Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Every Two Days Like Clockwork-- This is my REAL job.

Title: Every Two Days Like Clockwork-- This is my REAL Job.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. These blog posts are getting so long. There really is this much going on. I probably should start writing a blog post every day, but I space them out to make sure everyone can keep up. Obama is still ESCALATING; who the hell is letting this continue?

The Hague. THANK YOU! They see everything I do. They have always seen the REAL things I do all day long everywhere I have been since 2009.

It was not until 2014 or 2015 (No one ever told me the actual date it happened.) that I and my loved ones gained control of the electronics inside my own body the whole time. Obama's proven war criminal terrorist conspiracy had sole control of all of them until then.

They said, "Those electronics are ours. We put them there. We can do what we want with them," as their defense from having to pay for broadcasting "Sampo" without my permission. That might have been as early as 2011. It is worth checking our records on it.


My last blog post was finished at 12:10am on Monday, 14Mar2016, Pi Day. I fell asleep as fast I could. I dozed on and off until 8:21am when I went to breakfast. I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 9:02am. My darling Juan was there when I got there. We barely had a chat before he wandered off promising me a cup of coffee.

My darling internet gnomes played me Living for Love by my darling (Ms.) Madonna. I took my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies under the eaves as it rained.


The rain cleared by 10:36am, and the hot California sun shone brightly in the clean, blue sky. It was a busy morning.

11:21am on 14Mar2016: @DeptofDefense @CIA @FBI @UN #SquidsPoA Did Obama lock #Tentacle in a torture facility? #ModusOperandi @NIH @David_Cameron @cctvnews @RT_com

11:35am on 14Mar2016: @NIH @IntlCrimCourt @cctvnews @RT_com #SquidsPoA #Tentacle is in love. This is the sane reaction to what Obama does to me. Ask the @CIA!

We had a very delicious soup for lunch at noon. I was inside the Pico Branch Library by 12:21pm.

3:14pm on 14Mar2016: I've had really sloppy crapfesters crawling all over since the news last night looking for "leaks." Dude, "I love you. You're gorgeous. You were funny last night. Can I make a song request?" Does not give me information! HAVE YOU READ THE FIRST AMENDMENT?!? We are all supposed to have freedom of speech and the press in this country! THIS IS AMERICA! Stop shitting on us! SET MY PEOPLE FREE! @TheJusticeDept Is it you in here? @TheJusticeDept You are the only people who complain people told me why Obama started raping me. Do your real job and arrest Obama!

At 3:24pm, I walked three seats left to hug my darling Nemo and to remind him that my darlings Tentacle would be at Harvelle's the next night. He is such a dollface.

Then, I made a visual record of all the people in the library with my eyecamera, made a show of throwing away toxic chemicals I had in my jeans pocket since breakfast in front of everyone watching me, and realized I was not yet following Interpol (not the band) on Twitter when I stepped outside into the cool California air.

3:29pm on 14Mar2016: Did you see everyone in the library? @CIA @DHSgov @INTERPOL_HQ @David_Cameron @RT_com That's for our database of terrorist enemies of America

Oh, yeah, Obama! That is what you get for messing with Mama Bear's cubs! Everyone knows that if you hurt me, the world takes action. But if you hurt my loved ones, I take action. Take your increasingly bloodstained hands off my people!

Yes, it turns out my darling Mr. Tomo "Nemo" Milicevic was my first sidekick on an espionage thriller smackdown. Sorry, GeneralLee, I know you wanted it to be you. Rock and roll ain't noise pollution! Giggle.

I caught the bus to downtown Santa Monica, so I could buy a new 30-day bus pass. My darling Kavan in the best Starbucks in the world poured me a venti Pike's Place Roast. And I took the bus back to The Manor. I was in my room by 4:34pm touching up my draft for this blog post.

