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2015 Christmas Gift to Sweetness

2015 Christmas Gift to Sweetness

Click here to read the first installment of the Adventures of Honey and Beloved.

It had been weeks since the aliens came to visit, and Honey and Beloved were in their yacht sailing back from their trip to Africa. The night sky was cool, and the couple were on the deck laying in each other's arms while sipping exotic fruit juices and staring up and the stars.

Honey turned to him, "What do you see?"

Beloved giggled, "The most beautiful woman in the world."

She smiled, "No, silly, up there in the sky. What do you see?"

"There is Orion. And over here is Cancer the Crab. Can you see his pinchers?"

"Darling," Honey had the sound of the cosmos in her voice, "I see us."

Beloved smiled to himself. He always loved her most when she channeled the sky.

Honey continued, "Every day I wade knee deep in the Milky Way shepherding the souls of my beautiful world. I am a guide, a bit of a teacher. My beautiful world is free to do anything in the sky, but I will always be here when they have questions."

"What about me?" Beloved asked, "What do you see me doing up there?"

Honey smiled, "You are right beside me making sure I never drown. You are my protector and my heart. Without you, I never would have reached the sky in the first place."

My god, did Beloved love Honey. He kissed her lips, still sweet from the fresh mango juice in her left hand.

"It is so vast and empty," Honey continued, "In the depths of space, there are such great expanses of nothingness, but look at that sky so full of light."

Honey had known the emptiness. Beloved had rescued her from the nothing himself. She kissed him back. He tasted of pineapple and guava.

"And our daughter?" Beloved rested his hand on Honey's protruding belly, "What does little Syniva see?"

The boat was rocking gently in the waves, "Her future," Honey told him.

They laid there bathing in the starlight. Until, clad in nothing but the sky, their sweet kisses for each other led to making sweet love. Honey's right hand reached into the cosmos and stirred the Milky Way. Beloved's hands were too busy.

The next morning, Honey was using their at-sea satellite internet connection to check the news while Beloved made breakfast.

There had been some complications with the new unity government in Syria; no one knew who was in command of the Syrian army. Honey was chatting with the United Nations Secretary General about it.

"Do you need us to stop by Syria?" Honey asked.

The Secretary General assured her that was not necessary. She always worried most about Honey's safety and hated sending her into war zones.

"I would be fine." Honey tried reassuring her, "I have no enemies in Syria."

"Just stay in contact. This is 2017. You can do your job from Tahiti with an internet connection." The Secretary General was always so sensible.

"Two eggs over hard with bacon, hash browns, and an English muffin!" Beloved had appeared with breakfast. "And fresh squeezed orange juice!"

The Secretary General said goodbye, "I will leave you two to breakfast."

"Thank you for the update." Honey told her before disconnecting, "Anything you need, just tell me."

"No, thank you," said the Secretary General before waving goodbye.

Breakfast proved sumptuous. As Honey started quizzing Beloved on whether or not they should stop for more provisions, Beloved spied something through the window.

"Yes, dear, we have enough food. Please join me on the deck." And he sped out the door.

A little surprised at the brusque exit, Honey followed him outside. He was pointing to a plume of smoke on the horizon. "What do you think that is?" Beloved asked her.

"Fire," was all she said, and Beloved left to steer them towards the smoke. be continued...

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