Friday, November 13, 2015

Universal Disobedience

Title: Universal Disobedience

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You will never be able to save me until after you all organize universal disobedience to Obama's "rules." I cannot be free until you are.

The Wondrous Boat Ride
By Roald Dahl

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing
Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing
Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

European Union. Sweetness, let us match Europe's donation with €1.8B of our own money. It will help create peace and prosperity in Africa.

We always said we would live on your money and serve the world with mine. Now that it is all OUR money, I need you to agree before I can send the funds. Please, Sweetness.

My last blog post was finished at 12:10am on Wednesday, 11Nov2015, Veterans' Day. I slept all morning and woke up early. By 7:46am, I was at the Pico Branch Library, but by 8:13am I was at my regular morning haunt, my local Subway, sipping coffee.

My internet gnomes played me In My Life by my darlings the Beatles while I took my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.


I worked there on the patio of my local Subway sipping coffee and greeting passersby until 11:12am. I had a lot of writing and thinking to do.

Lunch at noon and dinner at 5pm were both tasty yet uneventful. I had napped in between. By 6:11pm, I was on a bus to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

I checked my makeup in my local Sephora before having a little chat with Patricia. I sat down at 6:41pm to catch up with my Tweethearts.

Then, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:15pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester Holt, and that Veterans' Day it left me grateful for all who served before me.

I sat down at my local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with a cup of coffee at 7:54pm. I ended up having two delightful conversations there with a local named John and with my old buddy ODean. John offered me a lift to my place.

I was curled up and asleep (as always alone) by 11:30pm. I woke up early on Thursday, 12Nov2015, and after breakfast, I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 8:32am.

My internet gnomes played me Forever in Blue Jeans by my darling Mr. Neil Diamond as I fixed my makeup. Not long after, I tweeted my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.


I worked there online until 9:07am. By 9:24am, I was on a bus to downtown Santa Monica. At 9:41am, I perched in the courtyard at the Santa Monica Main Public Library.

I was looking for my old buddy Michael, and at 10:05am, he walked by. We decided to do coffee and conversations at 11:30am. That gave me another hour and a half to get some work done.

And, sure enough, at 11:36am, my old buddy Michael joined me in the courtyard. The conversation was absolutely delightful. And we parted ways at 1pm.

From the Main Library, I walked through the Pacific Palisades and down to the sea. There is a peace in my soul that only the ocean can give me; my restless wings stop rustling when the cold water laps at my ankles, and my third eye reaches out past the horizon reminding me of my place in the universe.

It was a good day to walk to the Pacific. And at 1:52pm, I took a seat under the hot California sun on the far end of the Santa Monica Pier to shake the sand from my toes.

I caught the 2:30pm bus back to my place. I took a nap. Dinner at 5pm was tasty yet uneventful. By 5:21pm, I was back on the bus headed to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

My mom called me through FaceTime at 5:48pm. She had just sent me some mail to arrive on Saturday. Mom looked great. I am very lucky to have her genetics.

I walked around the Promenade looking for music for a little while before perching at the Main Library. My old buddy Michael and I had agreed to meet at 6:45pm to watch the news together at 7:15pm.

Yes, we streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:15pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester Holt, and it made me wish I were young enough to have children. I am already thirty-eight, my beautiful world. How long until I can have my husband?

There was no one out and about making music, so I took the 8:15pm bus back to my place. I was curled up and asleep by 11:30pm.

I slept all morning and woke up on Friday, 13Nov2015, in time for breakfast. After eating, I was at my regular morning haunt sipping coffee and eating a cookie at 8:36am.

This blog post was finished at 8:45am on Friday, 13Nov2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How often am I wrong? Rarely if ever.

My beautiful world, I have been waiting for you to save me since 2009. I have been waiting and waiting. Where are you?

The first thing you must do, my beautiful world, is organize universal disobedience to every "rule." After that, everything will fall into place. You must be free before I can be.

My beautiful world, you will never reach me until after you have your full human rights out there.

My selfless support system, rescuing me will only be possible after universal disobedience to every goddamn "rule." Please keep me safe until my beautiful world can set itself free of Obama. Then and only then will they be able to reach me.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, does Bogart need your help? He has the longest to-do list out of all of my symbolic lovers.

As always, my genius friends, just tell me what you need to do your job. You get everything you need, as far as I am concerned.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, will we see each other tonight, Friday, 13Nov?

My darling MannedUp, I expect you tonight. You are an ever-faithful musician-lover who always shows up. We will make music to each other, and the world will be our witness to our magic.

My darling GeneralLee, what does it take to get you back on my Promenade? I hate when we are apart. Do I really have to wait all of the way until Tuesday, 17Nov, to see you?

My darling Bogart, I am sitting here waiting for you to organize universal disobedience. I have to wait because you will never be able to save me until you are all free out there. Please, Bogart. The world is counting on you.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, I am still working on it.

My darling LightFoot, I am working on kissing you. Universal disobedience would make everything in here easier, but I will figure something out. Have faith in me.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

HoneyHoney, please tell me you published Whiskeyless Fictions and the final final version of Infamy. I plan on writing more fiction once I can write less nonfiction. You are my publisher, Beloved.

Much more impressively, you are my husband. You are the empty space between my arms and at the end of my lips. I miss you so much.

My hero and my king, why must I keep waiting? Why can I not kiss my own husband right now? There is no justification for obeying Obama's "rules" and keeping us apart. There is definitely no justification for enforcing them.

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