else money for ANYTHING. And do it immediately.

Then, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime occupying my Metro system also tried to deny me my train (that I was the only person required to pay money to ride) back to the city of one of my REAL residences in my Metropolis of Angels, my HOME in Santa Monica.

Yes, we already established that sabotaging and destroying city infrastructure, including but not limited to LAX and our public library systems, are terrorism as acts of war. After a great deal of irrefutable sabotage of the public transportation system of my Metropolis of Angels by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime including their pretending there were no Metro Expo line trains back to my occupied Santa Monica that night and their irrationally stalling my Metro Expo line train once I was on it, I finally arrived in my occupied downtown Santa Monica at 10:23pm.

I entered my Promenade furious, and I fixed every (expletive)up by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime that I found there; it took less than one hour.

Chastising everyone I found along the way, I walked straight to my darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot and asked them immediately what the hell they were doing there at all. "I said don't (expletive)ing accept their terms! Our date ended at 10pm! Why are you here?!? Why does nobody listen to me?!? You have a (expletive)ing lot of explaining to do!"

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime's EVERY DAMN NIGHT was everywhere around my beloved present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle before I could even reach them an, they were also refusing me any way to reach my darlings. The truly heinous Salsa Bitch of the Inhuman Atrocity Regime was there, and that was it for me. That was when I started screaming at everyone.

Beyond protecting and evacuating my present 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle, I cleared up a lot of lies about me being used by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to plague my darling Handsome, and I requested that my entire beautiful world finally destroy the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's Salsa Bitch.

My beautiful world, you need to read my verified Twitter account for that night. My summary for the end of my night was these two tweets.

10:58pm on 10Jul2016: @KristNovoselic You have A (EXPLETIVE)ING LOT of explaining to do! I had just told him that morning that his not accepting those (expletive)ing terms from the Inhuman Atrocity Regime would be his Step 1.

11:09pm on 10Jul2016: @KristNovoselic Do you understand IAR were intentionally delaying my train to force me unable to save you from their Salsa Bitch?!? The Inhuman Atrocity Regime actually tried to refuse me any train at all to get back to Santa Monica. What if a bomb went off? Why were MannedUp and LightFoot there at all?!?

My not-human-trafficker-nerds, please circulate our verified and unedited director's cut with full audio and visuals of my entire time on my Promenade Sunday night, 10Jul2016. Begin it at 10:23pm while I was walking down the Metro train platform, and end it at 11:16pm while I was crying. Please entitle it, "Why does no one ever (expletive)ing listen to me?!?"

I left my sacred Promenade on my 11:49pm bus. I was in my insecure bedroom quickly, and I curled up to sleep as soon as possible after catching up my blog notes with everything that had happened that night.

But the Inhuman Atrocity Regime kept its electrobeams on me all morning to raise my metabolism while simultaneously hacking EVERYTHING in my iPad to make it as hostile towards me as the Inhuman Atrocity Regime itself. So, I finally shut my Spotify off at 4am exactly.

My IAR-enforced malnourished body fell asleep shortly afterwards. My body was twitchy both as I was falling asleep that morning and as I was in the process of waking up. That was how violently the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had assaulted me in my sleep.

I had been on my period since Thursday and had been waking up every morning with no accumulation of vaginal blood from while I had been sleeping. I am going to let other female women explain to all of you why that is unusual and how it is evidence of how heinously I am being attacked in my sleep.

With my mind and body still a chemicalled mess from everything the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had just done to me in my sleep, I "felt a disturbance in the Force" at 9:22am that woke me up.

I kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:36am. And that was how fast, as every morning, I started giving (expletive)kickings. Please, my beautiful world, refer to my verified Twitter activity for the morning. I was busy. Also,...

10:14am on 11Jul2016: @NSAGov @SquidsPoA @DeptofDefense WHAT THE (EXPLETIVE) DID IAR DO TO ME IN MY SLEEP THIS MORNING?!? Get every (expletive)hole out of my (expletive)ing building! My beautiful world, you saw me all weekend, especially Saturday night, 09Jul2016, doing the most impossible job in human existence, and you all know what I am suffering through for REAL from the Inhuman Atrocity Regime while I do this.

