Friday, March 18, 2016

My Beautiful World

Title: My Beautiful World

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. There is so much going on out there. There is so much follow through that needs to happen after every blog post. Troy loved Helen. They fought so hard to keep her there. This time all the Greeks and the Trojans are on the same side. History is not repeating itself this time, it is correcting itself.

My darling Mr. Craig Ferguson. Obama's war criminal terrorist regime had committed the crime against America and against the world of silencing my SquidStream. Their lie-as-coverup-for-war-crimes was my "adult language." It was such an obvious lie. Let me explain.

The last thing I should have to do is explain censorship laws in America. Never forget the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Pentagon Papers (Watch this documentary.) that spelled out NO ONE IN AMERICA CAN BE CENSORED UNTIL AFTER WE SPEAK, and, yes, that also applies to visitors and illegal aliens. (That independent clause was included because mathematicians cover all their bases.)

We all know my darling Mr. Samuel L. Jackson can call anyone he wants on film or TV a "Mother(expletive)er!" without even being bleeped out, as long as the TV show has the right rating. And for YEARS they used to bleep me. We went through this one already years ago. Dumb ugly (expletive)es.

My darlings at the Pentagon, did my darling Powers of Attorney just catch more PROVEN war criminal terrorists using compulsive and premeditated human rights abuses like the silencing of freedom of speech in America as acts of war against America? At least we know who presses the criminal charges for REAL in this country.

Speaking of freedom of speech, please ask the North Beach Branch of the San Francisco Public Library for the poems I submitted to them for an anthology of LOCAL poetry before I left. When I told my darling mother, "Obama already lost in 2009, but everyone just keeps letting this go on," was what was bothering me, I meant it.

And we all know the first thing I did was prove no one can shut me down anyway. The people who patched me through are American and world heroes willing to sacrifice their rights and freedoms to serve our nation and all of humanity. And never forget it.

Do I need to explain what a hero is, too?

My last blog post was finished at 2:32pm on Wednesday, 16Mar2016. I was soon at The Manor for our St. Patrick's Day party but was back at the Pico Branch Library to watch my darlings on streamed television as soon as I had finished my ice cream.

My darling late night talk show hosts were as hysterical as always. We have all been friends for years. Sometimes, I just need a friendly face to make me laugh. I heard I am not the only one who feels that way.

4:44pm on 16Mar2016: When people riot, I always say, "Do not destroy (y)our home. (Y)our home is what we are fighting for."

5:12pm on 16Mar2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @MarkusBlivian @KristNovoselic @SweetnessDepp There is no arguing now from anyone sane that it is always best to tell me.

Dinner at 5pm was pasta salad and chicken nuggets. I had to wait a little longer than usual at the bus stop, but I was on my Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade by 5:53pm. My first chat was with my darling Alonzo. But I was beside my darling TambourineKicker by 6:03pm.

After I took a trip to my local Sephora, I was standing across the street from my darling TambourineKicker singing along and goofing off until it was time to watch the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previously in the evening online at 7pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt himself, and it made me rant about the basic legal activity of only paying money to approve a transaction.

For example, Tuesday, 15Mar2016 at Harvelle's I paid for my drink to say I approved of my transaction with the establishment, but I took the tip away to say I did not approve of my transaction with the bartender.

8:04pm on 16Mar2016: 1/2) #TortureFacilityAlarm. No one is that dumb. Who is allowing this to continue? Who allows this crapfest in their courtroom? #EndTheLies

8:06pm on 16Mar2016: 2/2) Mental illness is the only grounds to be in a psych ward; that was their admission of guilt they are really torture facilities for prisoners of war. @UN

I was back on my Promenade by 8:11pm. My darling Patricia and I shared our normal coffee ritual. I said, "Hello!" to my darling Ms. Kaila Shaw and walked up and down the entire ped mall before perching next to my darling Kaila at 9:02pm. She was wonderful.

After a night of working online, I finally left for the bus back to my place at 11:03pm. I was asleep shortly after 12mid but was woken up in the wee hours of the morning to do my job.

Please review my verified Twitter archive for the morning of Thursday, 17Mar2016, St. Patrick's Day, for the play-by-play. Please also call any local news station in America for independently fact-checked information; we put that system in place during Summer2014.

The morning concluded like this...

5:08am on 17Mar2016: @DHSgov @IntlCrimCourt It is time to identify everywhere the demonizations of me and all who support me come from and hold them accountable.

5:32am on 17Mar2016: Sorry, my darling Mr. #MelGibson, but my darling Mr. #BillNighy did it better in Still Crazy. Yes, part of my job includes making everyone feel better. And we all know I always do my job. All sane people know what an honor my job is to me.