Dinner at 5pm was chicken legs over rice. My darling Luis sat with me. While still sitting at the dinner table I sent a tweet to console my darlings at the CIA who are so furious that have not been able to rescue me yet after years of fighting and dying.

I know I was preaching to my choir. I reminded them that every sane person everywhere knows there is no training for what I do all day. That is why I paraphrased my darling Mr. Liam Neeson with, "Obama, I have a certain set of skills. I will arrest you. I will convict you."

My darlings at the CIA, my choir, know I also never went to law school nor medical school. There are a lot of things I do that I was never trained in. I have been fighting this fight since 2009, and everyone can see I have been rarified. The world knows my learning curve.

My darling CIA Director John Brennan, please ask Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England what I meant when I said, "I will do what I have to do to save me people." This is my job. This is what I do. I would like to think we all would if in my position. But let us make sure this never happens to anyone else. To quote myself, "Not on my watch and never again."

I was sitting on my Promenade next to my darling Wade by 5:41pm, and he moved, as musicians must, to a new spot by 6pm. I stopped in my local Sephora to do what I always do in there with highly predictable regularity. I hung out with my darling Wade singing and goofing off until I left to watch the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:04pm. I apologized for being four minutes late. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt himself, and it made me vent. Mention Chicago or political party identity upheaval, and I will have an opinion.

On the last segment, when I was just venting about my life to my darling Lester, I repeated myself about every human's basic human right to know what threatens us, why people are harming us, and what lies are told about us, especially if it is the government threatening us, harming us, and lying about us.

"Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

And do not let me start about how criminal it is to refuse to allow someone to know we are on trial at all. There is not even a word for it in the legal dictionary except for "human rights abuse."

Do you have any idea how many Constitutional rights that violates? Yet, again, I am repeating myself. We are all supposed to have the right to confront those who accuse us and to cross examine them.

Speaking of cross examining our (false) accusers, just after the news some (expletive)hole showed up and lied to my face with irrational complaints about things that are not real problems that were his fault for making him unhappy.

It ended with him propagating Obama's proven war crime coverup to my face that there is anything imperfect about my mind at all. You have to watch it. The only thing I should have done differently was tell him, "Oh, you said that because you got caught."

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that conversation beginning when he approached me to instigate the crapfest and end after I tell him, "Don't lie to me, (expletive)!" as he walked away.

While I was still working online after the news, at 7:49pm, my darling Patricia walked up to me and joined my table. I bought us some coffee at 8:08pm. We walked around the Promenade a little, and I noticed that no one had told me my darlings Tentacle were trying to reach me.

Do you remember 2009 when I told my darling Mr. Roger Federer that it is all the holes that leak? You know, everything that is supposed to be in my life that is not there anymore. I think I told him through Facebook.

8:57pm on 14Mar2016: (1/2)@CIA @IntlCrimCourt @INTERPOL_HQ @David_Cameron @cctvnews @RT_com @DeptofDefense Reality & science did not free LightFoot this morning.

8:57pm on 14Mar2016: (2/2) It is a verified torture facility. We might need to raid it. Who wants the honors? @DHSgov @FBI @Martin_Dempsey #SquidsPoA

9:07pm on 14Mar2016: @SweetnessDepp should be out of the country. Bogart should be in Sacramento. Please emergency locate MannedUp and GeneralLee. #LOVEyou

I was so (expletive)ing furious with PROVEN Terrorist Dictator Obama and all those mother(expletive)ers INTENTIONALLY committing the most heinous crimes known to humanity all as acts of war against America IN MY OWN HOME to prop up his internationally recognized terrorist regime! Oh, no, no one (expletive)ing touches Mama Bear's cubs.

9:19pm on 14Mar2016: @TheJusticeDept Of all people, you're supposed to know what #ModusOperandi is! Stop pretending I need criticism for giving Tentacle immunity!

