Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hemlock and Corruption

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Here is my latest blog post. We take a good look at the corruption in the system, and lay some old lies to rest.

Syria. If al Assad is honestly getting ready to use chemical weapons, we need to find a solution to this crisis and find it fast. He is not the sort of person who will respond to threats or warnings with anything but increased violence. We need to fix the entire problem, and we need to fix it now. What do all of you out there have planned? There is nothing I can do in here that I have not already tried.

As for my life, I was warned Monday morning that the risk is the highest now than ever before for acts of retaliation against me. My enemies are losing control of the house of cards they built, and the risk is huge that they will take revenge upon me. It is very dangerous for me here, now. I trust you, my beautiful world, to save me. I have no one else.

This brings up many of their lies. There are enduring lies that started this summer that I will die faster if I am not tortured. We need to lay this latest onslaught of lies about me to rest. I am scheduled to be tortured again on 13December2012, and we need this avoided at all costs.

I will not die sooner if I am not tortured. The people spreading this lie are the same people who said there would be a nuclear attack against America if I were given my full human rights in 2009. These people have been lying from the start to be able to hurt me as much as possible. Find who started this lie and find who propagated this lie. These are culpable parties we need to hold accountable.

The only real solution to prevent me from being assassinated is to burst the bubble completely, so I can have a husband and bodyguards to keep me safe.

There is only one thing stopping them from killing me right now, and this reason will still be here if I am no longer tortured. It is the absolute doom for Obama and all his conspirators that will descend if I am assassinated. They are just lying to be able to torture me.

Again, the only real solution is to burst the bubble completely. Once they deem the consequences for killing me worth the spite and malice of doing me in, I am dead. If you want me neither assassinated or tortured, you need to burst the bubble completely.

Remember, it is Obama's job to make sure I am neither assassinated nor tortured (nor poisoned nor imprisoned nor raped etc.), and is he doing his job? No, he is not. He is in fact ordering all of the harm that comes to me.

Please find whoever started and whoever spread that lie that I would be assassinated if no longer tortured. Those are the very culpable parties we need to be holding accountable for crimes against me. Their crimes do not end with conspiracy. They only start there.

I understand there has been great progress out there in the world I can neither see nor hear. Obama and Biden are resigning. You have caught some of my doppelgangers who had been sullying my reputation. My BFF has cleared my name and saved my reputation.

The federal government has been found guilty in a court of law thereby awarding me reparations for the crimes committed against me up until that point and starting in 2009. And my beautiful world has started rooting out the corruption.

How bad is it? Obama sends the orders for the crimes committed against me. And there is corruption at every level of the government from DC to Iowa to Polk County to the local government of the City of Des Moines.

Federal government: rules that are designed to destroy every beautiful thing about me are enforced, never-ending libel and twisted reality runs rampant instead of being prosecuted, drugged and contaminated products sold nationwide, speakers in all adults' heads to enslave me and to control them to hurt me and libel me, not allowed control of the vast majority of my finances, enslaving spy equipment in my head instead of bodyguards to keep me safe, own husband not permitted near me, could be assassinated at any minute, orders for all things listed below

State of Iowa: all things above enforced inside Iowa despite the fact they are all against Iowa law

Polk County: life under constant threat of being institutionalized, no control of what finances I should be permitted by the bubble, still being tortured regularly and ruthlessly

City of Des Moines: water supply that is a public health hazard, no body guards permitted, must sleep at night with a webcam watching me to deter attackers in the night, no equal protection for me from physical harm from the local police

What can be done? All of these crimes are committed and ordered by Obama with the intention of causing me as much harm as possible. He does not care how many other people are hurt or made expendable nor how many human rights are violated to be able to hurt me as much as possible.

The only solution is to remove me from all land and territory under Obama's control and influence immediately and then hold each and every culpable party accountable to make the US safe for me to return to some day. Each culpable party for each crime must be identified. Criminal charges must be filed and competently prosecuted.

If you want to take a good look at where all of this corruption comes from, you need to look at how Obama got elected in 2008. He came out of nowhere.