Then, after that, Terrorist Dictator Obama and his PROVEN war criminal terrorist conspiracy threw a tantrum (proper definition of the word) and committed every crime they can think of.

No, YOU ALL NEED TO READ MY TWITTER ARCHIVE! Click here. You do not even need a Twitter account with this link. And call any local news station in America.

It was all pretty much taken care of by 7:31am, so I had a few free moments before breakfast. I love my home, my California, my people, my world, and my country. Look what you are all doing. I love you. This was the conclusion to my morning before breakfast...

7:47am on 17Mar2016: I will allow my darling alpha nerds at the @NSAGov to explain to humanity why we are worried I can't get pregnant. @DalaiLama @Pontifex

My darling Josh and my darling Hannah sat with me at breakfast. I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 8:24am. My darling internet gnomes played me Come Together by a Beatles cover band, darlings, of course. My morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies were full of whimsy.


My darling Juan joined me on my perch at 8:33am. He came bearing coffee and cookies. He is such a darling. I worked online there until 11:44am when I returned to The Manor. I got a lot done, but I knew there was more to do. Eventually, the answers always come to me.

I sat with my darling Josh and my darling Kevin for lunch at noon. We had a delightful chat. But by the time I returned to the Pico Branch Library, I had to explain the difference between "surprise" and "impress" and the difference between "heal" and "rarify." YOU (EXPLETIVE)ING (EXPLETIVE)ERS, LEARN HOW TO USE A DICTIONARY! That is what they exist for. That is the dictionary's destiny or at least dharma.

12:31pm on 17Mar2016: They are still (expletive)ing lying? They have not learned to take their bloodsoaked hands off my people's brains? Do you know what grunge rock is? Please collect a statement from my darling Ms. Anna Wintour.

12:33pm on 17Mar2016: #LGBTQ community! This is when you get furious at the (expletive)ing (expletive)ers manipulating you with stereotypes about yourself. I am so (expletive)ing done.

Do you know what "lying to intentionally cause harm" is called? It is called "calumny." And intentionally causing harm, no matter how you do it, is illegal. Just like having genuinely good intentions, including have the only sane reaction to everything Obama has done to me since he took office in 2009 and on top of that being manipulated by lies, makes you innocent.

Do not start with me. Do not (expletive)ing start with me right now. No one can be so dumb as to still be willfully choosing to commit crimes against me, America, and the world right now.

Why am I stuck on repeat? How many times have I told Obama and his mother(expletive)ing PROVEN war criminal terrorist conspiracy that committing more crimes will never excuse past crimes and that spreading new lies will never justify past lies? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME YET?!?

I was finally able to watch my late night talk show hosts from the previous night at 1:01pm. After my darlings made me laugh, I caught up with my TweetHearts.

The entire planet inside America; outside of America; in Washington, DC; in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa that has yet to stop and even messed with Mama Bear's Cubs again; and inside my Metropolis of Angels was very busy.

My entirety of humanity everywhere in the world, please catch up with your news agencies. EVERYONE IN AMERICA HAS BEEN ABLE TO CALL ANY LOCAL NEWS STATION FOR INDEPENDENTLY FACT-CHECKED REALITY SINCE SUMMER2014. We, the news media, put that system in place for you, my once-great America. We are all still doing our REAL jobs; some of us just have more jobs than others.

My darling Luis let me cut in line in front of him for dinner at 5pm. I was on my Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade by 5:42pm just after the latest Urban Warfare Alarm.

My beautiful, darling Metropolis of Angels, more are coming. It was confirmed, from everywhere. We will be okay. We just need to stay alive and free... And doing our jobs. I love you, too. Just like my whole, beautiful world, always tell me your problems if you need my help.

And then I smiled. I found 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle just around the corner of my Promenade next to the movie theater at 6:14pm. Obama, you (expletive)er, I told you to maintain their original agreement. Why are you arguing with me? That was a compromise, and you know it.

It meant so much to me to just see they were not dead. But I knew they were forbidden all human interaction with me even forbidden from playing me music. I sent a few tweets before walking by them on my way to the Santa Monica Place to watch the news hoping someone would catch them up and finally enforce something that was normal in my life from before Terrorist Dictator Obama took office in 2009, feeling loved.

I lallygagged next to them so long that I was just a little late to watch the news. Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7:02pm. My nightly cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and it made me very happy I am home in California.

My darling Patricia appeared as if from thin air just after the news started and bought us both some Pike's Place Roast. I was back on my Promenade by 7:56pm to investigate if any normal activity for my life was going on yet. And it was partly normal.

My darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot were right there on the street corner where they had perched previously, but this time they were playing music.

