Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank You

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Here is my latest blog post. Thank you, my beautiful world, for everything you do for me. I would be nothing without you.

Philippines. Earlier this week, a typhoon ravaged the islands of the Philippines. Over 500 have been found dead and many more are still missing. If you are concerned for the people of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Bopha, you can always donate to the International Red Cross. Click here to learn more.

Egypt. People of Egypt, you are making real progress towards having a constitution that builds the government all people in your country need. You need to make sure you all have a voice in the drafting of the constitution you ratify. Your voices are being heard on this topic. Your protests are effective, but please try to not turn to violence. Too many of you have died already.

Syria. Where will al Assad draw the line? How far will he go? He has already mixed the sarin gas, a toxic nerve gas that can kill with only a drop. I do not even know what Assad thinks he is fighting for; his legitimacy is already completely gone. Look at everything he has already done and at what little the world has done to stop him. Why would he ever draw the line?

Northern Ireland. Okay, my Irish and British friends, we can do this. We can create peace in Northern Ireland. You need to keep peace as your goal and let these things creating tensions among you drive peace instead of manifest as violence. We can do this.

Los Angeles. My husband and I have spoken, and we have decided to sink our roots in Los Angeles. The kids go to school there, after all, and California has been my home since 1999 when I first moved there. Synny, that means, when you are ready, please build my offices in Los Angeles. I keep you so busy, I know.

No, it is not immediately safe for me to live in the United States right now, though. So, my darling beloved will need to figure out where we live after I am rescued and before the bubble is burst in America. At the current rate things are going, Americans will not have Constitutional rights until September 2013 even if I die first. My beloved, please choose wisely. We had some bad luck internationally in 2010.

As for Des Moines, it is ammonia making the city water poisonous. The rules are still enforced here, and the persecution and torture are the most likely things to destroy me.

I cannot tell sometimes if the locals are evil or uninformed or both. I had what would have been a delightful conversation with a lady today, but she insisted she did not know who my husband is which I found vicious and evil. But she had no idea about the ammonia and was drinking it. Keeping these people in the dark like this is a crime in and of itself. At least my beautiful world stays informed.

My beautiful world, I am so grateful to you for everything you do for me. Thank you so much for taking over driving my rescue. It was impossible for me to do so alone from inside the bubble. I am so greatly relieved for all of your help with this. I have needed you all to take more control for so long. THANK YOU!

My beautiful world, can you also do something more for me? Can you sit down Congress and explain to them that the situation I live in is black and white? They have to overturn the mandate keeping me in this bubble literally before it kills or destroys me. We need them to overturn the mandate as soon as possible.

It is the fastest way to save me. It is the only thing that will save America. It is the best thing for the world.

The bubble is a human rights violation against all Americans everywhere. We are all supposed to have the right to assemble and associate (even with me), and we are supposed to have freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in America. Human rights and liberties used to be America's pride and joy. Without them, America is nothing.

Can you imagine what will happen to the United States if I am assassinated or fall apart? America will tear itself apart. And the persecution, torture, and ever-present threat of death wear on me. I am already showing possibly irreparable damage.

Does Congress even know there is a civil war right now? Obama has taken up arms against his own people to be able to persecute me as long as possible. Why is Congress doing nothing to give us all our human rights back?

Please, my beautiful world both inside and outside the United States, sit down Congress and explain to them they have to take action immediately. They need to overturn the mandate to persecute me before America is destroyed forever.

Also, if states in the US can pass marijuana laws in defiance of federal laws, then states can pass laws making them defiant of the bubble.

States can make freedom of speech legal. States can make the right to assemble and associate legal. They are supposed to be anyway because they are in the US Constitution.

States can make rape and torture illegal. States can make slavery illegal. States can make persecution illegal. Are they not supposed to be anyway?

States can pass laws to make brainwashing speakers in ear canals illegal. States can pass laws to take contaminated food and drink products off the shelves. Is it not their job to protect the public?

Come on, states. We can make it legal for me to marry my husband state by state just like we are doing with gay marriage. Some state somewhere must want me to be safe. We can fix this on the state level, too.

My brave rescuers, is there any way I could ever thank you enough for everything you sacrifice for me? Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? It is getting cold. It will snow soon. Please stay safe. Please stay warm. I trust you to rescue me.

