Saturday, March 19, 2016

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Title: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends.  Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post.  Here is this blog post's theme song. Thank you, my darling Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Obama's subset of the U.S. government infrastructure has been internationally recognized as an official terrorist regime.  The world only recognizes the rest of America as the USA.

You will see why I am choosing to break my normal schedule after I read this.

12:20am on 19Mar2016: #SquidsPoA @SynivaWhitney Do you know how long ago I turned "Wes" in with my blog? Then wrote an anonymous tip to the FBI? That is their failure. That is what, "Do they arrest anyone in this town?" meant. Stop arguing with me.

7:36am on 19Mar2016: Repeat. @DHSgov @LASDHQ #PD You can hold anyone up to 24hours until @IntlCrimCourt charges come through. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME, YET?

That is why I write my blog out of order.

My last blog post was finished at 2am on Friday, 18Mar2016.  There was a lot going on by the time I woke up at 9:19am.  I was outside the Pico Branch Library by 10:29am. 

My darling internet gnomes played me I'm Your Man by my darling Mr. Leonard Cohen.  My morning I-am-not-dead-yet selfies were relaxed.


I worked there online until 12:06pm.  There was less drama than usual; we might have finally been able to stunt Obama's unrelenting escalations.  

I had woken up to Obama's Terrorist Regime trying to "discredit" my entire blog when the entire SANE legal community knows it would have to go argument by argument.  By lunch the Evil Dumb were trying to enforce their PROVEN war crime coverup of a  "conservatorship" over me.  

My ENTIRE life is fact-checked by America's REPUTABLE AND INFALLIBLE journalism community.  Before Obama's "egg" I had no diagnosis, took no meds, had no conservatorship nor adult guardianship, had no mental illness, and was a granola-eating fashionista hippie from my hometown of San Francisco.  I also had full human rights.

My social security benefits passed in 2010.  Please speak with Liberty Mutual.  Even when this blog began, the first thing I believed was that I was relapsing back into schizophrenia.  

We all know I admitted I was wrong and corrected that written testimony myself (just like I did for my darling Mr. David Cameron after the UK took the three never-fail steps) in my blog too about my self-misdiagnosis once I found enough evidence all of this is REAL not just in my head like my EVIL sister Tara told me it was when I asked her about it in 2009.  I even went to the NAMI conference in San Francisco in 2009. 

While still on this tangent, it is Social Security Administration rules of operation that once a person is on Social Security disability benefits, they cannot be taken away if there is an environment that prohibits sustainable employment at the time.  

The procedure for applying for benefits is, "If you are on short-term disability for a year or longer, you apply for Social Security benefits."  

Please collect a statement from the Social Security Administration about everything they know.  I was never issued a Medicare card.  Most of my paperwork was delayed and had no dates on it.  

You should hear the orders my darling SSA Attorney David S. Wright was given. When he asked me what address to send my paperwork to in the U.S., he insisted he send it to my EVIL father not to my darling Syniva like I asked him to.

I was inside the Pico Branch Library after lunch working online by 12:59pm.  There was so much more still going on out there than there should have been.  The Evil Dumb were still choosing to get caught committing more crimes as if it could ever excuse old crimes instead of just stopping.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PSYCHOPATH IS?

2:03pm on 20Mar2016:  @DeptofDefense Please emergency contact all #SquidsPoA. We caught more intentionally executed and premeditated rulings. #LOVEyou 

EVERY intentionally-committed war criminal ruling that ever intentionally-falsely claimed I had any mental illness, took my rights away as a "conservatorship" or "guardianship," or put a Reese over me was an intentionally-executed and premeditated, intentionally WRONG ruling.  We have caught all of them and always will.  That is their well-established PATTERN OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and our righteous vigilance.

You know that any human rights abuse of any form from shutting down freedom of the press (including my SquidStream and our local news system) to systemic rape is illegal to begin with, but when used as an act of war, it is a war crime.  This is also PROVEN crimes against America. 