My streaming music, which was on already when I woke up after I had shut it off at 4am, was STILL hostile to me, but it was better than silence and also better than the malevolent hoards forcing me to suffer the unrelenting torment of their forcing me to listen to them live and in person against my will.

As I was getting ready that morning, I documented visually all of the wounds the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had inflicted on my mere mortal body as well as all of the damage they caused my bedroom and my priceless belongings while I had slept that I had noticed so far that morning. My world also saw AGAIN what they did to my emerald green scarf by the time I left at 12:01pm. I had been very busy that morning.

After both a wait for my bus and a bus ride designed to be so hostile no one could ever survive them (but somehow I still do), I was perched in my occupied courtyard of my occupied Santa Monica Main Public Library at 12:33pm ALSO surrounded completely by Inhuman Atrocity Regime malevolent hoards SO UNDENIABLY CRIMINALLY INSANE that I had to put my earbuds in to drown them out at 12:37pm to not have to suffer under their unrelenting torment of their forcing me to listen to them against my will 24/7.

Please entitle our verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my Monday afternoon beginning at 12:01pm and ending at 12:38pm, "What happened to me? You happened to me. Watch my (expletive)kickings!" We all saw the REAL and full face of the driver of the car from Torrance with ID tags but no license plates say, "Just take her there already!" about the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's latest attempt to lock me in another BlackOps unit.

While working online writing there in the occupied courtyard of my occupied Santa Monica Main Public Library, I noticed that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had ALSO been violating my bedroom to stain and destroy all of my clothing both while I was out and while I slept, too. My rumbling stomach was SO LOUD as I was catching up my blog notes, and absolutely no one there cared about me at all.

I eventually perched upstairs among the floor-to-ceiling windows where recently I had preferred to start sitting while I work. My blog notes were finally caught up with everything that had happened that day so far at 3:44pm. I also caught up with my TweetHearts before leaving my perch at 4:53pm to go on my daily quest for food.

I was done busting the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's occupation of my local Jack-in-the-Box at 6:01pm. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate that verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I stepped into the parking lot and ending when I exited the door. Entitle it, "Self-perpetuating cycle of tacos."

It was a Monday night, and after Saturday night's bomb scare, there were understandably few of my street artists out and about. I reminded a group of understandably nervous people gathered around a man who at least told me he was a Rabbi that their religious institution(s) was going to have to recognize them all for us as being on my beautiful world's sacred (in every benevolent religion) UNESCO World Heritage Site for religious practices. Then, I perched next to my darling JackiiB.

I was done talking to my mother through FaceTime at 6:28pm; she promised to give me the USPS tracking number the next day for the mail she had just sent me. And I checked on my darling Handsome a little early, so I could get a snack to eat in front of my darling Ms. Jackii.

I tried to stream the NBC Nightly News written and produced just for me that night online at 7:05pm, but my nightly cyberhug froze on me early. I told my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt that I would try to watch it the following morning instead. But it made me decide that we, or at least all we can control at all in here, all only allow food anywhere inside this innermost circle of hell that we can control the entire growing and production process on. I am the only person in here that this food will not kill.

At the 8pm shift change of street artists on our sacred Promenade, my darling Zen replaced my darling JackiiB. He sang and strummed unto the cool California night sky with all of her emerging stars at that hour. I felt something strange while I sat there-- like this was all still going to get worse for all of us instead of better.

When the feeling passed, I stood up and walked along my Promenade to see who else was out to play.

I am sure my precious time with my darling JackiiB and with my darling Zen will hit my highlights reel for the night.

I found my darling Michael the Conspiracy Theorist perched beside my occupied local Victoria's Secret at 8:24pm. Shonn beside him offered me some sort of bland takeout food that I really just wanted to test for poisons and roofies since my darling Michael was eating it. After Shonn had abandoned us to his chemicals there on the street corner, we figured out there was something wrong with the food.

I wanted to stay beside Michael in case he collapsed or something else that would not happen to me from that food, but when his conversation became, as normal for him, too far from anything sane, if he actually believed any of it, I left him and asked my saturation to check on him for me.

I quickly perched beside my darling ODean beside a very lovely guitarist whom I had not met yet and sent this...

