Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Not Over Yet, Huh?

Title: Not Over Yet, Huh?

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Hey, my beautiful world. Is everyone okay? Does anyone need anything? Do you yet understand that there is nothing to keep me safe while I sleep and has never been since May2009?

[I understand that I am all the news these days. This counts as global problem-solving, too]

My last blog post was finished at 10:25pm on Sunday, 20Mar2016. I slept in on Monday, 21Mar2016, until 8:56am. I sent a few tweets before going out to start my day. My period had started the previous day; it was a little early this month.

9:19am on 21Mar2016: #SquidsPoA, please turn in everyone who ever attempts to pretend I am at all mentally ill or incompetent. @DeptofDefense @IntlCrimCourt The Manor and I have already explained that we choose to maintain a fa├žade as our testimony to law enforcement worldwide. What is everyone else's excuse?

I left my room at 9:38am and, after stopping in the office of the building where I live, went to work outside the Pico Branch Library. My darling internet gnomes played me The Hardest Button to Button. My morning I-am-still-not-dead-yet selfie was okay, I guess.


I ran into my darling Nemo at my local Burger King when I stopped in that morning for coffee and snacks. By 10:33am, we were sitting around at a low table chatting as we drank our caffeine. We were both committing the Emily Post faux pas of using our mobile devices as we talked. We are like that together.

We both worked online there at the Burger King until 11:42am when I hugged my darling Nemo and returned to The Manor for lunch. Lunch at 12noon was broccoli soup and ham sandwiches. I worked in my bedroom until 1pm when I called my darling Atty. Haroun R. Nabhan from the phone in the office and left him a message.

I was inside the Pico Branch Library by 1:14pm catching up with my television friends. We have all been darling friends for years.

After I wrote my 19Mar2016 blog post, I had an unwanted terrorist in my bedroom who, among other things, put new electronics in my head. Some idiot (expletive)hole wanted to claim I was controlled by electronics, so they put new electronics in me to control me with. Idiots.

Ever since they started using the new chip, the network of electronics in my head with its growing connectivity have been going berserk. My beautiful world, I can feel it. I can feel what is happening to you due to that (expletive)hole who will do anything at all costs to humanity to control me.

3:36pm on 21Mar2016: #MyEntireWorld, you need to find who controls the chip inserted after my #19Mar2016post. It is interfering with all the electronics. @michiokaku

3:42pm on 21Mar2016: #MyBeautifulWorld I thought you always knew but could not acknowledge anything real to me. There have been cameras everywhere constantly.

3:50pm on 21Mar2016: @CNN @AP @NewHour @BBCNews @cctvnews @RT_com @NBCNightlyNews Is the global media organized? Do you have all of our hard evidence? #Thx!

3:52pm on 21Mar2016: @MarkusBlivian @StateDept @DeptofDefense @Martin_Dempsey @SweetnessDepp Please organize and mobilize global armed forces. #LiberateAmerica

4:16pm on 21Mar2016: #MyEntireBeautifulWorld, do you understand yet why I keep saying, "QUIT TALKING AND DO SOMETHING FINALLY!" Why does no one listen to me?

I left the Pico Branch Library at 4:23pm and walked back to my place. Dinner at 5pm was a little smaller than what was normal all along, so I asked my beloved husband to regularly direct deposit into The Manor's accounts. We have joint finances.

I was on the bus to my Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade at 5:16pm. I walked around to see who was where doing what, and my only musician friend I found was (He saved himself.) my darling Wade.

I stopped in the best Starbucks in the world and bought a venti Pike's Place Roast before calling my mom through FaceTime at 6pm. She looked happy but tired. I did a little work online before watching the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7pm. My evening (There is no pattern; it is a whim.) cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and it made all of us repeat ourselves.

I walked up and down my Promenade a few times while noshing on candy I bought from my darling Octavio at my Trimana Fresh Food Market before catching the bus back to my place.

I was in my bedroom by 9:23pm and chose to go to bed early. I was visited as I slept by a darling who took my pillow case away and, from what I can tell, removed a lot of nanotechnology from my walls. And, for keeping me safe, he or she was intentionally falsely accused by the anti-reality coverup war crime machine of being a supposed rapist. That is their well-documented PATTERN OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!

