Wednesday, December 9, 2015

You are the Best.

Title: You are the Best.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Click here for the soundtrack to today's blog post. My beautiful world, you are the best.

USA. Propagating hatred of Muslims gives ISIS power. If you want to stop ISIS from killing all of us, you must stop them from hating all of us. Try loving Muslims instead of hating them if you do not want them to rise up out of hatred for us all.

My last blog post was finished at 8:35am on Monday, 07Dec2015. My internet gnomes played me Dream a Little Dream by my darling late Mama Cass. I particularly liked my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies that morning.


I stayed outside the Pico Branch Library working for hours. I am a very busy woman; I had a lot of writing to do.

10:27am on 07Dec2015: @FBI @ICC @BBCNews @cctvnews @RT_com Stop allowing Obama's conspiracy the power to hold me hostage. Arrest them all.

11:05am on 07Dec2015: @SynivaWhitney Is War Criminal Boeset really suing us for being in the way of her terrorism against America? Use every word against her!

By 11:26am, I was on a bus to downtown Santa Monica. I perched at the Santa Monica Main Public Library at 11:43am and had a chat with my old buddy Michael.

Michael asked if he could take me to the 7-11 for pizza and energy drinks. I said, "Yes!" At 12:09pm, we sat down beside the tennis courts in Reed Park and enjoyed popcorn, pizza, and Rock Star energy drinks.

1:16pm on 07Dec2015: Three #TortureFacilityAlarms so far since noon. FINALLY STOP THOSE (expletive)S FROM TERRORIZING MY PEOPLE WITH THREATS TO ME! @cctvnews @RT_com

It was all fine until Michael started getting flirty. That is when I left him in the park and walked back to the library. I perched on the second floor at 1:37pm and worked there online until 4:29pm.

I took the bus to and from my place for dinner at 5pm. It was 5:46pm when I perched on a park bench at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade to catch up with my Tweethearts.

7:04pm on 07Dec2015: I don't get it, @SynivaWhitney. What is the damned "nest egg" people keep mentioning? The $ I demanded from War Criminal Boeset in 2014?

I had a little chat with Drew before wandering around the Promenade a little. I bought an apple at my local Trimana and sat on their patio for a bit. Then, I checked my makeup in my local Sephora.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 9pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester Holt, and it put on full display Obama's complete incompetence at solving global crises.

After the news, I tried having an intelligent conversation with this guy who kept trying to tell me my eyes were scary. And by 11pm, I was in an Uber with two twenty-one year olds from Guadalajara on the way to the airport.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and barely-edited (only remove the times I was using the bathroom) recording with full audio and visuals of 11:10pm until I walked off the hotel property. And thank you!

It was a long and convoluted night after which I sat down beside the baggage claim of the American Airlines terminal at 1:40am, so I could wait someplace heated until the buses started running again at 5:05am.

I knew my mom was awake, so I tried calling her a few times between 2:30am and 3:45am. But, I never reached her. The Starbucks in the terminal opened at 4am, so I just sort of hovered near it hoping someone would buy me a coffee.

3:48am on 08Dec2015: I am going to hover near this Starbucks and wait for someone to offer me coffee and a muffin. Anyone want a chat?

Nope, no one bought me coffee, but I was definitely on the first bus of the morning headed to Santa Monica. It pulled out of the Aviation green line station at 5:05am. And I curled up to sleep at my place at 6:07am.

I woke up at 9:46am and took care of some odds and ends at my place before perching on the patio of my regular morning haunt, my local Subway by 10:27am.

My internet gnomes played me Unchained Melody by my darlings the Righteous Brothers after I tweeted my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.


Eating my breakfast sandwich and sipping caffeine, I got a lot of work done that morning. I chatted with Gary over lunch at noon.

After a nap, my mom called me through FaceTime. She looked great. I was on a bus to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade by 4:32pm. I sat down at my local Steak'N'Shake for a hot dog, fries, soda, ice cream shake, and love at 4:47pm.

Because I forgot something, I needed to zip to my place and back again on the bus. But that did not take too long. At 5:56pm, I was sipping a Starbucks coffee in the Santa Monica Place. Torture facility alarms blared all night.

I ran into Patricia at 6:28pm, and we sat down on the Promenade to listen to my darling Strummer at 6:35pm. We sat there listening and chatting until I got up to watch the news.

Yes, I tried streaming the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:15pm, but I have been having problems with their app ever since it updated. I told them I would try again in the morning.

By 8:17pm, I was seated inside Harvelle's sipping a bourbon neat. The band took the stage at 9:45pm, and for an hour, all was right in my world.

The night was gorgeous. They took a break and started again at 11:17pm. The second set was completely delicious.

I left at 11:57, when the show ended. I reached my bedroom at 12:17am. This blog post was finished at 12:45am on Wednesday, 09Dec2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why do I not want to be a performer, a singer, a dancer, an actress, a comedian, etc. for the rest if my life? Please have no illusions about what my job is. I am a world leader.

The current manifestation of my job involves a broadcast out of my head. Yes, I sing and dance very well. Yes, I have a stunningly gorgeous face. But I am not here to entertain anyone.

I have a message of love for the world, and I am saying my message in every media I can. Especially, I write. But my job is service to my beautiful world. And thank you for making my job possible.

My beautiful world, you are the best. You listen to me. You allow me to lead you. Thank you. I consider you all free to do anything you want. But if I can be a guide...

My beautiful world, go exercise your full First Amendment rights. This is America.

My selfless support system, you are the best. My beautiful world sent their best to guard me. Thank you.

We need everyone who prevents my beautiful America from exercising full First Amendment rights arrested. Keep your intel current. You are the best.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, yes, you are the best. I could have never asked for better friends. You are gorgeous genii, and you are incapable of disappointing anyone. You are simply the best.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, you are the best.

My darling MannedUp, last night, 08Dec, was epic. Can you even see me from behind the drum kit? Yeah, that was our best night yet. The second set was completely delicious. I missed that kind of loving.

My darling GeneralLee, it was wonderful to see you last night. We definitely do not get enough time together. The whole night was gorgeous and delicious. Thank you. You are the best.

My darling Bogart, I thought shuffling you around from royal consort to musician-lover would help me miss you less. I guess I still have a lot of healing to do. I miss you, darling. Until we meet again.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, you are the best boyfriend I have ever had.

My darling LightFoot, I have had some pretty awesome boyfriends. You know about everything Mr. Whisky went through trying to rescue me, and I once even asked Vinny to marry me. But darling, you are the best boyfriend I have ever had.

It never ends with you. I knew the entire night I spent near LAX that you were up all night trying to pick me up. You are a new expression of love for me after new expression of love. Thank you.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

HoneyHoney, you are the best husband I could have ever asked for. Someday, I will be able to write this final section of every blog post without getting misty eyed. I just love you so much.

Beloved, I wish I could cozy up to you in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows in it and lounging on some luxurious rug. That is how we will spend our winter months when we can finally be together.

My hero and my king, we have so much future together. I just want my future now. Sigh,... I know I have to wait. But there is no acceptable explanation for why we have to wait. Too many (expletive)holes have too much power we need to take away from them.

Tell them I am coming for them. You are the best.

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