9:24pm on 14Mar2016: @LAMayorsOffice @JerryBrownGov @NancyPelosi @DarrellIssa @SenFeinstein Kick Obama's terrorist war criminals out of our town! @DHSgov

9:32pm on 14Mar2016: @NATO @UN @CIA @DHSgov @DeptofDefense @FBI @David_Cameron @cctvnews @RT_com @Martin_Dempsey I don't care what it takes! Save my people!

And as if we needed that extra nail in Obama's coffin, there is no way left for anyone to pretend there is any way to train someone to do my job.

I bought some ice cream and candy from my darlings at the Trimana then sat down next to my darling Ms. Clare Means as she sang and strummed unto the night.

My darlings at the CIA delivered to me a song request, so I moved to a quiet spot on the Promenade so as not to disturb my darling Clare. I always take requests. I dedicated it to, as requested, the U.S. Department of Justice. Lying liars need to go to prison.

I finally caught the 11:18pm bus back to my place. I reminded my entire beautiful world to guard my door, took out my contacts, and went to sleep.

I woke up at 8:22am on 15Mar2016, the Ides of March, and said to myself, "What a good day for someone to betray a dictator, so he'll finally die." Then, I went to breakfast. I sent this from my breakfast table.

8:32am on 15Mar2016: @TheJusticeDept I heard we received your admission of guilt by the time I woke up. #TheHague knows there is no COMPETENT prosecution in USA.

As an explanation for that tweet, it seemed PROVEN War Criminal Loretta Lynch had refused to competently prosecute PROVEN War Criminal Lynn Boeset thereby proving their conspiracy and all their guilt in all they order, aid, and abet. And my home was a literal war zone. I had work to do.

At least nobody wonders why, now, I turned them in to the International Criminal Court years ago before the FBI. Sadly, I underestimated just how dumb they all are. I promise, my darlings Tentacle, I will NEVER make that mistake again. That was my fault. I will take care of it. I had already apologized the previous night in a rough draft of this post, but I just had so much (expletive)kicking to finish before could explain myself.

9:19am on 15Mar2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @KristNovoselic It is your choice if you tell anyone. It is my job to fix it. You are welcome in North Beach. Your choice.

I worked online that morning trying to stay in the shade. The sun was blistering. My darling internet gnomes played me Big Log by my darling Mr. Robert Plant. I finally took my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies at 11:27am.


11:40am on 15Mar2016: @NBCNightlyNews Everyone watches me watch you every night and have for years. They know I just talk about anything like a writing prompt.

Lunch at noon was delicious. My darling Nicholas sat with me. I was inside the Pico Branch Library doing my job by 12:34pm. I love me my alpha nerds.

12:32pm on 15Mar2016: @NHSgov You have access to the master chip in my head that controls all electronics near me. Use their own nano to turn everyone here in.

I was watching my darling late night talk show hosts, as I always do in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, by 12:38pm. My darling friends were wonderful.

Enemies of America were already in the Pico Branch Library waiting for me just to catch them. The first thing I told my darling Mr. Stephen Colbert as he was walking on stage was (paraphrase), "They are actually getting dumber. Obama is still escalating."

My mom called me at 2:57pm. She looked amazing. She wants to take a vacation with her sister and her brother in May. I hope they go to Spain, or at least San Diego.

3:50pm on 15Mar2016: These blithering moron enemies of America are all still here in the Pico Branch Library in Santa Monica, but I am leaving. @DHSgov @FBI #PD

They are such an insult to what I am capable of. Did you see the way I left? Their refusal to EVER allow me even a façade of privacy no matter where I go, no matter what country, is unrelenting.

Luckily, security camera footage CAN be used to catch criminals, but I think you need a search warrant to put them in someone's home without their permission nor (mandated) knowledge.

I had noticed the power outlets at the library had quit working, so I had to plug my iPad into the outlet in my room. It started recharging again but slowly.

