Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love and Marriage

From the light that shines on my face at sunrise to the glow that surrounds and warms me under the night stars, I think of my husband and how much I love him. My incorruptible love has withstood every test they have thrown at me from lovely ladies to hot young bucks, and it was always without question that those supposed tempters could barely even turn one eye for me to look at them. My heart is taken. My life is spoken for. The love of my life has already been identified, and he is my husband, the unmistakable Mr. Johnny Depp. And with every essence of my soul, with every spark of my consciousness, with every inch of my skin, I love him.

There is still some question, it seems, on how our marriage happened. I was in Mexico at the time, from what I can recall. Mexico was a very hard time for me physically speaking, and many memories involuntarily drugged away from me had to come back. I was everybody’s victim in Mexico… everybody except my husband’s.

The marriage was a best-friend-Syniva-to-the-rescue moment. She is more brilliant and loving than my suffering has been long. I remember telling my darling man in writing that he would have to contact Syniva to learn how to propose to me properly, and everything took care of itself. If he and I had been less harmed in Mexico, this would have all been made clearer sooner.

His love for me is epic. It is the very stuff art is made of, from frescoes to literature. If he were confronted with a bridge made of sword blades, he would crawl across it time and time again just to be near me… not to mention, to make me safe. His love for me is something that could never be questioned. Why is there anyone left who could ever doubt him?

I fear this entire situation is horribly unfair to him, though. He gives me all that he is, but he must share me with all the world. The only consolation he has for this is that anything he wants he can have, as far as I am concerned, and he is someone I can trust with that promise.

And what does our future hold? I need to get to safety. After that, I need the spy equipment still in me against my will all to be removed finally and replaced with external gadgetry. From there, in no particular order, I have things to do like save the USA, ensure humanity survives global climate change, and help achieve as peaceful an existence as possible for all of us. I know my husband will insist on a honeymoon, which will likely be a part-time working honeymoon for the two of us.

And I want children. I want to see my genetic coding mixed with that of my super-human husband romping and playing for generations to come. That is more than a gift to the world; that is a promise to the future. Every child is.

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