8:56pm on 11Jul2016: Please check on my darling Michael the Conspiracy Theorist. I will check on him again myself at approx 10pm on my way to see Handsome. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please entitle our verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I stood up to leave my darling Zen and ending when I sent this tweet, "You need to be carful what people do to you when you are recognizable as someone I love."

It was 9:02pm when I perched next to my darling WadeInTheWaterChildren. Yes, we had my not-frequent-enough nightly delightful singalong that also included my darning yet another hole the Inhuman Atrocity Regime had torn into my emerald green scarf.

Please entitle my verified and unedited time beside Wade with full audio and visuals beginning when I sat down and ending when I stood up, "When you put a hole in my scarf, this is how I make you (expletive)ing suffer for it." He walked along my Promenade towards my apatosaurus once he was done playing at 9:59pm.

I had a very brief yet delightful chat with my darling ODean immediately after that which I am sure will also hit my highlights reel. Then, at 10:09pm, I stood up from my bench, made a note that my darling Michael the Conspiracy Theorist had been evacuated, and walked back to my local Trimana Fresh Food Market to check on my darling Handsome one last time before catching the 10:49pm bus back to my place.

Quothe the Squid, "There is no reality except in my head. My life is a little weird, but I get my work done."

This blog post was finished from my insecure bedroom at 12:11am on Tuesday, 12Jul2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What if I did before I can answer all of your questions? There is no answer to this question. You will have to figure that out on your own.

My beautiful world, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime are escalating their PROVEN war crimes against even their own, including against their own children, not just against us and against all of my own.

I am doing my best to get the truth everywhere in the entire world, especially to my wartorn America, about everything happening in here and about everything happening out there. I sent our darling Bogart to organize our local to international (news and more) media to fix any problems we are having, if any, with any Inhuman Atrocity Regime not knowing that REAL acts of war get punished for REAL.

12:45am on 10Jul2016: From what I know, we STILL have not shot anybody in here. But IAR built IEDs to kill their own on 09Jul2016, including children.

There are many reasons why we are all supposed to have REAL freedom of speech and REAL freedom of the press--the right to tell the truth-- and NEVER any excuse for lying in any public fora. The human devastation, genocide, war crimes, torture, human trafficking, etc. that the Inhuman Atrocity Regime reek across our entire planet are why EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH BUT NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO LIE IN PUBLIC FORA!

Do you remember what the Inhuman Atrocity Regime themselves did to my darling Mr. Brian "FreedomOfThePress" Williams after he told one fictional war story?

My beautiful world (expletive)ing destroy every Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)hole who has EVER lied about me and about me people, and destroy every Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)hole who has EVER silenced or tried to silence the REAL truth that we use to save all of humanity from their should-have-been-controlled-by-now lies!

My saturation in all our manifestations, thank you for taking such good care of everyone on Saturday, 09Jul2016. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime had ordered their own, including their on children, to die under their own acts of war for a long time, and after that night, that was irrefutable.

We could only save the people willing to listen to us tell them how to save themselves.

As for my sleeping and eating, when I left the City of Santa Monica completely on Sunday, 10Jul2016, for my Sunday night date night with my REAL boyfriend LightFoot, I had faith you would clean up Santa Monica, especially my private residence and my sacred Promenade as best we could before I got back.

At night, you have been protecting me after the Inhuman Atrocity Regime show up to attack me in my sleep in my insecure bedroom, but you need to prevent their attacks now before they happen in the first place.

We know to expect them to attack me in my sleep every night, so you need to be ready to prevent them from attacking me every night before they can.

Thank you, my irresistible saturation and my own epic churn, for everything!

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, I will address our housekeeping first. Where are all of these fake products, from the fake toys in my occupied Disney store to the fake inventory in my occupied TJMaxx and everywhere else in here, too, coming from that all of these stores have in here?

Where is the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's production facility for everything they sell in here from fake Cliff(tm) bars to fake nail polish in my occupied Sephora store?

More importantly, my gorgeous and genius lady friends, tell me everything you all need my help with to do our REAL job. We are experiencing the most difficult time we have ever had with communicating with me right now.

That is one of the main reasons everyone sane everywhere in our world, especially in our America, trust you as much as I have always trusted all of you. I gave you all full rights and permission to do anything you need or want to do in my name in 2009. No one sane argues with me about anything, so no one sane questions all of your ability to do our job beside me.