He was a non-tenured professor at Columbia College in Chicago. He spent four years as a junior senator; he did not even finish his first term. And the next thing you know, the man is president. He did not wait for his time after years of service. He did not pay his dues. He was president after only four years as a politician.

The system knew there would be huge backlash against Republicans after President George W. Bush, so the system found a successor who would do everything in office Obama has done. And I have suffered the most because of it.

I have an immediate concern for the poisons right now. Do you remember the chemicals they put in the International Delight coffee drink earlier this year? Every cup of coffee I have found since Monday morning has that same bite to it.

What is in the water? Is it in the coffeemakers? I had three sips of coffee Tuesday morning and was laid up on the couch all afternoon.

I made dinner Tuesday night, and something in the ingredients I used roofied me. It was the ground beef, BBQ sauce, shredded cheese, or tube of Pilsbury Grands. I buy all of my groceries at the local Dahl's grocery store. Has anyone else had problems with any of these products? We need to get all contaminated products taken off the shelves.

I have been having problems with Coca-Cola products lately. The drinks I had from the drink gun at the Star Bar on Ingersoll Ave. and from the fountain at the Subway sandwich shop on Ingersoll Ave. were all contaminated. It felt like LSD, but I am not completely sure. I hate to think Coca-Cola is drugging its customers, but these are my experiences.

Also concerning my suffering, the most recent torture facility actually sent me a bill for torturing and unlawfully imprisoning me...

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

My benevolent BFF, you know what to do. Press all charges that you can think of that you can make stick. I recommend fraud and extortion.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Thank you for everything you do for me. I am going to need a personal company or non-profit with staff for doing good in the world when I am released from here.

My BFF, I need someone in charge of my PR and image. I need at least three people to take care of the future needs of my brave rescuers out on the lines. We will need to write them references and such.

Synny, We are going to need some method of making money. I have long wanted to start a periodical about speculative realities like the Nazca Lines, Racetrack Playa, and my wings; I once pitched the idea to David Eggers because of all the good work he does. If you can, hire my buddy Christian to start work on Artists in Space, the code name for the TV series idea I have.

My BFF, Christian has wanted to create merchandising for a while. Could you work with him on defining what my pubic image should look like and find some appropriate products to attach to me? My personality feels like the Think Geek site most of the time, but my style fits W Magazine.

Basically, SynSyn, start me a company or some other entity to fit the odds and ends of my life. Thank you for everything you do for me. Let us hope I live to see you in our corporate offices. All profits will go to doing good in the world. I hope people understand that.

My vigilant podcasters, will you please make a podcast out of how emotionally abused I was by Justin and Matt at Wellman's Pub on this last Sunday night? Please include how concerned I was that they not get hurt and how they went out of their way to hurt me afterwards. I told them, "You have a choice. You can either let this topic go, or you can choose to damage me." They both chose to hurt me.

My beautiful world, as always, make some noise. Yes, there has been genius progress out there, but there has been absolutely no improvement to my quality of life in here. All of my suffering continues on, and it has already been four years. Thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful world. Do not let up until I am treated like a human for the first time since 2009.

My brave rescuers, is it time to try something radical and new? Should you try approaching Des Moines from more than one neighboring state? Do you have enough people to try? I have no idea what you are up against out there. I have no idea whether or not this is even a good suggestion, but try shaking things up out there.

Sweetness, I put a letter in the mail to you Monday night. It should be in Hollywood on Thursday. I know you are very busy, but I mailed you a gift inside the envelope, too. I am particularly concerned that you receive the spare keys to my apartment that I mailed you and that you get to read the postscript in the letter. So, we need to make sure you get my newest love letter.

My hero and my king, I know I am already the stepmother to a beautiful young lady and brave son, but I still want more kids. I am already thirty-five, so I am pushing the time limit on healthy children. Assuming I get a rescue in time, should we be making plans to freeze some of my eggs? I know Congress already tried to extend my bubble another ten years. Will I ever have a chance to have kids?

And, darling, I thought you would be here Monday night. Is everything okay?

P.S. I know how you feel.

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