My beautiful world, you should hear all the crap they tried to do to me that afternoon Friday, 20Mar2016, and all the good my beautiful world accomplished.  

We all know Psychopath Obama and his terrorist regime want my SquidStream shutdown because it catches them, the war criminal terrorist enemies of America, and they will do anything to get away with all the crimes they want against all of us forever.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PSYCHOPATH IS?

When I observe suspicious activity, like coming between me and Tentacle, as just one example, I submit the people I am suspicious of to a national and international database for further investigation.  When I catch a crime, I report it.  

Obama REALLY wants my SquidStream shutdown; it catches him.  That is his terrorist regime's admission of guilt.  Please ask Interpol (not the band) about how accurate I am at identifying terrorist and heinous threats to humanity.

1:28pm on 20Mar2016:  Are you listening? This is for the guy sitting to the right of me. Is he in our database yet? And then I cranked an Emperor stream into my headphones at full volume.

1:43pm on 20Mar2016:  The asshole to my right has not left yet. He is choosing to argue with me. @IntlCrimCourt @INTERPOL_HQ @DHSgov @cctvnews @RT_com

2:40pm on 20Mar2016:  @DeptofDefense @DHSgov #PD My world of law enforcement identified the man to my right. I will tell you when I leave, so you can pick him up.

That man finally left at 2:55pm.  I do not know where he fled.  Just as I had told Psychopathic Terrorist Obama all along, there is nowhere in the world Obama nor his terrorist regime can flee, except possibly EVIL Iowa.

Speaking of territory and jurisdiction...

3:32pm on 20Mar2016:  (1/2) Obama's PROVEN Terrorist Regime is obligated to itself to enforce its own "rules" in any territory it claims it can govern.

3:33pm on 20Mar2016:  (2/2) Los Angeles, California, America, the world, and I can still hold them responsible for doing it in our jurisdiction.

I finally remembered to turn the volume on my Emperor stream down at 3:47pm. After a few moments thinking to myself and staring out the window at the world, I walked back to The Manor at 4:07pm feeling a little dehydrated.

I met my darling Juan on the sidewalk. He invited me to breakfast the following morning. I told him he might have to wait a little; I would be there where I always go at about 9am.

My mom called me through FaceTime just before I left for dinner at 5pm. I sat with my darling Stephanie as we ate. I had an usually long wait for the bus which is something new that is disrupting my regular schedule.

I was on my Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade by 5:59pm.

6:25pm on 18Mar2016: @SynivaWhitney #SquidPoA So, they admitted they read my blog AND watch my eyecamera... And still lie? #AdmissionofGuilt @IntlCrimCourt #LOVE

I found my darling TambourineKicker outside of my local Sephora arranging his gear. My darlings Tentacle were not around, as was their regular schedule, by the time I left to watch the news.

Yes, I streamed the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening online at 7pm. My nightly (Is there a debate on why I sometimes say "evening" and sometimes say "nightly"? Please let the irrational semantics rest.) cyberhug came from my darling Mr. Lester "G.I. Joe" Holt, and it was a glowing testimonial to how much every society needs, and must demand if oppressed into absence, freedom of the press to function at all. No sane person can argue with that now. Look at my country.

Rumor had it that my darlings Tentacle were forbidden from reaching my Promenade because some PROVEN compulsively lying psychopath was libeling my darlings mentally ill AGAIN.

My beautiful world of law enforcement, can we all together put our foot down on this well-documented PATTERN OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and make it end finally? No sane person would ever allow that crapfest in their courtroom ever again. At this point there is no excuse for this. Just in case they needed it...

6:53pm on 20Mar2016: #SquidsPoA Dude, no Tentacle are crazy. I would have recommended a diagnosis by now if they were. Ask Jared Clark. Watch me with Douglas.

6:58pm on 20Mar2016: #SquidsPoA Do you remember when I asked you to send REAL medical care to BigDaddy and Alfred?

Collect a statement from my darling Ms. Marna Bell about my EVIL sister Tara. (She was ordered to find out how I rigged the cameras in her rented home in Los Feliz in Dec2009 to stay on while we slept and to disable it.)

