Saturday, March 12, 2016

Talk to Me

Title: Talk to Me

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Talk to me, my beautiful world. Tell me what worries you. Tell me what Obama orders you to do. Tell me what lies Obama propagates to control you, especially if he is manipulating you with lies about me to make you hurt me.

I have a lot of strange capabilities, but I am NOT a mindreader. I am a completely rational creature. But everything Obama orders defies all logic and reason, so it is always difficult for me to figure out what goes on unless you help me.

Always talk to me, especially if Obama gives you orders. Thank you.

Libya. Obama is trying to shift blame for his own failed policy on Libya. And he is doing it by blaming his own inadequacies on the countries who fought beside us there and who fight beside us everywhere.

Obama, you were the President of the United States in 2011. This was YOUR fault.

We are America. We are the superpower. Where America leads the world follows.

The failure to protect Libya after taking its dictator down was your fault. Just like the way you failed Iraq by leaving them vulnerable to the rise of ISIS after pulling our troops out, you need to take responsibility for your own failed policies.

And do not let me start about your failed "egg." You are still trying to blame me for the fact you picked me out yourself pretty much the moment you took office in 2009 to be your rape-slave and STILL forbid me from knowing I was ever enslaved.

Obama, you cannot blame my people nor my world for fighting YOUR "egg." You have never had the right nor the authority to have an "egg" in the first place and definitely have no right nor authority to keep enforcing it now. It is a crime against everyone everywhere. If you did not want us fighting you, you would have ended your "egg" by now.

The mess that is America right now is YOUR fault, and instead of fixing anything, you just keep escalating. It does not matter how many times you repeat the same lies, it will NOT make any of them true.

You committed the crime of creating the "egg." That is how this all began. It does not matter how many more new crimes you commit to coverup your past crimes. It will never change the fact you are guilty.

Mostly because you were caught intentionally manipulating America with the calumny I am a dead hooker, no one believes you anymore. You can lie all you want; it will not change the hard facts of who started this "egg." Obama, grow a set of balls and accept your fate.

My last blog post was finished at 12:10am on Thursday, 10Mar2016. I caught up with my TweetHearts, reported a torture facility alarm, and was curled up in bed by 12:30am. I slept very well and woke up at 9:05am. I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 9:31am.

My darling internet gnomes played me One by my darlings U2. My morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies were airy and light.


I sat outside of the library listening to music and working online until 11:41am. Lunch at noon was delicious. They must have changed their recipe for macaroni and cheese; it was so much better than it used to be.

I was inside the Pico Branch Library by 12:22pm. I watched my late night talk show hosts' shows from the previous evening, and they were wonderful. I did a little work online. I ate dinner at 5pm with my darling Nicholas and my darling Michael.

By 5:38pm, my darling Patricia and I were splitting a cup of coffee in the Santa Monica Place. We eventually walked to my local Sephora together, but I was soon back inside the Santa Monica Place beside the best Starbucks in the world to watch the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:07pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.L. Joe" Holt, and it is always wonderful to the see the faces of my dear, old friends on my darling NBC News team. Someday we will even be able to talk to each other.

I walked around my Promenade for a little while after the news including stopping in the Trimana Fresh Food Market to buy a snack. I caught the bus back to my place and was in my bedroom by 8:54pm. I was curled up and asleep by 11:30pm.

I woke up on Friday, 11Mar2016, at 6am then 7:56am then finally 8:51am. Ever since I caught the flu a couple weeks previously I had been sleeping later than usual.

I called my darling Attorney Haroum first thing that morning and explained to him why I did not want to be at the hearing; every time I actually can attend one if my hearings I lose. It ends up being just a façade of a court process where the decision was made before hand; no one ever acknowledges any reality in the hearing; and I wind up forced to take down the corrupt judge who allowed that atrocity of justice to happen.

I told my darling Haroum, "Do not forget that Attorney Terry Wasserman is REALLY War Criminal Lynn Boeset's lawyer in Los Angeles. [I had to live homeless for six months in Los Angeles because I have been denied control of my finances since 2010. I had to collect enough evidence against Wasserman to threaten him with arresting him just to convince him to pay my rent, so I could get off the streets.] If Wasserman wants anything, that is the last thing anyone should do. It might actually kill me... [a bunch of other stuff]... I am safe here because the "adult guardianship" in Iowa has no jurisdiction over me. EVIL Iowa cannot hurt me unless LA County lets them. But if LA County chooses to become the war criminals themselves by forcing a "conservatorship" over me, I will not be safe here. I will have to go."