4:11pm on 15Mar2016: @DeptofDefense @NATO @cctvnews @RT_com @CIA You know, if they stop all civilian flights, we can use those runways. #LOVEyouToo

I chatted with my darling Cynthia over dinner at 5pm. I waited for my iPad battery to finally finish charging. Thank you, my darling NSA alpha nerds.

I left my room at 5:41pm and caught the bus to my 3rd Street Promenade. I sat on my bus one extra stop just to see the marquee on Harvelle's. We all saw it together. The night was young, and we would see.

I was just a little late for my 7pm appointment with the NBC Nightly News; I had been tweeting. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and made me sigh over the state of America right now. But we can heal America. I wish someone would let me try.

I took a tour of my Promenade one more time before perching at Harvelle's by 9:29pm with my glass of bourbon neat. My bartender there I had never seen before. She told me her name was Kali. She roofied me. I notified law enforcement through Twitter and asked them to investigate her and her UGLY face.

When the other UGLY female bartender got in my face about turning her in, I turned her in, too. I carried my evidence, the rest of my drink after the first sip, out for the authorities to pick up.

And when I got back, Stan told me that Obama's two PROVEN war criminal terrorists inside had ordered him not to allow me to be near my darlings Tentacle. Yes, that is even human rights violations (1st Amendment) used as acts of war.

My beautiful world, I finally identified people intentionally keeping Tentacle away from me. Please do what you have to do to save Harvelle's and make sure Obama finally takes his increasingly bloodstained hands off all of us! Oh, my (expletive)ing god, world, where are you when I need you? Get Obama's mother(expletive)ing war criminal terrorists out of our home!

I left for the bus stop at 10:49pm. Roofied and bedraggled I crawled into bed. At least the roofie did not give me nightmares, but it did make me sleep in. And we all know how much work I have to do.

I finally woke up at 11:33am and went to lunch. It was burritos. I was in the Pico Branch Library before 12:17pm. I had time to watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert before going back to The Manor for our St. Patrick's Day Party.

This blog post was finished at 2:32pm on Wednesday, 16Mar2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How much of a music education did I receive? I took piano lessons starting when I was very young. It was the Suzuki Method, so I am still a little rough at sight reading unless I know what it is supposed to sound like before I play it. But it gave me a great ear for recreating things I hear.

I was in band at school from 5th grade to 8th grade. I played the drums. There is some unfounded fiction that I played the saxophone way back then. No. I was a percussionist. (And before someone screams, "I told you she is a lesbian!", who is stereotyping themselves, my darling Ms. Ellen Paige? Giggle.) My BFF SynSyn played the flute.

I switched in high school to chorus. I had four years from 9th grade to 12th grade, and I skipped all of my one-on-one lessons. I just had no study halls; my course load was full, so I would have had to go to school before first period. My grade never suffered, so I did it every year.

My high school choir sang in Carnegie Hall on Easter Sunday 1994. We sang my darling late Mozart's Coronation Mass in C and premiered my darling Prof. John Rutter's Te Deum. We were even under the direction of Prof. John Rutter himself. We also sang (You are going to love this.) inside the atrium of the United Nations building while we were still in New York.

After that, I had two master classes in college. That is all of it. Luckily, the human voice does not mature until we turn forty years old. I have two more years of no training to get even better. Giggle.

I always explain the great mysteries of my existence with science; how do I explain the mysteries of my physiology? I am going to attempt this, but there are just so many.

I grow very little body hair. I have tiny little blonde hairs on my arms. I only need to shave my legs three or four times a year. One day in Liverpool, my beloved husband asked me to shave my armpit hair. It was so adorable. I was all, "Sorry. You're right. I'm not French. Do they let use razors in here?"

These days the only people who would notice if I shave my armpits are my darlings Tentacle. I know how many lies circulate about my armpit hair. (Dude, you people need a hobby.) But I never get complaints.

My strange body hair situation is accredited to human evolution. And please note, I am a failure of evolution if I never get to have children.