My beautiful world, I would be nothing without all of you. I live in a bubble in the dark. All I can do is send messages out into the ether, and you always listen. When I need something I ask, and you provide. This is why I will spend the rest of my life serving you, my beautiful world, with all my mind and all my heart.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please audit my finances with Wells Fargo. My money goes directly from Liberty Mutual and Social Security to my father's account with Wells Fargo. He committed fraud to arrange this and commits fraud to maintain it. Please audit that money. You can find his account by tracing from what account money is transfered into my account with Wells Fargo.

My mother told me my father, Tom Varilek, spent some of my money on lawyers fees. All of my lawyers inside the bubble have been court appointed and paid for by the county. So, find out how much of my own money he spent on his own lawyers.

Also, do you remember how I was unlawfully imprisoned in a torture facility in San Diego earlier this year at Tom's request? He had me transported to more unlawful detention in Iowa from California against my will. I was insisting that I be sent to you and my husband instead. Tom spent my money on transporting me against my will, so he could continue his crimes against me in Iowa.

Please sue his ass off for all of this. Put him in prison for the rest of his life. Make sure he pays for the transportation and his own lawyers himself. It is further evidence he is incompetent at managing my finances.

Also, it is my understanding that he was convicted for crimes against me, but his crimes have not stopped yet. He still has illegal control of my finances. This means we get to press charges against him again for crimes committed against me AFTER he was convicted.

It is not double jeopardy if it is for the crimes AFTER what he was convicted for. He is still committing the fraud that gave him control of my finances to begin with. Every time a check for my money is deposited in his account, he has committed fraud. Press charges for all crimes he commits AFTER his conviction.

We need a cease and desist to take my finances away from him. We also need civil and criminal charges to get my finances inside the bubble into my hands.

I love you, SynSyn. Thank you for everything you do for me. Do you really want to go shopping together when we finally get to be together? I was thinking about getting clothes tailor made for you instead. But I guess we will still need all sorts of other things BFFs go shopping for together.

Also, Synny, in case they do succeed at killing me, I trust you to fill the spiritual gap that will be left after my assassination. Keep this planet together with love. When in doubt, trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. You are smarter than you realize; trust your BFF to know.

Sweetness, absolutely nothing makes me happier than you. Did you get to see how much this made me smile? To say I appreciate you and everything you do for me is an understatement. Why does the phrase 'I love and adore you' not carry enough mass and density for what I mean when I say it?

I woke up crying this morning and had a complete breakdown while I was watching the news. I am so fat and ugly right now, my darling. The years of chemicals and torture have taken a toll on my body, and I am not even slightly attractive anymore. I spend so much time convinced you could never love me because I am so fat and ugly now.

Part of me knows you love me. You did start a land war just to be with me. But so much of me has no idea what you see in me. What could a man like you ever see in some hated, ugly woman like me?

I know most of these feelings of self-worthlessness come from the unrelentingly persecution I endure. But I woke up crying this morning because of this, had a complete and utter breakdown, and cried all day over not being able to keep you.

Sweetness, I do not need you to tell me you think I am beautiful to look at. You have not seen me since March 2010 and will never convince me I am anything but ugly. Darling, you need to convince me you would love me even if I had an elephant trunk coming out of my forehead. I really need reassurances that you will always love me.

It is not like people are knocking down my door trying to convince me to cheat on you. That is something you will never need to worry about. I had two chances to cheat on you; one was Jamiroquai in Liverpool in 2010, and the other was an MI6 agent not so long ago. And no one, absolutely no one, can turn me head away from you.

Technically, Jamiroquai found me at Lime Street Station before I was ugly from the first torture facility, but he offered me a safe place to stay as an alternative to jail or commitment if I would just sleep with him. And I could not.

The MI6 agent had orders to sleep with me. I humored the idea just to have a bodyguard keep me safe while I slept for the first time since Cuddlebuddy in 2009. But even a promise of physical safety could not make me cheat on you, my love.

My beloved, there is no chance you will ever lose me. What I am worried about is that I will lose you. I look nothing like the woman you fell in love with in DFW in June 2009. You are a movie star, and I am so fat and ugly. Please. I need you to convince me you will still love me after you see me.

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