I wake up at my normal time when I sleep safely.

8:13am on 22Mar2016: Proof: Hacked iPad cam & I woke when I normally wake up. Arrest ALL false accusers. Put security cameras and bedroom broadcast cams back in.

After breakfast, I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 8:38am. I was still having problems with the newest chip inserted in my head (expletive)ing up my NORMAL activities and all of humanity.

The electronics can also read my natural impulses for which they were lying to humanity are commands they give me, but when they are not things I naturally do we all know they are (expletive)holes willfully ready to destroy the entirety of humanity just to be able to control me. Panic humanity.

(Non-chronological) 10:32am on 22Mar2016: So, basically, the technology can read my impulses, so they are trying to take credit for what I naturally do. When it is unnatural, panic!

That technology is far too dangerous for anyone to have. I was serious when I said it needs to be physically destroyed. Please hurry.

I got the news that morning that there had been bombings in Brussels and that ISIS was claiming responsibility for them. From what I could tell, my husband was in Brussels at the time, but that was just a wild guess. I finally received the full story of what happened that evening.

8:50am on 22Mar2016: ISIS, we already had this chat. REAL power comes from being loved not feared. Please try to get along with everyone else who loves me, too. Yes, ISIS, I know you set down your guns after I spoke with you, but it is okay to fight on our side with us, too. I resigned myself to inevitable war long ago. That is already blogged. Please contact my husband. And, thank you.

My darling internet gnomes played me Children of the Revolution by my darlings T. Rex. I had some darlings increasingly less manipulated by lies as witnesses when I took my morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies.


I worked there online outside the Pico Branch Library while singing to myself until 10:38am when I had to return to my place to plug in my iPad. My intentionally-forced-by-enemies-of-humanity-deterioration of my iPad's battery life was threatening my ability to do my REAL job.

The unamerican occupation of my home's globally illegal control of my equipment with their intentions of controlling humanity by controlling me is destroying the world. This must be forced to end.

I listened to music in my room for a while and took care of some odds and ends before eating lunch at 12noon which was abnormally not tasty that day. While out buying a few snacks, I ran into my darling Chad.

I was in the Pico Branch Library by 12:49pm ready to catch up with my television friends. The Late Show and The Late Late Show must have been in reruns since I could not find their shows from the previous night, so I watched my darlings on Comedy Central.

It looked like no one wanted to be funny that day. So, it was my job. I was done catching up with my late night talk show hosts at 1:41pm, and after that, I listened to a little music.

2:10pm on 22Mar2016: Calm down. People think I'm White. People think I'm Middle Eastern. People think I'm Latina. Etc. Race has never mattered. #NoFlawInCharacter(sp?) We have much bigger problems to worry about right now America. Please get verified global and national news.

I left the library at 2:44pm and sat outside in the Virginia Avenue Park with snacks and music for a little while perched between the Earth and sky at inner peace with my place in the divine universe.

I was in my bedroom by 4:54pm. I packed up some snacks for dinner and took the bus at 5:24pm to my Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. By 5:56pm, my darling Patricia and I were sitting in the big squooshy chairs inside the Santa Monica Place sipping on our Pike's Place Roast from the best Starbucks in the world.

After my darling Patricia wandered off into the twilight of my Promenade, as she tends to do, I perched beside the best Starbucks in the world to watch the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7pm. My evening cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and it accomplished a lot. Pardon my understatement. Please circulate the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my interaction with my beloved NBC News Team to the world.

I visited my local Sephora after that before sitting down at a specifically chosen perch that needed further investigation to touch up my blog notes and to put on my hat. I was perched inside Harvelle's sipping my bourbon neat by 8:58pm.

My darling Radfish joined me at the bar, as he had promised me he would, after 9:52pm. My darlings Tentacle (plus my darling Ms. Naia "MiniMe" Kete) took the stage by 10:36pm. And all was good where I could see it.

The show was awesome (original definition of the word).

