Friday, September 3, 2010

On my Mind...

Wednesday is the normal injection torture day this time around. For the three previous batteries of injection torture, they would inject me anytime they fancied. I was injected up to five times a week then with whatever full chemical cocktail from hell they felt like giving me each time. Torture days are now once a week, and this week it was yesterday.

I think they are trying to pretend they are medicating me this time. However, their list of symptoms that they are trying to medicate only include two supposed delusions of grandeur-- I believe I am easily recognizable, and I insist that the Mr. Johnny Depp is my husband. None of this requires medical torture, but they insist on it pretending forcing death to crawl through my veins is at all in my best interest. I will need a full blood test three months after I am released from this place to check for any and all possible blood-borne pathogens. There is no way to know what they are injecting me with.

I will admit, though, that the chemicals actually do have me bloated almost beyond recognition. If you throw in all of my body’s muscle atrophy, I am surprised I can recognize myself when I look in the mirror. This is not my normal body type. The three month stick of testosterone that they stuck in one of my lady parts and that will not wear off until my birthday in mid-October has removed the shape of my once hour-glass figure. My face even looks different from all of this. My body is their chemistry experiment, and it has endured and is still enduring so much from them. This is hell, and my body is bearing the torture.

I could really use some help making all of my torturers completely identifiable to the public. My torturers are all of the day and night staff including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants except for Vinnie and Damian. The Occupational Therapy staff are angels, as are the visitors like Sister Bridget. I am speaking of the medical and nursing staff. I could use some help making them completely recognizable and labelled ‘Torturer.’ Something needs to happen to finally bring justice.

Meanwhile, my doctor, Dr. Helen Reynolds, refuses to 1.) behave in an appropriate medical manner, 2.) stop ordering tortures for me, 3.) acknowledge I have been safe to travel to France since the day I arrived, 4.) permit me to leave the building, and now 5.) fill out the necessary paperwork for my insurance company in the States. She is not only incompetent; she is vicious and cruel.

Another thing that still has my stomach churning is the decision of guardianship by a county courthouse in Iowa. I was already a French national before they even went to court, and of all horrific decisions, they want me under the control of my father. I already told them that the British do not care about them. Such a decision could not convince the British to set me free. Apparently, the fall out of the decision has, though; my torture doctor was finally willing to humor the topic of freedom in conversation. Let us all do our best to make sure I do not get returned to that house in Iowa where so much evil has happened to me already. I do not want to go from this hell to a worse one.

My inmates have been keeping such good care of me lately. I am well-fed, cared for, and looked after by my fellow inmates. I don’t know what I would do without them.

This has left me free to think about Netanyahu and why he might be in a peace talk at all. Let us look closely at this situation. We already know about the historically close relationship between the US and Israel. We also already know that the government of Israel has lost its way and committed crimes of aggression. Israel has legitimacy to exist, but many of its government's actions as of late have been criminal.

Why would Netanyahu be willing to enter a peace talk and possibly create a peace treaty? First of all, he wants to see Palestine give up certain things in order for them to try to regain the human rights that their people should have had all along. But what happens if Netanyahu breaks the peace treaty after that? Netanyahu wants someone else to attack Israel first. Following the path of actions... Then, he will be able to “defend” his nation with the US as help, and then we have World War Three. Netanyahu wants to incite an attack.

Palestine and the world should be wary of these peace talks. Barak Obama cannot be trusted any further than you can spit on him. Netanyahu is already established as the biggest aggressor in the Middle East with at least one nation behind him. I agree that it is imperative to bring human rights to the people of Gaza, but there are reasons that people cannot negotiate with terrorist governments. If we keep thinking, let us hope we find another more effective way of fixing the human rights violations while keeping peace in the region.

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