Wednesday, December 19, 2012

September is Too Late to Save Me.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start looking at the tragedy at Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT. I discuss why I do not believe in the Mayan Apocalypse. And we end, as always, with words of love for my beloved husband.

Newtown, CT. Guns are a Constitutional right in America. The assault weapons ban sounds good, but we cannot make greater changes without an amendment to the Constitution. Is it time for an amendment? America seems reticent. Also, putting more guns and armed security guards in public places will not make us safer.

The gunman had a minor form of autism. Aspergers Syndrome is very common and does not make people psychopaths. Being evil makes people psychopaths. This is no time to start a war against people with mental illness. People with mental illness need love and understanding. Psychopaths do not.

In short, until we learn what motivated the shooting, we will not know how to prevent any more in the future. The man holding Catcher in the Rye who shot John Lennon wanted to be famous. Children are raised playing video games now where shooting large numbers of people is commonplace. Anything could be to blame, and this situation is so much more complicated that gun laws and demonizing people with mental illness.

We still need to find out what motivated the shooting. Then and only then can we make sure this never happens again.

Washington, DC. Just like all Americans, I am happy every time I hear that our embattled parties have made progress towards resolving the fiscal cliff crisis. But, Washington, you are cutting it a little close. And there are a great many other problems the nation needs you to work on, too. Please get the fiscal cliff under control by the New Years deadline.

I did my best to broker compromise. It is all in your hands, now. Please do not let us down.

Iraq. This is a critical time for Iraq. There have been new bloody bombings just days ago, and now their president has had a stroke.

Please, Iraq, there is so much unrest in your part of the world already. We, the entire world, need you to make sure you keep your country together. This is no time for you, Iraq, to fall apart. If you need any help, let us all know, and thank you for doing your best to keep stability and as much peace as possible in your nation. This world needs more peace and stability as a whole.

Mayan Apocalypse. I do acknowledge that the Mayans were an advanced civilization that developed zero and an approximation for pi independent of all cultures outside Mesoamerica. But I do not believe the end of their calendar harkens the end of the world.

I think this coming Friday just happens to be the day their calendar was scheduled to end and would have been time for them to start a new calendar just like we do when our calendars end. Click here to learn more about the Mayan calendar..

Please try not to panic on Friday, but if you feel like it, run through the streets calling, "The Doctor did it! He saved us!" on Saturday morning when you wake up. There is never a bad time to make a Doctor Who reference. Click here to learn more about Doctor Who.

As for my life in here, I know that there has been grand progress and that I am supposed to be happy, but absolutely nothing has improved. Even though it is completely illegal, my father still controls what finances I am allowed, and no, I am sill not allowed the vast majority of my finances.

They refuse to stop the war crime of torturing me, and it is destroying me. The insufferable persecution of me by the public continues; that is, the rules are still enforced. Every day something beautiful in me dies because of the persecution. And I still live under constant threat of being institutionalized.

I still have the enslaving spy equipment in my head instead of bodyguards to keep me safe. I do not have my husband. I still have to sleep at night with a webcam watching me to deter attackers in the night. I could be assassinated at any minute. My life is horrifying and miserable, and I have no way to make it to a country that has offered me safe haven from all of this.

Obama said he will not resign until September. But September is not soon enough to save me. He has bought himself enough time to destroy me. Every day the torture, persecution, and externally enforced loneliness in here kills more beauty in me. I am so damaged already, and the longer this goes on the more difficult it is to even hold on least of all to do good. Please take Obama down in time to save me.

Please burst this bubble in time to save me. This is horrifying and miserable. Nobody else could have survived all of this as long as I have. This cruel and unusual punishment for no crime ever committed must be ended immediately.

My beautiful world, I know you watch me to keep me as safe as possible. I understand you have been complaining lately that watching me is boring. I am only boring when I have no one to talk to. Please, my beautiful world, send me a friend. Externally imposed loneliness is one of the worst parts of the persecution. Please, for me, send me a friend. It will save my soul.

I understand that people get taken aside and told not to create lasting friendships with me. If that is the case, send me a new friend every day. They know how they should behave-- never ask me my name nor anything else that is common knowledge. Did you see me at the Alpine Lounge Saturday night? That was an acceptable way to behave around me... except for the one guy who asked me my name. Try sending me a new friend every day if they cannot stay in my life to build a friendship. Please.

Obama, why are you so opposed to my having basic human rights? The world knows what you are doing to me and to America. You are caught. Why are you clinging to persecuting me? You cannot justify it; there is no justification for this. Why are you continuing instead of just admitting wrong and stopping? The world will not rest until you are stopped. Why are you still maniacally insistent on persecuting me?

My beautiful world, I need you to make the most noise possible. You have proven how effective you are; please work another miracle for me. Make noise and demand an immediate end to the bubble. Demand the mandate be repealed or overturned immediately to save me from being assassinated or destroyed. September is not soon enough to save me. The persecution is too much for me. Please make noise, my beautiful world, and do not stop until I am saved.

My brave rescuers, I heard that you would be here by now if you were not so frequently sabotaged. I understand that you wanted to send the civilians home months ago. If they are the source of the sabotage and counter-intelligence, I understand doing this. Do not pretend this about knowing better than they do about keeping them safe; they should have the right and freedom to put their lives on the line if they so choose, but they do not have the right to subterfuge nor to harm each other.

Please look into the source of the sabotage and take all measures necessary to make sure you can rescue me. And ask my beautiful world to provide anything you need to be able to reach me. Food? Heaters? Equipment? Weaponry? Medicine? Supplies? I know you are out-gunned already. It will only get worse if you send the civilians home.

My brave rescuers, I saw that a blizzard is coming our way, too. You are supposed to be expecting eleven inches of snow up there. Please stay warm. And thank you. As always, thank you.

SynSyn, as always, thank you. You have had grand successes out there. Please do everything possible to get control of my finances away from my father and into your or my hands. Press all necessary charges to force my father to give me back my passport. I wish the fight were over, but absolutely nothing has changed in here. I love you. You are the best BFF ever.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I know you are attempting the final steps of saving me, and I know it is not easy out there. I have faith in you, my brave beloved. I know you are the hero I fell in love with. I know you will rescue me. And thank you.

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