Monday, May 6, 2013

Nothing New Here

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Here is my latest blog post. It is the same old grind. I have no idea how long I have left hanging on. I need a solution to this humanitarian crisis, and I need it now before Obama kills me.

Syria. If Israel becomes part of the fight in Syria, the US will be in Syria before Obama is comfortable with it. Syria already crossed Obama's red line and used chemical weapons, and Obama showed his internal weakness instead of following through. If Israel goes marching in, will Obama show more weakness to the world or stand beside Israel?

Please remember I say this as a pacifist. I believe war and violence solves problems in only very rare instances. Needing to end heinous human rights violations when a political solution cannot get there in time is one of these instances. Syria needs help. If Israel goes first, will Obama follow?

North Korea. According to the North Korean government, the newest American prisoner there is off limits as a negotiating chip. Why would they need one, though? Obama has already proven his red lines mean nothing. As far as Obama is concerned, Syria, North Korea, and Iran can do whatever they want. Obama will just make idle threats.

It is not too late for a political solution with North Korea and with Iran for that matter. Obama just has to let me go talk to them. And imagine the progress towards a political solution we could have made in Syria by now if I just had enough human rights to show up and do my job.

USA. Come on, Congress! We need this immigration reform bill sooner rather than later in America. While Obama is spinning his wheels looking weak over Syria, this is your chance to prove Congress functions better than he does.

America needs to see a bipartisan Congress working together to do good for America. We all know how much I personally need the immigration reform bill. Please do not let me down. Create something Obama has no choice but to sign. And, thank you.

My beautiful world, I know what we need is a political solution to this humanitarian crisis I am living through. But do not negotiate with Obama unless you know what you are doing. Succinctly, make the bubble come down before you give anything to Obama in return for the bubble coming down. He cannot be trusted.

Someone tried to cut a deal with Obama recently that was supposed to get my husband to me two nights ago, but, as always, Obama did not hold up his end of the deal. Give Obama nothing until he meets your demands and takes the bubble down first.

Obama cannot be trusted. To quote Dr. Phil, "Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. " Obama plays dirty and will always use you to get anything he wants out of you even if it is just to buy time.

I have no updates in my brand new search for a lover to take in the afternoons. Basically, there is no one in Iowa willing to treat me well enough to be in my life as a lover. Jack(expletive)es.

I am not just forbidden all of my human rights except freedom of speech; I am also forbidden the basic comforts in life: good food (It is always drugged.), friends (Obama forbids everyone from being my friend.), and, as a result, someone to keep me from being so lonely.

Thorbald, you are still my first choice, but I understand you are occupied with rescuing me. If you ever have a free night, I accept your offer to buy me dinner... but please remember I take my lovers in the afternoon. Did you just make me giggle?

My brave rescuers, there are so many of you now. I hear you are making grand progress out there. Please remember I hate when you get hurt. I hate when you get attacked. And I really hate when you die. Is there anything we can do to help you? Just ask my beautiful world for whatever you need. We will provide.

SynSyn, make sure Obama's impeachment is moving full speed ahead. I know you know what you are doing out there. It is okay to tell Obama and all his representatives that he must negotiate with me directly. Make Obama grow a pair of ovaries and face me himself.

You are such a hero, Synny. History will be very good to you. So will I... I just need you back in my waking life. Why do Chanel ads always make me think of you?

My benevolent podcasters, please find the old podcast you made of Sid at Wellman's roofying me this winter and recirculate it. He is trying to deny he did it. Bury him with reality.

I was sitting at Wellman's minding my own business drinking an unroofied Pepsi that Gary had given me. Sid picked me out, told me he would make me a special drink no one else would ever make for me, poured me a roofied drink, and insisted I drink it in front of him. He was such a jack(expletive) that day. Please recirculate the podcast. If I remember correctly, it was also evidence I should never trust anyone who asks me my name.

Sweetness, I saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. It made me cry. It also had a trailer for The Lone Ranger before it. I am very excited about this new summer blockbuster of yours. I love seeing you in action.

Darling, things are different between us now that you have a mistress. I cannot deny this. We can fix it, though. I am very good at fixing problems. Please understand I am happier knowing you are happy than I would be happy knowing I made you unhappy... if that makes any sense. But I am still unhappy.

My beloved, if there is anything wrong between us other than geography, I know we can sort this out. You never had to try to keep it a secret from me. You know how much I love you.

Sweetness, when I suggested you make a public display out of how much you love me, it was not just to help clean up your current PR catastrophe. I could really use a sign you love me still. I hate sounding high maintenance, but I need to know you still care. Every once in a while, please just tell me you still love me. I light up like a fireworks explosion when I hear you love me.

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