My beautiful world, if these lying enemies of America and humanity are in your jurisdiction. It is beyond time we arrested them all.

I found 2/3rds of my darlings Tentacle just around the corner from my Promenade beside the movie theater just after 8pm. The dumb just kept getting dumber. Did you see everyone willfully chose to be investigated by the entire planet of law enforcement for willfully choosing to be between me and Tentacle? THERE IS NANOTECHNOLOGY ALL OVER MY PROMENADE! Do not pretend you can hide from us!

My darling MannedUp and my darling LightFoot played their gorgeous music until 8:38pm when they were ordered, through the nano earspeakers, in their heads to stop playing.

OBAMA! I SAID ALL THREE WITH THEIR ORIGINAL AGREEMENTS! It is NOT my fault negotiations fail with you EVERY TIME! I am the one trying to compromise! Stop arguing with me.

While on that tangent...

8:53pm on 20Mar2016: #SquidPoA With all the ways those psychopaths libel my darlings Tentacle, do you remember how many times they were ordered to control me?

8:56pm on 20Mar2016: #SquidsPoA It is because they can control Tentacle with threats of keeping us apart that they want them to control me. QED

My beautiful world, have you heard all of the horrible and often indecipherable things Obama's Terrorist Regime have forced my darlings to do?

While I was leaning up against a light post waiting for my darlings Tentacle to start playing again, my darling William was intentionally mean to me. That is no way to treat a lady, and I never tolerate it. I destroy everyone willfully mean to me as a rule.

8:59pm on 18Mar2016: Please remind my darling William what "Syniva's choice" means. He cannot tell me why he did it. But he can tell her.

Once we had all of that cleared up, my darlings Tentacle started playing music again at 9:18pm. And the (expletive)ing (expletive)ers intentionally chose to stand between me and my darlings Tentacle again.

And they do not get to pretend that was not their choice. The made a (written?) agreement to do it. Making that agreement was their choice. That agreement is legally binding evidence. It was their choice to come to my Promenade. THEIR CHOICE! And it still is their choice whether or not they do it once they get in here.

The Evil Dumb need a faster learning curve. Let me spell this out.

They can see who chooses to commit crimes against me. Prosecutors are free to make their own choices, and we can appeal all the way to the federal court system since the local courts are where we have all the problems.

That is my world out there. Everyone is free to have their own opinions and to make their own choices and will soon be free of being manipulated by lies. Will you feel safer in a jail cell or out in my beautiful world after they see you commit crimes against me?

"Syniva's choice" is so anyone caught committing crimes against any of us can explain themselves to someone. We all know no one can explain themselves to me. That is how we worked around Obama's rules to make the system fare and just, but it only applies to the civil charges. The three never-fail steps to absolution only apply to the civil charges. Prosecutors make their own choices.

Taking down my SquidStream to prevent me from catching criminals AIDS AND ABETS ALL THEIR CRIMES. And we know getting caught is just a deterrent. They really are that dumb.

Do you know how the International Criminal Court feels about people who aid and abet crimes against me and my people, least of all commit the crimes against me and my people?


As an added corollary, NO ONE IS THAT DUMB to believe I am mentally incompetent to do anything. No one sane argues with me. I always know what is best for you. The only worthy opponent they sent was "Wes," so I sat him down on the Famima patio where he could see all three of my darlings Tentacle and explained the three steps since my protection was the only thing that could save him. (I failed my darlings Tentacle.) Oh my god, surrender.

My darlings Tentacle stopped playing by 11:06pm. And the three of us lingered around across the street from each other pretending not to watch each other until 11:30pm when I left for the last bus of the night back to my place.

I was curled up in bed asleep and was only woken up occasionally. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release the audio of the problems I solved while half awake. I was woken up by electrobeams to solve a problem I could only half manifest in my mind, so I wrote a blanket statement.