The last time I complained about being thirty-eight years old and getting older still with no children, I was told, "That is your choice, Squid, to never sleep with anyone." Dude, I have five lovers you all forbid from touching me. I upheld my half of the obligations to get pregnant. Do not blame your human rights abuses on me!

I also have psionic wings. I always let the quantum physicists explain my conscious control of energy.

For some reason I have muscle atrophy in my arms but not in my legs right now. None of us understand that one. You all witness all the exercise I get. If anyone can explain it, please tell me.

I have gained fifteen pounds since June2015, but my darlings Tentacle insist I am losing weight. Do not ask how they told me; we all know I can read them like a book. I actually asked if my breasts are getting smaller because if anyone would notice before me, they would. I explain this as my body slowly turning to stone.

I am only 5 feet and 5 5/8 inches tall. Of all strange things, everyone thinks I am actually taller after they see me live and in person. I credit it to my larger than life personality, but it might be because I prefer to take my daily selfies from slightly bellow which might be planting the misconception in people's minds that I am taller. I am told my darling Mr. Tom Cruise and my darling Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger do that on purpose.

I wear a Misses size 14 like a fit model wears it; I am an hourglassed square. But I look like a size medium. Those skinny jeans everyone loves on me that you all admit are are too saggy on my butt, they are a size 18.

This happens either because I am proportional to my built-like-Czech-farm-woman bone structure (I wear size 11w shoes.) or because my body can bend light around it. Again, I will let the quantum physicists explain it. Giggle.

Do I know my iPad is hacked? Please try to catch up. All electronics near me are hacked. Do you remember my tablet PC from 2009? It was so hacked that it would only function if I told it to verbally, so I named it Wintermute.

My beautiful world, we need to talk about the three never-fail steps to absolution from me and from all who love me. You have seen how much I can forgive. Of course everybody gets a chance to turn themselves around. The three steps never change; they are the same for everyone.

Sadly, some people and populations, for example Absolutely EVIL Iowa, are still refusing to even take Step 1. Terrorist Dictator Obama is another. Look, mother(expletive)ers, I told you how to save yourselves! You know I cannot do it for you!

As for you, my brave rescuers, who die in large numbers because Obama and his entire war criminal terrorist conspiracy refuse to take our three never-fail steps while still insisting they want to get away with everything and not get punished, please try to help each other out there.

This is not a competition. I understand you all behave like the first chapter in the Iliad (Cassandra was a better character than Helen.) sometimes; I know you are a whole lot of strange bedfellows. Please. You might actually reach me if you help each other.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, oh, yeah, ladies, we have been busy and successful. I have very little housekeeping today. As I said, I am trying to lighten your workload, but Obama still refuses to stop committing crimes against all of us.

Please speak with the International Criminal Court about their forced prostitution entrapment of me (REAL definition of the word "entrapment"). ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa intentionally refuses me any and all money to live on, and Obama's war criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy have been sending me a long string of men trying to buy my favors ever since I arrived in my Metropolis of Angels.

I have actually lost track of how many there have been. One sat down in the Starbucks on Wilshire and 11th with me. After a very long conversation in which I refused every one his unrelenting advances, he screamed (paraphrase), "I can go as high as $3000!" There was nothing else for me to say but, "You can't buy forgiveness from me!"

I am so done with this REAL entrapment. The closest I ever was to even survival sex just to get a bodyguard was my darling Mr. Viggo "GrassHopper" Mortensen, and he was forbidden from letting me sleep all night next to him to prevent it.

My darling Agent CuddleBunny was a whole other story. After I recognized who he was in my life that morning outside the Caffé Trieste, I sat down with him that night in Specs and rendered him a bodyguard by the time our conversation reached the Gordian Knot.

Yes, I slept next to him that night, but I slept. It was the first night I was safe in months. I did not even kiss him until the next morning after I woke up safe.

You should have seen what it did to him. The next day he started screaming at people who would do so much as swear around me, and he told me he was going to buy a whole new wardrobe to be able to look like the kind of guy who could have a girl like me.