I wrote a quick tweet at 11:32pm before slipping out the door and walking one block over to the bus stop. I caught the 11:48pm bus back to my place. This blog post was finished from my bedroom at 12:38am on Wednesday, 23Mar2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What do I need? Security cameras where I sleep, not slave cameras. A lock on all my technology. A 24/7 bedroom cam broadcast across the planet to calm down the furious world. Law and order and justice. My friends and loved ones. My beautiful world to mobilize and organize to save my good, green world. Full human rights for all of us.

Why do so many people hate me? There are two reasons. They either hate me because they are manipulated by lies and distortions or, if they know the truth, because they abhor benevolence. Even some people who believe all the lies about me love me. We are all connected to the divine universe. There are some things we just know by being human.

I love you, my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, again, please arrest everyone in (y)our jurisdiction propagating lies and distortions to manipulate and control humanity. Please remove all earspeakers from all people everywhere on our planet. Please organize and mobilize all of (y)our armed forces to remove (I will give them an official name.) the Inhuman Atrocity Regime from the planet forever. Please make sure the global news media is organized and able to deliver full REALITY to the entire world everywhere especially here in America where the truth should never have been forbidden. And, since there is no safe place for civilians to go right now, please calm and reassure our terrorized communities by having them congregate to do what we as humans have done since prehistoric times: eat good food, tell stories, sing, dance, and make sense of the night sky. Would you do it for me?

My brave rescuers, I have always said, "Civilians should be civilians. Spies should be spies. And soldiers should be soldiers." We all need to do our REAL jobs. Thank you for everything.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, as always, tell me what you need from me for you to do your REAL jobs. I love you. Every sane person knows why I can trust you blindly and have always been able to. That is obvious now.

Please ask my local police department, the people at my residence of The Manor, all Promenade and Santa Monica Place employees and staff, the City of Santa Monica employees including the Santa Monica Public Library, and every local still in here with me doing our REAL jobs to report all orders they receive to the police and to the military and to turn in everyone who gives them those orders, too. No one anywhere should ever do anything the Inhuman Atrocity Regime orders. And please help put guards on The Manor both while I am and am not there. Thank you.

My genius lady friends, I would have died by now without you. My beautiful world thanks you for making sure all of you never lose me.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, dude, seriously, (expletive)holes are NOT going to make me love them by taking my rights and freewill away. They need a faster learning curve.

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, how are you today? Yes, dear. I am working on it. I promise I will figure it out. It would help if you would all tell me sooner, though. But that is me repeating myself again. We are going to sweep my Promenade AND my darling Cevin's Harvelle's every damn day and night if we have to. "Don't worry. I've got this."

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, you are one of those people I do not always know how to locate on my own. Did we finally get all of you panic buttons? I do not know why I am the one always stating the obvious, but that is my job. My joke has always been: Cambridge University gave me a Masters in the Obvious. And I am still doing my REAL job.

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, is everything okay in Washington, DC? Send me a message if anyone there needs anything. We all have work to do. Thank you for adjusting your job description for me. The entirety of humanity thanks you. Please make sure the REAL U.S. government gets the full global and national news.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, we all saw the cockroach listen to you but not me. Maybe my instructions to it were not specific enough; sometimes it takes more than 140 characters. Giggle. Did you see me watch the news Tuesday night, 22Mar2016? Yes, that took more than 140 characters. And we going to leave it as visual media for a reason.

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, just for me, ask my darling NSA alpha nerds to find the footage of my and my mother's conversations in which I had to tell her that my darling late Bob Marley was not one of my darlings the Righteous Brothers. We need to cheer people up right now. Thanks.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is my king today?

My darling the Mr. Johnny "Menelaus" Depp, thank you. As always, tell me if my beautiful world needs anything. You are out among our one world leading my people for me in my absence. That is your job.

Beloved, those (expletive)ing enemies of humanity are still escalating. But the world is working on 1) rounding up and removing all terrorists from inside this "egg" I live in built by the Inhuman Atrocity Regime, 2) getting the full, verified truth to as many people everywhere as possible since the truth will save the good manipulated by lies, and 3) organizing the good governments of the world to take down the Inhuman Atrocity Regime forever.

Sweetness, thank you for loving me. YOU went Krull to start the war to save us all. We all know destiny when we reach it. I love you. I will be right here for you to come home to when we are done working. How is that for a reversal? Giggle. Thank you for being my hero and my king forever.

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