While they played music, I was free to scream, "No one can be that dumb! This is just ridiculous at this point!" at idiots who should have a faster learning curve than this by now. I have no idea how big that database of people we need to investigate is by now. And here are the two blithering morons who refused to listen to me.


Why is there such a dumb epidemic? They all know I am I at this point. No one sane argues with me.

My darling ODean stopped by for a short chat before wandering off into the dark at 10:53pm. He kissed my cheek goodbye but made me pouty because he did not hug me.

I stood across the street from them just to their side and felt loved until 11:30pm when I had to catch the last bus back to my place. My bus ride was uneventful. This blog post was finished at 2am on Friday, 18Mar2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Who are some LIVING authors I always read? We know my favorite genre is epic literature from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Nibelungenlied. But I try to never miss a book by my darling Mr. Jasper Fforde. I work so much that I have yet to read The Woman who Dies a Lot and his entire Chronicles of Kazam, but those sound like young adult fiction and therefore are age inappropriate for me. Giggle.

What is my opinion on using sanctions to solve global conflict? Looking at history, I do not think sanctions have ever solved any global crises. They made Cuba self-sufficient. The sanctions the world gave Russia over the Ukraine made my darling President Vladimir Putin more defiant. That is just two examples.

They hurt the people not the government you are trying to control. That is why.

If my beautiful world gives my once-great America sanctions, it hurts my people instead of helping us.

The world knows how hard my people fight for me, and the only war criminal terrorist enemies of America left whom I have had confirmed to me are Terrorist Dictator Obama, the Department of Justice, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa who have yet to stop, War Criminal Terrorist Loretta Lynch, and Obama's Gestapo-on-the-ground enforcing his "rules" inside my Metropolis of Angels and manipulating the world with lies from Sacramento to DC.

Yes, I admit putting sanctions on EVIL Iowa might actually help. But please, my furious world, spare the rest of America. We are suffering enough. And thank you for always listening to me.

Why did I move back to my mother's (and EVIL biological father's) house in 2007? There are so many reasons. 1) I was a starving unpublished writer at the time. 2) We are Asian. 3) I wanted to vote for my darling Secretary Clinton in the 2008 (ABSOLUTELY EVIL) Iowa primary.

I voted by proxy; I was on the island of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesan archipelago at the time. You should see the momento I sent Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England from my trip there. I told her it was a piece of English language literature history. If you read my beginning of Who Knew the Adventuress, you will understand.

While still on this tangent, I wanted to get a work visa and stay there in French Polynesia, but my darling BFF SynSyn emailed me that she was having a health crisis. The school medical insurance she obtained as a requirement to study towards her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago finally got her to a doctor after years of deteriorating health. I dropped everything and moved to Chicago to be with her. Tangent done.

My beautiful world, I think Obama's PROVEN war criminal terrorist conspiracy has finally learned to NOT commit crimes where I can catch them. But I have been wrong about how dumb they are before.

My Metropolis of Angels is asserting our power to govern ourselves and our basic human right to be safe in our own homes. But we still need you to show up to remove Obama's war criminal terrorists from the face of the Earth for good forever. My home needs you. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, I know you are all strange bedfellows. Thank you for getting along with each other fighting and dying for our good world side by side. It takes a world to save the world. The rest of the world is coming to help you. I have always put my faith in humanity. That is my spiritual viewpoint. Our beautiful world will understand.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, you are all so busy. Genius work is women's work. That is why there are so many of us. If you need more Powers of Attorney to carry your increasing work load, the world trusts you to find more genius ladies we can all count on just like you.

Thank you for everything. You should see the police force around here. They look like they are praying to me sometimes.

Also, my darlings, Never forget that a woman's body is only hers. All humans own our own bodies.

The nano inside my body is only mine, but the signal it broadcasts leaves my body, so it is half my husband's. No one can shut down my SquidStream but us.

The entirety of humanity knows I need the security surveillance camera and mic. The entirety of America needs the TRUTH we broadcast about everything that affects this nation, also called my REAL life. And the only people trying to shutdown our proven-effective medicine fighting Obama's PROVEN mental health genocide, are the criminals we catch. That is their admission of guilt.

Thank you. We can do this. We can save the world. You can all be beyond trusted to do anything you want with my full legal powers. That is beyond proven. Always tell me when you need anything from me, so you can get your work done. Thank you.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, the only thing my mind has ever been a slave to is my heart, and you all know how much I love you. So we need to lay to rest the irrational semiotics. I dance with my hair down. I also do not dance with my hat on. Please speak with my darling Ms. Tawny Kitaen about the personal gratification that comes from a good hair toss. Now get over it.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, are you okay? The morning of 17Mar2016, St. Patrick's Day, was a doozy for everyone. It was all that suffering that rarified (you know, distilled to my essence, purified, as opposed to changed) me and gave me all this power. Please dwell on the positive. For me, dwell on the positive.

