Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Things You Can Do To Help

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Here is my latest blog post.

New York, NY, USA. Well, United Nations, can it hurt anything? We all already know al Qaeda fights for the Syrian people. This is not new information. Could officially differentiating between the rebels and al Qaeda help with getting help to the Syrian people?

When all is said and done, UN, we know we are not doing enough for Syria. Will this help? As long as we are dedicated to helping the Syrian people and do not allow an official designation to twist the public perception of the struggle, I do not see it hurting anything.

Thorbald, I am so worried you get the short end of the deal. Let us look at this. I just do not want to lure you into something that will not make you happy.

Thorbald, you and your friends do all the heavy lifting. You all do the rescuing. You ride into town as heroes. You save me. But you only get to keep me until I can be with my husband.

Yes, heroic Thorbald, I want to sleep with you. But you do not get to keep me. As long as you are okay with this, I am okay with this. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what you want for yourself.

In fact, if you found a way to be with me without rescuing me just so you could be with me longer, I would still be okay with it. We all know I only get to take a lover who either does not try to rescue me or already has rescued me. But either way you do not get to keep me. I go home to my husband in the end in all situations.

Thorbald, I do not want to talk you into something you do not want. You are one of my heroes. I want nothing but what is best for you.

This is just something for you to think about. I do not want to cheat you out of anything, Thorbald. You mean too much to me.

My brave rescuers, how soon do I get this rescue? What do you need from me to make this happen? What do you need from my beautiful world?

My beautiful world, you do so much for me. I would be nothing without you.
1.) Make noise. Your constant pressure on the government is invaluable.
2.) Increase awareness. Make sure there is no one anywhere in the world who does not know who I am, what I do, and how much I suffer.
3.) Turn in your evidence. If you have witnessed, endured, or suffered through any oppression or human rights violations at the hands of Obama, send Syniva your evidence and witness testimonies. We need your help, too.
4.) Be good to me. Keep me as safe as possible. I live with a target the president of the United States put on my head. I could use some help making it through this without being so persecuted that I am destroyed.
5.) Get my rescuers to my side. Do whatever it takes. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is in the way if necessary. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. Try to predict when and if they will need help. You know what to do.
And, thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you!

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Do not forget to take time for yourself. Years ago I told you to make sure you are taking a upper end of competitive salary off my millions for being my hero, my legal representative, and my media mogul.

I am serious about this. Make yourself the CEO of the company that handles my brand. I need to know you are safe and provided for, or I will be miserable. You are my hero, Synny. Make sure you get paid like it.

Sweetness, sometimes you feel so close I can already taste you. I have heard you again telling me that you love me. Thank you. One simple gesture of yours can take me so far in here.

Do not forget the plan, my darling. We get the spy equipment removed from my head, and then you take me away to make sure I can heal. I understand you know a place for this. I thank you for making all the plans.

Please tell me, Sweetness, that you still love me even though I am fat and ugly. Do you remember when you left Vanessa? You made me promise that I would love you for all the rest of my earthly existence. I do not break promises, Sweetness. But I could use some reassurances from you on occasion that you still love me.

Are you sure, my most beloved, you can love this woman for the rest of your earthly existence? If so, please reassure me.

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