Sunday, December 23, 2012

Press Criminal Charges.

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Here is my latest blog post. I look at the hot spots in the world, and I ask Syniva to press criminal charges.

Syria. Thank you, Russia, for taking a role is building a post-Assad Syria. You make me very happy. It increasingly appears that removing al Assad from power and replacing him with someone who will not massacre the children and people of Syria is the only solution. We still need to get more humanitarian aid into the nation somehow. These should be priorities.

Mali. The ECOWAS solution takes better shape every day. I believe it will work. We need to return northern Mali to the control of the government of Mali, and Africa with the support of the world is capable of doing this. Thank you, my beautiful world, for finding and enacting this solution.

Newtown, CT. There are perfectly wonderful people in the world with developmental diseases like Aspergers Syndrome just like there are plenty of wonderful people in the world with mental illness. Blaming a mass shooting on a diagnosis is hurtful and cruel. This is no time to demonize people with autism; in fact, there is never a time to demonize people with autism. Please wait until we discover his motivation for the mass shooting before you all try pointing the finger.

My brave rescuers, how close are you? Iowa tortures me again on Thursday 27Dec. Please hurry. Nothing is getting better in here. Do you need anything? You can ask me and my beautiful world for anything.

My beautiful world, please support my rescuers. Provide everything they need to be able to rescue me. Please make noise, and do not stop until I am safe, free, and have my human rights. Throw everything at them, my beautiful world. You can save me. You can do this. Just do not hold anything back. Evil Iowa tortures me again on Thursday.

SynSyn, please ask the courts to overturn the mandate. Good people are dying every day trying to rescue me from the heinous human rights violations that the mandate created and enforces. Please make it all end. Reread Dearest Syniva and An Angry Blogpost for all of our grounds that the mandate in unconstitutional. Please ask the courts to overturn the mandate finally.

Also, my BFF, yes, I want to press criminal charges. I want to lock away the quacks, the torturers, the libelers, my slave owners, the people who hired Cuddlebunny, and everybody else who committed crimes against me. We absolutely need to make sure we are successful prosecuting Tom Varilek, the current torturer Dr. Singh, and Barack Obama, so press charges in the right order to make that happen.

Synny, be wary of any sabotage from the government, particularly the Department of Justice, trying to protect itself. Only do this if they can guarantee they will prosecute competently. Thank you, SynSyn. You are the best BFF ever.

Sweetness, I am sad. Your holiday gift will be late. I have been stitching on it for months, but my rate of stitching has been too slow. I am sad.

Also, darling, I am an atheist; you are not obligated to get me any gifts this December. But if you insist, I want you. Tie yourself up with a bow and come walking into my apartment some morning. Yes, my beloved, I am doing everything possible to reach you, too. The easy part is loving you; it is everything else that is so damn difficult.

Sweetness, if you really think you can love me, we will be together forever. It might just be the persecution talking, but I have no idea what you see in me. I am fat. I am ugly. And everybody around me hates me. I am taking your love for me on faith. If you really think you can love me, you will have me forever. Are you sure about this? I love and adore you. Please do not lead me on.

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