Friday, December 14, 2012

They Tortured Me Again.

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Here is my latest blog post. They refuse to stop torturing me. Tear this bubble open and get me to some place I can have physical safety!

Syria. How are we doing with getting humanitarian aid into Syria? They are war torn, but they still need food and medicine. The regime has started firing SCUD missiles. I understand no one is sending in troops, but can we send humanitarian aid as soon as possible? Conditions are bad there and getting worse.

As for my life, they tortured me yesterday afternoon. I am a mess. I cried myself to sleep last night. The chemicals are so heavy. The pain is in my body, my mind, and my soul.

SynSyn, press every conceivable charge from fraud and conspiracy to torture and malpractice against everybody-- the State of Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns Medical Center, that sick bastard Dr. Singh who is ordering the torture now, Tom Varilek for constantly claiming I have a mental illness, the federal government, etc. Level back-breaking punishments and put every sadistic bastard who is a part of this is prison for the rest of their lives.

Do you remember this?... The pain of the torture is not only in my body and my mind. It is also in my soul. Nothing has ever made me believe I am more worthless than having the Polk County District Court under orders from Barack Obama enforce that I must be destroyed from being beautiful with chemicals that make me emit blood-curdling screams for my life.

I have to listen to myself scream, too. I have to feel the needle under my skin. I have to feel the chemicals course through my veins as death to my being every two weeks like clockwork.

The torture is horrifying. It goes beyond what it does to my body. The lingering effects after the terrifying pain of the injection itself include my mind being chemically slowed down
... Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

As for other crimes against me, Tom Varilek told me he wanted an adult guardianship over me while I was in Liverpool in 2010. I told him I was opposed from the start. I blogged about it thoroughly. Here is another example. Check autumn 2010.

My father specifically said he wanted my Power of Attorney disregarded in the initial paperwork he filed with the court to get a hearing for the adult guardianship. It is all on court record that my father knew Syniva was my Power of Attorney and wanted adult guardianship over me anyway. And he has yet to cease any of his crimes against me.

A part of me knows that there are people out there where I can neither see nor hear them who care about me. But the persecution I carry is so heavy that it is all I know about the world. I look forward to the luxury of enjoying how much I mean to people. I look forward to doing good in the world. But right now all I have in my life is pain, misery, and a lot of promises. I pray the promises come through before the persecution destroys me.

Ambassador Rice, thank you for everything you do for me. I look forward to doing good work in the world with you. I pray I am not destroyed first. Thank you, again, for everything.

My beautiful world, make some noise. You are all so effective. Scream for all the change necessary to save me before I am assassinated or destroyed. Scream for the immediate resignation of Obama/Biden since a regime change will bring a president who would rescue me. Scream for an end to the persecution and torture. Scream until I am rescued. Do not stop until we are all free.

My brave rescuers, you were so close on Thursday. Obama can see you from his satellites. Do you remember how the British put cardboard airplanes on their tarmacs to fool the Nazis in WWII? You may need to create confusing or misleading information for all the ways Obama spies on you to fool him. Get ahead of Obama, and the rescue will make it through. Make yourselves unpredictable in all ways.

Also, my brave rescuers, ask my beautiful world for whatever you need to be able to reach me. Food? Heaters? Gasoline? New weaponry? Manpower? Medical personnel? Help of any sort? Defense contractor prototypes to battle test? Just ask my beautiful world. They will provide.

SynSyn, you do so much for me. Thank you for making yourself the president and CEO of the company you built for me. Thank you for hiring Christian for an all-purpose creative role. I also have a friends Gwen Armbruster in San Francisco and Sandy Oxford in Los Angeles. Can you ask them what their long-term goals are and hire them to fill a role that will help get them there? Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, yes, thinking about the wedding cheers me up. What I need at the wedding has not changed-- you, me, a band to play the music (I heard the Rolling Stones volunteered.), an officiant, some witnesses (Syniva is my Matron of Honor.), a red dress, a stretch of beach, and everything you need to be happy.

Darling, I am worried about inviting too many people. If we start inviting people, we will have to invite EVERYBODY. So many people have helped us, and I would hate to leave anybody out. Are you okay with a tiny yet luxurious wedding?

P.S. I am an ENTP. What are you? That is, every time I take a Meyers Briggs Personality Indicator, the results are ENTP. Click here to take the test yourself. But the version I normally take has around 100 questions or so.

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