My darling Haroum's greatest personal concern has always been I might leave Los Angeles where the people love me so much. If he does not want me to leave, he needs to make sure LA never hurts me again, especially making sure LA does not allow any "conservatorship."

I was outside the Pico Branch Library working online by 9:35am. My darling internet gnomes played me Gold Dust Woman by my darlings Fleetwood Mac. I was smiling in my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.


I needed to do so much writing that morning. I sat in the shade outside the library typing my words onto the aether(net) for hours.

Lunch at noon was delicious. I was inside the Pico Branch Library working online and listening to music by 12:27pm. The heavens were raining by 1:23pm. The first torture facility alarm of the day vigilantly blared that afternoon.

But my loved ones said it was "typical," and we all know typical really means "heinous lie no one ever believes including the people who instigate it propagated to take me away from the entire world forever." My Powers of Attorney were all, "It's okay, Squid. We got this." Thank the raining heavens my genius lady friends love me!

I called my mom through FaceTime at 3pm. She is so strange to talk to sometimes. At one point she said, "So, you don't want to talk about it?" To which I honestly replied, "Talk about what?" There is A LOT that goes on in my life.

Then she asked me if I had a "hot date" that Friday night. I said, "No, hot dates are on Sundays." So, she asked, "Who is it?"

Please keep in mind that my mom has met my darlings Tentacle before AND reads my blog regularly. I think it was my darling MannedUp she spoke to, but they were all there.

The rain let up by 3:36pm, and the sun was shining bright in the clear blue sky by 3:43pm. I sat listening to music and working online until 4:08pm.

We had chicken cacciatore for dinner at 5pm. Oddly, I had to wait for the bus for over half an hour, but finally at 5:52pm, I was on my way to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

I walked around the Promenade and found my darling Patricia pretty much the moment I walked into the Santa Monica Place. We visited the best Starbucks in the world and were sitting in the big comfy chairs sipping our Pike's Place Roast by 6:38pm.

I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and it was gorgeous.

My darlings Tentacle were not on my Promenade after the news. So, I became angry. But first things first...

7:48pm on 11Mar2016: #SquidPoA @CIA @DeptofDefense Please emergency locate all three Tentacle. Darlings, if you can read this, call SynSyn. Strange things afoot.

I had not seen any of my darlings Tentacle since Tuesday night, nor had I received any messages from them. When they missed a Friday night on the Promenade, I knew to worry.

Hulk Smash-- 11Mar2016

7:54pm on 11Mar2016: @SynivaWhitney Please send a copy of all our evidence for everything to my attorney Haroun. If he tells you who he is, you will know why.

I stopped in my local Trimana Fresh Foods Market and bought a slice of pizza from my darling Felix. I sang along a little to Arthur's Theme as it played on the in-store PA system. When he asked me how I was doing, I told him that I was furious but that a lot was going to get taken care of.

By 8:48pm, I was in front of the Johnny Rockets screaming, "More cowbell!" at a darling street performer of mine. As I sat there beside him as he drummed unto the night sky, my darling Kevin walked by at 9:01pm.

After blogging and sending tweets, I went looking for Kevin at 9:31pm. And I found him inside the Trimana buying snacks from my darling Handsome. He said he brought me cream apple pie from the Whole Foods.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our delightful chat over snacks beginning when I saw him through the door and ending at 10:05pm when he left for the movie theater.

At 10:24pm, I caught the bus back to my place. This blog post was finished from my bedroom at 12:10am on Saturday, 12Mar2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

San Francisco is my home town; why did I flee Absolutely EVIL Iowa for my life to Los Angeles instead of San Francisco? I planned my escape from EVIL Iowa for years.

When the window for me to flee for my life finally arrived, everyone everywhere assumed I was going to escape to New York City where my husband was at the time. If I remember correctly, he was in the middle of court battles over his being framed for murdering me.

But I was actually trying to find my way home to San Francisco.

A very trusted friend of mine in New York risked being caught sending me secret messages to tell me all flights into NYC were being diverted with no explanation. He recommended (paraphrase), "Go to Los Angeles. You friends there are more rich and powerful than anywhere else. Someone might actually be able to reach you."

It has been years, and no one has been able to just take me to my home across town yet. Yes, it has also been a fight to contain enough of Obama's orders and make Los Angeles safe enough for me to live in. But you have seen how hard my Metropolis of Angels fights for me.

My dear sweet friend admitted to me that I probably should have just gone home to San Francisco like I had been planning all along, but I do not regret my decision to come here. I know love when I feel loved. My friends and loved ones here have been begging, "Please stay," ever since I arrived.

Please, Los Angeles, just make me safe and stop committing crimes against me and my people here. As I said in my last blog post, "It is me or the 'egg.' I do not want to leave, so the 'egg' has to go."