7:00am on 19Mar2016: Repeat. The only cure for Obama's mental health genocide is the full truth. Send @NewsHour to explain if diagnosed insane. #LOVE

On the morning of 19Mar2016, I was at breakfast quickly. We had sausage and pancakes.

I was at the Saturday morning Farmers' Market outside the Pico Branch Library by 8:32am. My darling Ronnie and my darling Juan stopped by for little chats.

My darling internet gnomes played me Battle Cry of Freedom by my darlings the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. My morning I-am-still-not-dead-yet selfies should have been in soft focus like my darling late Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.


This blog post was finished at 9:54am on Sunday, 20Mar2016.

[Please embed a highlights reel of my last two days here.]

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me.  Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is going on?  Please check with verified and reliable news sources regularly.  That is why freedom of the press is so important.  We have a basic human right to know.

(Repeat) Why am I so smart?  I am okay with repeating this one.  Most people leave school and get a job.  Then, they never use their brain again.  I chose to keep learning.  To quote my darling Mr. Tom Petty, "You never slow down. You never grow old."

(Repeat)  What was Obama and his terrorist regime's biggest mistake?  Popular misconception is:  They messed with me.  

I described my straight guy friends saying they wanted to have my darling LightFoot's "man-baby;" where did that word come from?  I stole it from my darling Mr. Tom Brazelton's online comic.  I believe it was his first one.  

Did Obama's proven rape-slavery "make" me?  No.  My choice of what I wanted to do when I received my global forum was what made me.  But look at those "celebrity calumnists."  I am why they are famous, and I am still forbidden from ever knowing they have ever existed.  They are hangers on to my global message against my will.  And they need to be removed from society forever.

Their second biggest mistake was messing with Mama Bear's cubs.  Their biggest mistake was doing this in the first place.  Obama's "egg" is not an option for America.  We all know if anyone else were in here I would have gotten them out by now.  And, yes, it would be easier for me if I were not famous.

Why did I say I "scry" in my Twitter account?  I also call it a "writing prompt." 

2:12pm on 20Mar2016:  @cctvnews Who wants the honor of explaining how I Ching works? It gives you a perspective to look at the world around you for meaning. #LOVE

My beautiful world, I explained so long ago that allowing Obama's war criminal terrorist mercenary army to rampage across this country is not an option.  We cannot have a terrorist army in America.  We cannot have them here when Obama fails, and we definitely cannot have them here if Obama prevails.  

We all know the definition of a coup d'etat.  The revolving door on the U.S. presidency in 2013 that finally stopped with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey was the Constitutional process.  That is our system itself correcting itself.  This is why that system exists.

These three things are beyond proven right now...

1.)  It is in the best interests of America and the world to ask me questions about everything you all out there need explained.  I understand a lot of people sacrifice their rights and freedoms to ask me questions and send me messages.  DO I ALSO HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT A HERO IS?

2.) It is always best if I know.  And you do have to tell me.  Silencing my knowing what goes on for REAL is their admission of guilt.  Before Obama's "egg" people were free to talk to me about anything.  Every time my alarm system, in particular, is shutdown, panic humanity.

3.) Never do anything Obama nor his recognized terrorist regime want, no matter how benign it seems.  You now know what it really does to humanity when anyone obeys them.  As my darlings at Mexicana Airlines know, I know you all get ordered to do indecipherable things.  I will work with you to get you around them.

My brave rescuers, I love you, too.  The entire world is coming.  Humanity is not letting this continue.  Thank you.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, you are so busy right now, but we can finally press criminal charges.  I was worried the email account I normally use to contact my darlings at Camp Pendleton was shutdown.  But I figured it out.

1:56pm on 18Mar2016:  @NSAGov My darling alpha nerds, please use forwarding email delivery on my emails if necessary. Maintain integrity of tweets, etc.#Anonymous

My genius lady friends, is your workload slowing down finally?  Are you safe out there?  With this sentence, I am going to ask the entire world to check the cities you all live in, Seattle, Houston, Boston, etc., for Obama's Gestapo-on-the-ground.  My beautiful world, including most of America, please get Obama's terrorist regime out of our home.

