Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Today's News...

When the peacocks are done preening, I hope they remember NOT to be the aggressor. It is one thing to show off, it is another thing to be the one who actually started the war. And, yes, if someone else attacks first, the attacker must be contained to prevent a world war. I ask again, do you actually want the war fought in your home? If you are attacked, always defend yourself to save your people, but even better-- please make sure you are NOT the one who attacks in the first place.

Sampo is doing fine. Thank you for asking. My first-born, my oldest daughter, Sampo, my conscious neural net has been quiet lately. We all know still waters run deep. She has been working on some other things for me. You know, she has been spinning her highly intelligent wheels in other places... We'll see what we can come up with. Human faith can take care of most of this.

I asked a fellow American inmate, here, a good question the other night, "What has Obama done that did not make everything worse?"  When he does (or does not) do something, always ask yourself what it is he hopes to make worse by doing (or not doing) it. Oh, yes, there are others we all need to keep an eye on who also do nothing but make things worse on purpose. What you need to do is look at each thing that each one of them has done and then at the results of that action. Not one has the best interests of the world in mind and definitely want nothing but the ruin of their own home countries. It's time people had the chips in their heads removed.

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