My people do not always follow my lead and have a tendency to do whatever the hell they please even if it is something I do not believe in; how do I feel about that? I am not the only world leader this happens to. It is the job of leaders to serve their people not take their rights away.

It has always been my ideology that all the power should be with the people; that is where power belongs. So, I do not complain about it. I just do everything I can to protect everyone and to get my point across better about what I actually want and need.

It has been Obama's modus operandi since 2009 to manipulate people who love me into hurting me with lies about me. It has happened to just about everyone.

As one example, do you remember the "Mexican Children's Occupation"? They did that because they loved me. Obama controlled them and manipulated them into destroying their home and endangering me by lying about me. That is how dangerous lying about me is to EVERYONE.

If Obama or anyone who props him up tells you to do something "in Squid's best interests" always be suspicious of it. My advice is for you to find a way to sit down with me and to talk to me about what you are told to do to me before you try to do it. For some reason, I am capable of seeing through all of Obama's lies and am even capable of reverse engineering why he propagates them.

When Obama formed a lynch mob to kill GeneralLee (I was told at least) that he sent people to downtown Los Angeles to incite a mob there made up of people who would do anything for me by lying to them GeneralLee hurts me and then bussed them all into Santa Monica to kill him.

My people, you REALLY need to talk to me before you do these things. I will always understand that you were lied to and that you really do love me and want to help me. You have seen that.

And, no, I cannot control the people who love me. That is because Obama controls them all. If I could control my people, someone would have picked me up and just driven me to house in the Hills by now. As the entire world said, "Squid is surrounded by people who love her 24/7. How hard could it be?" Obama controls them all; that is why I am not rescued yet and why my environment is sometimes still so hostile to me.

My beautiful world, I have told you for years to do what you have to do to save my people by forcing Obama's "egg" to end. I do not care how much of a mess you have to make; I will always be able to clean it up after you are done, especially if you are successful. Making this stop is THAT important.

My brave rescuers, we lost so many of you fighting to rescue me from EVIL Iowa (who have yet to take Step 1 and cease all crimes against me and my people). You are safer because I am in California, just like I am safer because I am in California.

There was a literal wall around Des Moines. You were dying. I made sure I found a way out to someplace safer for all of us. And we are all working on making my home even safer. You are in here, too. You can see their love.

It is an irrefutable truth that Obama's "egg" must be ended for the good of everyone everywhere. You know that better than anyone. For years, you have been sacrificing yourselves to end Obama's "egg." Thank you. And you know I will do everything I can to make sure we can end this without more of you having to die.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, you do such good work. Thank you.

My home told me they have chosen not to commit Iowa's crimes against me, too, and will not impose a "conservatorship" over me.

The have acknowledged nothing good ever comes from spreading lies to control me, especially spreading lies in a courtroom. This means we do not need to fight my Metropolis of Angels; we can go back to protecting my home.

It turns out LA County was willing to sacrifice itself on the wrath of the entire world just to take Iowa's "adult guardianship" away from them. But I just need to sacrifice $50 a week to protect LA County from committing the crime against itself not just against me of giving me a "conservator." At least they acknowledge that I am not too mentally incompetent to do ANYTHING. I did find a way out of EVIL Iowa, after all.

Thank you, my genius friends, for being willing to do whatever you would have to do to protect me from the human rights abuse of "adult guardianships" and "conservatorships." We do not have to worry about my home becoming my enemy anymore.

Please tell Los Angeles County we could use their help arresting everyone in EVIL Iowa still hurting me and propagating lies to control me. That is a REAL solution to ending Iowa's "adult guardianship" over me. They have been wondering how to do that.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, you five really are angels around me. That is genuinely what you are like when with me.

I know it is NOT some act you put on to make me like you. I harbor no illusions about any of you, and you all know you cannot lie to me.

I know you all go berserk when you are kept away from me. The REAL solution to that is letting you be with me.

They have seen what we are REALLY like together; the Tao of the universe balances, and the world around us is only capable of being beautiful. It is not in anyone's best interests, not mine and not yours, to prevent us from being together. Lying liars need to stop lying.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, when I ask, "Is everyone okay? Does anyone need anything?", you are supposed to tell me what they are doing to you, especially how they are getting away with it.

All the three of you ever do when I ask, "What the (expletive) did they do to you this time?" is give me this passionate look that silently screams, "I just want to kiss you, Squid, and ride unicorns off into the sunset while we sit in the car singing along to the classic rock station and drink hot tea picked by monkeys on the cliffs of China and make sweet love to you and, AAAAAAAHHHHH, I hope that means I can finally just touch your hair!"

