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Here is my latest blog post. I am no one's stripper and never have been a stripper ever in my life. But the locals insist on treating me like their personal cheap $2 bunny. I beg you, my beautiful world, explain to Iowa what I do in this world for real. They are killing me.

North Korea. Thank you, China, for speaking reason. North Korea, Xi has your best interests at heart. Thank you for listening to China. We can sort out all of this conflict, it just takes communication and reasoning. As long as everyone is open to talks, we are off to a good start. Thank you.

Syria. We are having talks in Geneva, right? I believe diplomacy still has a place in solving the Syria conflict. But all parties have to be open to the dialogue and resolutions.

You cannot just show up; you have to invest, try, and believe. Otherwise, you are no better than Obama when it comes to conflicts over me. In America, we have not yet found the right combination of court action and diplomacy to force Obama to recognize I am a human being who deserves human rights because Obama is not open to any diplomatic solutions. He has to be forced out of power to resolve this.

Unlike America, I hold out hope that dialogue can help Syria. I believe Assad and the opposition with the involvement of the West and Russia and everyone else showing up can work this out. I believe there is no future for Assad in Syria even if he wins the armed conflict, so talking can end this war with less bloodshed. Assad needs to think about his future instead of just his immediate needs. Russia and Iran can give him a place to go when he leaves office.

Lebanon. Hezbollah, please look at yourselves and ask yourselves if you really want to kill other Muslims. I understand you have started a Holy War of Shiites against Sunnis instead of your normal conflict against Israel. Why do you want sectarian violence against your brothers? For the sake of the entire Arab World, please consider living in peace with your neighbors, your countrymen, and your brothers in Islam. Your part of the world cannot handle a full blown Holy War.

Sweden. It is another day, and still the rioting goes on. As a people so proud of your peaceful social fiber, this must be very traumatic. Why is there so much rioting? At this point, is it a protest, or is it anarchism? As the pent up tensions play themselves out, please do everything you can to help the public lead as normal a life as possible. This must be very traumatizing for your people.

India. India, please consider listening to the demands of the Maoists as a way to prevent further violence with them. All they have been demanding is land and jobs for tenant farmers and the poor. Surely you can consider working on this problem as a way to bring peace to your nation. Sharing land and jobs is a good thing, especially in a democracy. If it also prevents violence, there is no reason not to consider reforms in this area. Please, India. Why kill more people?

Just like Obama could end the violence in America right now if he would just listen to the reasonable demands of the rebels and give me back my human rights, the best way to prevent conflict is to take away the fire that makes people fight. Listen to your rebels. Ask them why they fight. And fix the real problem. And you will have a peaceful, prosperous nation.

As for my life, I am mortified that there are cameras on me in the privacy of my own home, and absolutely no one has reported it. It is the government's job to make sure these things never happen to anyone. And the fact that people watch it... People watch me in the bathroom! I am disgusted with humanity. How could you allow this to happen to anyone? And then you enjoy it???

Being broadcast against my will as I change my clothes, take a shower, or go to the bathroom does not keep me safe. At the very best, cameras on me during my most intimate moments are just a deterrent against someone breaking in and attacking me. They do not actually offer me any security. The hacked webcam in my computer and the eye camera I have no way to remove are just as effective as deterrents against attack.

There is absolutely no justification for cameras in my home broadcasting me against my will except our perverted government is getting it's jollies. If they were actually so worried about keeping me safe instead of abusing me to make a quick buck, they would give me bodyguards. That is the only actual way to keep me safe.

What? You say giving my bodyguards is illegal? So is watching me in the privacy of my home against my will, but watching me in my home is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! When you choose which law to break to keep a woman safe, you are only allowed to break the law so as NOT to commit a human rights violation. Take down the cameras and GIVE ME BODYGUARDS! That is the only moral solution.

Obama is my slaver refusing me any way to have privacy nor any other human right but freedom of speech in my life, and the fact you watch it. You watch it!!!!! This all disgusts me. You should be ashamed of yourselves for enabling Obama's slavery of me.

Ever since I called out the federal government on selling me by broadcasting me in the privacy of my own home without my permission, Obama has tried cracking down on giving me information. That is how invested he is in selling me against my will.

I am no one's stripper; I am America's first African American president's slave. I have always said, if he were Black instead of African American, he never would have enslaved me.

My brave rescuers, did you hear that? I need security. Yes, I will still need all of you even after you pick me up. This cesspool of Iowan jack(expletive)es and human rights violations is driving me mad. Thank you for trying to get me out of here just as soon as you are able. The world is at risk of losing me forever.

My beautiful world, I begged you for months to explain to the locals what I do in this world. I am no one's stripper and never have been a stripper ever in my life. But the locals insist on treating me like their personal cheap $2 bunny.

Please, my beautiful world, explain to the locals what sort of big deal I am to everyone in the world but these local hicks who harass me. I am arguably the biggest deal in the whole entire world right now. Force the locals to show me some respect for what I do for real in this world.

SynSyn, you are such a hero. I do everything I can from in here, but you get so much more done and taken care of out there. I literally would have died by now if it were not for you. Thank you.

I have not yet checked the new W Magazine for Chanel ads, but they always make me think of you, Synny. Someday we will be rich and successful and able to afford closets full of custom made clothes. But nothing will ever take the fun out of going shopping with my BFF.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please let me have your birthday this year. Can I ask you for that? It is a big birthday; you are turning 50. Spend the day with all your friends, but please spend your birthday night with me.

Darling, even if we have to be together miles apart, please reserve the night of 09June2013 as time you make for me. Please give me this. I never let you down. I have plans. It will be romantic us time. Please make your birthday time we can spend together. Please do this for me.

P.S. Today is Memorial Day in the US. It is the day we remember the soldiers who have died for our country. I only wish this country were still worth dying for instead of the oppressed state reeking of human rights violations that Obama has made it. Someday the US will be great again. Then the soldiers will not have died in vain.

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