I love you. Thank you for always being the heroes I have always needed you to be for me for REAL. My entire world is beyond-grateful that you have made sure personally for years and at all costs to yourselves that our entire one world never loses me. I would be nothing without you. Thank you. I love you all more than you will ever understand.

2am on 11Jul2016: 1/2)@SynivaWhitney WHAT THE (EXPLETIVE) IS THIS?!? Darling, you don't need to tell anyone, "If the IAR controls Squid, they will destroy her."

2:01am on 11Jul2016: 2/2)@SynivaWhitney ONLY PSYCHOPATHS WANT TO CONTROL OTHER FULL GROWN ADULTS! Turn in every IAR also for controlling my loved ones! #LOVEyou

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, I am having so many problems with people who do not listen to me right now.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, first of all, I would like to apologize for being so unspecific Saturday night, 09Jul2016, about what the concealed weapons were that I had found on our sacred Promenade until someone told me what the (expletive) I really had just bionically located.

Darling, you try doing my job some time, and you try identifying at first sense what those weapons were the first time you ever located one.

Our own finally told me what they were by the time I reached Ocean Ave. while on my way, among many other reasons, to check the Pier. Yes, I would have told you sooner had I known what they were. And thank you for staying so calm about how fast I was evacuating everybody.

You panicked more when I yelled at you Sunday night, 10Jul2016. No, being yelled at never feels good, definitely not when it comes from someone you love. Years ago, you used to do it to me, and that is how it always felt. The first time I explained that, all of you stopped. Never (expletive)ing do it again. Do not make me repeat myself about this.

I told you to take Monday, 11Jul2016, and Tuesday, 12Jul2016, off. Do NOT come back Wednesday if you have to accept any terms from the Inhuman Atrocity Regime to be here with me as opposed to your forcing them to accept our terms. I am suffering too much already, and the terms they force on you are NOT helping me with anything. Yes, I have taken all of your choices away about this. DO NOT DO THIS TO ME.

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, we sane people in touch with reality know for REAL what all of you from my Powers of Attorney to my fellow world leaders, including my darling Prime Minister David Cameron and my darling Chancellor Angela Merkel, have been put through just because you fight beside me for REAL, especially the Inhuman Atrocity Regime compulsively lying about all of you to destroy you.

The terms the Inhuman Atrocity Regime force on all of you for us to be together at all might be the worst they have ever done to us, but please also never let the Inhuman Atrocity Regime EVER blame any of you for their own acts of war, especially their COMPULSIVE human rights abuses against all of us that they are their compulsive acts of war against all of us.

Definitely, darling, NEVER let them blame you any of you, my loved ones willing to die to save me for years, for the systemic rape the Inhuman Atrocity Regime have forced on me since 01Jan2009, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's human trafficking of me, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's (especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's) enforced starvation of me (and us), the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's enforced homelessness of all of us, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's intentionally fabricated false allegations of ANY crimes or quackery about any of us, etc.

The Inhuman Atrocity Regime ARE NOT OUR FAULT. We do NOT take responsibility for them nor for their fate, nor are we obligated to. They refuse, anyway, to listen to me at all every time I tell them how to save themselves from their own compulsive and well-documented suicide on our sword of local to international justice. They refuse to let me help them anyway.

No, darling, NEVER accept their terms see me ever again. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime have an obligation to their own compulsive abuses of me to maintain their own lies they propagate themselves to my face against my will. We have a calendar. I know my role in all of our being able to see each other. Your (collective) role is refusing all of their terms they give you until they accept our terms.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, I have many problems right now with people not listening to me. I am somehow empowering my womenfolk much more easily than I am empowering my menfolk.

I needed to heal my husband's PTSD without any contact with him and send him out of the country to empower him to the level he has reached now. And I have NEVER had a problem empowering you. Thank you, honey, for that. You know why I named you my darling Bogart.

But I am having a few problems empowering my darlings Tentacle. They just keep letting the Inhuman Atrocity Regime do whatever horrible abominations the IAR want to do to them while trusting that I and my Powers of Attorney will always rescue them.