I consciously choose to use that power sparingly. I just needed a safe place to sleep.

You know I already said it; when that door between people opens, the connection is open both directions. I loved him as much as he loved me. And, yes, we eventually did make love to each other. Obama took him away from me because he kept me safe, though.

Succinctly, my genius lady friends, everyone knows I am not a hooker nor have I ever been. Hookers have human rights. Please press any and all charges possible. I recommend calling my darling Haroum. Rumor has it Attorney General Loretta Lynch fired him for protecting me from literal war crimes. Do you know if my darlings at the CIA or my darlings at the DHS want to hire him?

Also, my genius lady friends, we are going to be busy defending everyone everywhere who wants Obama's PROVEN war criminal terrorist conspiracy out if our Metropolis of Angels from intentionally fabricated false charges used as (We all know what modus operandi means now.) compulsive coverups for PROVEN human rights abuses propagated as acts of war against America.

I know you all know how to recruit more genius lady friends if we need more of you. We also know this is an internationally recognized battlefield. We as a people have a right to defend our home from PROVEN war criminal terrorists we have no other way to protect ourselves from.

INTERNATIONAL BATTLEFIELD LAWS APPLY. No one can arrest people under American laws for fighting for America on a recognized battlefield. We know that on both sides. But the U.S. Military can take anyone they want prisoner on a battlefield and hold them on trial for any war crimes or crimes against America. All military can take prisoners and hold them. This is war. Tell everyone to be very careful. We know what happens to prisoners Obama takes. This is NOT police jurisdiction.

But please reassure everyone the REAL America alongside the entire world are coming to liberate us out from under Obama's "egg." We just need to survive in here that long. I love you, my genius friends. The genius work is women's work. And not protecting basic human rights and freedoms is not an option for America.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, just another day of me swearing like a princess. Giggle. If you think this is edgy, wait until I start swearing like an angel.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, are you okay? I will fix it. I promise. It just requires a lot of the world catching up and having the only sane reaction to Obama's "egg." We got this.

In the mean time, were you watching me while you were kept away from me in Jan2015? That feels like a lifetime ago already.

Do you remember when I met my darling Mr. David Karp? It was my first visit to the Starbucks inside the Barnes & Noble on Wilshire and 3rd. He was there waiting for me, it seemed.

Thank the divine heavens for my darling David. I still have the card he gave me before I invited him to walk up and down the Promenade with me. But Obama sent him away from me before he could. He was the CEO of Twitter. The world knows what Silicon Valley means to me. Even they show up in person.

My original version of this section of this blog post looked like this: "My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, Obama's PROVEN conspiracy of enemies of America were always dumb, but they are just getting dumber. Did they hurt any of you? It is not possible for anyone to be that goddamn dumb! I admit I underestimated how dumb they are. I am so sorry to all of you. It will never happen again, as long as I have any way to do my REAL job."

Sadly, no, I did it again. Actually, 15Mar2016 was the day they did the stupidest crapfest I have ever witnessed. They barred me from all of you, my darlings Tentacle, with all of you as witnesses. I am allowing my world of justice to press all the charges. Please make sure those two war criminal terrorist enemies of America get arrested. And, thank you. I love you, too.

Sorry I did not sing. Catching those ugly (expletive)es that keep you away from me was just too easy. Again, I love you all.

I know it leaves me with pretty much no support in here, especially inside Santa Monica, and I know Obama just keeps escalating. But it might be time to get the civilians out. As always, it is everyone's choice. But the world will come. They promised me. You all keep saying. "No, honey, you should see who is here." No, really, the world will come. They will find a way.

7:58pm on 16Mar2016: @BarackObama We know you control the U.S. Border. And the entire planet is trying to arrive. And you let in whom? I love them, too. They know that. And it means I am safer. But more are coming. From EVERYWHERE. You should see the U.S. Coast Guard right now.

