Thursday, December 20, 2012

Notes from a Good Person Lost among Evil Strangers

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Here is my latest blog post. This is basically a plea asking Iowa to finally stop going out of their way to destroy me and to stop damaging me as much as they can get away with.

Pakistan. Please, Pakistan, vaccinate your children against polio. The vaccination campaign is run by the United Nations not by Western superpowers. The United Nations do not spy on villagers; they, in fact, do not spy on anyone. The United Nations is a humanitarian organization.

The vaccinations do not sterilize your children. I was vaccinated against polio when I was a child. Do you want your children to be like me? Please, Pakistan, there is a lot of misinformation about polio vaccinations in your country. Polio is a horrible disease that can be eradicated, but to do that, you have to vaccinate your children.

Syria. An activist named Zaldoun has been captured by the Syrian government. He is a regular contributor to CNN, and we are all very concerned for him.

Syrian government, I understand that you do not like me much. I am not a fan of your human rights violations, and you are not a fan of my efforts to end the violence in your nation. But I still find I have to say something. Please listen to me.

Zaldoun is one person. He is just one person who, much like myself, uses his voice to fight for human rights in his home country. We would all prefer if you set him free, but in the mean time, please treat Zaldoun with the dignity and respect you would treat me if I were your prisoner. We are very much alike, Zaldoun and I. Please treat him the way you would treat me.

As for my life, testosterone pops up in my food and drink most commonly. Last Sunday after I posted my blog entry and went out to be social, there was testosterone in the straight cranberry juice I ordered at the neighborhood bar. I can tell because it made my face rounder, because it made my fat man-belly larger, and because my period lasted one afternoon this month. The damage from the testosterone on my body is usually permanent. On occasion in wears off after a month or so. I need a rescue just to stop Iowa from putting chemicals in my body.

Iowa you are horrible to me all day every day. Do you remember this?... I was right all along. People who say "What are Obama's rules?" when speaking with me are all evil. Claiming not to know common knowledge truths is a sign of evil. I had another conversation with the woman who claimed not to know who my husband is.

She made a show out her blind obedience to every crime Obama commits against me. Then she told me all of the ways she tried taking control of her granddaughter's life because she "has a disease." She actually believed that would be an appropriate topic of conversation with me. I told her the truth, and now she avoids me. All people who make a show of obeying Obama are evil.

That was Sunday afternoon. Sunday night I went out in the cold, so I would not have to stay home alone. An off-duty bartender at Wellman's Pub on Ingersoll named Sid made me a roofied drink I did not even order, insisted I drink it in front of him, and then spent ten minutes asking me my name. Sid showed so many signs of evil. The moment he asked me my name I knew better than to drink any more of his drink. People like him need to be put in prison.

I am assaulted by (expletive)s on all sides I here. This is unrelenting persecution. There is no safe place for me to go to escape the (expletive) public around here.
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This constant attack from the people of Iowa mixed with the fact they heinously refuse to stop torturing me are why I am no longer a beautiful person. All I see is hate. All I am given is hate. So, I have learned to hate. I hate Iowa. I hate every person still committing crimes against me. I am ugly now. I hate myself. And Iowa is to blame.

Iowa, I am still waiting for you to treat me like a human and to give me my full human rights. At least stop denying reality to my face when you speak to me. STOP ASKING ME MY NAME! Stop pretending you do not know who I am. Never outright deny reality by saying, "What are Obama's rules?" to me! You always have a choice not to go out of your way by doing these things. You need to start taking the alternatives.

Also, Iowa, the requirements have not changed. If you want me to forgive you and no longer press charges against you, you have to do the same three things Mexico and the UK did. You have to...
1.) Cease all crimes against me in all forms from no longer torturing me to no longer enforcing all of the persecution (the rules) here.
2.) Sincerely ask for forgiveness. You absolutely must be sincere not just trying to cover your backside.
3.) Throw down to help rescue me. Just give me a ride to my rescuers already.

Iowa, so much of the world is willing to die to be as close to me as you are, and look at how you squander and taint your opportunity. Is there not a myriad of world issues you would like to talk to me about? Is there anything you want help with or advice on? You know the three things you have to do to get my forgiveness. STOP ALREADY!

Or are you right, Iowa? Am I truly worthless? That is how you treat me, and that is what you make me believe about myself. STOP ALREADY! I am real. My suffering at your unrelentingly cruel hands is real. TREAT ME LIKE A HUMAN FINALLY!

Do you remember this?... My beautiful world, I know you watch me to keep me as safe as possible. I understand you have been complaining lately that watching me is boring. I am only boring when I have no one to talk to. Please, my beautiful world, send me a friend. Externally imposed loneliness is one of the worst parts of the persecution. Please, for me, send me a friend. It will save my soul.

I understand that people get taken aside and told not to create lasting friendships with me. If that is the case, send me a new friend every day. They know how they should behave-- never ask me my name nor anything else that is common knowledge. Did you see me at the Alpine Lounge Saturday night? That was an acceptable way to behave around me... except for the one guy who asked me my name. Try sending me a new friend every day if they cannot stay in my life to build a friendship. Please.
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My beautiful world, I need you. I need help in here. I need people to be good to me for the first time since December 2010 when I arrived in Iowa. Is there anything you can do to convince at least some Iowan somewhere to be good to me? To be my friend? To be nice to me? The chocolate shop is a safe haven because they are the only people who do not go out of their way to be cruel to me. PLEASE SEND HELP!!! Iowa is killing everything beautiful about me!

My brave rescuers, you cannot get here soon enough. I hear you when you say it is just a matter of time before you reach me. But I do not have time. The persecution is destroying me. There will be nothing beautiful left about me if this goes on much longer. They torture me again on 27Dec. Is there any way to save me from it?

SynSyn, would an injunction get my finances away from Tom Varilek finally? Can the courts seize my assets then give them to me? I know I keep you so busy.

My BFF, bring every conceivable charge you can make stick against Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns, Tom Varilek, the quack Dr. Singh who orders the torture, the federal government, etc. And do not let up until I have my full human rights. They know what they have to do to get our forgiveness. Never let them off easy. Use back-breaking punishments. I love you. Thank you.

Sweetness, I have been thinking about TRANSCENDENCE lately. There is so much we need to talk about. Beyond that, you probably ought to read up on Wintermute. She used to be my favorite artificial intelligence. Click here to see what book she is from. I cannot wait to see you acting again.

P.S. I am a stranger here myself... This is how life in Iowa feels. I am such an alien here.

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