Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Current Writing Projects I have been Dabbling In...

With the arrival of this new little computer in my life, I now have the ability to write again. My current WIP list is the same as always, though. I suppose I need privacy before I can finish anything.

I am still working through my screenplay “Latent City.” The main characters have almost all met each other, now. With any luck, I can make a real dent before I reach plot points that mandate privacy for my writing.

The short story I started in Iowa over a year ago with the expressed purpose of confusing anyone reading my writing against my will, “Whiskeyless Fictions,” is coming along as well. It is still a masterwork of just-close-enough-to-real-while-just-far-enough-from-true to confuse every mislead soul who wants to psychoanalyze it. I love the project more and more every time I pick it up.

Who Knew The Adventuress may or may not get a question mark at the end of the title. I have also just taken a dive at the second book. I do not want to go much further at all on my novel, though, without decided copyright protection and privacy for it.

Those are my big three right now. I still have a lot of work ahead of me on my Children’s fiction project and Young Adult fiction project, but I have been putting off laying finger to keyboard on those two. The cookbook is waiting on some sister collaboration still, and … okay… EVERYTHING is waiting until I can have intellectual privacy, at last. Maybe someday I will have the freedom to finish writing any of them.

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