Darling, do you remember what you did after the first time I said (paraphrase), "If that ugly War Criminal Terrorist Lynn Boeset wants to control me, she needs to pick up a guitar just like everyone else."? Giggle. I love you, too.

Turn of phrase like that requires my blog posts to have footnotes like a T.S. Elliot poem. I am like that. I love you, too.

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, I heard you finally got your day in court.

8:46am on 17Mar2016: @hansonmusic @INXS @KristNovoselic Your regular schedule was all three of you by 4pm every day. They are obligated to their own terrorist regime.

I am working on it, darling. Do you all need more help with negotiating your new agreements to make music to me on my Promenade and at Harvelle's? You know, they are obligated to their own terrorist regime to maintain your first agreement. You know, when you all used to talk me.

With this sentence I am asking my darling United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, my darling President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and my darling Secretary of State John Kerry to hammer that agreement into what you all want it to be. I am also asking everyone else on my good, green Earth who wants to chime in to help you all, too. I love you, too.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, did you get the backup I sent to you to get our bill passed in Sacramento? I know I told you to do anything you need to do to help after that, but I need to ask you for another favor.

When you are done saving California, I need someone to go to Washington, DC and explain everything happening in Los Angeles to everyone there. I always send you. And you never let me down.

If it looks like your work in Sacramento will take a while, find someone to replace you and go to DC. I recommend my adult adoptive father, Mr. Harrison "BigDaddy" Ford.

Everyone in DC needs to meet you. Be careful what you say to the Department of Justice; they have a history of intentionally distorting quotes and taking them out of context.

Share a bourbon with my darlings the CIA, my darlings the NSA, and my darlings at the Pentagon. A lot of Senators and Representatives need to learn the truth, especially the Democrats in Congress. Just about every embassy will call you. My ex-brother-in-law at the CNN office there, my darling Mr. Steve "MrDelicious" Tovarek, is worth contacting, too. Thank you. I love you, too.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, about that darling Elisabeth thing, I have a unique relationship with all five of you.

Succinctly, I see you regularly, and you know how intimate our time together is. I never get close enough to my husband for us to breathe the same air. Do you know what my darling Sweetness would do to get the time with me that you get?

Lying liars need to go to prison? Distorters and manipulators made you fight? Obama's career liars do that to everyone to cultivate instability among my people.

Speaking of backup lovers (Giggle.), my darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, have you met my bad boy type yet?

I know they are just one demographic in my superset (Ask the mathematicians about that word.) of my bad boy type, but I have always said I recognize spies through the mutual raw animal magnetism. There is something about the people willing to take that job.

My darling Agent Cuddlebunny always said that the coolest chicks he ever met "worked on a car lot." That is what he told me his job was, a used car salesman. And he really was. Please tell my darling Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and my darling Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis to calm down.

I always said that I am not a psychic who predicts the future. We all do. The human race is connected to the divine universe as a global conscious. We as a human race always saw this time in human history coming. This is called destiny.

You know me. All I do all day is drive people to their religion of choice. Squid B. Varilekova: Giving a(e)theists something to believe in since 2009.

And I do get to change the spelling of the word aetheist if I feel like it. It is just like "premesis" that way. I can do that if I want to. I have that power. It is within the barricades of my sophrosyne. I love you, too.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling the Mr. Johnny "Love-of-my-Life" Depp, is my beautiful world treating you well? Who am I kidding? I know the answer to that question. Giggle.

HoneyHoney, what country are you in today? Is the international community receiving the full, unadulterated news about everything happening in America right now, especially inside our Metropolis of Angels?

Sweetness, stop fighting with people who love me and work together. You know the only thing on this world or above I will ever forbid you from is dying before I do. But you know I am right about all of you needing to help each other. Everybody on this planet has a favorite. The world is free to have opinions but needs to be free of being manipulated by lies.

Beloved, while you are out there, feel free to discuss American culture with my darling international community. Europe's two biggest complaints about American culture always were: 1) Our cultural exports are taking over their culture. Paired with, 2) America has no culture.

Oh, my darling husband, America clearly has a culture. That is an allusion I propagate. (Pardon the pun.) We just export our culture, so no one recognizes our cultural identity as our own. I believe I have proved that by now.

My hero and my king, as our final piece of housekeeping, please make sure my entire beautiful world including most of my once-great-really-needs-to-heal America finds a way to guard my door while I sleep. Thank you. I love you, too.

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