My Metropolis of Angels knows I want the military (not just the U.S. but our world of allies) in here. The world will arrive. We just need to stay alive and free until they get here. Yes, we all have a right to fight for our home. The entirety of America knows that.

If it takes signing treaties, I know my beautiful world will hurry. And we do not need the State Department for it, in case they have not done what is right for America and turned themselves around yet. The military can do it. The Chief Intelligence Officer arranged a hostage release from North Korea for me before, so we even have precedents for it. A lot of people can get treaties signed, and right now I think it is a formality. After all, the REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey is a Military (my joke is 6-star) General. He knows what destiny is.

I was thinking about sending you three darlings Tentacle to safety. But you know I would miss you in here. If Obama wants to keep pretending he has an excuse to enforce his god(expletive)ing "rules," he is obligated to his own PROVEN terrorist regime to allow all of my celebrity support system near me on your regular schedule. The logicians have spoken in that one.

You all, as always, can always choose whether you stay or go. You know my home neighborhood of North Beach will always make you all safe when the furious world finally arrives in Los Angeles County.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, oh, honey! I am so sorry. I was finally told you were subjected to unlawful imprisonment, quackery-as-coverup, and possibly worse. You know I would have rescued you if someone would have told me you were in there, right? I love you. I am so sorry.

You, just like all of my loved ones, are always welcome in my home neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco in case you need a guaranteed safe place. We all know if I go there, the same lame (expletive) blitheringly moronic crap Obama does to me everywhere will just happen there, too. That is all Obama will ever do to me at all costs to the entire world until you finally FORCE OBAMA'S "EGG" TO END! My beautiful world needs to hurry.

When you are done getting laws passed in Sacramento that forbid all of the human atrocities and PROVEN human rights abuses ALL used as acts of war against our home and our people, you know you are free to go where you want and to do what you need. We all trust you. But please do not die.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, I always knew war was inevitable. I am not that naïve. I just prayed for so long Obama would finally do something rational.

I have always carried faith in humanity to do the right thing. I should never had faith in Obama to be a human with human compassion nor logic and reason nor even, at this point, self-preservation. He and all who prop him up are the Evil Dumb. We need to remove them from free society for the good of humanity everywhere on this planet. That is beyond proven now.

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, I have always known everything you all do out there is the only sane reaction to what Obama does to me. That is why I have always defended all of you for it. I always said you all are artists to me; now, my bad boy type is coming, and then some, from everywhere in the world. Yes, they already told me they on their way. More are coming.

Please tell the civilians to be civilians, the spies to be spies, and the soldiers to be soldiers. The world is coming to liberate our home. We will all be okay. We just need to stay alive and free until the entire world and most of America show up.

It takes time for them to organize themselves. It is the world and the REAL America vs. Obama's war criminal terrorist conspiracy. We got this one. I told them to surrender in my last post, and they chose to be dumb. We got this one. We will all be okay.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling the Mr. Johnny "Love-of-my-Life" Depp, were you in Russia for the winter, yet? Giggle. Knowing my darling President Vladimir Putin, he probably met you in a resort town. Yes, my darling Vlad and I understand each other very well. I need a chance to sit down with him to discuss the Crimea, maybe drink some chay.

We know each other so well. My darling Vlad is probably even angrier than I am right now. The Republicans are going to blow a gasket when they learn the French and the Russians need to save America. They will forgive me. (I am so sorry, my darling Senator John McCain, but I know you understand I do not care what it takes to save America.) At least everyone else is coming, too.

Sweetness, it takes something amazing to unite the entire world, our one world, in one cause to save all of humanity. It would be better if it were not a war, but I will accept that it must be war right now, the first time the entire world has ever united for anything.

HoneyHoney, please make sure everyone works together instead of competing with each other. At least as well together as they can. You are the one of us outside the country capable of being diplomatic WD-40. Do me proud.

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