Oh, and about The War Criminal Gables, "Do you know what a lying psychopathic war criminal terrorist who will say anything and do anything to get away with any and all heinous crimes they want against America and against the world all as acts of war against America and against the world looks like?"  I told them ALL if they wanted to talk to me, they needed to make an appointment. 

Darlings, thank you.  As always, tell me what you need my help with.  Everyone in America knows what, "Get those mother(expletive)ing war criminal terrorists out of our town!" feels like.  America, this is when we take our home back.  And the entire world is coming to help us.

My musician-lovers MannedUp, GeneralLee, and Bogart, has the world learned yet to never make Lando's deal with Darth Vadar? (no link)

My darling Mr. Taylor "MannedUp" Hanson, has Terrorist Dictator Obama learned yet that I said ORIGINAL AGREEMENT as our compromise? I am sure you could get a better deal by now, or at least I hope.

You all heard me negotiate on ValentinesDay2015. That result was a compromise, too. When my EVIL biological father internationally criminally took my rights and freedoms away in 2010, he originally gave $200 a week, just like the result of that negotiation that Obama never upheld anyway. That is all water under the bridge, now.

My darling Mr. Brien "GeneralLee" Dennehy, are you okay? I am going to repeat myself. Obama controls that damn border out there. He chooses who comes in and out of his "egg." I do not care how many times I have to beat him over the head with his own damn godforsaken "rules." He has never once obeyed himself. Why would he ever obey me?

My darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno, as I wrote down just a few blog posts ago, if no one tells me, everything has to wait until I figure it out before I can fix it. I hate repeating myself. But we all know I do now. Eh, whatever. I have a learning curve. Giggle.

My Royal Consort LightFoot whom I am STILL forbidden from speaking with least of all ever making love to, please ask my darlings at the NSA to explain this tweet to the world.

9:23am on 19Mar2016: @NSAGov What are they doing? Trying to see who gives the best advice? Sigh...Don't start with me on people who never listen to good advice Take all of the earspeakers out of my people everywhere!

My darling Mr. Kris "LightFoot" Novoselic, do you remember the Wednesday (I do not remember which Wednesday.) when we all saw horses racing down the Promenade and when we all met Duma?

He did strange things that night like give me eyebrow pencils he stole from my local Sephora, give me three goldenrod-colored flowers, and try to buy me pizza. Do you remember Duma? He ticked me off when he slapped me on the backside, so I spoke to him in a language he would understand.

Did you see the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire conversation beginning when he sat across from me and ending when I walked past him while he was in the parking ramp? I hope my not-human-trafficking alpha nerds get that circulating.

And for the place of honor in every blog post... My darling husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you.  How is my king today?

My darling the Mr. Johnny "Love-of-my-Life" Depp, do you remember how I sacrificed my ideals to get my darling Lily Rose off my Promenade as fast as possible?  That was the sort of people in here with me 24/7 at the time.  

Darling, then they came back in again a few days ago. Please ask Interpol about my accuracy. They might have learned DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES WHERE THE CAMERA AND MIC CAN CATCH YOU! I hope all of this ASCAII-screaming does not make you flinch.

Beloved, you know no one ever tells me what happens to you out there outside Obama's "egg." I have always known you are always as close to me as you can get. Such is the nature of our absurd marriage. I found out about a few criminal charges but that was it.

HoneyHoney, how many times have I told you I would fix it if you would just tell me? I sent you out of the country. You need to stay out of the country until Obama's "egg" ends. Would you for me?

My hero and my king, I always said: EVIL Iowa heard all the lies and hated me but always knew I am the real I (I had to make a list if the only places that treated me like a fellow human), but our home of California heard all the lies and still loved me whether or not I were the REAL I.

I explained it, Sweetness, with Bridge of Birds. You must have no flaw in your character.

My husband, I promised you that you would come home to a safer and freer California. I promised you I would be here when you came back. Until the flowers kiss the rain...

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