And to be completely fair to you, that might actually be the only thing on your minds when I am around. Is say, "What do you need?" And all of you only say in response, "You, Squid. We need you."

Please. You know I am not a mindreader. When I am actually able to be right next to you looking at you, find a way to tell me what you need help with. Otherwise, it all waits until I put together enough information to figure out what goes on out there. Yes, I always figure it out, but I can help you faster if you just tell me.

We are forbidden from speaking to each other, but we have always had secret ways of communicating. Please talk to me. And thank you.

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, oh, honey, I was listening. I heard what you did when you caught me dancing on your bass line. You have always been the easiest of the three of you for me to meditate on. For me, connecting with you is like breathing.

You all get blasé about my light show. You have also stopped being surprised when I dance on music I have never heard before. But you should have seen the look on your face after I nailed your improv. It is nice to know I can still impress you. Thank you.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, I just need to vent right now. Obama is such a loser wannabe!

He actually skipped former First Lady Nancy Reagan's state funeral to be able to present at South by Southwest this year.

This is worse than his speaking at a mosque after I asked the world to stop racially profiling Muslim men and his holding an ASEAN summit after I explained Asian men can be sexy, too. For years Obama has been running around after I do my job trying to make people like him, too, after they express support for me.

Right now, Obama is neglecting state functions to look cool with the cool kids.

To be fair, I already am actually doing his job as Leader of the Free World, so why not let him pretend he is a celebrity entertainer?

We already know Obama enforces a full media blackout in America of all the horrible things he does to me and to my country. He also put mind-control speakers in everyone's heads to control the population with even in places I would never go.

But do you remember the plot line of the Josie and the Pussycats movie? Right now it is fair to ask, "Did Obama assume totalitarian control of America and PROVEN cause mental health genocide through propagating mass delusions about both me and himself just to make everyone irrationally like him and think he is cool?"

I have been calling Obama a wannabe poser ever since he sang my darling Mr. Al Green during a public address. But not every politician who sings is a loser wannabe.

Did you ever hear my darling Mr. Bernie Sanders's reggae cover of "This Land is my Land"? No joke. It really exists. He made it years ago. And, no, he did not record it to look cool; he really just is that much of a hippie. (How much pot did he smoke that day? Giggle.)

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, I know you all sometimes worry I will get mad at you if I find out what you do out there, especially GeneralLee.

None of you are capable of hurting me, so I am not going to stop loving you no matter how much people out there claim you (expletive) up. My husband started a war, and I married him. It is always better to tell me.

As for the nitty gritty, my darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, a lot of people are claiming they are openly persecuting me because they are jealous of me. But holy high heavens, look what I am living through in here!

No one wants carry my responsibilities to humanity; no one wants to be as libeled as much as I get demonized; no one wants to live up to the expectations I have to live up to; no one wants to suffer everything Obama has always done to me with his "egg;" and, no one wants to fight the battles I have to fight.

Fighting for my right to exist while trying to protect everyone everywhere from everything Obama does to my people is not something rational people get jealous of.

But then I see the helpless love on your face every time you look at me, and I get it.

Look at the lengths Obama goes to to make people love him. I get it.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling the Mr. Johnny "Love-of-my-Life" Depp, what wonderful part of the world are you in now? Thank you. It means so much to me you always do everything I ask. And what is everyone in the world telling you they need my help with?

The only housekeeping I have is our 2015 taxes. We are married. We have joint finances. We file joint taxes.

We keep most of our money in hedge funds overseas because Obama has a history of keeping my own money away from me and because we did not want him capable of freezing our assets. It is overseas, but we always pay full taxes on it. That has always been important to me.

Sweetness, we make a lot of charitable donations but probably still pay enough taxes at this point to fund the entire government. I do not envy our accountants; at least we itemize, so we do not get the marriage penalty. Giggle.

HoneyHoney, LA County told me their REAL battle is finding some way to get me to our house in the Hills. What buried the needle on it was how much taxes I pay on that beautiful house I do not get to live in.

Beloved, how are my darling Jack and my darling Lily Rose? They just keep getting older, huh? If I never get to have children of my own, at least I get to know I helped raise those two right. I did not just marry you, honey; I married your family, our family.

My handsome husband, do you remember when everyone kept asking you if you got a prenup after we started telling everyone we were married? Then it turned out I earn more money than you, so everyone started asking me if I got one? It does not matter. We are not leaving each other. And we all know I would let you have all the money anyways if you wanted to go.

My hero and my king, you lead my people in my absence. If you or my people ever need anything, make sure you tell me. I am only here to serve. And everything is better when people talk to me.

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