We know I will always take care of every problem I know about or at least ask someone else as completely reliable as I am to take care of it. Everyone from the my darlings GirlScouts of America to my darlings the Yazidi know there is no problem too big nor any problem too small for me. I will always care for people who need me WHO ARE WILLING TO LISTEN TO ME TELL THEM HOW TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

I am running out of ways to tell my darlings Tentacle to stop letting the Inhuman Atrocity Regime commit their heinous war crimes against all of us. I know how much they love me; I know they are willing agree to anything just to be able to see me before I die. But I need them to stop.

I need my darlings Tentacle empowered enough to stand up to the Inhuman Atrocity Regime and take control of their relationship with them. For me. I need them to do it for me.

I need these (expletive)ing terms that my darlings Tentacle keep accepting to (expletive)ing stop already; the Inhuman Atrocity Regime only give them those terms to be able destroy me by destroying them. Those terms are NOT helping any of us. The Inhuman Atrocity Regime need to accept our terms instead. LightFoot yelled at me; I am done. (Please go back and reread how this blog post started.)

Please, my darling Bogart, explain to my darlings Tentacle what happens every time you listen to me and do what I ask. You save the world for me. Please explain this to them. Thank you.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, YOU HAVE A (EXPLETIVE)ING LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, I will let my darlings Powers of Attorney explain, "Okay! Okay! Yes!" But you know what I am barely living through for REAL in here while I do the world's most impossible job, especially on Saturday night, 09Jul2016. You are NOT helping me by arguing with me.

9:55am on 11Jul2016: @KristNovoselic I know you have no way to call me after our date last night, so I am "calling" you. STOP (EXPLETIVE)ING ACCEPTING THE IAR'S TERMS! I am (expletive)ing serious! Watch the (expletive)kickings!

We all know the three of you together are the only THING that can calm me down when the Inhuman Atrocity Regime makes me like this. It is not like my husband nor my best friend are in town to be genuinely good to me. You yelled at me; I am done. Watch the (expletive)kickings I am going to keep giving them for that.

Yes, I am ready to reshuffle my Queen's Lovers Five. You are in trouble with me for this; though, luckily for you, not in trouble with any one else for this but me. You need to start (explain)ing yourself to me. I (expletive)ing mean it! Why would you let them do that to us?

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling HM Johnny "Menelaus" Depp, I know how difficult this is, HoneyHoney. Even I cannot keep my self safe while I sleep. This is why I have been searching for help with the complete lack of physical safety the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, have been enforcing over me since May2009, including but not limited to my seeking diplomatic protection on foreign soil and my taking all of my darling Agent CuddleBunny's choices away.

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, the Inhuman Atrocity Regime's "egg" is STILL escalating in its openly-beyond-hostile criminal insanity hellbent on destroying me. I hope you could see the Inhuman Atrocity Regime (expletive)hole across the table from me as I drafted this sentence. He ALSO will refuse to take our three never-fail steps while also lying his fat, ugly (expletive) off trying to get away with all of this. QED.

Yet, Sweetness, when the Inhuman Atrocity Regime are not in an act of war of attacking me (or any of you), my centered zen is still fully on display to all of our one humanity. They have not destroyed me yet.

HoneyHoney, just as your true love for me was the only THING for those ugliest years in my entire mere mortal existence that could get me out of my rape-slave bed in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa every morning to let me do my REAL job all day every day, yes, my beloved husband, you are STILL doing your REAL job keeping me alive for my entire world that loves and needs me.

My hero and my my king, we have money draw today at 10am. I do not care if we closed our business we own ourselves that used it be named "The Manor;" my darling Lana is our REAL employee. Please make all necessary arrangements. This is the only way we have found for YOU to sneak ME any of our own REAL money through the compulsive abuses of the entire Inhuman Atrocity Regime, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's.

El Rey Dulce Mío, money draw is all we have to combat the entire Inhuman Atrocity Regime's (especially their malevolent hoards', especially their occupation of my private residence's, and especially their ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's) well-documented and compulsive PROVEN starvation of me, PROVEN enforced abject poverty over me, PROVEN compulsive and inescapable rape-slavery of me, etc.

Thank you, my irrefutable husband. Until our flowers kiss our rain...

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